They Hate Us Because They Hate – But Why . . . ?



The LEFT Lie Because They Get Away With It.

When they’re Caught in the Lie, they Obfuscate, Claim Equivalence to Conservatives . . . or Complain that they were either Misunderstood, Misrepresented or were somehow Hacked.

In Fact They Compound Their Lies . . . By Lying Some More.


Now They’re Explaining The Ocasio-Cortez Green Plan Disaster, But Too Little Too Late . . . For As Caesar Said Upon Crossing The Rubicon – “The Die Is Cast”.


Let’s Start With The Bush Dynasty . . . Beginning with Bush-41, after Bush Senior Decided to Bury the Enormous Gift of American Exceptionalism Passed-Down to him by Ronald Reagan, Bush-41 Lied to the American People about Not Raising Taxes, and then Proclaimed a New World Order as American Troops Defeated Saddam Hussein, which was perhaps America’s First Serious Step Towards the Globalization of the Planet.

Then There Were The Clintons . . . A Team of National Grifters if ever there was one, who used their Enormous Power & Influence to Quietly Build their own Global Reach.

Again – There Was A Bush . . . This Time – a Bush Determined to Follow-Through on his Father’s Dream of a New World Order, as Bush-43 Embarked on a Multi-Trillion Dollar Crusade of Nation-Building.

From The Bush’s & Clintons . . . Rose The Treachery Of The Obamas.

Obama & His Coterie Of Socialist Acolytes, could Never have Done the Damage they Accomplished to the American Economy, Military, Culture, Values & Spirit, WITHOUT the Aforementioned Group of Presidents . . . Who Set The Stage For Obama To Almost Succeed.


In Less Than 2-Years . . . President Trump – Perhaps The Accidental President, who no one saw coming, has Dismantled much of the Causes of his Predecessors’ Damage to the American Dream . . . Almost More Than Anyone Can Realize.

SO HOW CAN ONE MAN (TRUMP) . . . Almost Single Handedly, while Facing Enemies on a Global Scale, Including from within his Closest Political Circle, have Accomplished as much as the President has, to Roll Back the Damage & Begin to Restore American Pride & Exceptionalism?

When One Builds A House On A Damaged Foundation . . . Regardless of how Well the House is Gussied-Up, The House Will Never Stand.

And No Matter In Which Direction A Nation Is Moved . . . It Could Never Survive, if the National Foundation is Built upon Lies & Half Truths, which is How & Why President Trump, has been Able to Deconstruct the Socio/Political Nightmare, which had Been Created by the Previous Four Presidents.


The LEFT has Gone to Merciless Extremes to Delegitimize President Trump. That Hasn’t Worked. The LEFT has Attacked his Closest Allies to Turn-On the President. That Too Has Not Worked. The LEFT has Attempted to Block Presidential Appointments. And even though the LEFT has had some Success in Slowing Presidential Appointments Down . . . That Hasn’t Worked Either.

And Now . . . The LEFT, Including RINOS, are Moving to Take Away as many Presidential “Privileges” as they can from the President, INCLUDING President Trump’s Ability to Impose International Trade Tariffs.


There is No War on Women. There is No War on Black Americans. There is No War on the Poor. There is No War on Working Americans. And There Is No War On The Environment.

But There Is A LEFTIST War Against . . . The Truth, White Men, Christians, Jews, Israel, Success, Wealth, Conservative Values, Heterosexuality, Energy Independence, Secure Borders, Legitimate Electors & National Pride.

TO THE LEFT – There’s A Climate Crisis, which According to Liberals like Obama – Is Somehow Settled Science, Which No One Can Prove . . . But According To The LEFT, There Isn’t A Crisis At The Southern Border . . . which Isn’t At All Debatable, Since the Border Crisis Is Self Evident.

The Call To Have Open Borders Through Debate & Legislation Has Now Morphed Into The LEFTIST Legitimization Of Barbarians At The Gate.

Not All Americans Will Awake To The Lies . . . But more than Enough will take a Pause, Think & Choose between a March Towards Communism . . . OR AN EXCITING RIDE BACK TO WHAT INITIALLY MADE AMERICA GREAT.

Never in my Life, or in the Life of any Living Person I can think of, was there any Election Issue as Clearly Defined as this Issue between Destroying America on a Foundation of Lies, Or Destroying The Liars On A Foundation Of Truths & Proven Values.

And Why Do They Hate Us? . . . Because We Know Who & What They Are. And They Know Their Lies & Time Are Numbered.

“Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave When First We Practice To Deceive”

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. My heart started soaring when I saw the vehicles arriving, flying the Israeli flags. When Bibi’s speech commenced, I could not have been prouder if I was Israeli. Texans recognize true patriotism, love of country, and depth of character, and the speech of truth directly from the heart brought tears to my eyes. Today we saw a true world leader.
    This was more than a speech. And any choices to ignore his words will also go down in history, not of nobility, but of colossal stupidity.

