Compromising On The Path To Perdition


I have Personally Known No Shortage of Canadian Members of Parliament, whose Greatest Distinction Compared to Americans in Congress, is that if Possible, Canadian Members of Parliament are even LESS Important and LESS Qualified to Govern, than their American Counterparts.

So What Do Canadian Politicians Do Other Than Talk & Take Money?

Just Like American Politicians, Canadian Politicians Feign their Importance & Relevance to the People, who Pay them their Obscene Salaries, Expenses & Perks for their Absolute Uselessness.

Like American Politicians – Canadian Politicians Are There To Get Reelected.


And Like All Politicians . . . Phony & Useless Debate & Compromise Is Their Mother’s Milk & Stock-In-Trade. So when we Keep-On Hearing how Members of Congress, in the House and in the Senate HAVE TO COMPROMISE, especially after Endless Debate, because that’s What the People Want & Expect?


What The Electors Want & Expect . . . At Least Contributing Electors who Create Jobs, Employ People, Make Products People Want & Need, Provide us with Affordable Services, Pay Taxes . . . AND KEEP US SAFEIS FOR THE PEOPLE WE EMPLOY – to do What We Believe Needs to be Done, Opposed To What They Deem Should Be Done For Us.


Government Is A Gargantuan Business . . . And in Spite of all the Social BS, when it Comes Right Down To-It, If We Don’t Have Wealth & Security . . . Social Issues Don’t Amount to a Hill of Beans.

A Person Born with a Dick is a Man, a Person Born Without a Dick is a Woman . . . & Anyone who Wants to be Something Else is on their Own. And Regardless of Gender, Race or Religion . . . The Best Amongst Us Will Almost Always Rise To The Top.

In A Competitive Businessperson Atmosphere – A Politician & Bureaucrat Wouldn’t Survive a Day. Because, in the Final Analysis . . . Like It Or Not – In Politics, Business & Life . . . IT’S ALL A MATTER OF SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST.

And With The Idiots Running Our Countries . . . While They’re Busy Compromising, We will Not have a Chance to Survive Against those Who are Fighting Not Only for their Own Survival, but Rather, to Take what we Have – For Them To Win, Win, Win – Against All Of Us – At All Costs . . .

While We Teach & Train Our Children . . . HOW TO PLAY NOT TO WIN.


Didn’t These Consumers Of LEFTIST Propaganda Get The Memo?

The Jim Crow Days Are Dead . . . Dead . . . Dead & Gone. And so are the Days when a Woman’s Place was In-The HouseBarefoot & Pregnant.

NOT ONLY THAT . . . Let’s Rejoice, because many LEFTIST Troglodytes Obviously Don’t Know, But The Civil Rights Act – Guaranteeing All Freedoms To All People . . . Regardless of Race, Gender, Culture, Religion, Ethnicity Etc – Was Passed Into Law On July 2, 1964 . . . BECAUSE OF A CONSERVATIVE MAJORITY.


Government . . . has Become so Corrupt, Inefficient & so Worthless – That Government has become an Impediment to the Governance of Virtually all Democratic Countries, which Explains why a Mammoth Tyrannical Country like China, without an Encumbered Government is becoming such an International Threat.


I DON’T SUPPORT TYRANNIES . . . But I sure as Hell Don’t Support a Ship with Multiple Captains Either.


In Spite Of My Plans Not To Watch The Super Bowl Yesterday . . . I couldn’t otherwise figure-out how to Justify Eating Carmel Popcorn & Potato Chips while Guzzling Down a Lone Star Beer or Two, while sitting on the Easy Chair, with Remote in Hand.


If Bill Belichick would have Team-Managed the Patriots, the way Congress & the Judiciary Gang-Manage President Trump . . . the Score would have been EVERYTHING RAMS – ZERO PATRIOTS.

But . . . Because Team Owner Robert Kraft, Hired Coach Belichick to Run his Team, and let him do it, just as Belichick Hired Tom Brady to Run his Offense, and let him do it – The Patriots Won A Hard Contested Competition.

There Is No Question . . . That there was an Army of Men & Women on the Sidelines & Behind the Scenes, Gathering & Processing Information, Before & During the Big Game . . . Critical Information, which was Sent to the On-Field Assistant Coaches – and Inevitably to Head Coach Belichick, who was the Ultimate Decision-Maker . . .

And Note This . . . The Same People – who were Rooting for their Team to WIN, are the Same People who Support the Cockamamie Idea that Children should NOT be Rewarded for Winning, But Rather For Participation.

. . . And That Winning Is Just A Rude Slap In The Face To The Losing Side.

As Many of you Probably Know, I was so Upset that President Trump Ended the Shutdown, Without Simultaneously Declaring a State of National Emergency, that I Wrote I WOULD PROBABLY NOT WATCH the President’s State of the Union Address.

That Was Then & This Is Now . . . I still think the President was Wrong. But just as Robert Kraft – who Hired Belichick to Run his Patriots, the People of the United States of America Hired Donald Trump to Run their Country.

And even though Belichick, who I assume also Screws-Up from Time-To-Time, Kraft does not Second-Guess his Coach. And Neither should we Second-Guess President Trump, who is Taking it from all Sides, Since, what President Trump has ALREADY Done & Accomplished in Less Than 2-Years . . . Is Nothing Short Of Miraculous.

