When They Bad-Mouth Jews – They’re Bad-Mouthing Me



What’s New For Us . . . Is that Unless You are a 90-Year Old (Plus) Man or Woman, who Lived During the Time of the World Wars, the Great Depression & Real North American Racism, is that for the Generation after the Baby Boomers . . . THIS IS UNCHARTERED WATERS.

If You Are Of My Age . . . (SIXTY-NINE), or even a Baby Boomer who might be a Bit Younger, None of us had to go Through the Crap our Parents had to Deal with, except those Americans Drafted to Fight in Vietnam during the 60’s . . .

And Even Though Us “BOOMERS” . . . didn’t have to Live with the Challenges, which Faced our Parents . . . We were well Aware of them. And by the Time we were in our Teen-Years, the Threat of World War was Behind us, and Racism in Canada and the United States was Officially Made Persona-Non-Grata . . . By Law Some 55-Years Ago.

So . . . What’s Happening Today, which is Really No Different than what Happened 75-Years Ago & 100-Years Before That & 100-Years Before That . . . And On And On, is something, which this PUSSIFIED & ENTITLED Generation Can Neither Relate To, Understand or Be Prepared-For.


How Can The American People . . . Hope for their President (Trump), to Successfully Take-On World Threats & Competitors, when a Huge Number of American People, from the Courts, the Government & the Media, are Doing all they Can to Destroy the Presidency, even if it Means Destroying the United States of America in the Process?


During Hard Times . . . For More Than 2,000 Years – There Has Been A Global Consistency, that when Times are Rough, The World’s Scape-Goat Are The Jews.

And Now, That Europe Is Falling Apart . . . Anti-Semitism is no longer Whispered Amongst “Polite” Company, but has Rather Become National Campaign Platforms. Just ask the Brits, where an Avowed & Open Anti-Semite, Labor Leader Jeremy Corbyn, is Poised to become England’s Next Prime Minister.

And In France . . . Jews Are Told Not To Look Jewish For Their Own Safety.


Anti-Semitism In Canada & America Is Nothing New . . . Before & Even During WWII, Jews were Denied Entry into our Countries. And after the War, Jews who were able to Immigrate to Canada and to the USA, were Denied Equal Rights & Equal Opportunities . . .

And Even On November 29, 1947 – President Truman . . . Had To Defy His Cabinet To Vote For Israeli Statehood, which led Many of the Top Members of his Cabinet to Resign, Because Truman’s Vote was the Trigger for Recognizing the Statehood of the Jewish People.


I Watched In Horror . . . As the two Newly Elected Moslem Members of the House, Tlaib Rashida & Ilhan Omar, Spewed their Vile Anti-Semitism Before The Cameras.

But I Wasn’t Horrified By What Omar & Rashida Said . . . Rather, I was Horrified By What The Democrats DIDN’T SAY. And when the LEFT Finally Made their Statement . . . It Was Far Too Little . . . And Far Too Late.

Silence Amongst The People & Amongst The Jewish Elite Begat The Holocaust.


“Polite” Jewish Elitists . . . TODAY – Here & Now, Are No Different Than The Jewish European Elitists (Judenrat), who through their Own Belief in their Self-Brilliance, Convinced Most Jews to be Quiet, Cooperative & Compliant . . . To Get On The Nazi Trains To Hell.

For as Long as I can Remember, Right-Up-To-Today . . . I have Been Asked More Times than I can Recall – Why Do People Hate Jews So Much? To which my Answer has always been, It’s Indefinable . . . But That’s Not Really True!

What’s Really True . . . Is That “THEY” HATE US Because We’re Jews.

The Holocaust Didn’t Start With Kristallnacht . . . November 9th Through November 10th 1938. The Holocaust Started Years Before, where Liberal Jews Positioned themselves to be on the Wrong Side of the Debate . . . And The Wrong Side Of History.

