Death By A Thousand Self-Blows


The LEFT’S On A Fast-Track To Self Destruction – Let’s Not Get In Their Way.

Let Me Repeat It Again . . . I LOVE ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ, and if it were within my Purview, I would want to Give Ocasio-Cortez as Big a Microphone, and as Elaborate a Stage as Humanly Possible.


And As I Previously Wrote– Ocasio-Cortez is like a Venereal Disease, the Unfortunate “Gift” that Keeps on Giving for a Moment’s Pleasure with Someone you should Never have Touched.

And the More People who are Touched by Cortez’s Gift, who Spread the Cortez Disease . . . The More People with even a Modicum of Common Sense, can see for Themselves what Cortez and her Ilk are all About . . . Want To Stay Far Away.


The Race Is On . . . FREE – FREE – FREE – MORE – MORE – MORE!

Free Healthcare for Everyone. Free College for Everyone. More Minimum Wage for Everyone. More Taxes for the “Rich”. More Green Regulations. More Illegal Immigrants. Less Border Security . . . . And As Much Free-Stuff that can be Jammed into Election Campaign Promises as could be Conceivable.

And Who’s Going To Pay For This Deluge Of Free-Stuff . . . Santa Clause?


Jussie Smollett is a Black/Gay Actor/Performer, who on Tuesday (January 29, 2019) Made his Way to a Chicago Hospital Claiming to have been Beaten up by Two White Men Wearing Masks, who Put a Noose Around his Neck, who, while Beating Smollett-Up, were Yelling something Like “This Is MAGA Country” while Smollett was on the Phone with his Manager during the Beat-Down, who Swears he heard the Attackers Say “This Is MAGA Country”.

Smollett Went Even Further To Claim That He Had suffered A Broken Rib.

Here’s The Problem as Best As I Can Understand It . . . Even though Smollett has Vivid Recollections of all that he Purports Happened to Him, he Can’t Really Remember much about the Attackers other than they were Masked & White.

Smollett Has No Broken Ribs & I don’t Recall Seeing any Facial Bruises on him. And after Reportedly Hundreds of Hours of Video/Tape Reviews by the Police, the Chicago Police CAN’T FIND ANYTHING, that can even Remotely Corroborate Smollett’s Claim.

But Here’s The Clincher . . . Smollett & his Manager both Claim to have Heard the Alleged Assailants Say “This Is MAGA Country” – WHILE THEY WERE ON THE PHONE WITH EACH OTHER.

So Please Explain To Me . . . Why Neither Smollett Nor His Manager, Will Turn-Over Their Phones To The Chicago Police For Verification Of “This Is MAGA Country”?

Also . . . If Smollett is so Traumatized by the Beating – Why is he Parading Around with the Noose? And if he was so Beaten-Up as he Claimed to be, with a Broken Rib, Why is he Performing this Weekend?


But . . . If Smollett Made This-Up, and if it Never Happened, but was a Great Publicity Stunt, which INVITED A HORDE OF PUBLICITY HOUNDS TO WEIGH-IN, such as the NAACP, which has WITHOUT FOUNDATION – Blamed President Trump for this Attack on a Gay Black Man.

Along With Kamala Harris & Others . . . Who Called This UNVERIFIED ATTACK A Modern-Day Lynching – To Stoke The Flames Of Racism On Black Americans, where if Nothing Happened – Smollett should go to Jail for Intentionally Fueling The Flames Of Non-Existent Racism.

And Kamala Harris, the NAACP, and All other Notables who Fed The Fire, should be Forced to Make a National Primetime Apology to President Trump, White People, Black People, AND ALL PEOPLE . . . For Bearing False Witness & Incitement To Race-Hatred.


MEANWHILE . . . Within this Month of January 2019, just in New York City Alone, THERE HAVE BEEN SERIOUS MULTIPLE UNPROVOKED ASSAULTS ON JEWS, YOUNG & OLD.

Not Only That . . . In many Cases, the Attackers were Black – So – are we to Assume that all Black Americans are Akin to Nazis? And Where’s The Outrage From The Democrat LEFT?

Unlike the Purported Attack on Smollett, where there is no Proof Whatsoever that it even Happened – There is no Shortage of Street Cam Videos showing many of the Despicable Beatings on Jews, and Equally, no Shortage of Hospital Records that show the Extent of Injuries Suffered by Jewish Victims.

Even Though . . . There Is Zero Evidence That An Attack Really Occurred On Smollett . . . The LEFT are Already Blaming “Trump” and Calling the Supposed Attack a “Lynching”. So, why aren’t these LEFTIST RACE BAITERS not Calling the Wanton Proven Attacks on Jews POGROMS?


The LEFT Cheered When New York Governor Cuomo Signed Into-Law, the Right for Mothers to Commit MURDER, not just of a Fetus Developing in the Womb After the First Trimester, but Rather, of a Fully Grown Baby . . . Just One Breath Before Leaving The Womb.

There’s Nothing I Can Write To Harm The LEFT More Than They Do To Themselves.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Donna Adli, you shouldn’t feel ashamed. You were well warned by the Commie/Democrats that they would not be attending. Personally I think the air had to smell better in the chamber without them and everyone got to hear without their ignorant interruptions.

  2. On the wall mess. Remember “It’s A Wonderful Life” when the post office overwhelmed the judge trying to decide it there’s a Santa Claus, with all those letters from children. Well the border patrol needs to ship a full truck load of drugs seized and drop them in front of all those Congressional Clowns, in the middle of their useless negotiations, to bring home the point that we NEED A WALL!!!

