They Have All The Opinions . . . & No Answers


I have been so Inundated Thinking about Where we Are . . . and Where we’re Going, that I Forgot to Publicly Thank Everyone who Contributed Financially to, even though I Sent Personal Thank You Emails to Everyone Otherwise . . . So Thank You!

IT’S REMARKABLE HOW STUPID THE PEOPLE ARE . . . Who Buy Into the Bafflegab of the LEFT, who also seem to have – All The Opinions . . . But None Of The Answers.

The Following was a Literal Conversation I had with Someone who Lives Near us in Texas. He is a bit Older than me. Has held significant Jobs. And he did his time in the American Military. He is quite Bright and very Funny to Speak with. And he seems to be a Real Decent Guy, which Bothers me Enormously, because of His LEFTIST Attitude.


WE DON’T NEED A WALL . . . OK, so what do these Purveyors of “Wise Opinion” Propose America use to Stop People from Walking Across the Southern Border?

WALLS DON’T WORK . . . OK, So Why do all the Rich Folk want to Live within Walled Communities? And Explain to the Israelis, who are No Longer Murdered by Arab Palestinians simply walking into Israel, because Israel has a Wall, and that Illegal Immigration from Egypt is down like 99% . . . If Walls Don’t Work?

DRUGS ARE SMUGGLED AT POINTS OF ENTRY . . . And how do these LEFTIST Geniuses know that, Since You Can’t Know What You Don’t Know?

THE RIO GRAND IS TOO TREACHEROUS TO CROSS . . . Have the Detractors of the Wall, never heard of Boats, Rubber Rafts, Floaties, or People who can Wade where the Water is Shallow, or Swim where the Water is Deeper?

THE PEOPLE CROSSING ARE HARD WORKING & DECENT . . . Again – How do the LEFTISTS Know who is a Hard Working & Decent Person? And who is a Gang Banger, a Terrorist, Drug Dealer, Human Trafficker, or someone who just wants a Free-Ride at the Expense of American Taxpayers?


IT’S FAMILIES WITH CHILDREN CROSSING . . . OK – There are More than 7-Billion People on the Planet, and if I Guess Conservatively, there are probably more than Half that Number who would want to come to the United States of America. So, How Many?

AMERICA NEEDS LOW-LEVEL WORKERS . . . Perfect. In a time of AI (Artificial Intelligence), where every Futurist & Economist is saying that Robots of every Manner will soon Replace most Humans, especially doing Menial Jobs, again we have to ask . . . How Many?

UNDOCUMENTED WORKERS DO WORK AMERICANS WON’T . . . So, what does that say about the TENS & TENS Of Millions of American Workers doing “Menial” Jobs? Are they Chicken Soup?

THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT ILLEGAL – THEY’RE UNDOCUMENTED . . . Perhaps Anne & I can use that Definition if we Decide to Cheat American Immigration & Overstay our 6-Month Visa To Be In The United States.

THESE UNDOCUMENTED WORKERS PAY TAXES . . . How can all these Undocumented (Illegal) Workers Pay Taxes, WHEN NONE OF THEM have Legitimate Social Security Numbers, while some ILLEGALS have Fake Social Security Numbers, Enabling them to Work (Illegally). And Besides . . . Cash Under The Dash Tells No Tales.


1 – What About American Students being Deprived of the Best Education Possible, because of a Myriad of Social/Cultural Issues, including the lack of English Language Knowledge of the Illegal Children, specifically in Poorer Areas where the Illegals Tend to Live?

2 – What about the National Public Healthcare System, which is already so Overloaded, to the Point of Bursting, that it’s close to becoming Ineffectual to American Citizens?

3 – What about Immigrant Caused Violence, Corruption & Gangs Permeating throughout American Society, from Children to Adults?


It is Estimated that there are More than 20-Million Illegal Immigrants living in the United States of America, who Believe they are ENTITLED to everything America has to Offer . . . So, How Many Of Them Vote?

SO . . . I Asked My Neighbor – Anne & I are Fluent in the English Language. We Probably know more about American History, Culture & Politics, than the vast Majority of Americans. And while we are in the USA, Anne & I Pose ZERO COSTS to the American People, we even come to your Country with our Own Health & Accident Insurance . . .

In Fact, Because Anne & I are Consumers of Everything, while we are in your Country, we are Substantial Contributors to American Society . . . So How Would You Feel If We Voted ILLEGALLY In Your Election?

