I’m More Than Fed-Up With The Whole Trump/Pelosi/Schumer Drama.

I Find . . . that over the Recent Past, I’m being Sucked-Into the Media Entertainment Vortex, Debating with the People who Read Galganov.com, over Issues None of us Really Know.

I don’t know what Deals Trump, McConnell, Pelosi & Schumer are Cooking-Up between themselves, or have even come to Terms on . . . AND NEITHER DO ANY OF YOU!

There is so Much Intrigue & Double Dealing In Politics, that None of Us can Even Guess to What Extent we Know Anything, which leaves us to do all we can, Only to Do our Best to Keep all of the Politicians as Honest as Possible . . . Where We Can.

AND IT BOTHERS ME MORE THAN JUST SOMEWHAT . . . That so Many of the People who Read this BLOG seem to Look at the Mess, to which our Politics have Descended, As If It Were Some Kind Of Reality TV.

IT’S ALSO VERY DISTURBING TO ME . . . That so Many of the People who Read Galganov.com, Seem to Read what I write for Approbation of their Thoughts & Wishes, RATHER THAN Reading what I Write to Learn or Consider a Different Point of View.


Over The Years . . . Anne & I have Paid a Brutal Price in Health & Wealth for my Commitment to Freedom of Expression, which also Includes the ABSOLUTE NEED for Honest & Competent Government – For The People, Of The People & By The People.

I Won’t Even Begin To Tell You How Much Money Anne & I Pissed-Away . . . Fighting Government on Multiple Fronts, so other People wouldn’t have to.

About 5-Years Ago . . . The Stress Finally Got To Me, which Ended-Up, with me in Hospital Recovering from a Small Stroke . . . SO PLEASE DON’T THINK YOU KNOW BETTER THAN ME.

When I Tell You . . . That the Blind Faith & Willingness, which Far Too Many of you Have, to Go to the Mat for Donald Trump, even when he is Dead Wrong Is Very Troubling.

How Does Shooting The Messenger Make Wrong-Right?

When President Trump Said . . . “I Will Take The Blame” For The Shutdown . . . and then Tried to Shift the Blame to Chuck & Nancy when it all Went to Crap, That Was Wrong – Which Invited People to Attack me for Being in their Mind, a Fair-Weather Trump Supporter, or a Trump Supporter only when Trump Moved the American Embassy to Jerusalem (Which Is Rather Anti-Semitic) . . . Etc – Etc.


You Tell Me . . . How much did you like the Blind Obeisance the LEFT had (have) for Barack Obama, no Matter how Many Times Obama Screwed-Up, Lied, Cheated, Stepped-Over the Constitutional Line and did Harm to the Social Fabric of America?


President Trump has Done Some Unbelievable Things . . . and given the Chance, I have Little Doubt that he will Do Far More. And in my Mind, President Donald Trump has Retrieved America from the Brink . . . But Donald Trump, like Every Other Human Being, is Only as Good as his Next Deal . . . Not His Last.

BECAUSE YOU’RE TOP DOG DOESN’T MAKE YOU RIGHT . . . Every now and then, Everyone – Especially in a Position of Serious Authority, Needs to be Taken Down a Notch or Two when Necessary.

And Only A Real Friend & Supporter . . . will tell You to your Face, that your Skirt is Caught in your Panties when Coming-Out of the Bathroom, or your Fly-Zipper is Open, or you have a Booger Hanging from your Nose . . . ‘Cause Someone Who Doesn’t Give A Damn Will Say Nothing.

Many Years Ago . . . When Bush 43 was President – He Tried to Muscle Israel into a Really Bad Deal with the Palestinians, when Ariel Sharon said to Bush-43, Israel is Not Czechoslovakia & You’re Not Neville Chamberlain . . . In other words, Sharon Would Not Allow Bush to Sell-Out Israel for Political Expediency on a Bad Deal, like Chamberlain Sold-Out Czechoslovakia to Hitler for a Short Respite from the Inevitable.

Bush Was Livid With That Public Comparison . . . But Sharon Was Right, and within an Extremely Short Period of Time – Perhaps a Day or So, before this Situation became an Irreparable Issue . . . Bush’s Evangelical Base Read Bush-43 The Riot Act, and What Could have been a Disaster for Israel, became a Non-Public Event.

I Will Continue To Criticize President Trump When Deserved . . . And I will do whatever I Can in my Small Way to get Him 6-More Years.

To End On A Real Positive Note . . .


