LEFTIST . . . Selective Forgiveness & Hypocrisy


Robert Byrd . . . Long Time ICONIC Democrat House Member & Senator, who was Beloved by the Democrat Party, was also a Member in Good Standing of the KKK, and was also Close to the Imperial Grand Wizard of the KKK, who (Byrd) was Warmly Embraced By the Democrat Party Upper Echelon . . . Including Hillary Clinton.

Not only was Byrd a Member of the KKK in West Virginia, he was also Targeted by the Grand Dragon of Virginia (Joel Baskin), as a KKK Organizer, where Byrd was Elected to the Title of the Exalted Cyclops of his “Klavern” (Local Chapter) . . . with White Sheet, Pointy Hat & All.

Byrd Was An Exalted Member Of The Democrat Party.

At the Time Byrd Met with KKK Grand Dragon Joel Baskin, Byrd was Working as a Butcher in a Local Meat Market. But, with the Help of the KKK Grand Dragon, and KKK Infrastructure, Robert Byrd Entered Democrat Party Politics & The Rest Is History.

The Only Thing Byrd Had To Do . . . For Total Salvation from the Democrats . . . was to Apologize, and Explain that he was a Young Man with Bad Selective Judgment. And All Was Forgiven.


The Current Democrat Governor Of Virginia . . . Ralph Northam – Appeared in his University Year Book – Some 35-Years Ago . . . Posing either in Black Face or Wearing a KKK Outfit, has now Made-It Big Time To Social Media – And The Knives Are Out For His Blood.


And . . . If The Democrats Are So Hot To Trot Against Racism – To be so Unforgiving to Ralph Northam, who’s Already Apologized Profusely for his College Indiscretion – Where’s the Democrat OUTRAGE Against Keith Ellison, Maxine Waters, Barbara Lee, Danny Davis, Andre Carson, Gregory Meeks, Al Green & Barack Obama . . . ALL DEMOCRATS – who were Proud to Stand with Louis Farrakhan . . . The Black-American Moslem – Whose Stock-In-Trade Is to Spew Hatred Against Whites & Jews?

And . . . What About The New Democrat House Members – Moslems . . . Rashid Tlaib & Ilhan Omar, whose Mutual Anti-Israel & Pro-BDS Support – Is No Secret. Shouldn’t they be Demanded to Resign?

What About All The Democrats Who Enthusiastically Support Linda Sarsour?

Am I Missing Something Here? Is there A More Anti-Semitic & Anti-Israel High Profile Person, Man or Woman . . . Regardless of Faith – Than Linda Sarsour? What about all the Democrats who Stand with Sarsour?


Have we Forgotten Black Liberationist Pastor Jeremiah Wright, the Once Upon A Time Pastor of Barack Hussein Obama, Michelle Obama . . . AND OPRAH WINFREY? When Does The Condemnation Start Against Them?


SO PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME . . . Where has President Trump, Businessman Trump, or just Mr Trump ever come Right-Out to Say anything Racist against Anyone? Especially in Comparison to the many People I Mentioned in the Preceding?


During The Final Segment of the Martha MacCallum Show Last Night (February 1, 2019), while MacCallum was Summarizing the Coming Super Bowl, LEFTIST Fox News “Contributor” . . . the ever so Sanctimonious Jessica Tarlov – STATED . . . that President Trump Referred to Black Athletes who Kneel as SOB’S . . .

Which Was An Outright Racist Lie.

I Follow The News As Closely As Anyone . . . and There is no Question What-So-Ever, that President Trump Called all Athletes who Take a Knee when the American Anthem is Performed . . . SOB’S.

BUT NOWHERE THAT I AM AWARE OF . . . Did President Trump Make Any Special Reference To Black Athletes Who Kneel To The Anthem . . . AS SOB’S.

So How Does Tarlov Un-Ring This Racist Bell Against The President?

How Does Jessica Tarlov Explain to the Millions of People (More Than 2-Million Viewers) who watch the MacCallum Show . . . that she (Tarlov) DEFAMED the President of the United States on Live Television?

It’s Not The First Time Tarlov & Other Fox News LEFTISTS Have Lied On-Air.

I Don’t Give A Rat’s-Ass If Ralph Northam Resigns Or Not . . . Because as Far as I’m Concerned, if You’re a Liberal, Especially a Far to the LEFT Liberal – You Don’t Merit the Kind of Civilized Debate Conservatives take for Granted . . . Because, if a Liberal Doesn’t Lie, Obfuscate, Embellish, or Speak in Authority of Anything he or she Knows Nothing About . . . They Otherwise Have Little To Say, Which Merits Debate.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Bibi is a true patriot and a class act. He shames that idiot in the white house with the truth about Iran. He shone the spotlight on Obama’s dangerous strategy of appeasement and hopefully woke more than a few people up to the reality of the destruction that Tehran’s genocidal backward regime can inflict on the world.