  3. It’s a HOAX. I’m sure that all D-list actors, whose show in in it’s last few episodes before cancellation, always call their manager at 2 am while running out in 10 degree weather in CHICAGO (DEMOCRAT BASTION OF THE MIDWEST) where two definitely white male (even though masked and gloved) Trump supporters are wandering the frozen streets; on the outside chance a gay black actor is going to make a Subway run for a hoagie. What ARE the odds this is real? Zero maybe?

  4. What amazes me more than anything is the intellect (or lack thereof) of the so-called “normal” person who acquiesces or sides with the Left and Leftist gov’ts, without a clue as to what that deplorable side is doing and is capable of. Our Cdn Liberal fascists have eliminated free speech and free thought, have criminalized islamopobia and have increased fascist laws in the name of pot legalization. And the idiots here happliy march on like its parade day. Now child murder is ok? I’m sick.

  5. Thanks for your article, Howard. As usual, you put encouragement in my day. Even more encouraging is that
    it appears VERY likely the world will soon owe Israel and its scientists another TREMENDOUS debt of gratitude. We pray that Dr. Morad and his associates have truly found a cure for cancer with their multi-target approach!
    Jim Hunt
    Kearney, NE

  6. HC I am curious when they have a bust on drugs and find all the money in stacks where & who gets that money? As for N. Y signing a bill to do away with babies God help them who would do such a horrible thing, I cannot believe women are going along with this one. They one day have to meet our maker & God help them. As for the Wall Nancy P & Rober S should both be put out to pasture they have been there since 1981 & 1987 time for them to go home.
    Build the Wall & pray it keeps out the drugs

  7. As I have stated before on this site, in real simplistic terms, we are in a fight – GOOD vs. EVIL.

    I don’t want to bring religion into it, although I could.

    Those advocating killing of babies is absolutely pure evil. The same one’s who would want us in jail for example killing a dog at birth.

    Let these evil fools keep doing what they are doing, and let the rest of us keep exposing them for who they are.

  8. The left is in full control in New Mexico:

    AN ACT
    SECTION 1. APPROPRIATION.–One hundred thousand dollars
    ($100,000) is appropriated from the general fund to the public
    education department for expenditure in fiscal year 2020 for a
    program to educate children in circus arts …,…

  9. Cortez is like Charles Manson – she doesn’t quite yet have the followers going out to kill and commit Helter Skelter…but it’s fast coming.
    And Kamala Harris is b laming Trump for attack on Black Gays….
    When Muslims keep killing American gays and Gays world wide who is Kamala Harris Blaming

  10. I know it’s not the correct way to view what is going on with the crazy left, but, I’m about ready to just stept aside and watch since i have no real power to do anything, except vote…..

  11. Another gift from Obama. There was nothing like this prior to his arrival in Washington. I am sure it will get worse. We have a new Governor here in Florida and he is on a tear. Hope Trump takes what action he needs to build the wall.

  12. Right on point. The left has completely lost it. How on earth can anybody with reasonable intelligence vote for these people. Just absolutely amazing.

  13. I worry that we have too many ‘uneducated/university-indoctrinated’ people to even understand that everything can’t be ‘free’, and will therefore, continue voting for people who are communists.

  14. So it’s okay to abort a baby right up to birth? But “abort” (smash) the egg of a bald eagle, and it will get you a $5,000 fine and a year in jail. Two eggs? $10,000 fine, two years in jail.
    Are we gone completely mad, or what?

  15. If a mother loses track of her child…it is called child abandonment & she is PUNISHED by prison time & the child is taken from her and placed in the SYSTEM. And YET, THEY (physician & mother) can choose at the dilating period of delivery to MURDER this child & it is OK? Murder is Murder…PERIOD. Why are people not calling it what it is? These are some sick SOBs. They need to be PROSECUTED & JAILED..MYPOV

  16. Ah, Occasional Cortex (AOC) is the gift that keeps on giving. You are so right!

  17. I had broken ribs. It took 2 months to recover. The first month I couldn’t walk (almost) and had to sleep sitting in a supported chair. Couldn’t lie down for the pain. Hey Mr Smollett try it sometime. Just take a hammer and …….

  18. Howard, Thanks again SO much for being you! You never cease to have cogent, direct commentary on any number of topics. Your post today is no different. Couple what you said with the LEFT’s now advocating INFANTICIDE and any person with both a heart and a mind simply CANNOT vote for Democrats. They have now labeled themselves as MURDERERS of INFANTS. Why should Dr. Kermit Gosnell remain in prison for doing the same? If this goes through,that murdering so-and-so will have to be let out!

  19. When I was much much younger I believed a woman should be able to choose to have an abortion especially if there were extenuating circumstances; rape, incest or if birth control failed. It wouldn’t have been my choice but to each their own. I CANNOT understand what these people are thinking. I do not know how they can justify this! Those people are the spawn of demons.

  20. Satan is in charge of these blue state murderers! I think this is a preemptive strike because Planned Parenthood (PP) is worried about RGB being replaced by a conservative judge & overturning RvW. PP funded several of the NY politicians elections funding. God help us!

  21. Well written – my grandmother told me many times, ‘leave the liars alone, give them enough rope and they will hange themselves’. She was a really smart lady! Gary Burd, Amarillo, TX

  22. I agree Howard…they are going to hang themselves. But after seeing the idiots going along with killing babies I am a bit scared. My son lives in Virginia and told me today, after the crazy governor spoke there, he felt like moving! And he is a young man with no children yet. So there is hope!
    I too supported aboirtion when I was young…..then I grew up.

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