The Barbarians Have Breached The Gates



We Have Been BLESSED Over The Last 75-Years, without any Hot Global Crisis, such as a World War . . . But I Guess We Cannot Outrun Our Destiny Forever.


Make No Mistake About This . . . The LEFT – You can Call them Socialists, Modern Liberals, Fascists, Communists, Democrats . . . OR ALL OF THE ABOVE, because in all Truth, They Are All One-In-The-Same.

If History Teaches Us Anything . . . History Teaches Us Inevitability – From which there is no Avoidance. That Said However, History also Teaches us . . . At Least those of us Who Pay Attention – How To Prepare For The Inevitable.

When I Write . . . This Consternation Has Been A Long-Time-In-The-Coming, It is not an Exaggeration. The World Today Is Bearing Witness To The Communist Philosophy:

On November 18, 1956, More than 60-Years Ago – Nikita Khrushchev, Leader of the Soviet Union, said in Poland, at a Diplomatic Event to Western Leaders . . .

Whether You Like It Or Not . . . History Is On Our Side. We Will Bury You”.

On August 24, 1963 . . . In Yugoslavia – Khrushchev went-on to Further-Explain how Communism Will Bury the West, by Quoting a Profound Statement found in the Opening Chapter of The Communist Manifesto . . . “The Proletariat Is The Undertaker Of Capitalism”.


“What The Bourgeoisie Therefore Produces, Above All, Are Its Own Grave-Diggers. Its Fall & The Victory Of The Proletariat Are Equally Inevitable” . . .

In Other Words . . . The Captains Of Industry Will Succumb To The Working Class.

Need I Remind You Of The Infamous Statement By Barack Hussein Obama . . . about the Creation of Wealth, Success & Material . . . “You Didn’t Build That – Somebody Else Made That Happen”.

American Anarchist Saul Alinsky . . . In his many Writings, Highlighted in his Anti-American Book – Rules For Radicals, which was Embraced by Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama, wrote the Blueprint for Destroying the Republic of the United States of America, which can be Entirely Summed-Up with this Simple Explanation . . . OVERWHELM THE SYSTEM WITHIN THE LIMITS OF THE LAW.

Now . . . Imagine how much Damage a Socialist (Communist) Can Do, if He or She becomes the Creator and Adjudicator of the Laws?

Khrushchev Knew that the Soviet Union (Russia) Could Never Defeat the USA Militarily or Economically . . . But What Khrushchev Also Knew, was that Communism could Defeat America & American Exceptionalism from within the Walls of American Government, Simply by Supporting and Propagandizing those who Shaped the Minds of the People . . . TEACHERS.

Khrushchev Also Knew . . . That America’s Constitution Of Free Speech & Open Elections & Absolute Servitude To The Rule Of Law – Could & Would Be Used To Destroy American Freedoms From Within.

ALL THE LEFT NEEDED . . . Was Sufficient Time to Train the Teachers from Pre-School to Post Grad, for the Teachers to Turn-Out Brainwashed Journalists, Bureaucrats, Judges & Politicians.

And with the Help of Hollywood, the Music Industry and now Social Media . . . The LEFTIST Mission Is Nearly Accomplished.


We Believe That Our Politicians Are Smart & Loyal To The Country. We also Believe that “Journalists” will always Stand On-Guard for the Truth & Well-Being of their Followers. And that Judges are the Defenders of Truth & Liberty as if they have some form of Divine Calling . . . So Please Do Not Be Surprised By The Following:

Many of the Greatest Traitors (Willing Or Duped) to our Individual Freedoms . . . are Teachers, Journalists, the Media, Bureaucrats, Politicians, Lawyers & Judges, who have Created the Nearly Irreparable Circumstance, for Conservative Patriots . . . To Within The Rule Of Law – Re-Establish the kind of Values upon which our Countries Originally Thrived.

So . . . When Khrushchev Removed His Shoe On November 12, 1960 At The United Nations General Assembly & Pounded It On His Podium – KHRUSHCHEV WAS POUNDING ON OUR HEADS . . . And We Didn’t Know It.

Because The Greatest Generation, which Fought & Defeated the Nazi Scourge, Gave-Us the Greatest Lives Imaginable, which Freed-Us Not to have to do what our Parents had to do, in Terms of Individual Sacrifice . . . We’ve Squandered Their Gift to Us And Raised Our Own Soft & Stupid Progeny . . . Who Aren’t Smart Enough to Understand the Value & Cost of Freedom.


TODAY’S THE FIFTEENTH OF THE MONTH . . . Which is the Day I ask Readers of this BLOG to Help Support what I Write, Say & Do.

I Am Going To Make It Easy For You . . . We Are Surrounded By Socio/Political Enemies Within Our Own Walls . . . The Barbarians Have Breached The Gates. And We Have Two Choices – Fight Or Surrender.

