It Ain’t Over Until The Fat Lady Sings & I Don’t Hear The Music . . . Yet


Thank You For The Mountain of Emails & Comments – They Were Great.


Two Days In Politics Are A Lifetime Of Change, Challenge & Intrigue – Now Think of The Possibilities Of Two Years.

No Matter What You Think – Trump Lost & Pelosi Won This Round . . . The Shutdown Ended & There’s No Money for the Wall . . . And We’re Off To The Races.

Gordon Steinberg Of St Augustine, Florida . . . Stated it Best in his Comment to me Yesterday (January 27, 2019), To ParaphrasePresident Trump Ran-Out of Options and Had no other Choice but to Reopen the Government, because Chuck & Nancy had Nothing to Lose by Keeping the Government Shut-Down.


President Trump . . . In a Moment of Testosterone Induced Bravado – said that he Wasn’t Afraid to TAKE THE BLAME for a Government Shutdown. And as a Result, President Trump Ate Some Serious Crow.


And Every Now & Then . . . All of us Need a Slap Upside the Head, just to Bring-Us Back to Terra-Firma, to Remind us that we are Not Infallible . . . And We’re Only As Good As Our Next Deal.

I Hope Pelosi Won’t Give Funding For The Wall . . . Because if she does, it Takes a Serious Campaign Plank out of the Trump Platform for 2020 – And I Suspect she Won’t, not because it makes Good Security-Sense to Build the Wall, The Higher & Longer the Better, but Rather, because Pelosi Fears the Extreme Trump-Haters on her LEFT Doing Her In, more than Doing the Right Thing to Give President Trump the Pretense of a Victory.

I Also Saw The Jeanine Pirro Opening Saturday Night (January 26, 2018) . . . where she Defended Donald Trump, which was to me a Forced & Contrived Passionate Defense, because she too, knew that this was a Bad Outcome.

ALL OF THAT SAID . . . President Donald Trump is no Stranger to Spectacular Failures, whether it was His New Jersey Casino, his Business School, and Many of his other Entrepreneurial Enterprises no one in his Camp wants to Talk About . . .

BUT ALL ENTREPRENEURS HAVE MAJOR FAILURES – Which Makes them the Most Prolific Adventurers & Risk Takers . . . There Are In Business. And without the Right-To-Fail . . . Very Few People Will Try. I Don’t Even Want To Count The Number Of Times I’ve Failed . . . Then Got-Up & Kept Going.

WHAT MAKES DONALD TRUMP A-TOO-BE-FEARED-ADVERSARY, is Not that he Can be Knocked-Down . . . BUT RATHER – that he Keeps on Getting Back-Up, More Intent To Succeed Than Before.


I Suspect That Pelosi Will Not Give President Trump What He Wants.

And I also Suspect that President Trump WILL NOT Want to be Responsible for Another Government Shutdown, But Will Declare A National Emergency the Day After the 15th . . . AND THERE’S HIS 2020 PLATFORM – “BUILD THE WALL” in Addition to a Massive Litany of His Successes for the American People.

Far-Be-It-For-Me To Give Advice To President Trump – But If I Did . . .

1 – On February 16, 2019, if the President Doesn’t Get 100% of the Funding, which the President Asked for ($5.7-Billion) to Build the Wall . . . President Trump Must Declare A State Of National Emergency.

2 – Once the President Declares the National Emergency – President Trump should go for the Entire Enchilada ($20-Plus Billion).

3 – Expect a Judicial (Circuit Court) Challenge . . . But Don’t Rush it to the Supreme Court, Rather, let the Appeal Move at the Regular Snail Pace, which will Keep the President’s Battle Against the Activist Court and the Democrats, on the Behalf of the Safety for the American People in the News . . . Throughout The Lead-Up To The 2020-Campaign.

4 – Stay On Course with the President’s Domestic & Foreign Financial Policies.

5 – Keep the Boots to China, Russia, NATO, and the EU.

6 – Recognize Israel’s Sovereignty over the Golan Heights BEFORE the Democrats do.

7 – Don’t Introduce the Deal Of The Century . . . Between the Palestinians and the Israelis, because it Won’t Go Anywhere Anyway, and all it will do, will just Piss-Off many Jewish Supporters of the President and the RNC.

8 – Keep Tweeting . . . The People Love It!

9 – Have More Impromptu Press Scrums . . . It Forces the Media to be on it’s Toes.


PS – Stay Out Of Pelosi’s Swamp.


AS FOR PELOSI & SCHUMER . . . They Are As Equally Liked In Both Parties As A Case Of Shingles.

The Other Day QB Trump Threw An Interception – Today . . . Let’s Go For The TD.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov


  • The best Howard editorial of all time. Netanyahu is a real Leader. I implore the readers of this site to send it to their friends in the US and Canada so they read it and also watch PM Netanyahu’s speech on C-span. One of the most powerful speeches of this century.

    Gerry Graham, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada
  • President Trump should never have backed Romney–he’s there till 2014. Utah really screwed up by not electing Dr. Kennedy to the Senate instead of RINO Romney.

    Teri Newman, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States
  • In Trump’s case, the INTERCEPTION was PURPOSELY done [my opinion]!This INTERCEPTION was the STEP LEADING him to his NEXT DEAL in 3 wks. Yes, all entrepreneurs have major failures, but the BAD EXPERIENCES are those which TEACH us the BEST LESSONS.Of course, some people NEVER LEARN, but that’s NOT TRUMP–as proven by his other MULTIPLE SUCCESSES!PELOSI, ET AL, WON’T GIVE IN, due to their HATRED for TRUMP and FEAR of the RADICAL LEFT!The FAT LADY WILL SING in 3 wks! Great 10 points! GO TRUMP! AMEN!

