Can We Be Trusted . . . To Vote To Keep our Freedoms?

I Have As Little Use For Lazy Media – Even Fox News - As I Do For Stupid Voters.


Many – Many Years Ago . . . And I Do Mean Many Years Ago, so long ago, that I can’t even Remember when . . . But I Do Remember Why . . . I Wrote that Most People Should Have To Pass A Test To Be Able To Vote – because Voting is the Most Vital Freedom We Have, and the Most Important Thing we Can Do to Protect our Freedoms . . . Thus Ignorant People, with no Understanding of Civics, Constitutional Rights, History and the Platforms of the Candidates . . . Should Not Vote!

I Know That Many People . . . Think that Australia’s Voter Laws, which Mandate all Australians to Vote, Under Penalty of Fine – is Lauded in many Circles . . . BUT NOT BY ME!

Why Would I Want An Idiot With ZERO Understanding Of The Issues To Vote?

My Country . . . My Rights . . . My FreedomsAre The Essences Of Why I Vote. I Vote for Men & Women, who I believe will Make it Possible for me to have as Free a Social & Political Life as Possible . . . While Doing Everything Necessary to Protect the Integrity of our National Safety & Finances.

I Want to Know as much as Possible about the Fiber of the Man or Woman who I will Vote for. I Want to Know His or Her History, what He or She Stands For. What He or She Supported in the Past . . . And Whether Or Not – He Or She Can Be Trusted.

I Also Want To Know What Experience He Or She Will Bring Into Office.

Why Is It Good For A Country . . . or any Part of a Country (Village, Town, City, County, State or Province) to Elect People of Poor Character, No Experience, or Someone with a Mindset to Destroy the Fabric of the Society He or She Wishes to Control? Such as Barack Hussein Obama, who Campaigned on a Promise, “TO FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE AMERICA”?

Did Anyone Really Bother To Ask . . . What Did That Mean – To Fundamentally Change America? Did the Millions upon Millions of People who Voted for Obama, Take the Time, or Make the Effort to Ask Obama, How Obama Was Going To Fundamentally Change America?

Did All Those People Who Voted For Obama . . . Wonder in the Least, where Obama had the Experience to Run the Most Significant Country on the Planet? Did anyone really Question the Character and Political/Social Philosophies of Obama’s Friends, Acquaintances, Teachers Obama Looked-Up To, or his Preacher, Jeremiah Wright, who Routinely Preached Anti-White, Anti-American, Anti-Israel & Anti-Semitic Sermons from his Podium?

Once Obama Was Elected By An Ignorant Electorate . . . The Die Was Cast, and the Miserable Results have been Evident, even though after 8-Years of Abysmal Failure, those who Elected Obama, are still too Ignorant to Understand the Socio/Political Mess of their Making.


Almost Four Years Ago . . . A Plurality (Not A Majority) of Canadians Elected Justin Trudeau to become Canada’s Prime Minister in a Majority Government, which, by almost all Regards . . . Is Virtually Answerable To No-One, since in Canada, Unlike the USA, a Majority Government has very Few Checks & Balances.

Trudeau’s Known History At The Time Of His Election Was Thus . . . He is the Son of a Former LEFTIST Prime Minster (Pierre Elliott Trudeau), who’s Nefarious Policies are Still Punishing the People of Canada – More than 35-Years since his Retirement from Government.

Justin Trudeau’s Experiences To Lead A Government:

1 – Born With The Trudeau Name.

2 – Born With A Silver Spoon.

3 – Never Graduated From Anything.

4 – Ski Instructor.

5 – Part-Time High School Drama Teacher.

6 – Part-Time Night-Club Bouncer.

7 – Golden Boy Liberal Candidate In French Montreal District (See #1).

8 – Won Liberal Party Leadership (See #1).

9 – Won Prime Minister’s Office 3-Years Ago On “Sunny Day” Promise.

And Thus Far . . . This Is What Canada Got From Justin Trudeau.

