Look In The Mirror & See The Enemy



I Read Everything . . . And I’m Overwhelmed with the Number of Best Wishes From All Of You For My 69th Birthday, in the Galganov.com Comment Section & Via Email . . .

FIRST & FOREMOST . . . You (All Of Us) Are Singlehandedly Responsible For The Government We Get. PERIOD! FULL-STOP.

But Also As I Always State . . .

We Get The Government We Deserve . . .
. . . But We Don’t All Deserve The Government We Get


But the LEFT is Only One Enemy, which by all Standards Might Not be the Most Insidious Enemy Freedom has To Face, since it is the Enemy from Within, which Possesses the Ability to do us the Most Damage.


One of the Most Famous, or Perhaps Most Infamous Historical Quotes, is Attributed to Julius Caesar (March 15, 44-BC), as he was Being Stabbed by Members of the Roman Senate, as Caesar Said . . . “Et Tu, Brute” – while Caesar looked upon his Personal Friend & Long Trusted General (Brutus), who along with the Rest of the Assassins, Stabbed Caesar To Death.

By Juxtaposition . . . President Trump has More to Fear from Members of his Own Party, Cabinet & Inner Circle, than the President has to Fear from the Opposition and their Obvious Allies.

Former Senator & Attorney General Jeff Sessions . . . Had No Basis Upon Which Sessions Made The Arbitrary Decision to Recuse Himself from – “The Trump Collusion Delusion”.

Acting Attorney General Rod Rosenstein . . . Had No Legitimate Reason or Proof about Possible Trump Collusion with the Russians, to Appoint Robert Mueller, or Anyone else to Form the Office of Special Council.

Former Republican Speaker Of The House . . . Paul Ryan, had Various Opportunities to Fulfill his Promises to his Electorate . . . and the Promises Made to the American People by President Trump, vis-à-vis Ending Obamacare, Building The Wall & Not Increasing the Size of the US Debt . . . Which Ryan Did Not Do.

BUT THAT’S JUST SCRATCHING THE SURFACE . . . For President Trump to Drain the Swamp, even Moderately, the President has to Start Cherry-Picking who the President Wants to Run as Republicans for the 2020 Senate & House . . . And Who President Trump Wants To Have Primaried.


How Many Times Have We Heard From The Insiders . . . that Mitch McConnell is a Brilliant Parliamentary Strategist, and can Maneuver around the Senate like no one’s Business?

Oh Yeah . . . If McConnell was such a Great Strategist, Explain why Harry Reid RULED THE SENATE FROM 2007 TO 2014?

And While Harry Reid Ran The Senate . . . Whatever Reid Wanted & Whatever Obama Wanted, Reid & Obama Got.

So . . . Why Couldn’t This Great Republican Senate Strategist (McConnell), Not have Garnered Sufficient Votes to do away with Obamacare?

Why Couldn’t This Genius McConnell . . . Secure The Funds To Build The Wall?

IF THIS WAS HARRY REID SERVING PRESIDENT TRUMP . . . All of Obamacare would Already Long Be in the Dustbin of History & The Wall would be Finished from The Pacific Coast to Brownsville Texas at the Gulf of Mexico.


As For Democrat Anti-Semitism . . . Their Insane Green Deal, Their Open Borders, Disarmament of the American People (Gun Control), Restrictions on Free Speech, Attacks on White Males, Support for Sanctuary Cities, Support for Suffocating Nation-Killing Debt, Raising Taxes & Their March Towards Communism . . .

GOOD ON THEM . . . Because Finally – America Is Seeing Who & What The Democrats Really Are.

The Problem As I See It . . . Is Not Beating The LEFT – It’s Surviving Our Own.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Hi Howard. I forgot to tune in to THE SPEECH. Can you tell me where I can hear it. Thanks Don

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Howard…. Wishing you all the best the world has to offer!

    As always I agree with you 100%!