It Doesn’t Matter If We Are Rich Or Poor . . . Smart or Dumb, Workers or Employers, Scientists or Laypeople, Educators or Students, Politicians or Electors, Religious or Secular, Lenders or Borrowers, Healers or Health Recipients, Lawyers or Defendants, Performers or Audience, Writers or Readers – CONSERVATIVES OR LIBERALS . . . And On And On.

All That Matters – Is That We’re Jews.

Before The Holocaust . . . Jews Occupied Incredible Positions of Prestige & Authority throughout Europe, in Academia, Health, Science, Law, Government – ETC, and within a Heartbeat, these Same European Jews, who Held the Esteem of Europe, were Literally all of a Sudden Disenfranchised, Demeaned, Reviled, Publicly Humiliated, Beaten, Tortured, Raped & Murdered.

RUSSIAN JEWS . . . Were More Responsible than any other Cultural or Religious Community in Russia for Taking-Down the Czar & Bringing Communism to the World.

The Father of Modern Global Communism was Karl Marx, Not A Russian – but a German Jew, who was Revered by Russian Communism Nonetheless.

Lenin & Trotsky . . . Were Russia’s Pre-Eminent (Jewish) Revolutionary Leaders. And when the Revolution was Done, and After Lenin Resigned from Office in 1924, Those Jews who were Instrumental in Defeating the Czars, and were Previously Lauded by Stalin, Were Thus Murdered Where They Lived, or Hunted Down like Trotsky, who was Murdered in Mexico, while Russian Jews were Rounded-Up who weren’t Perceived to be Too Much of a Threat & Sent To Languish In The Gulags.

And Within The Speed Of The Blink Of An Eye . . . The Jewish Religion In Russia Was Banned. And The Practice Of Judaism Thereof Was Made Illegal.


I Fear The LEFTIST Jews in Congress, in Academia, in the Entertainment Industry, in the Judiciary . . . and LEFTIST Jews with Great Wealth . . . Because in Them, I see Yesterday, I see the Judenrat who Sold-Out their True Jewish Values and Love for Family & Country for Influence, Prestige, and in the Cases of Many – Envy For What They Don’t Have. And Hatred For Jews Like Me . . . Who See LEFTIST Jews (Reconstructionists & Reformers) For Who & What They Are.

And If I’m Wrong . . . Where Are The Jewish Voices To Drive The Anti-Semites Out Of The Democrat Party, or at Least out of their Offices on Committees of Prestige & Influence?

It Gave Me Great Pain To Write This . . . But if I didn’t Write it, where would I be any Better than the Millions of Jews over the years, who over the Millennia, Preferred to not Expose those who are Guilty . . . For Their Guilt Of Capitulation, And Surrender Of Values?

If You Want To See Yesterday . . . Just Look At Today.

And In The Hate Of Their Own Making . . . These LEFTIST Jews Are Too Dumb To Realize – That When The Anti-Semites Come For Me . . . They Will Also Come For Them.

Difference Being . . . I Won’t Be Alone. I Can Fight. And I Will Fight!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke with clarity and distinction. I thought he went a little easy on the President, I don’t imply that he should have been rude. He was a guest in the United States. I think that I saw a great world leader. We need more like him today. May Israel prosper and find permanent peace. ( the only democracy in the middle east ) Ray Moscato

  2. Greetings: Much can be said about Jews SUPPORTING & VOTING for FDR, when as President, he outright REFUSED to bomb the train tracks & trains destined for death camps, reason being that ordnance could not be “SPARED”. Lest we forget European Jewish immigrants aboard numerous SHIPS from Europe, including the infamous ST LOUIS, that were turned AWAY & sent back to certain death in NAZI DEATH CAMPS. I have NO IDEA why these same descendants continue to blindly vote for DEMOCRAT party. SHAME ON YOU!

  3. Anti-Semitism began with Roman Catholicism who created the lie that Peter was the successor of Jesus and he was to be the head of this new religion invented by Constantine who was not only the emperor but a High Priest of the Sol Invictus sun-worshipping cult. Jews wouldn’t buy into it so they invented the lie that the Jews killed Christ. Jesus was a religious Jew so Jews had to be separated from him by creating hatred for Jews. The seed was planted which the church continued until recently.