A – Turned Around An Inherited Conservative Surplus To An Enormous Liberal Deficit.

B – Pissed-Off President Trump, Earning Punishing Tariffs On Canadian Steel & Aluminum.

C – Weakened NAFTA To The Detriment Of Canadian Businesses.

D – Signed Accord With The UN Over Gun Import Rights Into Canada.

E – Signed Accord With The UN Over Immigration Rights Into Canada.

F – Flooded Canadian Borders With “Illegal” Immigrants Into Canada.

G – Reneged On His Promise To Restructure Voting In Canada.

H – Reneged On His Promise To Support Unions.

I – Promise Made Promise Kept – Trudeau Legalized Marijuana Across Canada.

And Now . . . For Trudeau’s Crowning Achievement:

Trudeau & Members Of Trudeau’s Cabinet, At The Behest Of Trudeau, Had Pressured Trudeau’s Own (Former) Attorney General, Who Has Thus Turned States Evidence Of Sorts, To Whitewash A Criminal Investigation Into Canada’s Largest (Quebec Based) International Construction Firm (Lavalin) . . . For What Was Obvious Political Reasons.

Not Only Is This Against The Law . . . It Is Punishable By Years In Prison.


In Times When I Was Young . . . Any Canadian Minister of the Crown, who was Involved in any Manner, in what Could have been Considered a DISHONORABLE ACT, which very Often also Included Incompetence, would have Without Hesitation, Resigned His or Her Position.

But That Was Then & This Is Now . . . when Elected Scum will Hold Onto His or Her Spot at the Feeding Trough, Until He or She Retires, or the Voters Finally Wake-Up & Figure that Enough is Enough.

I Seriously Doubt If Trudeau Will Either Resign Or Retire . . . Because Trudeau & His Liberal Party Know . . . that the Average Canadian Voter, who Voted for this Empty Glib Suit, with the Great Hair & Historic Name, the First Time Around, Might just Vote for Him again, because the Average Voter . . . Has No Idea What They’re Voting For.

PSFake News Courtesy Of Fox News (March 1, 2019 6:50-PM), when the Fox News Panel Said that What Trudeau Did Was No Big Deal, since Wanting to Help-Out a Constituency, even During the Time of an Election, by Trying to Influence the Attorney General To Turn Her Eyes The Other Way, since According to one of the Fox Panelists, this Kind of Interference Happens all the Time, and Isn’t a Problem, Especially if there was no Quid-Pro-Quo for Trudeau.

THERE IS A PROBLEM! As A Matter Of Fact, There Are Two Problems . . .

1 – No Person in Authority in Government, SHOULD EVER TRY, or even Give the Impression of Trying to Influence a Legal Matter . . . ANY LEGAL MATTER – AND NOT FOR ANY REASON. And for the Fox Panel to Think that Fixing A Judge is OK, at any Level, because “They All Do It” . . . Is Disgraceful.


2 – If the Fox News Panel Weren’t So Lazy, and Thought of Themselves to be so Wise, as to Render “Judgment”, before Knowing what they were Pontificating upon, they would have Known that the Wife Of The CEO Of LavalinEmma Griffin, is a Major Director of Stephen Bronfman’s Family Trust, which is an Enormous Liberal Contributor & Fundraiser Through the Billion Dollar Bronfman Foundation, known as Claridge Investments.

I Have As Little Use For Lazy Media – Even Fox News – As I Do For Stupid Voters.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, I stayed home in order to listen and watch Netanyahu speech. I was elated to say the least. Unfortunately, Obama has long ago decided to live with nuclear Iran and he will not go to war against a Muslim country. He said that himself in his speech in Cairo in 2009. The difference now with nuclear Iran within 5-10 years for sure will put Israel at a huge risk. If Israel goes down, then the whole Middle East will go down in flames. God forbid,
    Steve Acre

  2. Howard. I wear a button that says. “NEVER ELECT A TRUDEAU AGAIN”. It appears to be the most sought after button in Eastern Canada. Trudeau is the lowest of the low, a disgrace to the Country, ,a liar and a cheat. May he roast in HELL!

