What Goes Around Comes Around



We All Remember The Times . . . when we Planned our Day to be Ready to Watch the Night of the Academy Awards, Especially since Most of us saw Many of the Movies Nominated . . . Or at least we Pretended we Did.

We were Enthralled by the Red Carpet, Upon which Strode Hollywood Royalty, all Bedecked in their Beautiful Gowns & Jewels for the Glamorous Women & Tuxedos for the Manly Men.

And even though the Oscars for Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Picture were held Near or at the Very End of the Night, well past the Allocated Broadcast Time . . . It didn’t Matter, because we all Seemed to have some Sort of Vested Interest in Who & What Won.

That Was When Movies Were Brilliant Places To Escape – But Not Anymore.

It was also at a Time, when just a Few Actors Believed they had Important Social Messages to Convey when Accepting their Award . . . But That Was Also Then & This Is Now, when Actors Believe, which is no longer just a Few Actors, but Many, Who are Convinced They’ve Cornered the Market on the Absolute Truth.

TODAY . . . It seems as though Every Actor & Actress has Become Drunk on their own Self-Perceived Brilliance. And Instead of just Doing what they Do Best, which is to Stand in front of a Camera & Pretend, while they ACT According to how the Director wants them to Appear . . . They Are Wisdom Personified.

Today’s Actors & Actresses Believe, that Somehow, they are the Intelligence & Conscience of the World, and their Wisdom . . . MUST BE CONVEYED TO THE LITTLE PEOPLE.

There Are Multiple Problems With Hollywooders & The People.

What Hollywood . . . (the Music Industry too) is Conveying, Plenty through what they Produce, but More in the Actions & Statements of their Performers, is how Far Down the Rabbit Hole our Society has Fallen. Where History is either Mangled or Manufactured by Script.

Hollywood has made it Clear, that the Institutionalized Sickness of Identity Politics, Race, Gender & Sexual Orientation . . . Is Preferable To A Blind Meritocracy.

Anne & I Used To See Lots Of Movies . . . On Average – One A Week. And in more than just the Last Year, we haven’t been to a Movie Theater . . . Not Even One. If I want to be Propagandized, I could save my Time, Effort & Money . . . and Watch CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS & NBC, or Read the NY Times, Washington Post – Etc.

Anne & I Also Subscribed To Netflix . . . But that was over with Netflix’s Hiring of Susan Rice and the Obama’s. We Currently Subscribe to Amazon Prime, and we Enjoy Some of their Productions, but even there, because it’s Subscribed TV over the Internet, where they can get away with just about Anything . . .

Anne & I Are Not Prudes . . . But we Tune-out & Turn-Off Productions, which Display Gratuitous Sex, Especially Sex Between Same Genders.

But Anne & I Are Not Alone . . . Remember The Silent Majority Of The 60’s?

Nixon Popularized The Expression . . . The Silent Majority On November 3, 1969, and In-Spite of what you think of Richard Nixon, he was Right Then & I’m Right Now.

There Is A Quiet Seething Majority On Tenterhooks . . . Waiting For The Catalyst.


Right Now . . . The Pendulum has Swung so Far to the LEFT, Farther than it has ever Swung Before, that when it Begins to Swing Back, which might be Happening Right Now, The Pendulum Will Swing Back With A Vengeance.


Because – In Cortez’s Own Immutable Way . . . Cortez is Destroying not just the Lunacy of the LEFT, but Actually the Democrat Party, which if the Democrat Party was Packaged Food, The Best-Before-Due-Date . . . Would Have Expired At Least One Generation Ago.

What The LEFT Doesn’t Understand . . . Is that “What Goes Around – Comes Around”, and when it Comes Around . . . It Almost Always Comes Around With Fury.

When Marie Antoinette Reportedly Declared . . . “LET THEM EAT CAKE” – The people Ate Cake, while they Watched in Amusement, while Antoinette Placed her Head into the Stocks Under the Guillotine, while the People Heartily Cheered when the Blade came Down & Marie Antoinette was No More.

Because The Silent Majority Isn’t Making Public Noise . . . Doesn’t Mean the Majority Isn’t Paying Attention. Nor does it Mean the Majority Isn’t Near the Breaking Point . . . and while Hollywood, Entertainment in Music and on Television, Coupled with the Mainstream Media – Keeps Piling-It-On, Challenging all of our Conservative Norms of Decency, while IGNORING the Coming Wrath of the Majority . . .

The Voice, Visage & Demeanor Of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, will Indeed be the Catalyst to Destroy the Insanity She & Others on the LEFT Support & Promote . . . to the Great Chagrin of the Democrats . . .

