One Step Forward Two Steps Back


Every Now & Then . . . I See Blue Skies Peaking Through The Gray Threatening Clouds Of Government, only to see those Clouds Vanish, Morphing to an Even Darker & More Ominous Thundering Sky, Flinging Hail, Rain, Hell & Damnation, with no Glimmer of any of the Blue Skies to be Seen.

HERE I WAS THIS WEDNESDAY (February 27, 2019) . . . Watching & Listening to a Self-Admitted Lying Thug, Michael Cohen, as he Played to the Congressional LEFT, not for the Betterment of America, Truth & Justice, but Rather, for his Own Self-Aggrandizement, and a Better Way-Out for his Many Crimes, If This Testimony Would Help “Get Trump”.

I & Countless Millions Of Other People Worldwide . . . Witnessed A Disgraceful Spectacle of Character Assassination, which had nothing to do with Russia, Collusion or Voter-Fraud. But Rather, with the Private Life of a Famous Self-Made Businessman, who won a Presidential Election (2016), which NONE of the Insiders thought Donald Trump Could or Should have Won.


Anne and I had a Bizarre Conversation yesterday, with Someone who Absolutely Hates Trump, to the Point of Saying Something, She Really Should not have Said, which I won’t Repeat.

However, what she did say, was that she went to one of President Trump’s Make America Great Rallies, where she was Aghast at the Hateful & Racist Rhetoric of Donald Trump.

I Have Never Been To A Trump Rally . . . But I would Hazard a Legitimate Guess, that I Probably saw more than 90% of them on Live TV or Streamed over the Internet. And I can tell you this . . .

Every Theme of every Trump Rally is almost Identical from Start to Finish . . . And I have Not Once Heard Or Seen Anything From President Trump That Was Hateful Or Racist. And I Defy Anyone, and I do mean Anyone, to Prove that anything President Trump has Said at any of his Rallies was . . . Hateful Or Racist.

I Pointed-Out . . . That Under President Trump, Unemployment is at all-time Record Lows, which Fell on Deaf Ears. That Manufacturing is Way-Up under Donald Trump, and the Car Industry is once again Booming in America, to which she Responded that Car Manufacturers are Closing-Down in America, which isn’t True, with the Exception as I Noted, Being General Motors, which Happily Grabbed More than $50-Billion Taxpayer Dollars to keep GM from Going Bankrupt, even though GM should have gone Bankrupt, for GM to take that Money and Screw-Over America for China.

And as she was Making the Ridiculous Case, that the American Auto Industry was Closing Shops in the USA, Fiat/Chrysler just Announced a Brand New Assembly Plant in Detroit, the First New Assembly Plant in Detroit, in Almost 30-Years, which will Invest just Under $5-Billion, while Creating at least Six Thousand Five-Hundred Jobs.

I didn’t even Bother Bringing-Up the Record Employment Numbers for Minorities (Blacks & Latinos), or for American Women in America who have more and Better Job Opportunities than ever Before. Nor did I Waste my Voice Stating the Fact, that Taxes are Down & Salaries are Up for the Working Class, which I didn’t Bother to mention, because she simply would have said that isn’t True, In-Spite of all the Available Evidence.

We Even Touched On Gun Control . . . To which she was more than just somewhat Anti-Gun. But when I asked her some Extremely Rudimentary Questions about the Difference between an AR-15 and a 22-Caliber Squirrel Gun . . . She Didn’t have a Clue. She also didn’t know that, without Special Permits . . . Automatic Guns are Against The Law – and that a Semi-Automatic Gun is not an Automatic Gun at all.

I Think, That What Really Did It For Me, was when she STATED that Republicans Want Illegal Immigrants in America, because of Cheap Labor . . . Where in Fact, President Donald Trump is doing Everything he Can to Keep Illegal Immigrants Out of the USA – By Means Of . . .

1 – Wants To Build A Wall Between Mexico & The USA Where Needed.

2 – Wants To End Immigration By Lottery.

4 – Wants To End Chain Immigration.