  3. I agree with your comments completely, Howard. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is our current American example of the problem you just mentioned. Her ignorance of basic economic principles is embarrassing: but the blame lies with the voters who elected her. I believe that every voter should be required to pass the same test given to applicants for US Citizenship, prior to acquiring the right to vote. The Founding Fathers apparently didn’t envision such a problem.

  4. It’s easy to see, Trudeau’s actions in this case, easily surpass the minimum legal standards of Obstruction of Justice. He’s too uneducated to realize it!!!

  5. Howard, you are right, it’s scary how clueless voters are. Jessie Watters ask people on street basic questions from the USA citizenship exam; hardly anyone could answer basic civics questions. The worse one was what ocean was on the East Coast, one answered, not sure but thought it was the Pacific. And these clueless people are voters, assuming they bother to vote. Our schools & universities are bastions of social justice and leftist propaganda. Which is why liberalism is spreading like a cancer

  6. I’ll say it again and I’ll keep saying it, the sheeples will finally wake up when it’s too late and we will be in George Orwell’s “1984” dystopia world. My own 89 year old French mother is one of those voters that voted and probably will vote again for trudeau. Her reason she says, trudeau and the liberals give to the poor, SAY WHAT ??? Makes no sense whatsoever and “NO” it’s not because of her age. She is totally here in reality. Totally brainwashed by french cbc to love trudeau and hate Trump.

  7. FOX news is becoming the new CNN,I no longer watch.ADIOS

  8. Fox justifies Trudeau’s criminal interference as being to protect jobs in Trudeau’s riding? What about Trudeau deliberately ending 150,000 Oil jobs in Alberta? And this afternoon the Canadian news is focused on 2 things; 1 – Trudeau giving pardons for Criminal records for Marijuana possession. 2- Liberal quandary over keeping Raybould in Caucus or even in the party.
    Canada elected the most amoral evil criminal PM in it’s history. Little wonder the Fascist Leftist wants to ban guns

  9. Our Founding Fathers had the right idea when they wrote the American Constitution. They allowed ONLY male Property owners to vote, since they were the only people in the nation that had “any skin in the game”. I sure agree with that concept although I would now include female property holders to have the voting right. To allow everyone to vote allows the mess we now have to come about. All the best Howard! Leonard Liotta, Yankee Hill, Kalifornia.

  10. Great Editorial. I concur on the ‘passing tests’ before allowing to vote. We also need background checks, as if applying for a Passport, to weed out the IDIOTS. And NO attorney gets to run for office! If I am going to fantasize I may as well go big or stay home!! We have too many loose cannons & they are spewing garbage & know absolutely NOTHING about LAWS, economics and basic bookkeeping! And NO MORE ‘pork barreling’! And get rid of the PACs! They are self-serving!

  11. I can remember in school elections, they kid that won was either the Star Athilete or the kid that promised FREE something, ice cream, beer or other. The smart kids rarely were elected even though they had great ideas. It is the same in politics as adults. I voted for Trump because he was a business man and had great ideas, not because he was a particular party. His ideas are working and that scares the hell out of the Liberals and Socialists.

  12. Fox News between 9:00am and 8:00pm is hard core anti Trump

  13. Rome fell because ward bosses bought the votes of citizens with “free” stuff on behalf of the elite ruling class!
    Sound familiar?

  14. Liberal deception and cronyism is NOT new. Quebec control of the Country is NOT new. Dumb-Ass uninformed voters are their mainstay. AND “Officer of the Crown ” is a part of the problem. Canada is still a Colony in many ways and though the Queen has little or no influence, our citizens and gov. still behave as illiterate colonists. Gun Control in Canada is a problem because as citizens WE have no right to defend ourselves with a “stick” let alone a firearm. Poor, Stupid, Unarmed, Controlled

  15. The problem with your arguement is that it seems to used by the left…i.e. Us in new York LA Chicago are richer and smarter than everyone else…therefore only our votes should count becuase everyone else is a deplorable…

  16. Seems to me we did have voter regulations, and we got a long fine ,…..but now to “please” the various potential voters we have no checks and balances any more!!!