I’m Looking Forward To The President’s State Of The Union – Give ‘Em Hell Donald!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I would have given everything to have a leader like Netanyahu in the White House…

  2. Great one Howard thank you. Have a happy Monday you and Anne and your dog as well sorry forgot it’s name.

  3. As one very famous Historic Figure once said ‘ I have but one life to offer for my Country”

    Give mem Hell Donald. MAGA.

    Conservatives need to watch, listen and learn. Same Choices are coming in October and the Liberals must be defeated by a Leader that will offer his life for Canada to MACA. There are no other choices and there will be no do overs.

  4. Pelosi standing “behind” Trump tomorrow does not compute. She just wants to read the teleprompter to make sure that he doesn’t deviate from the 5 issues that he wants to expound upon. Why would that be?? I expect some deviance from the teleprompter:-) (Just enough to drive Nancy crazier)

  5. Great editorial!! Although I would change the last line. Don’t give ’em hell. We’ve already got enough of that. Give them heaven, Donald! Righteousness and justice, grace and truth! That’s what will Make America Great Again!

    I appreciate all of your editorials, Howard. You’re giving us righteousness and justice, grace and truth too – in your own spicy Galganov style!

  6. Glad to have you eyes back on board. We will keep on rowing you keep watching and guiding our path.

  7. Good description of Canada’s politicians Howard. So many of them are there just to get in enough time to qualify for a stupendously generous pension plan, and nothing else matters. Unlike America, Canada does not have the luxury of recall, and that is why our many unqualified and nonproductive politicians never raise their voices on behalf of the people of Canada and continually allow Justin Trudeau and his socialist gang, to play dictator, and implement foolish policy at will.

  8. Opposed To What They Deem Should Be Done For Us. CORRECTION !!! What they deem should be done to us !! Government only acts by force. You do what they tell you or ultimately you will be in a cage.

  9. Greetings: I’d say MOST Americans expect their “BRILLIANT” leaders to NEGOTIATE a Border Wall. NEVER GONNA HAPPEN! Why? Because EVERY SINGLE DEMOCRAT & most EVERY RINO wishes Trump FAILS… falls flat on his face! Know why?Because during this Presidency, most every one of these politicians has been EXPOSED… for being the WEAK, LAZY, BELLIGERENT, SELF AGGRANDIZING BLOWHARDS they really are! Not ONE Congressman or Senator works as HARD as THIS President! He WILL get the wall despite the enmity!

  10. I needed to hear the STAR SPANGLED BANNER Song with respect. It has helped renew my respect and love of our country as I am sure did millions of Galganov follower’s.

  11. As the saying goes “you hit it out of the park” Howard, thank you.

  12. And the Rams did not get a chance to turn down the White House visit! How many of us care!

  13. As an MP I voted against both Party and government legislation when I disagreed. Everything from Charter of Rights to wrong fighter aircraft, etc. After two terms I believe that fewer than 10% of my elected colleagues on either side were competent to evaluate legislation, but only voted as their Party demanded, I chose not to run again after being fraudulently charged with $12,000. of tax evasion for my troubles although I had always paid my own expenses. So much for having qualified Members.

  14. I did NOT watch the Super Bowl. I vowed to NEVER watch another NFL Game, purchase memorabilia nor attend a game.
    I was sent an e-mail containing, Gladys Knight’s rendition of the Star Spangled Banner & it was lovely. It also showed some of the players singing along. This was redeeming! We hired POTUS Trump, we can NOT micromanage him as media & politicians are trying to do. Let him do his JOB! He may not always be PRESIDENTIAL, but he IS doing one heck of a job regardless of the CIRCUS.

  15. The game was tedious until Brady finally started to “connect” with his receivers in the 4th Quarter–The commercials were more enigmatic than entertaining or informative, the halftime show was totally lost to me as I hate rap and special effects–but the flyover and colors were moving and Gladys was fantastic! I hope the State of the Union is as inspiring–we all need a boost after the disgraceful behavior of Chuck, Nancy and the Socialist/Communist Party of America, (the DEMS).

  16. Looking forward to the the President’s State of the Union Address tonight. As for the Super Bowl, Howard, if we think there is corruption in government and I know it runs deep, take a look at Vegas and think if the wrong team lost, the money it would cost. That’s could be another “EDITORIAL”.

  17. The Rams did an excellent job on Defense. Their Quarterback was not ready for the Big Game. On the flip side, if
    it was the Saints, with offensive experience that matches Brady, the Saints would have won. Roger is now ready for
    the garbage can.

  18. Good Morning Howard, I agree with you and your followers on almost everything, except that Trump is not a DICTATOR with absolute total power. The USA has checks and balances that should work in most cases. However, the Democrat party has decided that Pelosi is our unconditional dictator with absolute unrivaled power and if they don’t get Pelosi’s way, nothing at all will be done during the remainder of Trump’s tenure.

  19. First, Congratulations to the PATRIOTS…job well done! AGAIN, Pres. Trump’s speech was EXCELLENT!He has a “knack” for REACHING the PEOPLE and did so last night–even THOSE dressed in WHITE! Ms. Pelosi must have been very UPSET at the time! The DEMOCRATS who SAT DOWN throughout his speech are/were a DISGRACE to our Country!Their BEHAVIOR proved that there will be NO positive discussions to BUILD A WALL, but that’s no problem because Trump WILL SOON DECLARE THE EMERGENCY to build THAT WALL! AMEN!

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