You Know That I Will Write & Fight Regardless Of Your Support . . . But It’s An Awful Lot Easier With Your Help. And I Won’t Let You Down.


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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Thank you, Howard for your words. Today we witnessed history. God bless Prime Minister Netanyahu. Today we are all Israelis.

    Bill Larson

  2. Best Column in the five years I’ve been following your column!! “WE THE PEOPLE,….” is the only force that can keep us alive another 235 years! The bigger question is even easier,……”WHAT DO WE DO???” The obvious counter measure is to educate OUR people. But because they have been “dumbed down” to a comic book mentality, and the education system has prevented education of our citizenry,….we are looking at LONG odds,….short of a “TEA PARTY” and the Term Limits of ALL Government officials!

  3. We will be beaten from within. When I saw what was in the BILL the Senate passed…& there were only 16 I believe who voted against it, that says the Rhinos are WITH THE DEMONICS. I did not see how many voted in the HOUSE. And then when I saw POTUS Trump’s face I felt the enormity of what he carries on his shoulders. Tears came spilling out of my eyes. We need to SUPPORT Trump in every way we can. He will build the wall, law suits aside. God Bless America & God Bless POTUS Trump.

  4. I am a son of parents who went through the Great Depression. My uncle served during WWII. My father in law served in both WWII and Korea. I am an Army veteran. I lost one of my best friends in Vietnam. I suffered through Obama’s corruption, and voted for Trump to turn things around – and I know he’s trying hard.

    I, and millions of other patriotic Americans will NEVER allow socialism. We will fight at the ballot box, and, God forbid, if necessary, with the cartridge box. LIBERTY is sacred.

  5. One way to fight this is to become active in politics. Get GOOD Men and Woman NOMINATED to run. People you trust. They are out there. Take Back America and Canada !!!

  6. A recent FOX voter pole indicates the Dimms will win 2020. So the party that kills born babies, wants open borders, communism, supports the idiotic New Green Deal, votes in anti-semitic Islamic Reps, gay everything, takeaway guns, free health care for all, eliminate the constitution, etc, etc., is going to win? Are these people the walking dead?

  7. Howard, the children of the Greatest Generation, has never suffered or sacrificed, as our parents did. I am very Patriotic thanks to my Mother & Grandparents. I was allowed as a young girl about 12 or so to see the pictures of Auschwitz, Dachau & other concentration camps. I saw the hopelessness on the faces & how they were nothing but skin & bones. My heart hurt & I grew with knowledge & understanding. Even at 75, I will fight to my last breath. True Patriots will fight to the death.

  8. You should know Howard – you see and know what is already happenng in Canada.
    Is Canada following California or is California following Canada?

  9. “We can’t expect the American people to jump from capitalism to communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in
    giving them small doses of socialism, until they awaken one day to find they have communism.” …Nikita Khrushchev

  10. Greetings: Those born after 1990 have largely been publicly EDUCATED by the political LEFT, politically correct SOCIALISTS in the UNREAL world of automatic RAISES & TENURE. Lest we forget most teachers are highly UNIONIZED. From their start as students, teachers migrate TO the classroom FROM the classroom & less often, if ever, based on MERIT. Not surprisingly, just 27% of public school teachers are Republicans, 73% are Democrats or Independents. Fewer than 29% of teachers voted for Trump.

  11. I fond it interesting that the anti-semitic democrat party embraces the philosophies of two Jewish scholars, Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky.

  12. I just donated $25.00 Canadian for your cause. It ain’t much but it’s all I can afford right now. Great blog again like usual Howard. Wonder if the conclusion of this will be WW 3 or the biggest civil war which will pit the right against the left with mostly all the guns being in the hands of the right.

  13. Your editorial was “spot on”, Howard & I really enjoyed the other “bloggers'” remarks, as well! How our WONDERFUL PRES. TRUMP puts up with this “fake news” on a daily basis is beyond me!! The DEMS are definitely the party of OBSTRUCTION!!!

  14. I agree with you HC for that insane Khrushcheu said to J. F.Kennedy yrs ago no guns would be fired in your country that communist would take over it first.I have that statement somewhere in the house. Trump is doing all he can to keep this country free of that and so many are against him. THK you as always for your Editorials how great they area and bloody scary at the same time. I am 78 yrs old and if I need to fight then if it is with a knife from my kitchen I go down with it trying my best.

  15. Pied Piper of Hamelin, Lemmings, Sheep, as Canada and the USA self destruct in inexorable march to Socialism, and ultimately Communism, and/or Islam. Both are possible realities and so few people have the vision and foresight to understand what is happening. So sad to hear people say they will physically fight but it’s not that easy. The Civil War was North v South with a uniform but today it’s everywhere, it’s your friends, your neighbours. Can AOC & a Cow fart be the destruction of N America?

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