Insulting The President Is An Insult To America



President Trump’s State Of The Union Address (February 5, 2019) Was A Barn-Burner. But I won’t Delve Deeply into the Issues the President Spoke About . . . Other than to Comment on . . . How The President Said What He Said.

President Trump Was Never An Eloquent Speaker . . . President Trump’s Stock-In-Trade was, and is, that when the President Speaks, the Common Person on the Street, who is without a Degree in Interpreting Bafflegab, Understands every Word the President says, because President Trump does not Speak in Political Nuances . . . Saying one Thing, but Really Meaning Something Entirely-Else.

I Figured The State Of The Union Address Would Be The Same-Old . . . Same-Old.

But At This State Of The Union Address . . . President Trump Was Elegant in his Speech, Yet, the President was still not Nuanced, and President Trump still Spoke with Words Easily Understood by the Audience . . . Which to Me, was an Unexpected Delight, that President Trump was so Smooth in his Prepared Delivery.

My Take-Away From The State Of The Union Address Was With The LEFT.

President Trump Laid-it-All-Out-There . . . The Good, The Bad & the Ugly, Creating an Environment where the LEFT were Fully Exposed for Who & What they Really Are.

The President Spoke in Terms all Thinking People, Americans & Non Americans Alike, could easily Understand & Agree with, which showed in his Instant Speech Approval Ratings – Rated by Media, which were and are by any Stretch . . . Not Trump Lovers.

Even The Fake News Media Had to Concede The President Hit It Out Of The Park.

The Greatest Good The President Did For Himself & Conservatives . . . Wasn’t About Him & It Wasn’t Really About What He Said & How He Said it . . . Although the President Spoke Eloquently . . . it was all about Pelosi & the Imbeciles in White, and how They Reacted To What The President Said.

I Spent My Entire Adult Life As A Marketing & Advertising Person . . . Learning to Understand what Motivates People to Buy things, How & Why People React in Certain Ways & Why People Make the kinds of Decisions People Make . . . IT’S THE BIGGER HALF ABOUT PERCEPTION, and the Lesser Half about Knowledge & Reason.

Two Nights Ago . . . The World, which Viewed the President’s State of the Union Address, saw a Man of Power, Personal Strength, Sincerity, Loyalty, Patriotism, Love of Country, Fiscal Success, Love of Life, Accomplishment & Even Humor . . . Show The World The Greatness Of America.

President Trump Didn’t Show-Up To Fight Or Demean . . . The President of the United States of America Stood before the World Audience to State the Truth, and to make 100% Clear where the President Stood . . . FOUR SQUARE ON CRITICAL ISSUES.

President Trump Is Opposed To The Slaughter Of Babies In The Womb . . .

President Trump Is Opposed To Nation Building & Demands That All NATO Members Pay Their Fair Share.

That America’s Freedom Is Not Negotiable & Neither Is America’s Border Security.


So What Did We See From The LEFT?

We Saw Nancy Pelosi’s Passive Aggressiveness, as she Fondled the Gavel as if it were a Phallic Symbol . . . before the President took to the Podium.

And What The Hell Is It . . . With The Movement Of Her Mouth?

We Saw Pelosi Pretending to Read During the President’s Address, as if she wasn’t Interested in what the President had to say, and Couldn’t Wait for the President to Conclude before she Began to Yawn.

We Saw Pelosi Applaud by Rote, from Time-To-Time, when President Trump said Something she couldn’t Really Ignore or Disparage. And we saw Pelosi give the OK, for other Democrats to Applaud, Stand or be Silent.

In All Reality . . . What we Saw Courtesy of Nancy Pelosi, was an Insulting Display to the People of the United States of America, who Tuned-In to See & Hear the Best their Country had to Offer.

As For Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez & Her White Posse . . .

They looked Like Idiot School Girls . . . who for the First Time in their Lives – were Allowed to Sit with the Grown-Ups.

And These Are The Women Who Want To Run America & The World.