  4. Jews are GREAT PEOPLE. HAD Obama gotten his wish to DESTROY ISRAEL we would have lost the newest, most effective CANCER CURE; developed VERY RECENTY by 2 Jews. So you CAN SAY THAT TRUMP Did indirectly CURE CANCER by displacing the EVIL Obama. This newly announced cure works with 1 application on all types of cancer.

  5. In today’s Sunday Oregonian (a Leftist rag), Letter to the Editor, a self described Jewish American, said the reaction to Rep. Omar’s anti-Semitic comments was Islamophia! And commended her for telling it like it is about AIPAC. That every word that Omar & the other Muslim Rep. plus Keith Ellison say are unfairly scrutinized. He is a member of the Portland Havurah Shalom Congregation. He also said she shouldn’t have apologized. She did nothing wrong! When you have Jews siding with Islamist……

  6. Actually how much have you heard from the Republicans either? It is ignorance in my opinion. Looking at the Bible, it’s always been that way. Is it any consolation to you to know that I think of it as good against evil. You are so blessed to be a Jew my opinion. I am 86 and do understand how you feel. I’m sorry for your feelings though
    Love to you and Anne.

  7. To be perfectly honest, I don’t understand this hatred of Jews, even by other Jews. From history, we learn that Jesus was crucified by the Romans, with pressure from the Jews themselves who hated the “new” religion brought in by Jesus. When Christianity grew & spread across the world, the Jews were blamed for having crucified Jesus. So why do the followers of Islam hate the Jews – is it just over having Israel returned to the Jews? Wasn’t that originally the Jewish homeland anyway?

  8. The root of modern Antisemitism is shown in two places in the book of Exodus: Pharoah said that there is a people among us that has grown to be numerous and will join with our enemies; then there is the story of Amalek and how they chose not to believe the power of Hashem and attacked the Jewish people in the desert. We are commanded to remember what Amalek did to us. This is when Antisemitism started almost 4,000 years ago.

  9. It’s not so much their hatred for other people it’s because they hate themself more but sadly never look in the mirror to see were real hatred comes from. Jesus was a Jew and said those who hate me will also hate you. Don’t lose faith. God is in control. Billie

  10. I am a Christian and feel that the attacks against Jews are attacks against all of us that have a Faith. Those that attack us cannot deal with our beliefs, that we all must have personal responsibility.

  11. My heart cries out for our country and yours Howard what is to become of them both in the near future? Such hate in both parties and seems countries as well. I do not know a lot of Jewish people but the ones I do know are friends with me.
    I don’t know what to say sir, other than my heart is so deeply sadden for so many things that are going on in our Planet.
    My best to you and Anne as well as April. When will you be heading back to Canada? Stay become a citizen here. Afraid for you both.

  12. You said it Howard. Boggles my mind. Some people need to hate to feel whole apparently and if they are anti-semites they can hang with their buddies and feel ok. It’s sick but, sad as it is, it’s happening. Wish there was an easy fix. It’s really sad to see the Islamists in the House proclaiming it with minimum censure. Hang in Bud.

  13. I believe that those that hate the Jews are of Satan and they hate because God Loves and chose the Jews as his chosen.
    Simple as that.

  14. My goodness, Howard. I can feel the pain it took you to get through today’s post. And I can see the truth in what you wrote. It brings to mind Thomas Jefferson’s quote, “The government you elect is the government you deserve.” Well, we, the US, will definitely be on it’s way to Hell, if things don’t fall the “right” way with the elections next year.


  16. Lucifer rebelled against God, was cast out & HATES God for his own failure; the world Lucifer now influences & controls as Satan hates Jews because God chose them as HIS people. Muslims are descendants of Ishmael, Abraham’s son by concubine who hate descendants of Isaac, Abraham & Sarah’s God-promised son. To be honest, Satan hates all mankind because we are God’s creation created in His own image. Seems Satan’s hate has infected most of mankind. For me, only Christ can heal it if we accept Him.