And Wants To Institute Immigration By Meritocracy.

She Seemed Confused . . . when I Pointed out to Her, that Big Business, which Owns most of the Cheap Unskilled Labor Intensive Industries, are the Ones who Contribute the Most to the Democrats . . . Specifically Through Their Lobbyists.

But I Won’t Go-On . . . Since – I’m Certain You Get The Gist.

It Bothered Me Incredibly . . . That a Well Educated Professional Woman Could be so Hateful & Prejudicial Without Cause or Understanding.

What Finally Blew Me Away . . . Was When I Said how Amazed I was, at how so many Americans are so Anti-American. To which she Responded, – That When Push Comes To Shove . . . She & Others Are Patriots.


I want to know what the LEFT’S Definition is of Patriotism. Is Trying to Overthrow a Duly Elected President Patriotic? Is Using the FBI & Justice Department to Spy on Legitimate Political Candidates Patriotic? . . . And is it Patriotic to do all that is Possible to Usurp the President of the United States of America, while the President is a Half World Away in Vietnam, Negotiating for the Safety & Freedom of the World?

I’M CONVINCED . . . Perhaps More Than Ever – After my Conversation Yesterday, and After what I Viewed Today (February 27, 2019) at the Cohen Congressional Hearing, that America is so Broken, that it Might Not Be Possible to ever Have America Fixed to what America Used to Be.

With Astonishment & Sadness . . .

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, I have a question, a little off topic, to you and ALL your readers who all seem to have a marked leaning towards the LEFT. I consider myself to be conservative thinking, but opened to so-called “liberal thought.” Why were George W. Bush & Company not put in jail for having DELIBERATLY lied to the people of the USA about Iraq having Weapons of Mass Destruction? He and his Republican gang are guilty of War Crimes against the people of Iraq, and the unnecessary murder of American soldiers.

  2. Your message today is so saddening. I felt so depressed after seeing some of the Cohen lies that he was trying to lay on us as “truthful testimony,” that I was looking forward to hearing from you to get a shot of hope – from somewhere, anywhere. You didn’t do that, Howard. It reaches a point that reason tells us there is NO hope, but I’m not giving up on America. There are plenty of us true, patriotic Americans to help Pres. Trump to fight to get the USA back on track. God bless the USA!

  3. Great editorial as usual Howard, I also have a problem with a liberals since they are so hateful and would rather see America go down than support our duly elected President. I just can’t believe the the democrat field and how each one is trying to out communist the other.

  4. American is broken and it’s the leftist Dimms, anti-God globalist, weak kneed GOP, Trump hating MSM/Hollywood, and the swamp creatures that are breaking it. Conservatives need to stop complaining and get off the couch and fight back or we are done!

  5. Ignorance is the lack of data or knowledge. Then if you have the knowledge so available then stupid id as stupid does. That lady is stupid. Or she is too stupid to be stupid!

  6. That’s the problem with sheeples that are totally brainwashed by the lame stream media and only act like parrots just repeating everything that have been told to them by the lame stream media without thinking or doing their own research to prove fact what they are being lied about. Like I said, the sheeples will finally wake up when it’s too late and we will be smack into George Orwell’s “1984”.

  7. That’s a really great question Howard! What is the LEFT’s definition of patriotism? Is it to advocate for the exact opposite of what the RIGHT says/believes regardless? Sure seems like it. An old saying goes “he who is convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still”. The LEFT is closed minded. If in fact their mind is open, then they must not be Leftist. The polarization is striking and sad when it can’t be discussed rationally for the overall good of our country/citizens.

  8. Dear Mr. Galganov,
    Appreciate another of your insightful editorials. What the Democrats don’t realize is that even if they do impeach President Trump, then they will have “President” Mike Pence, who is practically a “Saint” with his lifestyle and personna compared to President Trump! He has strong government legislative and exec experience and would be able to continue and enhance most of President Trump’s policies without the personal attacks that the President generates with his Tweets.