So Here’s Some Important News . . . If the Scientists are Accurate, and these Israeli Cancer Researchers, who are Amongst the TOP OF THE TOP – can be Believed . . . They just might have Discovered The Holy Grail – A Cure For Cancer With-In A Year . . . All Types Of Cancer – SO WHERE’S THE NEWS?

Imagine If 6-Million Jews Weren’t Slaughtered . . . And The World Didn’t Hate Us?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I am totally flabbergasted, at the sound of a REAL statesman, logically and rationally stating the case to those of us REAL Americans, not the feckless “wannabes”, and Socialist Democratic “handicapped, lockstep”Lemmings!
    We are doomed to becoming a third world country, run by “leeches” and “hacks”. No wonder I love Ayn Rand and the sense of personal responsibility that is beginning to re-surge in our “underground” society.
    Thank You Bibi,..great speech, great insight. Thank You!

  2. Over the years you have enlightened readers to the outrageous benefits that bureaucrats have helped themselves to,—benefits at the expense of hard working wealth creators that can only dream of such . Thank you. As for Schumer – Bob Dole said the most dangerous turf in Washington is between Schumer at a TV news camera.

  3. As usual great editorial. Also I do pray that the Cancer Researchers in Israeli have found a cure for this horrible disease. I am a cancer survivor –so far.

  4. Howard, As you so often say no one is perfect and in the case of Pres. Trump he made me very angry as he failed to do what he promised when he caved in to Pelosi by not immediately opening the government and building the wall by any means he had at his disposal. But he didn’t and now we are steps back in putting Pelosi and her minions in their place. we lost a huge battle but we haven’t lost the war yet We have to wait until Feb. 15th to see if he will do what should have been done and over.

  5. The PEOPLE, probably only know 1/10 of what’s TRULY going on in whichever Government rules them!We all INTERPRET its activities through our own PERCEPTIONS.Some are CORRECT & some are NOT, but we ALL have the RIGHT to do so!Seeing the GLASS HALF FULL does NOT mean that one is being UNREALISTIC!The VIEWS we SHARE are a great TOOL which helps us ALL to better UNDERSTAND the issues-at-hand.Yes, only REAL FRIENDS will tell you the TRUTH to your face, but those are few & far between these days! AMEN!

  6. It would seem all people are different; getting everyone to sing the same song is about as successful as herding cats. Standing for what each of us individually believe to be right would seem to be about the best any of us can do…so, Howard, best wishes that you might continue to do your thing and your readers will either follow or not.

  7. One of the reasons I love your editorials is your knowledge of history and politics. You educate me on so much. I am glad Trump is president but I’ve been dissatisfied at times just like you. I depend on what you say to make me think differently some times but am grateful for you. I know you are always want the best for both of our countries and will never stop being true to facts. Stay strong we need you.

  8. Howard, you are correct in calling out a bad decision by Trump, I too thought him taking blame for the shutdown counter-productive. You wrote about Pelosi bitch slapping Trump, it did raise my ire. Two points, you are correct that we should listen to many points of view (some sound so stupid). Second, I learned long ago that if I read something that makes me mad, stop, step back, take a day, then redress. I think Trump has a plan for everything he does, he will come out on top and moved forward.

  9. Its not you Howard.We of the Right see Donald Trump as the returned sanity we’ve been waiting for too long a time to finally return. So we are very nervous, should Trump lose his momentum for any reason. We fear that the Left will regain the mantle of governance over us as a result and sane leadership might never return to this planet. So its not you Howard,we all cringe when Trump fumbles the ball because we know in our hearts it will be blown out of proportion and could spell the real true end

  10. I work long hours at my job and tend to go to bed rather early so I never see the news and I do rely on your blog to keep me up to date as to what is going on in the world of politics. I appreciate the countless hours you must spend separating the wheat from the chaff as it were.
    Thank you.

  11. I believe that most of the people, most of the time, have their heads under their left arm and know nothing about what is going on in the world never mind in their own backyard. Thank you for trying to inform those that you are able to reach. Even one voice in the wilderness is something. Thank you Howard, you are to be commended for your patience.

  12. Howard, It is my humble observation, that so many people, are consumed in their own struggle to see what is going on in our Country and World. Your editorial remarks should at least bring the conservative “HIT” to their brain. Keep it up Howard. My wife and myself will be a Trump supporter, through all his screw-ups, as HE is our best bet.

