On The Eve Of Destruction – Now . . . Not Then


Sooner I Fear – Rather Than Later . . . I Will Be In Legal Trouble In Canada.

In what Passes for Democracies in Europe, Especially in France, and Specifically in England, Home Of The Magna Carta . . . Writers & Speakers of Opinion, are being Arrested almost Daily by the British & French Governments, for Purportedly Writing or Saying Something, whether True or Not, which a Government Magistrate Determines to have Offended Someone.


In Canada . . . My Country – AKA The Great White North, there have Already Been Multiple & Substantial Charges by the Politically Correct Police (Big Brother), known Officially as Canada’s Human Rights Commissions, which are in Fact, Government Appointed Pseudo/Legal Terrorist Organizations, which have Morphed from Protecting Visible Minorities, who were Denied Housing, Jobs and the Such, Explicitly because of Color, Race and/or Religion . . . Into The Canadian Opinion Police, with the Power to Subpoena, Charge, Prosecute & Punish, which has over the Years Caused Enormous Mental & Financial Pain to Hundreds of Decent People Caught-Up In Their Sights.


The Entire World Saw . . . The Early Morning FBI Raid On Roger Stone’s House, as he was Surrounded by an Army of Heavily Armed Police, Dressed for Battle, as they Led Roger Stone-Out in Handcuffs & Leg Irons.

What Was Stone’s Crime . . . That Stone “Might” Have Lied To The Authorities?


I don’t of know One Self-Respecting Man – NOT ONE, who would Dare to Wear a Semblance of his Dick on his Head to make any kind of Statement . . . So what can be said About all these Women who think it’s Cool, Chic, Informative, Clever and Transformational to Wear a Vagina-Hat to Make Her Statement?

There Is At Least One Extremely Derogatory Word Associated With A Woman’s Vagina . . . One in Particular, which I won’t use even in Private – So Is That The Message These Women Wish To Send About Themselves?

BRUCE JENNER IS A MAN . . . Is Caitlyn Jenner Really A Woman? I don’t know. And Frankly, I Don’t Care. But either way, I wouldn’t want Jenner to Share a Bathroom with my Wife. And I wouldn’t want Jenner Competing in an all Women’s Sport . . . So What Does That Make Jenner?

But More Significantly . . . What Does That Make Me?

In France & Britain . . . The Preceding Paragraph Alone, would be Enough to have me Charged, Arrested and Thrown before a Judge.

It’s Already Happened In Canada Against A Christian Pastor & Others.

And I am willing to Bet, that if a Transvestite, or whatever you want to Call a Person Who’s Switched Sides from being a Man to Woman, or a Woman to Man, or an Assortment of Either, wanted to File a Complaint Against Me In Canada, for the Preceding Paragraph . . . I Would Bet Dollars to Doughnuts, that I would be Charged, Arrested and Thrown before A “Human Rights Commission” . . . For Purveying A Hate Crime Against An Identifiable Group.

But I’ll Go One Better . . . Call Me A “Kike”, Spray A Swastika On My Synagogue, March With A Nazi Flag, Write That The Holocaust Didn’t Really Happen, Accuse Jews Of Having Dual Loyalties, Accuse Jews Of Owning The Global Financial System, The Media & Everything Else . . . And There’s Barely A Slap On The Wrist.

Join The BDS Movement . . . Paint Israel As An Apartheid State – So What?

BUT – STAND & DECLARE THAT ALL WHITE MEN ARE EVIL . . . Make the Statement that White Privilege Denies Equal Rights & Freedom to all People, Especially People of Color, And Wait For The Media Accolades.

Or Better Yet . . . Ban Freedom of Expression in North American Colleges & Universities, then Wait for the Praise that will come from Academia, the Political LEFT & Media for being Defenders Against . . . What? Free Speech?

PISS ON THE CROSS – and Show the Cross with Christ Upon It, Immersed in the “Artist’s” own Urine as a Piece of Art, which in 1987 Won the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art’s Competition in New York City, which was Sponsored by the Federally Funded . . . National Endowment For The Arts . . .

Now Try Doing The Same With Anything That Says LGBTQ & See What Happens.

WHO KNOWS . . . Maybe Sooner Rather Than Later, it Might be Anne, Stryker, April the Cat & I, who will Show-up at America’s Northern Border, Seeking Asylum because of Government Threats to my Freedom, Exclusively for Expressing my Opinion Through Canada’s Limited Freedom of Expression.

This Is A Real Possibility . . . Because I Wouldn’t Be The First To Be Charged.

But I Would Be The First Canadian To Seek Asylum In The USA.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I’d rather have Bibi sitting in our oval office. We can get the same people who did the paper-work magic as before. On a more serious note, this is going to go down as one of the great Statesman speeches in the past 100 years.

  2. I reiterate my willingness to sponsor you, Anne, Stryker and April the Cat for US citizenship.

  3. Look at what has happened to Tommy Robinson in the u.k. and Ezra Levant here in Canada, lawfare which is only the tip of the iceberg especially here in Canada. Look at antifa showing up at almost every pro Conservative rally to try to beat the shit out of us and call us racist even if the event as nothing to do with race. The lame stream media hiding all the faux pas done by the fiberals in this country but when a Conservative just spits on the ground, he’s in the news for weeks to come.

  4. OH Howard and Anne please come live for the rest of your lives here in the United States. You know we have troubles and only God knows what is going to happen next but, please come here than to back to your country who might or would put you in jail. My prayers are with you three that included April. :))

  5. Such a scarry world .Please stay safe You are very welcome in this country.I watched several U Tubes of Johnaton Cahn today they are all on my timeline He is a Rabbi ,has wrote many books .Some very eye opening information . God has given us a grace period to reform the life style that has been put out for us to live We need to clean up the life styles they are pushing sorry probadly said too much.