  9. Thanks largely to a broken public educational system what you experienced is a part of America in this woman’s perception of “reality” is a group of people who don’t know, don’t know that they don’t know, and who, in spite of all claims to the contrary, will never know what they don’t know because they truly don’t want to know. They say ignorance is bliss. This woman and others like her are so far out there that coming back may, in fact, be impossible.

  10. Winners never quit & quitters never win. I believe all that voted for Trump will continue to support him.
    He is not a quitter and winner at every turn. I asked a local doctor if he watched a Trump speach last nite a while back. He answered “no but I agree with everything he said.”

  11. Howard, what do you think the odds are on Trudeau resigning over the Wilson-Raybould SNC Lavalin scandal?

  12. Howard, I trust you saw the Justice Committee today with Wilson -Raybould.. She shredded the PMO and the PM. She was very convincing and I for one have lost what little respect, and I mean little, for the Federal Liberal Party of Canada. They should crawl into a hole and pull the lid in behind them.

  13. Seems that woman isn’t very “Educated” (and surely isn’t Professional…!). People like that, I just tip my MAGA hat to, smile, and leave them to THEIR misery! Haha!
    (Have to finish my new “MAGA” T-Shirt… Make Alexandra Go Away!).

  14. It is sad and depressing but I have hope that all the TRUTH will come out soon and the swamp will be drained. I’ve been hoping and praying that it will and I sure hope it does soon. In all my 74 years I have never seen the HATE from the so called democrat party. I don’t know what happened to them, but it is not good. They sicken me! Praying for President Trump and America!

  15. Howard, you hit the nail on the head. It is unbelievable at the ignorance that is so pervasive. It is interesting to note with so much alternative media out there people have become so numb to the realities of the situation on the ground. It is disgusting, but, very frightening. The accusations against conservatives by the Left are projections that emanate from the Left and they are the contemporary Brown Shirts.

  16. I, for one, feel energized after watching Lanny Davis looking like he had a stomach ache, and the predictable circus demonstrated by Democrats who could not build a case against anyone but themselves during the Cohen hearing today!

  17. Please make sure that the lady you conversed with receives a copy of today’s blog. Ask her to provide written proof that counters anything you said.

  18. Howard after reading this all I wanted to do is cry. Such insane people who are in Washington not telling the truth and due to fact Trump would not go along with the Democrats they are out to get him NO Matter What.
    How very sad that our country has come to this, our proud beautiful country breaks my heart. Lord bless us we need your help. My best to your family :))

  19. Recently the troubling thought that President Trump may not bother running for his second term has crossed my mind. Such reasoning is easily understood…..why would a smart, successful businessman take the colossal amount of abuse he does 24 hours a day. He has done an amazing job against overwhelming odds with almost zero thanks. If he fails to run next term a hate filled Democratic generated disaster will surely follow, and America can only blame itself for it’s THANKLESSNESS!

  20. Great Editorial. Why would the Dimwits hold a hearing w/a confirmed,admitted liar when POTUS Trump is at Summit #2 w/Chairman Kim trying to negotiate PEACE & eliminating Nuclear Arms, in Vietnam? To discredit this man who has done more then any sitting president, that’s why! And the RHINOS did NOT try to STOP this or at least delay it for a few days. The world now knows what POTUS Trump & the American people are contending with. I am ashamed of them, but PROUD of TRUMP!

  21. Sir, you cant fix Stupid. I know a few liberals, they seem to have an awful lot backwards also. I have had the Socialism debate with my older brother, lazy Democrat. He wants everything free, and can not understand why his younger brother (me) was able to retire early, owns his home and has money to spend. It is called hard work and savings, my wife and I have always been a put something away folks. He and I were raised by the same Southern Democrat mother, but he bent left.

  22. What a coincidence that on the same day a Canadian patriot Jody Wilson Raybould let our dumb ass Prime Minister hear TRUTH from an insider who resigned as Attorney General rather than become a swamp creature.

    Way to go Jody….and thank you!!!!

