Maga Hat – Yarmulke – Jewish Star – Crucifix



In France – The Land Of The Motto – Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité . . . Which in English Translates to BSThe French Government’s Response to the Violent Targeting of Jews is Simplicity in itself . . . DON’T LOOK JEWISH! . . . Now How Easy Is That?

In Other Words . . . Don’t Wear A Yarmulke (Skullcap), Don’t Show Your Payot (Long Ear-Side-Locks), Don’t Wear Tzitzit (Tassels Hanging From Your Waist), Don’t Wear A Star Of David Around Your Neck, And If You Happen To Be A Girl (Woman), Don’t Look Frum (Dressed Religiously Modest).

In Essence . . . To Place this French Advice in a Far Better Perspective, If A Jew, Male or Female, Looked Jewish, and were Harassed, Insulted, Denied Services and or Beaten-Up in a Public Place . . . It Was The Jew’s Fault For Looking Jewish.

That’s Akin To Saying . . . That a Beautiful Young Girl who got Raped, because her Dress was too Short, her Boobs were “Provocative”, and she was Wearing Make-Up . . . That Getting Raped Was Her Fault.

I Wear A Star Of David Under My Shirt . . . Which Is Sometimes Exposed.


I Often Dress With One Of My Pledge-Ride Motorcycle Jackets, Which Are Festooned With Jewish Symbols, Including . . . A Prominent Star Of David, A Yellow Star Of David In The Same Manner As The Star Which Was Forced Upon Holocaust Jews, A Menorah . . . And Our Pledge Of Never Again.

Depending Where I’m At . . . I get Plenty of Stares from People who are either Interested in what they see as an Aberration . . . Or Stare At Me With Pure Hate . . . None of which will Stop me from Expressing Who & What I am.

Should Any Of That Be A Provocation For Violence Against Me?


I Would Wear A MAGA HAT In The Middle Of A Combined Black Lives Matter/Antifa Rally – With My Stars Of David, A Yarmulke, Tzitzit & The Pledge Ride Logo Of Never Again, With As Many Cameras Around As Possible. And I Would Defy Someone To Touch Me.

MAGA . . . Make America Great Again – Isn’t A Provocation, Unless you Think that Being Provoked to Make America the Greatest Country it Could Be, Same as it was Before the LEFT & RINOS had their Crack at Making America Ordinary is a Bad Thing . . . What The Hell Are The Haters Problems?

How Could It Legitimately Be Perceived . . . That MAGA is Anti-Black, Anti-Hispanic, Anti-Gay, Anti-Moslem, Anti-Feminine, Anti-Semitic . . . And More Than Anything – Anti-American?

Being A Jew . . . Who Is Very Cognizant Of Anti-Semitism, and the History of World Anti-Semitism, I Understand Perhaps Better Than Most . . . That the False Flags of Jew-Hatred are Really no Different Than The False Flags of Trump-Hatred.

To The-Haters . . . Jews were Communists when that Worked for the Haters. Or, Jews were Uber Capitalists when that Worked Better for the Haters. We had a Worldwide Cabal Determined to Rule The Globe, but not Organized Enough to Stop Jew-Haters from Murdering 6-Million of Us.

Read Some Of The Jew-Hate Websites . . . We Jews own the Media, the Banks, the Stock Markets, Hollywood, Entertainment, Academia – & Everything Else that Matters. So How Come I’m Struggling Like Everyone Else?

To Many Of Our Haters . . . They Still Believe We Jews Drain The Blood Of Christian & Moslem Children – In Order To Make Our Passover Matzos.


And You Will Discover . . . That the People who Support President Donald Trump, are Mostly Racists (Neo Nazis & KKK), Bigots, Misogynists, Rednecks, Insane Gun-Lovers, Bible-Thumpers & Inbred Americans who have Sex with their Sisters.

You’ll Also Discover . . . That President Trump is a Liar, a Cheat, a Womanizer, a Tool of the Communists (Putin) and a Business Parasite, Determined to get even Richer, by Double-Dealing on the American People.

And At The End Of The Day . . . If None of the Preceding Works, to Convince the Voting Population that Donald Trump Is Lucifer Incarnate – The LEFT Will Do Everything Within The Power Of The State . . . To Prove that Donald Trump Cheated His Way Into His Wealth. And must be Removed as the President of the United States.

In The Meantime . . . The Trump-Haters Will Keep-On Conflating The MAGA HAT With Evil, To Be Resisted With All Due Force Possible . . . Blaming The Wearers of the MAGA HATS, Like They Blame Jews with our Religious Symbols, or the Pretty Dressed Girl Who Got Raped . . . For Bringing Our Misery Onto Ourselves.

If You Don’t Wear Your Beliefs Out Of Fear . . . You Won’t Have Them For Long.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  2. I for one have not viewed racism, bigotry, sexism, bullying, lies, cheats, corruption, hatred and overall gutter attitudes towards freedoms, morality, people and humanity as bad as displayed by liberals and the modern left.