In Their White Costumes & Sullen Faces . . . They could have easily been Members of the KKK or Characters from the Handmaid’s Tale – Missing the Funny Hats . . . But Then Again, they could all have Worn the Vagina Hats, which kind of Makes a Statement for Who & What they Really Are.

AND WHEN THE PRESIDENT . . . Spoke about the Incredible Progress Women have made Recently in Work & Politics . . . They Were Jumping, Fist-Bumping & Chanting Like Camp Girls, who just Experienced their First Orgasm . . .

I Counted 4-Supreme Court Justices . . . Where Were The Other Five?

Stacey Abrams – The Rebuttal Of The President’s State Of The Union Address.

What Can I Say About A Woman Whose Only Claim To Fame . . . is that she is a Black Woman who Believes in Socialism & Restricted Rights?


I don’t like Chris Wallace of Fox News. And I Really Didn’t like his Late Father Mike Wallace Either, who Bristled, when he was Repeatedly Accused by Conservative Jews (Like Me) of Being a Self-Hating Jew, which in my Opinion . . . He Was.

But That’s Not Why I Don’t Like Chris Wallace . . . I Don’t like Chris Wallace, because he is a Serious LEFTIST who Wants Not To Come-Out of the LEFTIST Closet, Yet Hosts a Sunday News Program on Fox News, As If Wallace Is Fair & Balanced.

Ordinarily . . . I wouldn’t give a Damn in the Least about Wallace, because for Years, I haven’t Wasted my Time watching Wallace Slant his Interviews to the LEFT.

But Watching Wallace On Tuesday Night – on Fox News, Doing the Recap on President Trump’s State of the Union Address, which Wallace Found easy Fault with . . . and only Some Limited Grudging Approval, Bothered me more than just Somewhat.

It’s A Pity What Has Happened To Much of Fox News.

BUT REGARDLESS OF WALLACE . . . Regardless of the Idiot Girls in White, to Pelosi and her Insulting Demeanor, America Had A Great Night. And by Extension, so did the Rest of Freedom Loving Conservatives Everywhere.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Powerful speech from a great statesman. It should make Iran think twice about their future against such a formidable opponent. If israel has to stand alone, they will go it alone. Can’t be said much clearer than that. Did anyone notice Palosi standing with her back to the P.M. at one point during the speech. Great to hear the P.M. use the Biker slogan, “Never again”, must make you feel proud Howard. I thought the P.M was overly generous to Obama but that was just being polite and diplomatic.

  2. For me Trump said it all when he said “America will never be a Socialist State. We are Free and Independent!” and the crowd went wild!!

    He got everyone’s attention with one word “Freedom” followed by “Never”! and the chants of U.S.A. U.S.A. I do not remember hearing at a previous SOTU.

    This will be an interesting 2 years to Trump re-election in 2020.

  3. Howard, what also blew me away was how Trump’s SOTU showed many times how Trump is a friend of Jews and Israel. I was warmly flabbergasted by it. But what’s there to be surprised about coming from the most Israel-friendly and Jew-friendly President in the history of the republic. All Jews I know – who are Jews – appreciated this. Those who identify as Jewish but really worship at the alter of leftism and whose heads heads are still firmly stuck north of Obama’s rectum saw nothing. Screw them.

  4. President Trump’s State Of The Union Address was EXCELLENT! He has such a KNACK of REACHING PEOPLE–even the “WHITE POSSE”, as proven by their ELATED REACTION! PELOSI’S demeanor was just plain DISGUSTING!The movement of her mouth indicated to me that she was wearing an earpiece to which she was responding!Yes, Wallace DOES NOT WANT to come out of the LEFTIST Closet.He & Juan Williams go good together! The DEMOCRATS proved how much they HATE Trump and how LOW they will STOOP to DESTROY HIM! AMEN!

  5. Beautiful. Thank You. I had to shut the TV off after the speech when Juan Williams said it was a ho hum speech. If that was going to be how they heard it I will not listen. I also wondered if the 9 judges were there. I sure did not see all of them. I was looking specifically for Ruth Ginsburg. I do not think the cameras ever panned them up close like they have in years past.

