The Dingells & What Else Is Wrong With Politics


When The Framers Of The US Constitution . . . Created the United States of America, their Idea, was that all Representatives (House & Senate), other than Appointed Bureaucrats, Would Be Part-Time Politicians.

The Concept Was – That These Elected Men . . . (Women To Follow) would Come to Washington for a Short Period of Time. They would Debate the Issues, Vote on how they wanted America to Proceed, Turn their Agreed-Upon Decisions over to the Bureaucrats, then Go Back to their Home States to Farm, Work in their Business(es), Professions . . . or Spend their Retirement.

But They Were Never Supposed To Be Professional Politicians.


I’m not even Sure if Most of the Original Politicians even Surmised that Politicians Could, Would, or Should Sit in Congress in Perpetuity . . . But Like It Or Not – That’s the Government of America Today – And Regrettably for Me and my Countrymen, that’s also the way of the Government in Canada.

12th District (Detroit) . . . One Of The Most Failed Districts In America.

TO ME . . . 86-Years In Government, in the Same District, by the Same Family, is a Slap in the Face to the Dreams & Intentions of the Constitutional Framers.

And Instead Of It Being Against The Law Of Reason & Common Sense . . . The Current Members of Congress, Senators & House Members – Democrats & Republicans Alike, have for the Past Week Celebrated the Long Life in Congress of Recently Deceased Congressman John Dingell.


John Dingell’s Father – John David Dingell Senior, Sat in the House of Representatives from 1933 to 1955 . . . That’s 22-Years.

The Recently Deceased Congressman, John Dingell (Junior), Sat in the House (Same Seat) from 1955 to 2014 . . . That’s 59-Years.

And Now . . . Debbie Dingell, the Widow of John Dingell, who was 26-Years Younger than her Husband – HAS ASSUMED THE FAMILY SEAT SINCE 2014.

And People Want To Know What’s Wrong With American Politics?

It’s Remarkable, Abysmal & Insulting . . . every time I hear a Politician, or a Media Schmuck Refer To The Incredible Sacrifice Made By This Politician Or That Politician Because of His Or Her Public Service.

THE REAL SACRIFICE . . . Is Made by all the Poor Taxpayers – Schlepps Like You & Me who, through our Obscene Taxes, PAYS FOR ALL THESE PARASITES . . . To Do Very Little, By Doing Very Little – Very Poorly, Pretending How Tough It Is For Them To Be “Serving” The People.

I Wish I Was Earning Close To $200,000 Per Year – with all Manner of Tax-Free Benefits & Deductions, Free Travel to Virtually Everywhere, Free “Cadillac” Healthcare, A Scaled-Down By Half Work-Year, No Boss To Tell You What To Do . . . And An Unbelievable Pension After Being Finished Screwing With The People’s Money.

And When I Write No Boss To Tell You What To Do . . . That’s only a Half Truth. Because, if you’re an American Politician – Your One Boss is your Sugar Daddy, who Pays for you to get Elected, in Exchange for your Lobbying Vote.

The Other Boss, Specifically in Canada, is the Party Leader, who expects you to Stay out of the Public Eye, Keep Your Mouth Shut, and NEVER go Against the Party or the Party Leader.

And Whether In Canada Or The USA . . . THE FIX IS IN, and no Politician in Either Country is ever Going to Willingly Surrender the Political Entitlements, Wealth, Faux Prestige & all the Razzmatazz . . . before his or her Nest has been Sufficiently Feathered.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez . . . is What Conservative Dreams are Made of, SO-MUCH-SO, that it’s Hard for me to Know where to Begin to show Ocasio-Cortez the Depth of My Love & Gratitude, for Finally Illustrating just how Insane the Government is . . . And How Treacherous The Democrats Are To The American Dream.

When I Write That Ocasio-Cortez Is Like A Venereal Disease . . . The Horror-Story Gift That Keeps On Giving – I’m Not Joking.

Because Of Ocasio-Cortez . . . who is as Dumb as a Rock, and as Self-Centered as the Evil Witch, who Kept looking into the Mirror – Repeatedly Asking . . . Mirror Mirror On The Wall . . . WHO’S THE “DUMBEST” OF THEM ALL . . . while all the Democrat President Wannabes Try to Prove that they’re as Dumb, if not Dumber than Cortez Herself.

And Who’s About To Have a Coronary Watching This Slow-Motion Disaster? – Pelosi.

C’mon . . . How Can We Not Love This Cortez Gift That Keeps On Giving?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Those who turn their backs on Israel, are also turn their back on God.
    For those who were determined not to watch this speech (and who continually cause shame and disgust as representatives of this country), Prime Minister Netanyahu did the whole rest of the world proud today. He is a true leader who loves his people. As for the leader of the United States, Obama could NEVER come even close to Netanyahu.

  2. POG these politicians , Term Limits , Jail Time , Live by same laws as their employer, no pensions when caught in any in facture of the laws TERM LIMITS

  3. We lived in District 12 UNTIL Dingell & the Detroit Water Board destroyed us. They took our homes, churches, businesses which started on the QT. Then the S— hit the fan. I told the man what I thought of him to his face. We protested, marched, wrote letters until they could NOT purchase any more property. Unfortunately, the damages could NOT be re-cooped nor fixable. We moved OUT. The area is DEAD. They are going to put the BRIDGE entry there to Canada from Detroit. I detest the man.