  2. Northham should have picked the photos of him with an infant on a pitchfork–there would be no controversy then.

  3. How long can our culture/society, even or especially in our elected government, live with a seeming split personality? For the life of me, I simply cannot understand the patent, outrageous, flamboyant hypocrisy of the left.

  4. As with so many of the talk shows on the Left, they get to say what they want with barely any objection. This must change. Any one from the right being interview needs to control the debate by completely changing the subject, and going to what lousy, lying and defamatory things they had recently said, Got to put them on the defense and not answer their questions,but put them in a corner, trying to justify their crapp. On live TV we conservatives must fight fire with fire, to hell what they say!!

  5. Until conservatives fight, kick, scream to the networks and stop watching the liberal media and don’t support liberal companies and until republicans in Washington raise hell and demand justice and equal treatment for the sins the left commits, nothing will ever change. IMHO There are too many liberal republicans that are against us and our elected president and their only goal is to pretend they care about us and that they get re-elected. We must vote these vermin out of office

  6. Now that we know the democrats are “BABY KILLERS”, who is next? Probably me, a retired senior who isn’t of any use anymore. Besides they can use my assets to run their socialist government. Recall when Obama was asked about a 100 year old woman who needed surgery. His answer was “give her a pill to make her comfortable”. That is who they are.

  7. As a conservative, I’m appalled at VA & NY over their horrible abortion laws. We can blame them but at least Dimms are open about being pro-Abortion. The Republicans had Congress & the WH for Trump’s first two years & funded Planned Parenthood. The GOP needs to walk its talk and hardly can take the high ground. BTW, the VA LT Governor is an African American, maybe that’s why the leftist knives are out?

  8. Sorros controls the Democratic Party & those who are elected. It must have been a shock when POTUS Trump was elected. It would appear the DEMS can do NO wrong and POTUS Trump & his supporters can do NO right. There is NO conscience or morality. These Lefty Dems have become the most DESTRUCTIVE hypocrites on this earth & people VOTE FOR THEM. That IS the problem…People are listening to the WRONG media & they should be doing their OWN investigations. MYPOV

  9. I too was appalled at the news from NY. As a Virginian, I wondered if my state (with a Dem governor & House) would soon follow. But never thought we would be the next state in a week! But I’m most appalled at what our society & this nation have become…as in the days of Noah or pretty close. It isn’t just the USA but oddly enough most of the “civilized” countries that have blatantly defied Almighty God’s laws. No way will it go unpunished for long. Much earnest prayer is needed.

  10. Last night, DIAMOND & SILK appeared on the LOU DOBBS show/FOX. They stated that what the Democrats-Left-Progressives do is “INTIMIDATE and MANIPULATE in order to DOMINATE”—very well DEPICTED! The SADDEST part of it all is that they are SUCCEEDING in doing so in many ways! Can anyone IMAGINE how much more DAMAGE would/could be done if HILLARIOUS had been ELECTED! Besides the WALL, it will be very interesting to HEAR what else Pres. Trump will have to say on Tuesday night? GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  11. What can I say other than thank you, as always you hit the spot. If you play darts you must get a lot of the middle with it.
    Your a great writer, keep up the wonderful work you are doing. God bless you sir.

  12. All we ever needed to know to have given us insight as to what to expect from the Democrats in the future is to recall the words uttered by President Lyndon Baines Johnson as he signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 into law… “I’ll have those niggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years.” That, in and of itself, should tell you all you ever need to know about Democrats and race relations.

  13. After Northam stepped in it on air about performing an abortion “after” birth, the Democrats knew they had to cut him from the herd. They realized the abortion issue had raised the awareness of Republicans about their murderous agenda. I conjecture one of the liberals put the blackface/Klan picture out there so they could finish Northam off with that narrative.

  14. I spent my early years in the deep South, my uncles were members of the KKK and very strong Democrats. My Mother told us boys if we followed in the steps of our uncles she would disown us. She was a Democrat until her passing. I never followed their path. You are absolutely correct about Politics in general, bunch of liars, they are lawyers so they must lie. Not met an honest lawyer yet. President Trump is the best man for the job, dealing with snakes and liars.

  15. I DEFINITELY enjoyed the other “bloggers'” comments, & may GOD continue to put up with PRES. TRUMP, & AMEN-AMEN! The DEMs are definitely a “BUNCH of SICKOS”!!

  16. Yes, Howard the President did say SOB’s but he said something to the effect, “Fire the SOB’s” because NFL policy was to stand. Not all kneelers were black either. He was not targeting a race but their antiAmerican actions and fireable offenses against the NFL. I saw it when he said it and yes I am for our President all the way. Democrats spin everything into racism. Northam on the other hand is for murder of babies. PP probably outed him as a racist to deflect news away from their horror show.

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