  17. Those who vote for the Left fall into 3 classes:
    1. Many intelligent people like University profs, Doctors, who see the Left as Progressive.
    2. Those who are just ignorant, and go with the cool aid seen on TV news, and the leftish press.
    3. The takers. Just anyone with a handout willing to take whatever a Leftist promises to give them, with your tax paid $$.

    Added together, this group represents about 50% in Canada and the US.

    So it will always tough for Right wing or Conservatives to w

  18. While NERO plays his fiddle, Rome is BURNING! How could anyone CHECK HUSSEIN OBAMA’S PAST when he PAID MILLIONS of DOLLARS to COVER it up!SEAN HANNITY TRIED to inform people of his SOCIALISTIC VIEWS, but was RIDICULED at the time, due to Obama’s CHARISMA & FAKE PROMISES!Obama did as he PROMISED–Fundamentally Changed America? SATAN has never been so PRESENT in AMERICA, as he is NOW–thanks to the RADICAL LEFT! HEAVEN has a WALL and HELL has OPEN BORDERS! CHRISTIANITY MUST RETURN! GO TRUMP! AMEN!

  19. You did it again HC I believe our voters in Cal. are the worse there are. They wanted to vote for Obama his last term because Carl Marx was endorsing him and if he was surely they were going to vote for him.This included people of all races saying yes to him being next President because Carl was helping him out. This man was interviewing people on the board walk there in California. Only one couple said to him a older couple are you kidding man has been dead for a long time. :))

  20. First response was to your Title before even reading editorial–it depends on who “We” you’re talking to. Since we’re @50%+ liberal due to 4+ generations of brainwashing in schools, esp. colleges where parental influence no longer exists, half our population believes social equality/community good has priority over individual rights/freedoms. So 1 more generation of churned out socialists will tip the scale. The “We” who would vote to keep us free from socialism is fading into the sunset fast.

  21. I must have missed something.During the past week while in Florida I watched FOX News exclusively whenever I was indoors with the tv on which was quite a bit as it rained most days. To say that FOX is anti-Trump is ridiculous. I heard the odd mildly negative comment, but FOX was easily 99.9999% pro-Trump. Do I need to have my eyes and hearing checked? Thanks to those here that have shown me how much I misunderstood from watching The Five, Tucker Carlson, and Hannity to name just 3 segments.

  22. The lady from Wyoming. God rest her soul for what she has begot. Character is a word long lost with many. I have always believed that women of property should only be allowed to vote but there is a problem there too. Men work hard all their lives and who receives their windfall. Look no further than the women in our government. A lot of men in our government are girly too like your PM. Billie

  23. Hey, I keep wondering where Jeremiah Wright is hiding. Has he tried to return to the country of his ancestors where his own kind sold his ancesters into slavery? I haven’t heard a word since his lovely quote “God damn America”. I’m a Canadian and it made me furious!
    Re all those who voted for Trudeau (I imagine most of them were in their teens or early twenties) who will be taxpayers (hopefully) and paying off the huge debt that he and other Liberals have saddled Canada with.

  24. I agree entirely with qualification testing to vote. That would have cost Trudeau one vote for sure–his own.

  25. If anyone is on any kind of government assistance, unless it is an earned benefit, should not be permitted to vote. It is a conflict of interest.

  26. Another top notch Editorial, Howard. For the record….no, not Leonard Cohen or The Kingston Trio, this time !!! (hahaha)…
    but for the record…I voted for the “Progressive Conservative” Party which was headed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper. I would never never vote for Justin Trudeau… no matter what his father’s name was !!! – Brucester

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