  3. There are two conditions at play, Stupidity and Ignorance. In my opinion Stupidity is a terminal condition. Nothing can be done to cure Stupidity. Born stupid, live stupid, die stupid. Ignorance is a condition evolving from the virtual total failure of the American educational system. coupled with the efforts of crooked Politicians and enabled by lackadaisical parenting preying upon a body of lazy and uncaring subjects. It can be cured, but it will take time and hard work.

  4. Howard, as I read this I was thinking about the students who couldn’t wear their MAGA stuff but the liberals could wear their labeled t-shirts. It isn’t the shirt that causes trouble, but the people doing the trouble. But on the other hand I also had to admit that I too have been irritated by BETO stickers, or teens with their pants hanging off their rears and hiding in their their hoodies. I have been known to say “if you look like a hug, you may get treated like a thug.”
    Vickie McCoy

  5. I’m with you Howard; I do not understand the vitriol and utter hatred. Don’t they have anything better to focus on? Such as the betterment of our country and its citizens? I’d like to research more to understand, but life is too short. Thank you again, and again, and again for researching and writing for us. God bless you, and your family.

  6. I am agnostic but I respect the right of very person to follow the religion they wish to. I have a little hiccup when it comes to the muslim fate because of the radicals and that the quran teaches kill this and kill that and that most of the moderate muslims stay silent. Just watch and listen to Mark Levin on FOX show Life, Liberty & Levin last Sunday with guest of the #walkaway movement. It will open your ears and eyes of how much people are brainwashed but this guy finally woke up for our side

  7. TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME [TDS]. Some of the symptoms are: hatred; jealousy; lying; cheating; corruption; greed; mental health issues; and last but not least, racism. There may be other symptoms as well. The saddest part of it all is that, at this time, there is NO CURE for that disease, plus those who have it WOULDN’T/DON’T want to be cured! It’s a very DANGEROUS disease because it is spreading very quickly and is RUINING our Country. Maybe Pres. Trump can/will find a CURE?? GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  8. The ” vitriol and utter hatred” as mentioned above is a leftist tool to maintain constant chaos which energizes and compels their base to resist President Trump at every turn. Their PRIMARY objective: keep the border open to allow huge numbers of future democrat voters to access benefits and eventually “fundamentally transform the United States of America” (re: Barack Obama – five days before his first term in office). Leftism is an EXISTENTIAL THREAT.

  9. Excellent commentary! I will be following what the Dimwits plan to do with OMAR & her anti JEWISH everything. And then WHY are the REPUBLICANS not filing lawsuits against all of the DIMWITS suing everything TRUMP? Everything is BUTT backwards. Somehow, we have to take our schools, colleges & government back to reasonability, sanity, respect, common decency & it starts in the HOME & involvement in the community! NOW! God Bless our countries & God Bless POTUS Trump.

  10. Greetings: This was a very insightful look at what is wrong with politics in America today. It’s hard to imagine a WWII veteran having fought for America, alive today, and witnessing what’s happening to destroy our American President! It really is SO SAD.

  11. I am an 85year old who was unfortunately not born Jewish and I wear a tizit on my blouse. I would have MAGA 😂 and Jewish symbols on my car if I had one. If we don’t stand for something we should be ashamed of ourselves. thanks

  12. I came to the US many years ago, because of the Danish idea that if you have achieved something you must be pushed down. It was called the Jante law. If you have a nice car they would say just wait tomorrow you will also be on a bicycle. Here it was if I saw you in a nice car I would say just wait until tomorrow I will have a better one. That was a general feeling. That one is gone now. Today if you have a nice car the left will say, just wait tomorrow you will also be on a bicycle.

  13. I don not know you personally or your wife Anne or your April. I have Jewish friends and love them dearly, I am for Israel in all ways. Keep strong and brave. Not all people dislike Jewish people in the mad world we share. God Blessings to you and family.

  14. I have a couple MAGA hats that I wear proudly. My wife received a special one for her birthday from some friends. they support our president but will not wear the hat. I also own a Army Ball Cap, all it says is that I served. I also have a hat that says PETA, (People Eating Tasty Animals), which raises an eye brow or two. My wife and I are old Rodeo participants, animal lovers (we rescue several cats each year, snip and feed) and I hunt. I am a Carnivore and protector of those who need it.

  15. Saw a Breitbart headline today, ‘The Most Narcissistic Generation Reaches Its Logical Conclusion with ‘Autosexuality’. It had to do with a female engaged to herself. Though autosexuality is NUTS, the idea of 20-30 year olds are the most narcissistic generation might be right – not all of them, but a large majority who’ve been told often they are special & can be anything they want to be. Having to work hard & prove themselves never seems to be part of the mantra. It will be handed to them.

  16. Welcome to Quebec. Our new Premier Legault won last year’s 2018 election by a landslide. Why? He promised to make laws banning religious head-coverings of any kind: Kippahs (Jewish) + Hijabs + Turbans (Muslims)…compromising freedom of religion. Legault also promised to make “English” more invisible….and he would take charge of Immigration…which translates into newcomers to Quebec must have a working knowledge of French and follow their ethnocentric Quebec Charter of Values. – Brucester

  17. I hope that I live long enough to see those idiots trounced once more if they dare to try their evil tricks again.

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