To Which The LEFTIST Said To Me . . . There’s No Proof that Illegals Vote in American Elections. And Once Again I Reiterated . . . You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know.

And . . . If No Illegals Vote In Your Elections – Why Not Have Real Voter ID Cards Available only to Certifiable American Citizens, for America to be Sure who’s Voting? After all . . . Isn’t Voting The Most Important RIGHT A Citizen Has . . . to have His or Her Voice in How the Country will be Run?

Or do you want a Whole Bunch Of People, who Shouldn’t Be In The USA . . . Deciding For You – How Your Country Should Be Run . . . And How Your Taxes Should Be Spent?

I Don’t Know How To Overcome This . . . And I Don’t Think We Can. Not In Your Country & Not In Mine Either. Because . . . How can you Teach a Massive Population, which for More than 6-Decades has been Subjected to LEFTIST Propaganda within Academia and the Media, to the Point – Where Common Sense Takes A Back-Seat To Ignorance?

IN A PERFECT WORLD . . . Forgetting the Braggadocio & Exaggerations of President Trump, President Trump has Thus Far Been, in my Opinion, The Best Modern President Ever.

President Trump Has Righted So Many Wrongs . . . That I Couldn’t Possibly Remember all of them. And in Spite of the Continuing Coup D’état against President Trump . . . The President Is Still Barreling Ahead On All Cylinders To Make America Great Again.

With That Said . . . Even though President Trump’s Successes for the American People are Unparalleled – There Is No Guarantee That President Trump Will Be Reelected In 2020 . . . ONLY BECAUSE THERE IS NO FIXING STUPID.

AS A CANADIAN . . . President Trump is also the Only Hope I have to Cling-To, for the Future of Canada, since Canada can only GO SO FAR TO THE LEFT, If America Stays The Conservative Course.

And If America Goes To The LEFT . . . Dystopia Is In Our Future.

If you Care about your Country, the Future of your Children & Grandchildren, and all the Successes Earned by Blood, Sweat & Tears . . . The 2020 Election is already Underway, and if you have a Conservative Voice – Large Or Small . . . Now’s The Time To Use It.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Only a few times in one’s life does the opportunity to witness history in the making present itself. Thank you for standing up to the piece of s**t in the White House Mr. Prime Minister. Godspeed.

  2. I won’t be here to witness it, but I predict that if President Donald Trump can hold off those trying to bring him down, in fifty years the historians will include him among the three or four best presidents in the history of the United States of America.

  3. It seems in the case of your neighbor & lots of others, you just can’t fix stupid – or ignorant of in the face of facts as well as history.

  4. Your neighbor reminds me that it’s easy to be nice: Stand there with a goofy grin and don’t say anything that may be considered remotely controversial. He’s probably glued to CNN and MSNBC all day. As a result he spouts nonsense which he views as received wisdom. He is walking, talking proof that relentless exposure to leftist propaganda turns a brain to mush. I don’t watch CNN or MSNBC for the same reason I don’t drink from the toilet.

  5. African American Employment skyrocketed when they cracked down on Illegals who were taking Jobs from the African American workers. Why would he want that situation to get worse ? Remember the story of the Chicago Bread company … I believe it was a Bread Company that saw a rise in Black employees as Illegals Left…. whistle blowers in the black community caused it? Is He racist for wanting to allow African Americans to go back to their poverty? R

  6. Greetings: Not so long ago universal suffrage in AMERICA was just a pipe dream… Men had to be land owners, women were banned altogether & up until recently, voters HAD to be 21 years old. Over generations, that has changed, BUT in the past as in the present, EVERY American HAD to be a CITIZEN, either born OR naturalized. It’s what sets apart a legal RESIDENT from a legal CITIZEN. Until they’re CITIZENS, they should’nt HAVE the right to vote because they haven’t yet EARNED the right to Vote.

  7. Solution is adopt Ca.’s immigration policy, known to all interested parties: Avoid Proper Border Crossing Points, use un-approved land crossings points . You will be met by our Federal Police , they will help you carry your bags , they will ask for papers and ID , but saying you have none works . YOU WILL BE GIVEN a Hearing Date , at which you must appear, dates are presently being set for 2030 . In the meantime you cannot work but are given free Health Care and 3000$ month. No need for a WALL .