Is Just A Matter Of Time.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Netanyahu’s speech was great, factual and on target, but I don’t see Obama’s overblown ego and hate for Netanyahu and Israel, and love for Islam will allow him to face facts about radical Iran. I will be surprised if Obama does not agree to a half ass agreement with Iran that allow them to quickly build nuclear weapons and prepare the world for Armageddon.

  2. I don’t go to movies any more. Haven’t watched the Academy Awards in this century either.

  3. Hane not been to a movie in years. There is nothing worth watching and paying $15 for that junk is absurd. The Academy Awards are and have been for many years political theater. Why not make the best movie the one that takes in the largest gross at the box office. That way the people have voted with their wallets.

    The Gratuitous Sex scenes in both movies and TV programming are nothing but time fill fodder as they almost never add anything to the story line.

    Hollywood is just a bunch of clo

  4. I go to the movies only when there are big special effects because it is better to see in the theater especially if it’s IMAX. The price is horrendous and I don’t go every week mostly. Sometimes I do because a lot of special effect movies come out at the same time. I truly enjoy the super heros movies in the Marvel and DC comic universe. As for your comments below AOC, I just hope you are right and that the sheeples don’t wake up when it’s too late and we are smack into “1984′ by George Orwell.

  5. Obama extorted change under the MSM accusation that resistance to change is racism.
    In 1965 Mary Poppins won 5 academy awards.
    In 2019 Mary Poppins cannot get nominated and chimney sweeps with soot on their faces saw today’s Hollywood accuse Disney Studios of “Racist Bigotry” because of Black Faced chimney sweeps ?!?
    The malicious feigned ignorance of Hollywood and your article effectively summarize why the Academy Awards are dying and can’t get viewership or adequate advertising revenue.

  6. You couldn’t pay me to watch their movies much less me pay them.

  7. I can’t afford, either financially or psychologically, many movies – so I save money by not going. Did you hear how AOC says she’s the boss for making the effort to effect change via her Green Initiative (or whatever the correct name is)? Does she not know that many of these agenda items have been brought up before in this country, and others? They didn’t work then, and they won’t work now – regardless of how much money is confiscated and thrown at this agenda. Waiting for pendulum to swing!

  8. When the pendulum swings right, it will have the force of the United States Military behind it. I wouldn’t want to be on the side challenging the mightiest military on earth.
    I do not go to movies anymore, either. Why give money to people who hate us? Better to do as Voltaire, and tend the garden. Thanks for all of your wonderful editorials. You are a treasure to this nation.

  9. Per usual Howard. Spot on. I feel the same about golf. I refuse to pay my hard-earned money to be abused, embarrassed and demoralized waiting for my friends to say, “Here it is Terry!” Same with the movies. Now when the likes of THE STING or CASABLANCA come back I’m all in, but not with golf! Terry Morgan

  10. Hey Pilgrim. Apparently they want to take down John Wayne’s statue and rename his airport because of a few remarks he made on a Johnny Carson show in 1970(?) Back in the confusion of the times apparently he made some comments that would be seen as sexist or homophobic today. Sad eh. When I think of John Wayne I always think of someone who stood for truth and honesty and standing up for justice and fairness for all. So you focus on one comment under today’s lens and the icon disappears. Sad eh.

  11. I haven’t been to the movies for years & I do NOT watch anything having to do with accolades to the Hollywood dimwits. There isn’t a one of them who had SERVED THEIR COUNTRY as in the PAST & yet they espouse to ‘knowing it all’. NOT!!
    I have a brain. Between the Hollywood dimwits & the ‘worldly’ politicians they haven’t a brain amongst them. POTUS Trump has more on the ball then all of them put together. MYPOV

  12. I have not been to the movies in so long I cannot remember when it was, nor do I plan on going to them. We watch FoxNews and for movies we watch Hall Mark or History, Weather channel of years ago.
    I don;t care to go out to see starts that make no sense horrible acting. Along with Popcorn costing almost as much as a old time Ford. I heard that Robert De Nero used horrible words to or about our President as his opening words. He should have been arrested for doing that as well as others.

  13. You are so right. I could care less seeing that freak show they call Academy Awards. If they would start making movies worth seeing, I might look again. We see only good old movies we rent or find. John Wayne was a big favorite of us. He was a good customer in our restaurant as were many other of the great Hollywood people of past. Sure miss them. You do a great job with your writings, enjoy every one of them. You are so right on. Keep it up.

  14. AMEN! My wife and I could not agree more with your commentary today. We haven’t been to a movie in years. Same goes for MSNBC and all the others.