  6. It truly was wonderful!!! Am enjoying watching so many Democrats implode lately. Particularly want to mention the lady in white sitting to the left of Kyrsten Sinema (D)tell Kyrsten to “watch her ass” as Kyrsten stood and applauded something Trump was saying.

  7. First, as usual, great post and I must add, I was so proud of POTUS Tuesday night. My grandmother told me years ago – given enough rope, liars will hang themselves. People going as far as possible trying to discredit our POTUS, said he lied was when he said 1 of 3 girls raped in the caravan coming up from the south. They said it was 31% – really – several things they tried to point out – thanks for writing truth! Even when it is not popular even with those who follow your writings. Keep it up!

  8. How rare is it to…sit down and say to someone…you tell me what you see…and I’ll tell you what I saw… and for..THE…two people to agree.. I must be Chronologically maturing With Howard… We must have the same Eyesight.. AND If ..He laughed as much as i did during and after the address. at the Ladies in white…..maybe we have the same similar sense of humor…. Knowing that all comparisons are Odious!

  9. Another terrific Editorial, Howard. But the reason I am posting right now is NOT about President Trump’s speech.
    It is about YOU and your profile on this website entitled: “About Yours Truly”. I want EVERYBODY HERE to know that
    EVERYTHING you said about yourself is ABSOLUTELY TRUE !!! More power to you, Howard. AND AND AND….as
    legendary folksinger Pete Seeger would say: “Take it easy…but take it.” !!!
    ps: I do not like ethnocentric nationalist Premier Legault not his racist CAQ party. UG

  10. I never watch the recaps…I know what I heard and don’t need someone else to tell me. I also don’t watch responses by the opposite party. As I understand it, the President is required to give Congress a state of the union address. There is no requirement or need for anyone to rebut what he said. I heard what he said, and I myself will digest it and decide for myself what I want to do with it. Again, I don’t need anyone else to tell me what I ought to believe.

  11. Even today, a couple of day’s later, I’m still smiling with our Pres speech. Every time I catch a news clip of the speech on the various channels, I stop what I’m doing, and listen to his words all over again. I am so proud to be a supporter of this Pres. One of the few correct decisions I’ve made in my lifetime!!

  12. Way back, I asked my mother why we voted Democrat and she said. ” because Pappy did”. Pappy being my grandfather. Now that we know about the antisemitism of FDR there is no reason to support his party. The reason that Orthodox Jews support the Republicans is that they study and know Torah. Torah is not a socialist document in any way, shape or form. It is time for Jews to understand what it means to be Jewish.

  13. I intentionally did not watch the STU presentation, SPECIFICALLY to see how it was characterized on Wednesday by the “FREE PRESS”, bottom line, including FOX, it is abysmal when I see the depths to which we have sunken. The “Virgin Brigade” in white were the worst!! Trumps speech nailed the issues and conditions, left room for discussion and consensus, but when I see Nancy Pelosi being a “stick in the mud” , it is proof that she needs to retire,….TOMORROW!!
    America will live on,…..

  14. I am old enough to remember when there were a few Demorats that were actually Americans. The “left” definitely defines this current crop perfectly. They have left the United States of America for the failed policies of communism and total government control. I have a good psychologist friend that commented to me after listening to Pelosi’s slurred words, watching her odd facial expressions, and a few other symptoms that he believes she has frontal lobe dementia – food for thought.

  15. As usual spot on, your Wallace description exactly mine for many years, maybe he is preparing for CNN or one of them, I wish FOX get rid of him, I avoid all his appearances. Glad that all saw Pelosi rudeness, only a real savage behaves that way. First time that many of the 60 or 70 millions who watched were exposed for the first time to how good president he is, remember that most of the media don’t expose his deeds. Most State of the Unions are political garbage, his was what to really expect.