  13. I agree with you on Trump, I felt let down. And true Christian will go to the mate for Israel becauuse they were Gods chosen People. And we know why Christ died on the Cross. Keep it up Howard

  14. For all of President Trumps faults, my wife and I agree that Trump needs to stay off of Twitter. Every time he says something on Twitter it gets blown out of proportion. If he wants to get his points out to America and the world he should go in front of the voters and public and let them know what is going on and the obstruction by Pelosi, Schumer and the left. Maybe, some of the Trump haters and the left will see where the problems really are.

  15. I love your point of view. I personally thought the president looked very troubled when he conceded to reopen the government. Like you said, we do not know what else is going on for him to concede. Maybe Russia in Venezuela, so many maybe’s. I was disappointed in the concession. Your honesty in your opinion is important! MAGA!

  16. President Trump has very unenviable task fighting both sides of the Isle. Right about a swamp but underestimated depth and alligators. A very successful businessman I have hope and faith that he knows what he is doing though sometimes it seems a bit negative to us. Remember one of his great lines, “I will never reveal my strategy” and he doesn’t.
    We have a more difficult task dealing with a Canadian disaster named Trudeau. Best wishes to President Trump and thank you HG for your tireless work

  17. When I first heard Trump opening the government I thought he made a mistake. I was mad! Now I see his reasoning. Give Pelosi a chance to hang herself before Feb 15. Then when all can see who is to blame for the stalemate, declare a state of emergency and begin building. If it goes to the courts go direct to the supreme court and they will give him the go ahead. Since the news will always be against Trump, get it done as soon as possible. We are always on his side. Go Trump!!! 6 more years!

  18. It takes the party supporters to keep the politicians in line while in power because power can corrupt. I’m not saying that is happening to Trump but the principle is Wise. Most politicians over the course of several years or decades can lose their direction.. get lost in the weeds. Can’t see the Forest for the Trees. It keeps happening. Politicians can get used to the good life and get comfortable giving into party principles to stay in Power! So they think. A noisy supporter is the best remedy

  19. How do you manage to think my comment about your elation of TRUMP’s moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem was anti-semetic? Just what do you want us to say to you? What will make you happy? I am tired of you taking out your anger and frustration on YOUR READERS! Nobody means you any harm and we do not want to make you mad. We appreciate your KNOWLEDGE and HARD WORK. no need to chastise us. I expect you will remove my comment.

  20. Howard,
    I think any reasonable conservative would admit POTUS has pulled some bonehead moves and the shutdown was a Doozy IMHO! I just pray and hope he can get one more Supreme named before the left can get him out of office. Whining about negative comments to your blog, however, just makes you look like a wuss, instead of the warrior you are. Like the hanging booger, I wouldn’t tell you this if I didn’t love you. Cowboy Up.

  21. GOD has a plan, man has hopes–I voted for and supported Trump, and still do! Perhaps I hoped too much for his ambitions and thought too little of who’s really in charge!–I’m sure I’m not alone in this wishful thinking.
    All men have feet of clay, including me, and it’s important to realize that GOD established our Republic for HIS reasons in this world, and still uses us for purposes we cannot see! Have faith in GOD–not what we as individuals would wish for!

  22. I DID ENJOY the other “bloggers'” comments, & may God continue to BLESS our WONDERFUL PRES. TRUMP, for putting up with this NONSENSE on a DAILY BASIS! GO PRES. TRUMP, GO…..& KEEP UP THE “GREAT JOB”, & MY AMEN-AMEN!!

  23. I admire the fact you read all the comments – people who ‘think’ they know can be dangerous. You have broad shoulders to read them all. On another note, another thing I like about you, you tell it as you see it. Your consistent to point out the good and bad of people like the POTUS! Keep up the good stuff – I have the slurs made, the condescending smirks and such – BUT WE WILL NOT BE DETERRED because we believe in what we do. Gary Burd Amarillo TX

  24. I haven’t commented on here but maybe twice and that was long, long ago. I have to say that you are by far THE most honest and forthright person ever, and I commend you, Howard, for making the comments above. It’s all common sense and a shame that most people don’t have it.

  25. 60 years ago my corporate mentor gave me good advise. “There is a time to fight for things in which you believe and not, based on the chance of winning. Pick your fights. Do not expend political capital on fights in which you have no chance. If you think you are right, you will fight anyone even though there is zero chance of your winning.” That was hard for me but the best advice I ever got. Our President has made the decision. It is his decision to make. I trust him…

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