  6. Howard you just outlined the reasons that you, and Anne, should become citizens of the USA..

  7. The liberals are de-humourizing us! “When we were young”, Racial, ethnic, sexual, innuendo, imitation, and many other kinds of humour by a host of comedians, made us laugh out loud! They dare not utilize any of that material now due to the PC police!! Sad Days!! At least there are old clips of Buddy Hacket, Phylis Diller, Lucy Ball, Bob Hope, Benny Hill, St. Trinians Girls, Mrs. Brown, etc

  8. On a brighter note: for all you avid HG blog lovers who appreciate the great truth, facts and editorials Howard brings to us, Tuesday 12th February is his BIRTHDAY, he can tell you what age.(:>) Make it a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY and donate at least $10 for him to continue with some peace of mind his excellent work. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOWARD.

  9. ditto Howard,hate to break it to you,but the democrats are taking this great country down the same rathole,we may both be looking for a country to escape to.

  10. It’s already starting in the U.S. Just look at the Muller inquisition. Anyone who worked for the Trump campaign is being hounded, threatened, intimidated and brought up on bogus charges by this thug,Mr. integrity, Muller and his lynch mob. If Muller had integrity he never would have taken the job where no crime was committed nor would he have hired an unethical disgraced former federal prosecutor, Andrew Weissman. They already broke General Flynn financially, who is next?

  11. let’s hope that Premier Ford will clip the wings of the Ontario Tribunal and let the courts handle these cases instead of the accused being guilty before a hearing and the accuser having immunity and accused no recourse but financially to defend themselves

  12. Should it become necessary for you to seek asylum in the United States Howard, consider me as one of the many hundreds on the list to sponsor you and your family. Wife, dog, cat, all of you! Welcome home. The patriots here understand that “they” will try it here as well. The difference between Canada and the United States is that here, we are all armed and unafraid to ask the left one simple question… “ARE YOU TRYING TO START A CIVIL WAR?”

  13. I am 71 years young, and have just been sitting on my hands watching & listening to all this leftist Marxist bs spewing from the Liberal & NDP Party. Canada is turning into a Communist Country via the so call Human Rights Committee. Nothing more than a Govt paid bunch of complete left nutcases, trying to shut down free speech, and opinion other than Marxist claptrap.
    I will now be speaking out. Against Moslems, Global Warming Hoax, primarily.
    I might end up in jail, but I WILL NOT Be SILENT.

  14. Not news in Canada started with the Quebec Language Police , degenerated into a unilingual province within a bilingual country and we have moved forward with the lunacy into new territories . Basically if you a nutbar and represent at least .1% of the General Population , you are cherished and valued and your voice not only Matters, it Matters more than the rest of us . Beautiful .

  15. Wearing a Vagina-Hat to make a STATEMENT is DISGUSTING & reveals how DESPERATE the LIBERAL FEMALES are in TRYING to PROVE their political views!THEY LACK RESPECT!Men have not YET DARED to ‘Wear a Semblance’ of their PRIVATE PARTS on their heads in order to make THEIR STATEMENTS, BUT “hold on to your hats” because it will soon happen if our SOCIETY doesn’t CHANGE its SOCIALISTIC VIEWS!Many WOMEN tend to RIDICULE MEN these days, but the MEN are MORE RESPECTFUL than they are! GOD HELP US ALL! AMEN!

  16. Read some excerpts from LtCol Allen West’s new book Hold Texas, Hold the Nation: Victory or Death. He talks about influx of California businesses & growth of Socialist Party of America in Texas. Since 2016 presidential loss, they are working to flip Texas blue for electoral votes as done with CO, NM, VA, PA & NC. They want more populated states & the all-out effort has been going on for some time. Now Texas is in their crosshairs. It’s Alamo-fighting time.

  17. Truly this is the new liberal world …. and I hope it starts scaring liberal voters … They need to know the reality their media are holding back from them now more than ever.

  18. And as I have told you repeatedly ….you and your entourage would be welcomed with open arms and hearts. We’re just waiting on you to make the move. We will always receive a new Patriot ! And even though you aren’t an American citizen I still consider you an American Patriot !

  19. Well, Howard, you, Anne, Stryker, and April, would be welcome at our home, in Idaho. We are very much like minded. I hate that all this nonsense is shoved down our throats by the Government, Press and Media as right. Our Country is broken morally. It is Ok to lie, steal and even kill babies at a whim decision. But express your disapproval of “Protected Rights” of some now Protected Class, look out. Lame brains in Washington will continue to try to destroy this country.

  20. Funny how Trump is labelled the Nazi and fascist when these laws are enacted by the Liberals and the Left. The irony of this escapes them. Sadly they are too stupid to realize they are giving up their own freedoms for some non-sensical, fascist ideal. They are just too happy to be part of a sound-good, feel-good, mass cause. Even it is a cause of oppressors and idiots.

  21. Pretty sad when America sent 12 men to Pakistan to capture and kill Osama Bin Laden yet sent 29 armed men in full battle gear and other assorted military vehicles and armorment to arrest Roger Stone when he’s not committed a crime, wasn’t dangerous or a threat to anyone other than the DEEP STATE wake up people. We lo0st the Mid Term election because too many conservatives thought voting wasn’t important. Look what that cost us!!! We got AOC, the two muslim women and how many other radicals

  22. Right on Howard. I will not be dragged into the delusional world of trans and will not be persuaded otherwise. I hope the U.S. wakes up and realizes freedom of expression is the foundation of all freedoms and the 2nd Amendment makes it sure.

  23. Howard, my nephew born and educated in the U.S. and lives and works in Australia – has dual citizenship. Told him to think twice about returning to the U.S. Never thought I would say that! Sad for me.

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