  15. You are correct. I stopped patronizing Hollywood, much of the music industry and the NFL 3 years ago and I have not missed any of them. So many are vile, self-aggrandizing pedants that their own words and actions make it impossible to respect them as people or to appreciate their talents.

  16. Good editorial as usual. Haven’t gone to a movie in years! While surfing the TV ran across the Oscars, what a sight for sore eyes. Who designs all those ‘get ups?” Someone remarked they thought they were going to a Halloween party. Miss the good movies of the 40’s & 50’s, Esther Williams,swimming, Sonja Henie, ice skating, Hedy Lamar! The good ole days!

  17. You are so correct about the movie industry, it has become garbage. The script writers of today have to have grown up with no respect for themselves or anyone else. F=bombs are their most beloved words. Gay sex is their main message. We turn off more movies than we watch. We just are outside more. I want to hear from Drug Addicts, Criminals, tax evaders, womanizers, man haters, and folks who swap partners like they are trying gain points. Their views of the world are as wrong as their life

  18. “& Tuxedos for the Manly Men” well I guess you saw the Tuxedo clad Actor in his SKIRTED Tux on the Red Carpet . I am not Shocked but I am Revolted. and Yes the John Wayne story is stomach churning : we all spoke and acted differently in the 70’s. Both indications of just how far Hollywood has deteriorated and how much they want to CHANGE the great unwashed that we all are. Your article today is spot on .

  19. What happened to Hollywood? There isn’t one picture that I would want to see in the past years! And if I would go,
    it just pays the Liberal Left so that they can put out their crap. Hollywood would do better if they would go back and do some research and see what was playing in the 30’s to the 60’s or watch some 1950’s TV. God help us if this crap continues.
    Thanks for your great work. Darrel

  20. IMHO Hollywood is responsible for the moral degradation of our nation. Ever-increasing portrayals of sexual encounters (including nudity), violence & later the “f” word as normal, pushed that on our society. It played to human inerrant weaknesses–promoting growing acceptance of porn & violence. Hollywood=Sin City. They promote a total free-wheeling life with no holes barred. Few actors manage to handle the cesspool & stress it creates. Sometimes go to G or PG; PG-13s push the envelope now.

  21. This years Oscars was a totally s**t disturbing racial performance, clearly with emphasis awarding more than the usual number of Oscars to coloured America. The big winners were the dress makers with their overpowering yards of material sweeping the floor. Unfortunately AOC didn’t win the Oscar for the best unintelligent idiot.

  22. I just watched a small clip of AOC cooking and rambling on about the worlds problems. I wonder if she has ever been to any other country, especially the S-hole ones. The pomposity (love saying that word) of AOC shows how little she knows about this world we all live in, yet she is already an expert on what we all should do. The gift that keeps on giving, AOC just keep flapping your gums, shows us normals how little you know about real life. From Bartender to the Senate, ain’t the USA grand

  23. I love this editorial. One thing I would remind all the people that indicated that they never go out to a movie is that there are some more conservative movies out there. Yes there are not many, but we need to support the good ones if we ever want to have Any movies to see. One might consider the new movie that is coming out produced by Tim Tebow. It is called Run the Race.. The movie industry is all about the money and things we support will encourage more of that ilk.

  24. HOW can HOLLYWOOD claim that they have become SO MORAL all of a sudden when they continue to PORTRAY the COMPLETE OPPOSITE by “DISPLAYING Gratuitous Sex, Especially Sex Between Same Genders.” If HETEROSEXUALS would CHOOSE TO EXPRESS THEIR BELIEFS more OPENLY & STRONGLY [First Amendment], rest assure that the LGBTQ GROUP would be “up in arms” and DENOUNCE THEM! AOC says she’s the BOSS & THAT is a BLESSING for the CONSERVATIVES! The SILENT MAJORITY will AWAKEN in mid-2020! GO TRUMP! GO! AMEN!

  25. Well said Howard.

    On the Amazon Prime, that’s Bezos and Wapo.

    This all harkens back to a post of yours in days of yore. Don’t give your enemies your time, attention or treasure–ever!

    Kurt Schlicter (sic) has a post up at Townhall that is both humorous and collectively threatening to “a one c” and her merry band of mutants.

  26. This was the first “Academy Awards” that I watched in years. We predicted the winners by thinking of the PC standards for a winner. We were right almost 100% of the time. I gave up on the awards when Kramer vs Kramer beat Apocalypse Now for best film decades ago. Even Dustin Hoffman couldn’t believe it in his acceptance speech. “It Happened One Night” – 1934 and still holds up today, unlike most of the new award winning films five years later.

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