  23. Obviously, the woman about whom you were talking has caught the affliction of TDS: Trump Derangement Syndrome. There so many progressive American who are being infected, I’ve decided that this disease deserves to be added to the topics of my newsletter. One thing is very obvious to me: you have a lot more patience that I do, being exposed to that kind of rhetoric. Another thing I know: you will always be keeping on keeping on. And we, your loyal readers, appreciate that.

  24. Greetings: Perhaps some GOOD will come out of ALL this. With the Democrats leaning so far LEFT & “proudly” RESISTING, then MORE will be accomplished with LESS… Americans will HAVE to vote for President TRUMP in 2020… Because of these ranting, raving lunatic fringe that has become the MAINSTREAM Democrat MAJORITY!!! Trump’s BASE is even MORE INTENT to dig in & VOTE for him in 2020. EVERY Republican MUST motivate every other Republican to VOTE in 2020… LIKE THEIR LIVES DEPEND ON IT!

  25. People hear what they want to hear, believe what they want to believe, and never look beyond what their minds have made up. The Trump-haters have long ago decided he was was everything nasty. They are easily manipulated by media and crowd mentality. And a favourite tactic of the Left is to name-call and assign unchallengeable, hateful labels without any justification, then storm away from the table when challenged on it. It is their modus operandi.

  26. Can we keep our precious country? We have so many indoctrinated, ignorant people (many of whom have been feeding at the trough – and want more FREEBIES) who will vote against the greatest U.S.A. President ever.

    Unions have harmed this country, leading to GM taking OUR money. When living in Ohio in early ’60’s near GM plant, a GM worker bragged about how the unions got more money and less work for the workers. That ups the cost of the vehicle, does nothing for quality……

  27. Your clue to what the conversation with this woman was going to be was “Well Educated Professional”. My daughter’s been in higher ed for over 15 years & I can tell in our conversations about the moral & political state of our society when she is being ‘sucked in’ to their way of thinking. W/her upbringing I was surprised but realized how the college campus influence has become seductive even to conservative advocates. Hopefully I’ve been able to illuminate truth to her.

  28. The constant attacks on our president and our country would never have happened had Hillary won. We would never even know the names like Cohen, Comey, McCabe, Srtoyk and Page, Rosenstein, mad Maxine, Adam Shiff, and so many others. I could go on and on with people, accusations, protests, everything anti Trump till I am even more blue in the face than I already am, and it all boils down to–wait for it—SHE STILL LOST!!! ThIS whole mess is, because, SHE STILL LOST!! Let that sink in!!!

  29. As sad as it is with what lies Cohen had to say about the POTUS, we in Canada were thrilled to see there is an honest Liberal who put her COUNTRY before the party line and stood up for justice. For her honesty, we learned she was fired. Canadians won’t soon forget what transpired yesterday and hopefully, the election in October will prove the undoing of and by the Liberals. Let’s hope truth will shine through for our friends to the south also.

  30. It is said to never DEBATE and IDIOT when you find one!The LEFT has TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME/TDS which is a very SERIOUS DISEASE!What the RIGHT needs to do is to find a CURE!Yesterday’s HOLLYWOOD CIRCUS [Cohen] was a complete DISGRACE to AMERICA.Why doesn’t the RIGHT INQUIRE and list the names of the LEFT who used the SPECIAL GOVT. FUNDS to COVER THEIR SEXUAL AFFAIRS?Will those names EVER be KNOWN to the PUBLIC? “LET HE WHO IS WITHOUT SIN, CAST the FIRST STONE!” The LEFT is SO DESPERATE! AMEN!

  31. That progressive woman democratic loon doesn’t know that she doesn’t know and until she realizes that she doesn’t know, she won’t know what she should know!

  32. If Liberals, specially Francophones don’t like you (English) they apply unimaginable pressures to get you out.
    I know, they did it to me in the seventies and eventually used the ultimate weapon that can destroy a mans life and family.
    Jody Wilson-Raybould showed yesterday this happens right up to the P.M.’s office. JWR is clearly a woman of the highest integrity and Canada has lost the best AG ever. President Trump has a few faults but he is the best President the USA ever had. Your comment HG

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