  2. Perfect! Let us hope that 50% of this country will finally wake up and care to think for themselves.

  3. They hate us because we don’t succumb to their idiocy. They need a target for their misguided ire and we are all that. They are robots controlled by destructive leftist forces that tell them to hate us, and they don’t have the strength or intelligence to stand up to it. They are weak and we are easy targets. They live in an imaginary world and we are the imaginary enemy. They are also so empty from their liberal upbringings they need to cling to something to make them feel important.

  4. “The democracy will cease to exist when you
    take away from those who are willing to work
    and give to those who would not.” “It is incumbent on every generation to pay its
    own debts as it goes. — Thomas Jefferson
    Seems so appropriate now! libs/dems in both counties are devoid of purpose, ethics or responsibility.

  5. You continue to outdo yourself with articles that exceed previous ones. I love your description of Trump as the “Accidental President”. Many of us believe the hand of God has given the US the right man, at the right time in our history. Others have pontificated that Q-Anon had a hand in his election. Regardless, Trump continues to play 3-D chess while his enemies are playing checkers. And all of his enemies still can’t understand how he does it! Hopefully, he continues to drain the swamp!

  6. “Repeat a lie often enough & it becomes the truth”, a law of propaganda often attributed to Nazi Joseph Goebbels – the illusion of truth. What we see today is propaganda foisted on students from college level on down begun more than 60 years ago. Those students became teachers 3 & 4 generations worth. This is the destruction from within begun by communists. Seems it’s succeeding. HOW can this be stopped? Remove schools/colleges from gov’t teat & Privatize. Trump-Prez til Dems hang themselves.

  7. Howard, I couldn’t have said it better myself. The biggest problem remains the same, the silent majority & the apathy to do anything, until its too late. You may remember what Jacques Parizeau said before the vote on Quebec separation from Canada. He said, when people vote for separation, its like you have put a Lobster in a cage of boiling water so he cannot escape. People understood what he said & voted against separation. I hope that Americans will wake up & defeat Socialism. Acre, Canada

  8. The problem remains that most voters are still asleep at the switch, brainwashed by the mainstream media still thinking that life is hunky dory and don’t do any research on their own to find the truth. They seem to be satisfied by what they hear on the radio, see and hear on TV and read in the leftist newspapers. If only more would read your blog, listen to Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson and Judge Jeanine Pirro then maybe there would be a faint hope.

  9. Interesting reading the comments, especially from my fellow Canadians.
    Do you not realize that we already are a Socialist Country. The US under Trump, is trying not to become what we already are. Language Police, a Govt run medical system with no competition and long wait times unless your an illegal then get immediate attention, high tax rates, carbon tax BS, etc.
    We are done. Even smiling Scheer can’t save us. Maybe Bernier, but he won’t get in this time around.

  10. A LIE is a LIE is a LIE! People usually KNOW when they are being LIED to!Whether they respond to the LIE is their choice, but if you stand for the TRUTH, then you WILL address it.You are CORRECT in that the “LEFTIST War Is Against . . . The Truth, White Men, Christians, Jews, Israel, Success, Wealth, Conservative Values, Heterosexuality, Energy Independence, Secure Borders, Legitimate Electors & National Pride.” Thank GOD we have a GREATER LEADER in PRES. TRUMP than they have! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  11. Apart from this article being the best executive summary of past globalist presidential treachery ever…
    the answer to the reason for hate and name calling is “common Sense”. The greatest fear of a Liberal/Leftist is a confrontation with “common sense” which they cannot survive – there is no rational debate possible against conservative “common sense” – the only weapon left is name calling assault and/or murder. AKA Hate.

  12. When they’re Caught in the Lie, they Obfuscate, Claim Equivalence to Conservatives . . . or Complain that they were either Misunderstood, Misrepresented or were somehow Hacked. Sounds like others that believe in sharia and karma as well. It is OK to lie but don’t get caught. Then claim the above. No wonder they join together. Here the Liberals keep digging their hole deeper and claim the same as above mostly. MCGA

  13. Excellent Editorial!! Trump has/is attempting to demolish the past administrations DIRTY WORK. We elected TRUMP because we SAW the handwriting on the wall & we dang well better continue to support him. Regardless of the pundits, politicians, etc and their negativism, surely there are those of us who can see where we need to be. Those who want EVERYTHING FREE are the ones we will have to watch out for. They are easily lead by the LEFT & they VOTE. MAGA.

  14. The trouble is Dimms hate Trump as their brains have been warped by the leftist MSM, Hollywood & lying Politicians. Add in schools, college academia & leftist billionaires and you have a perfect storm of brainwashing. Then you must include the latest Jew hating Islamist voted in by the clueless, it gets more warped. Hopefully people will wake up by the 2020 elections.

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