The Media Should Be Held To A Higher Standard


As For Jussie Smollett . . . THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

BECAUSE . . . with Smollett, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Chuck & Nancy, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker (Aka Spartacus), Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders & a Slew of Other Names of Liberal Renown . . .


Crooked Hillary Brought It Mainstream . . . with her “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy”, which gave Substance to LEFTIST Authors, the likes of Eugene Burdick & William Lederer who Co-Wrote “The Ugly American”.

And for Hollywooders who Produced Movies like “Wall Street”, all of which has pushed the Narrative, which the LEFT have used to Hone their Craft in Terms of Fabricating Hateful Anti-American Scenarios.


Emile Zola Wrote His Famous Headline . . . J’Accuse, while Exposing the French Military as Evil Anti-Semites in 1898, for the Unjust Imprisonment of French Jewish Military Captain Alfred Dreyfus, who was Sentenced to Life on Devil’s Island, for an Act of Treason, which was in Fact, An Act Of Incredible Incompetence & Anti-Semitism By The French Command.

Because of Zola’s Bravery To Write The Truth . . . Dreyfus was Released, Pardoned, Awarded the Legion of Honor & Promoted to a Higher Rank. Zola had to Flee France, or Go to Jail for Writing the Truth.


The Players In The Above Mentioned Freak-Show – In A Perfect World . . . Would Make Great Comedy, Entertainment & Satire. Problem Is . . . We Don’t Live In a Perfect World. And if we did, we Wouldn’t be Electing Jerks . . . or Tolerating Bureaucrats, who are Stealing us Blind, while Making our Lives Difficult, While We Willingly Pay For Them To Do So.


Worse Than Getting Ripped-Off Financially By The Government . . . is being Pushed to the Edge of the Socio, Fiscal & Political Cliff – With Very Little To Hang Onto.

Our Educators . . . The Men & Women, all of us had Trusted the Most, to Teach our Children, Especially since the Late 1950’s & ‘60’sHAD & HAVE UTTERLY BETRAYED OUR TRUST.


And Because of our Teachers Over the Generations . . . our Co-Citizens, Specifically this Generation of Millennials, are as Socio/Fiscal & Politically Dumb as Rocks.

EVEN WORSE . . . Because of the Betrayal of our Educators – Our Media are Also as Dumb as Rocks, and/or so far Removed from Reality, Ethics & Values, that the News, which they Convey to the Masses, and how they Convey it . . . Is An Insult To The Intelligence Of People Who Aren’t As Dumb & Slanted As They Are.

Ordinarily . . . I would look at the Aforementioned Gang of Socio/Political Freaks with Humor. But, because of how DUMBED-DOWN the People of our two Nations are (Canada/USA) . . . Having A Freak-Show Running To Govern Us . . . Is No Laughing Matter . . . Because There Are Enough Stupid People To Vote-In A Freak.

I Know For Example . . . THE LEFTIST THREAT, given Approbation by the Media, is that if President Trump was to Successfully Win a Supreme Court Decision, for a Presidential Right to Invoke and Act-On a Presidential Decree of a National Emergency for Funding Border Wall Construction – Then Nothing Will Be Able To Stop Future Presidents . . . from Invoking a National Emergency to Force Gun Control, Measures to Defend Against Climate-Change, and or to Force Open Borders.

I’M NOT A CONSTITUTIONALIST . . . Far From It – But, as Far as I Know, the US Constitution has Extremely Clear Meanings for the President’s Absolute Duty & Authority within his Oath of Office, to Protect the Integrity of the Constitution of the United States of America, which in itself DETAILS in the Constitution . . .

Article Four – Section Four . . . Which States:

The United States Shall Guarantee To Every State A Republican Form Of Government & Shall Protect Each Of Them Against Invasion”.

Which Essentially . . . At Least To Me, Means that it is Not Just the President’s Decision to Protect America’s Borders from Invasion, Usurpation & Illegal Entry Into the USA – But Rather, it is Fundamentally President Trump’s Constitutional Obligation, To Build A Wall, Lay Razor Wire, Instill the Most Modern Surveillance, and if Necessary Deploy as many Troops & Law Enforcement as is Needed to Protect the Sovereignty of the United States of America.

AS FOR THE DOLTS . . . Who are Fear-Mongering, by Promoting their Belief, that if President Trump can Declare a National Border Emergency . . . a Future President can do the Same for Gun Control, Climate Change & Open Borders.