  16. Howard, you covered all the bases with a home run. Insulting Trump is a way of life for the liberals !!! I keep hope alive and look forward to the day when the light shines on the liberals. Thank God for Ores. Trump………….

  17. great insight,as usual,thanks Howard.I no longer watch fox “news” because of MORONS like chris wallace and his ilk.

  18. About Pelosi’s Mouth? Maybe she got the tubes mixed up (Polygrip with Preparation-H), and her butt was puckering!
    Another thing…I believe in Equal Rights and if there’s only 13% Black People in the US, then only 13% should work for the Government…! (You probably won’t post this, after saying what a lot of people already think! Sorry…!)
    A LOT of people are “Coming out of the Closet”, about wanting a Socialist Government. Most are under 30, and I PRAY they finally wake up to Reality…

  19. Excellent Editorial!! When POTUS Trump spoke of the ‘babies’ the cameras were on the Democrats…All but the DEEMONICS applauded. Nazism is alive & well in the DEMS/Lefties. The ‘Ladies’ need to GROW UP! I did NOT bother to turn on ANY news channel to listen to their ‘sabotaging’ of Trump’s SOTU. I heard, comprehended & Thanked GOD for POTUS Trump. God Bless

  20. always insightful and on target, Howard. I agree about Nancy Pelosi mouth movements, which may have been from the tightening and stretching of the little skin left on her face from all her “reconstructive” surgeries. Sometimes her tongue seemed to force its way out of her mouth (too much BS inside – no room for her tongue). The facial movements reminded me of vermicular movements from Tardive Dyskinesia, an adverse event from too many years on antipsychotics – just saying

  21. “Right On” Mr. G. I too, think Potus hit it out of the park in a positive, upbeat way…and was offended by the puppeteer, Nancy Pelooser and her childish antics back there. Only watch Fox because the others are SOOOO bad…I’m of the opinion Fox has deteriorated since Mr. Ailes left and passed on and Rupert’s lefty kids took a larger role. So sad…but the good news about Chris Wallace: It frees up an extra hour on Sunday morning! Keep up the good words.

  22. I agree that FOX has become more like CNN and NBC since they decided they had to hire Juan, Shepard, and Chris–in the interest of being “fair and balanced”—BS!
    They just want to stir up controversy to increase their ratings, which makes them competitive, but less “fair and balanced” with the truth.
    Keep up the good work with your uncompromising standards of excellence!

  23. Very good SOTU address and thought the closing was superb. What’s with Mitch McConnell he’s got to go. Unfortunately I don’t think it will be any time soon but he clearly has ties to the chamber of commerce and IMHO his wife is getting paid by China to try to keep our President off balance. So sad. But we can and will survive and move on. I can’t wait for the Democratic primary for 2020 that should be some good entertainment

  24. Pelosi sucked her cheeks in like supermodels do to look sculptured and it makes your mouth pucker. Lots of tension trying to maintain it for an hour! Also nervousness causes dry mouth and she kept moving her mouth to hydrate. Natives used to punish liars by puttting a hot blade on their tongue. Liars with dry mouths got burned, it did not burn truthful people for the short time it was applied. Newbies in WHITE were representing Suffragette’s. Priceless: TRUMP Congratulating them.

  25. 100% agree about Wallace, and Juan ???? (Fox news) who said it was merely a humdrum Speech, another closeted leftist on Fox. A disgraceful performance by the bride to be virgins. I thought Pelosi was looking for a take out pizza while gritting her teeth and biting her lip. Schumer looked as smug as he always does. Schiff is a real dirty player, one goal, to get Trump, he’s still raking over anything he can find to do with Russia.

  26. GREAT speech. Pelosi has always made the mouth moves like she’s ‘cleaning’ her teeth (shots of her in audience at prior SOTUs). What really ticked me off was the all-out show of HATE on part of white-dressed Dems remaining seated & sour faces. Pelosi showed total disrespect of POTUS by remaining seated often & playing to cameras of her lack of interest. Leftists applaud such crass disrespect; conservatives are appalled by it. Obvious who practices decent, ethical/moral behavior & who doesn’t.