  4. The Demonrats are outdoing themselves, trying to prove which one is dumber than the rest. The split can only help the Republicans, unless the voters prove to be the same kind of low information useful idiots who elected Obama.

  5. “Dongle” is not the only violator. Everything you have said is correct. It will never change, not a chance. Pingpong Cortez is a class act, however she is harmless. There are others that want to created real problems. We have the first Muslums now
    in Congress. Watch out they are dangerous.

  6. 8 years term limits for all politicians from municipal, to provincial, to federal, to state etc… in both Canada and the U.S.A. !!!

  7. Hard to disagree with your analysis of the Dingellberry family’s control in the district. However, it is the voters who kept electing that family in the belief that they were delivering the “goods” for the area. What has always told me is that by and large the average voter is dumber than a stick who believes that the guy who throws it for the voter to bring back really has their best interests at heart.

  8. Great article again, Howard. We are very grateful for your writings. Thanks for pointing out that they are finally showing who they really are, how warped, how stupid, how their liberal attitudes are morally wrong. If something is good for a society they hate it and if it’s bad for a country they love it. They feign compassion and altruism but create chaos and destruction!

  9. If you think it is only Detroit and that area that have dingbats in office, take a good look at California. Howard do a write up on California for a good laugh and education. There is still time before we implode or annex us to Mexico! Good grief we got a new governor!!!!

  10. I’ll say one thing for AOC….she’s giving the social media volumes of hilarious post. She has single handed replace OHOMO as the social media clown. Some of the funniest meme’s I’ve ever seen. (MEME: a humorous image, video, piece of text, etc., that is copied (often with slight variations) and spread rapidly by Internet users). I must admit I have rarely seen anyone as stupid as she is. Too bad you can’t paste them here, because most of you would be rolling in the floor laughing !

  11. You batted it right out of the park as usual! I especially liked the ending! Many thanks!

  12. As the man said You can’t fix stupidity and District 12 proofs it beyond a shadow of a doubt.Billie

  13. And what about the gift of Virginia ? They are verbally forcing the Black Guy Out right now while relatively quiet about the 2 white guys. I’m not sure if I’m witnessing the liberal/democrat version of White Male Privilege or liberal/democrat version of Racism ?

  14. @Rick Connely While the Governor of Virginia and the AG acted in poor taste (which was no big deal before the cancer of political correctness) they’ve committed no crime. Not so the Lt. Governor who has been accused by 2 women of forcible rape. He’s going to resign or they will remove him and his career in politics (and probably law) is over. It’s got nothing to do with white male privilege or racism–Justin Fairfax is being accused of two FELONIES. You can’t survive that in politics.

  15. Quote…”When I Write That Ocasio-Cortez Is Like A Venereal Disease . . .”
    Agreed but go a step further. Ocasio Cortes exhibits many thought processes found in persons suffering form Neurological Syphilis. As the disease progresses their vocal dislike of persons progresses to wanting persons who they dislike be removed by any means including murder. In its last stages they will commit the murder themselves. Modern Sexual permissiveness now gives us millions of such infected leftists.

  16. I enjoy your comments on the misguided motives that dictate the insanity in Washington, DC as well as your homeland to the north. As you are fast approaching the anniversary of your appearance, which you share with two notables from 1809, I would love to read your opinion of these two men’s contribution, to life as we know it today and how it has potentially influenced the misguided circus that we see in the media today.

  17. It is all MADNESS Howard what more can I say? Just plain insane MADNESS in both our countries.

  18. This may not quite meet your “nice” standards. Instead of AOC a friend came up with IES (Indoctrinated – Evil – Stupid). Too Strong?

  19. Good show Howard. I would call good old boy politics to the nth degree. This is the reason there will never be term limits in the US or Canadian governments. The bastards are firmly entrenched.

  20. Don’t hold your breath for term limits, they’re dug in like Alabama ticks–and would rather castrate themselves with a butter knife than let go of their “rice bowl”!

  21. I personally saw how Washington works when Sonny Bono died and his widow took over his seat. Mary was a very pleasant woman, not the sharpest tack in to box but she had learned quickly. I was a golf friend to her second husband, and partied with then several times. She voted party line no matter what it was. She left office amid controversy very rich. Washington is broken hence out country is divided, not because of our President but because of the Swamp.

  22. The headline should have read “longest government teat sucker in history.”

  23. TERM LIMITS will not happen any time soon because when POLITICIANS reach Washington, the BENEFITS are so GREAT that they’re not about to GIVE THEM UP! It’s up to the PEOPLE to CLEAR the SWAMP by using their VOTING privilege. Of course, VOTER FRAUD is PREVALENT and MUST be ELIMINATED as best possible. One of the ways to correct it is by BUILDING THAT WALL and RESTRUCTURING the VOTING SYSTEM…not easy to do BUT possible! ELIMINATING the ILLEGAL ALIENS by using a PROPER I.D. is a BEGINNING! AMEN!

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