  8. It’s just an educated guess, but perhaps your “neighbor” migrated to Texas from California? California residents are exiting the state by the tens (hundreds?) of thousands each year. Unfortunately, they move many of their leftist attitudes with them. Perhaps a border wall separating the “left-leaning” states from the rest of us would be prudent?

    (I’m looking forward to your opinions on A. O. Cortez!)

    Keep up the good work.

  9. “There are NONE so blind as those who will not see” and willful or IGNORANT/INDOCTRINATED blindness is a blight upon USA. They no longer teach Civics so kids today have NO clue how the government works. Almost no American can pass the citizenship test given to immigrants that they MUST pass to receive US citizenship. (I only made a 99 on the test–still mad about that!) so unless we step up and start educating our kids at HOME after school or homeschool them, America is DONE.

  10. I have tried printing 2 times now and your first page is squared off/blocked in the lower left corner?????

  11. HG, your Editorial says it all! The RADICAL LIBERALS are completely IGNORANT and LIARS! They RECOMMEND or PORTRAY certain BELIEFS, but THEY, themselves, DON’T LIVE BY THEM, i.e, “Do as I say, not as I do”, especially regarding having WALLS! Voting IS one of the MOST IMPORTANT RIGHTS a CITIZEN has re: HOW our Country will be RUN! VOTER I.D. SHOULD BE REQUIRED! Hence, there would be PROOF as to whether ILLEGAL ALIENS ARE VOTING or NOT! VOTER FRAUD needs to be RESTRUCTURED ASAP! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  12. As is almost always the case Howard, You cut right to the chase.
    It REALLY bothers me that so many Americans can be so blind (or ignorant or ?? or ???)

  13. Like I keep saying Howard, the sheeples will finally wake-up when it’s too late.

  14. Interesting comments about your so called smart, Leftist, friend.
    I also have a friend who is very smart. Had had a number of management positions with a reputable Cdn Co.
    Says he will vote for Trudope again. I asked why. Said he can’t stand Scheer. Asked him why, he doesn’t know. Also can’t stand Trump and wishes Clinton would have won. Again won’t say why.
    But I think I know. It’s because Scheer and Trump speak for Christians, and Jews. And he is very anti Christian.
    Sad, but true!

  15. Excellent Editorial. I have a DIL who is extremely well educated, a Mensa Member, with whom I NEVER discuss politics. WHY? Because she has NOT gotten over Trump’s election & lives for the Leftist way of government. I hope that Trump has a 2nd term to complete what he has started. IF NOT, then our way of life will be that of Socialism, Communism & wondering where our next meal will be coming from. MYPOV

  16. Howard, I’m wondering when you are going to have something to say about the doo doo mess our dilettante part time drama teacher has got himself into up here. They are even suggesting he should step down. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

  17. You’ve just proved, you can’t argue with idiots. Half the people in this country don’t give a rat’s butt about politics. Sadly, most of them vote Democrat.

  18. Exceptional editorial. Thank you! This ignorance and stupidity of people will continue as long as the Deep State continues to give us 90% fake news, and 10% genuine news, that has no depth to it. Besides your website, how do we reach ALL people abut the truth of what is happening to our country? Especially the youth in our colleges today, who are so brainwashed. Please advise. God speed, dear Howard.

  19. You could be an American( US citizen, that is) if we were in the market for someone with common sense,
    although I don’t believe that is considered a desirable characteristic these days. As for the 1st reply to this
    editorial, he might find an appropriate rock face one state east of his residence where Trump might fit.

  20. It seems to me the Democrats have been teaching the kids for sometime now and they get into high school college and they have become liberals like they have been brain washed into believing lets make this country into communions like who did not see Dr. Zhivago movie? Where everyone shared the same things? China people live in a house that is 6×4 foot how comfy .That will have 4 to 7 people living in it. They hate Trump because he would not join in their insanity, thank God for that and for him.

  21. The other day I was cleaning out our “old” clothes, (usually they don’t fit, or you would never wear them again!) I came across my 50 year old U.S.Navy uniform, all cleaned and pressed as the day I finished my 6 year commitment to my country and hung it up.) I would put it on again tomorrow, if it came to it, which it may, but MY COUNTRY is not a “Friday night fling”, nor is it a “Saturday night “lucky pickup”,…it’s MY country and I want it back!! Under the same terms it was given to me. AMEN!

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