HERE’S THE TRUTH . . . There is a Constitutional Guarantee – “That The Right Of The People To Keep & Bear Arms Shall Not Be Infringed”.

But There Is No Constitutional Guarantee . . . to have Open Borders, or to Change the Fabric of the United States of America on the Frenzied Propagandized Fake Science of Climate Change, Global Warming, or the Social/Science Hysteria of the Political Day.

BUT I FEAR . . . In The USA – As In Canada, that the Morons, who were Educated by Morons, who Themselves were also Educated by Morons and on and on . . . who Educated the Current Media, could in Fact Elect another Barack Hussein Obama, or even Worse, to Finish the Job Started Long Ago by American Communists & Radical Anarchists, the likes of Saul Alinsky.

WE JUST HAVE TO KEEP ON HOPING & PUSHING . . . That the Likes of the Preceding Freak-Show Continue Raising their Curtain, so Enough Reasonable People, can Really see for Themselves . . . What Lays Behind.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I was spellbound! After more than 30 minutes, I realized that I had not moved a muscle ,nor taken my eyes off the screen.

  2. Republicans should keep the freak show antics fresh in everyone’s minds until DJT is re-elected.

  3. “…it is President Trump’s Constitutional obligation to build a wall …”. Yes! Thanks for pointing that out. Will I use that myself? Oh, bet on it!

  4. Greetings: What will this country be like in 2024, when MICHELLE OBAMA is elected President? HEAVEN FORBID!!! She’s likely 10 TIMES WORSE than her DID NOTHING GOOD FOR THIS COUNTRY husband!!

  5. Sir, glad you mentioned Gun Control. 2012, Venesula passed Gun Control by limiting that Military, Police and private security were the only ones to purchase guns. 2014 Private ownership was outlawed, that is why they are starving and throwing rocks.States of Washington and Oregon passed a new law that all semi-automatic rifles are now considered “Semi-Automatic Assault Guns” (Bill I-1639). this is their first step. Unarmed Citizens become Subjects of the government.

  6. In the war of words…..truth is the first casualty. Only what fits the lefty logic is printed.

  7. Lara Logan said it elegantly on the 30 minute portion of her interview on #MikeDrop podcast that about 85% of the fake news lame stream media are leftist, socialist & communist. With all the negative coming out of the press before Donald Trump became the President during the campaign in 2016, Trump still won and became President. Now with the freak show circus becoming even more looney by the day, let’s hope President Trump gets his second mandate with an even larger majority.

  8. What a GREAT description for the Democrat/Radical LEFT activities—a FREAK SHOW! I hope that there are many ACTS in this FREAK SHOW, as it WILL ASSURE Trump’s RE-ELECTION! What is the LEFT complaining about? Didn’t HUSSEIN OBAMA “use his pen & phone” to get what HE wanted while he was president? Now, it’s PRES. TRUMP’S turn because he, also, has a phone & pen! Yes, “There Are Enough Stupid People To Vote-In A Freak”, but their MESSAGES can be DEPOSED with the TRUTH. GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  9. Have you noticed that the craziest of the people with TDS are either Black or Women? Those who hate what Donald Trump has achieved enjoy their victim-ology more than they love this country.
    Just sayin!!

  10. Saul and Nikita are jumping for joy in ther coffins as America the Beautiful creeps so close to the Socialist/Communist brink (of disaster).

  11. Still say any border should continue along the eastern border of Calif; if Washington & Oregon keep going, include them in bordering off as well. I’m wary of those former CA folks who’ve moved to Colo, Ariz, Nev, NM & Tx & are turning them blue. With the education system being what it is/has been for decades, something like a miracle will be required to change it back around.

  12. Quote:I fear,,,(America) could in Fact Elect another Barack Hussein Obama, or even Worse,”
    By worse do you mean President Michelle and VP Barry?

  13. Our country goes into another Civil war what worries me is our troops will they follow our Presidents orders to fight or will our troops go with Nancy and all of her nutty people who want to make this country communistic? God help us all for if we go your country will most likely follow as well. All I can say is again God help us all. The best to you and Anne as well as April. Be safe and each of yo keep well sir.

  14. I don’t know how anyone can stop the idiocy of the left. I keep wondering if voters (on the whole) ever pick up a book. I feel sorry for them because they are going to learn the hard way “other people’s money is lovely – but it won’t last”. Those of us who do a little thinking know what comes next and it ain’t going to be pretty!
    At my age I may not be around to watch the fun; but maybe I’ll get my little motorized cloud to putter around the world!

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