  3. Again right on the money Howard. Too bad you can’t be our prime minister and at the same time house and senate leader. All we do now is wait for the people to finally wake up and hope it won’t be too late by then. I do my small part as much as I can and I am fully awake but so far there isn’t enough of us to make a big difference but hoping it’s coming soon with for a starter the defeat of trudeau and the liberals in October and the re-election of Trump with a majority house and senate in 2020 !

  4. The problem as I see it is that the DemonRat base is so fixated on the election-winning freebies offered by the nanny state that they are willfully blind to the insanity of eco-fascism, open borders, sanctuary cities (and states), disarmament, censorship, suffocating regulations, confiscatory taxation, infanticide and the promotion of suicidal rubbish such as the attack on masculinity, whiteness, patriotism and capitalism. It is as if America’s enemies were writing the DemonRat playbook. Wait…

  5. Howard, your last paragraph just described why Trump wins in 2020 -Big Time …. getting him the mass majority he’ll need to accomplish all that was missed by these RINO’s. Cheers for 6 more years …. and a happy belated Birthday !!

  6. Howard, apart from what you have eloquently analysed the political situation
    In the USA, how come people are so blind
    That Socialism / Communism does not work.
    Look at North Korea / Venezuela. Is this
    what people really want? Steve Acre, Canada

  7. It is the electorate’s responsibility to hold the elected politicians’ feet the proverbial fire by communicating as frequently as possible on issues of importance to us so THEY DO NOT FORGET why they are there. Many, me included, are so mired in the day to day activities of everyday life we do not or may not. It’s of critical importance to vote, and so is communicating with the elected during their time in office. I struggle to understand the concept of politician for life…but…that’s me.

  8. A happy, blessed belated Birthday to you, dear Howard. Have a wonderful year filled with wisdom and inspiration to pass on to your fans! I pray for Pres. Trump daily, and you, to help keep the truth always before our blessed America.You have never let us down, and I appreciate all the work you are doing! God speed. Take good care of yourself! Yes, America, AND the world, see what and who the Dems. really are; and also some of the Republicans – part of the Deep State as well.

  9. I am just one little person in our country and the best I can so is listen to you and read what you write. The other thing is to pray for both our countries and let our Lord take it over.

  10. A protest against the System by not voting – is a vote for the Left.
    Everyone who stayed home during the last election in Canada…by not voting voted for Trudeau. Lie and deceive yourself you voted for Trudeau. Everyone who stayed home in Alberta and did not vote…voted for Notley, go ahead lie and deceive yourself. Everyone who stayed at home for Obamas two elections…cast their vote for Obama, go ahead lie and deceive yourself. You voted obama!
    Happy Birthday to undeceived Howard.

  11. Belatedly wishing you all the very best upon the occasion of your 69th. You’ve got some catching up to do as I turn 81 on the 21st; can’t believe after a bout with cancer 12 years ago that I’m still watching the grass grow. I’ve been an avid reader of yours for years and more often than not share your wisdom with many friends around the world. Born and raised in N. Wisconsin on the very shore of Lake Superior. I’d love to be in line to shake your hand should you decide to become an American.

  12. I’m hoping, praying you become an American citizen. God Bless you.

  13. People are dumber than dirt. They will accept any feel-good notion merely because they do not know any better and they are too lazy to find out. Very few actually do the work to learn. Most just ebb and flow like the tide to whichever idea-du-jour sounds best on the simplest level. And liberal ideas always sound simplest, easiest and best. Never hard or tough that require work and vigilance like conservative ideals. happy belated B-day, by the way. May you have many of them.

  14. The enemy within is also the ILLEGAL ALIENS who keep ENTERING our Country and VOTING FRAUDULENTLY! Our voting SYSTEM has to be RESTRUCTURED ASAP! If it’s NOT restructured within the next 2 yrs., AMERICA will be DOOMED!These people come into our country and want to CHANGE our system in that they don’t want to FOLLOW THE RULE OF LAW–as proven by the CHANGES which have ALREADY been made by the PROGRESSIVES! Pres. Trump needs HELP to CLEAN the LEGAL & ILLEGAL SWAMP! GOD HELP US ALL! GO TRUMP! AMEN!

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