  27. Pelosi reminds me of a Valley Girl. She has stayed way past her expiration date.

  28. I too can’t stand Chris Wallace and his dad was not much better. Pretending to be fair….a joke. It was a great night and lines were drawn. I pity Pelosi….but not really. She’s my age and I wouldn’t want to be trying to stay a leader of our country. She just can’t hack it.
    I watch no TV….just you tube…Greg Gutfeld…Judge Jeanine. Whenever I want.

  29. WOW to President Trump’s speech!!! Great editorial, Howard!!! As for Stacy Abrams, I couldn’t listen to her speech. I had to see her on TV during the Georgia elections this year. She is a POS in my opinion & lies through her teeth, like all Socialist-Democrats. She wanted to make Georgia “Blue” & everything for FREE!!! She might try for Georgia’s US Sen. seat up in 2020. I pray Sen. Perdue keeps his seat. He gets it … We Can’t Afford It!!! His words, not mine on Congressional spending.

  30. Greetings: Our President gave the speech of the CENTURY Tuesday night! He virtually covered EVERY base eloquently & in a COMPELLING manner. The “OLD GUARD” socialist/communist leader Bernie Sanders’ face & demeanor summed it up for me…DOUR, ENRAGED (red faced), FRUMPY, CLENCHED! The Democrats are Done! Let them BASK in retaking the House! Their party is sadly split… between LEFT & FAR left! Any MODERATE Dem will have NO CHOICE when one of these FAR LEFTISTS gets the nomination! MAGA TRUMP!

  31. I REALLY loved the other “bloggers'” comments, etc., THEY “cut our WONDERFUL PRES. TRUMP, NO SLACK”! He’s doing a “WONDERFUL JOB”, in spite of the “fake media”!! GO PRES. TRUMP GO, & AMEN-AMEN!!!

  32. Wow, Howard, what can I say? You expressed my reaction to president Trumps’s speech exactly, but more eloquently than I could have done. WOW! WOW! WOW!

  33. I too bristled about Pelosi’s rudeness. Rustling her papers and facial antics. My first thought was she looked like she was chewing her cud. My sister thought she was adjusting her dentures. Most likely both.

  34. As an independent woman, while in school I always thought it was idiotic that girls wanted to all dress alike for some reason or another. Those women in congress do not represent independence but childishness and have no business wielding power. I was pleasantly surprised by Rep. Sinnema of AZ, dressed in RED and being told while clapping out of synch with the white robes, “Watch your A$$”.

  35. Nancy Pelosi looked about the most disrespectful that I have ever seen her look, and that’s saying something. And that white-garbed bunch of harpies with their pursed lips, rolling eyes, and bored expressions came across more like a large clique of the middle-school ‘in crowd.’ They do NOT represent me!

    Keep on keepin’ on, President Trump!

  36. Like you I don’t like chris wallace. President Trump did the best SOTU ever and I wish he was Prime Minister of Canada. Again Howard you keep hitting the nail on the head. Keep up the good work.

  37. The left should be wearing white straight jackets as they are getting crazier by the day. Between their demonic abortion laws & The New Green Deal by AOClueless; it reflects how insane the Dimms have become. I believe their craziness is going to put them in a hole so deep they will be buried in 2020. But there are so many clueless liberals & illegal voters, who knows.

  38. It was great, President Trump came through he stated what he was for and what he was against
    I was very pleased GO TRUMP GO TRUMP we conservatives have reason to be happy
    I just hope that the Canadian and American voters wake up and smell the coffee and then vote out all the liberal idiots in the upcoming elections

  39. President Trump, came thru (to me) as a truthful, kind and considerate person, giving us the truth of what it is all about. Not in a showmanship form, but truly in our Country’s best interest. For the first time I was proud to be his supporter all the way thru the address. Now, I hope that he will get the support from all sides to do what is best for our Country.

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