  17. Great editorial. You should also note that not only are the Jews again being targeted, but so are Christians.
    The Democrats (I hadn’t realized until now the last 4 letters, RATS) are against all things Jewish, and all things Christian.
    But they support most things that are Moslem!
    Isn’t that smug Shumer, a Jew?
    And so it goes. Thank the good lord for Trump. At least he is trying, although he is almost a one man army!

  18. HATRED is a HUMAN EMOTION which is associated with FEELINGS of ANGER! Most of the time, HATRED is due to a LACK of COMMUNICATION–“seed of discord”! “LET THOSE WHO LOVE THE LORD HATE EVIL”–Psalm 97:10a. It has/had been predicted that many FALSE PROPHETS would ARISE. Well, they’re HERE–as proven by the EXISTING HATRED of JEWS, CHRISTIANITY, & RADICAL LIBERALS! The BIGGEST FALSE PROPHET is HUSSEIN OBAMA who DESTROYED America during his 8-year term! Thank GOD for PRES. TRUMP! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  19. IT IS WRITTEN! Pick up a Bible, people. I said this to a funeral gathering Saturday “If you don’t know Jesus, get to know him, because he is coming VERY soon for his people”. The Jews will know that he’s their true Messiah this time. People talk about the time of the end and all the “signs”, but never mention what Daniel Chapter 9 says. The seventy weeks. The second command to rebuild the city was given in 1969. May God bless you all.

  20. I have NEVER understood how and why a Christian believer can be anti-semetic. I worship a Jew. My Bible tells me that they are “God’s chosen people”. The Holy Bible also says to the Jews, “I will curse those who curse you and I will bless those who bless you.” History has proven that. Look at Germany and Europe now. London has a Muslim Mayor, America Had a Muslim President filled with Muslim Brotherhood members. History proves they have NEVER assimilated with another culture.

  21. Great Editorial. I don’t understand the HATRED. I don’t understand how people can not SEE what is right in front of them and STILL they either choose to ignore it or they are so full of themselves they have no conscience. We are NOT lemmings following the Pied Piper. How do we wake people up to what is transpiring, not just in the USA but all over the world? If we do NOT learn from history, it DOES repeat itself. I pray to God we ALL wake up before it is too late. God Bless

  22. Exodus 19:5,6 Now if you obey me fully and keep my covenant, then out of all nations you will be my treasured possession. Although the whole earth is mine, you will be for me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation. The Jews are so loved by God. If not for the Jew’s, we Christians would not exist. It is because of their falling away that we were grafted into the Body of Christ. For by GRACE we are saved. I stand with Israel 100%

  23. I read on the internet on a comments section that a person said that Guzman was a Jewish name like all other names that ended in “man” and that he needed to be condemned as a Jew. WHAT??? Guzman was the real name of “Saint” Dominic and he was responsible for killing Albigensian Christians in the 1200’s and he was NOT Jewish. Du-uh How ignorance is spread abroad to put down the Jews. Makes me very sad and angry.

  24. Another terrific editorial, Howard. I just want to say, in my (Protestant) opinion…the reason people hate the Jews has to do with one word: JEALOUSY !!! I’ve got many many Jewish friends; I’ve been invited to their homes; weddings; bar-mitzvahs;
    we always get along famously. Maybe it’s God’s law (aka: “Talmud”?) which demands the Jewish religion to be on on a “higher” level and Jews are envied because of it. Truth is, Howard, jealousy is a cruel as the grave. JEWS ARE GREAT PEOPLE. – Bruceste

  25. HG I like your last line. I believe that there are still many who will fight that fight. Thank God that in the US and still also in Canada the citizenry is armored. One of the safest countries in Europe is Switzerland and no doubt 1 of its reasons that its citizenry is armored. “Are we free men or are we men living in an illusion of freedom.” I for one don’t want to live in an illusion, Christ came to set us free of all bondage, spiritually,bodily,financially etc. and freedom is worth the fight.

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