    PAULINE M DEMERS, Woonsocket, RI - USA
  • What I’m afraid I don’t understand is why the demos are suddenly against national security. But, perhaps they are not, but they are against the border wall solely because President Trump is for it. So that leads me to the conclusion that trying to bring President Trump down is FAR more important to them than is the security of our nation. How wrong can they be?

    Wallace Day, Plattsburgh NY
  • Let the left gloat. I’ve walked away from many a game the winner, when at halftime my opponent was celebrating their lead.

    Mark Hall, Seattle,WA
  • Donald Trump is undeniably a true entrepreneur and deal maker. In the business world, entrepreneurs are risk takers. Sometimes they win and sometimes they lose. But in most cases, they use their own money to make deals. Nancy and Chuck have claimed victory, winning the recent battle. But worse than that, they are claiming that they are better deal makers, out-smarting Trump at his own game. No great accomplishment there because they were gambling with our (tax payers) money.

    David Machado, Swansea, MA
  • I agree with Howard’s agenda for Trump. I don’t agree that this is a “failure” of Trump, or a catastrophe of any kind. We have to wait and see. Trump has proven multiple times that he pulls things out of the hat and wins. Every time. If we piss and moan now, or even abandon him now, we are being totally unfair to him. Trust him. He’ll win this.

    Linda Gommel, Lucerne Valley, California, United States
  • My view: Trump should have gone ahead with the state of the Union address even if he had to in an aircraft hanger. And announce, as part of his good news America to the people, that he is giving Pelosi and Shummer 3 days to offer discussions with a positive aspect to the wall, with the wall clearly stated, coming from them or he will declare the emergency. That’s it! The wall is not the issue, the destruction of the USA is. What ever meandering route he follows to this goal, I am with him total

    R. Anthony Crane, Beaconsfield, Quebec, Canada

    Geri Lyons, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, United States
  • President Trump didn’t become a billionaire by being stupid and making bad deals. Of course every now and then deals don’t go as planned. But this man, President Trump, may have been handed a small bump in the road to the wall, just wait and watch what happens next. I have a suspicion that he gong to dazzle America like never before over this wall situation. And as I remind folks,”If you ain’t making mistakes, you ain’t doin’ nothin”. Be patient the best part of the show is about to begin !

    Eddie Reynolds, Huntersville, North Carolina
  • Chuck and Nancy are sitting on a powder keg with Alexandra. They will have to deal her as she is not going to shut her mouth. It does not matter how stupid what comes out sounds. Many like what she is saying. She has enough followers that will not be as easy as they are hoping to remove her. I think this might mean more division in the Democrat party than in the Republican party.

    Raymond Hansen, Luverne, Minnesota, United States
  • Trump ain’t out yet! He owned up to the Shut Down. He has given 3 weeks. I am sure he is ‘gathering’ his forces and devising ways to ‘by pass’ Nancy & Chuckie. RE: State of the Union…..I said it before, give the SOTU from the Oval Office. (With NO invitations to House & Senate). Just the Lone Ranger. He will deliver his SILVER BULLET and it won’t be from a gun!

    Kathy West, Livonia, Michigan, USA
  • As I said before I did not see the President on T.V. so can’t say one way or another. But again will say HC if it were not for your Editorials I would be in the dark forest and never see the light. I pray for your country and for our’s America. I will not give up on our President and if he runs again in 2020 & I am still in this world he still has my vote. Pray people, he is asking for money send in as much as you can even if it is a dollar they add up. God bless our President and our country.

    Jacquline Turley, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States
  • Well said my friend! Time for the touch down!

    Dan Haubrich, Franklinville, New Jersey, United States
  • I predict Trump uses national security to fund the wall. Using TONS of STEEL walls made in Steel States creating LOTS of money for those workers … thus WINNING THOSE States Again thus the Presidency for another 4 years …. And I also predict the DEM candidate will run on PULLING THE FENCE DOWN … thus SECURING TRUMP the 2020 victory. NO WAY he can Run the 2020 Election on Building the Wall. He did that in 2016. Doing it again makes him look like a failure … THAT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

    Rick Connely, Dundas, Ontario, Canada
  • I guess I can truly say although in Canada I’m with Trump all the way. He is our only hope in keeping the world from continuing to end totally in the Globalist’s hands. Just finished reading this article from the Financial Post which is all about Trump being predictable as he does exactly what he says, opposite from what the MSM always calling him unpredictable.

    John Loosdrecht, Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia, Canada
  • It is very difficult, if not impossible to negotiate or deal with someone, (Nancy Pelosi), who actually believes that she is about ten steps above God Almighty. She is so powerful that all the Democrat politicians are terrified to verbalize anything that she has not already voiced because it would be political suicide to do so.

    Van Kleiner, Corinth, Texas, United States
  • Nancy Pelosi, the most popular woman in politics and a genius negotiator, has a 27% approval rating and 45% disapprove. Don’t tell the Media or anyone in Washington.

    John Ross, Ancaster ON
  • It appears the US is well over the 20 billion Mr. Trump needs for “our” wall in financing the illegal immigration now, and it’s not even one month into 2019, not to mention all foreign aid pouring out to other countries. It may be heartless, but let’s stem the tide for just one month and BUILD THE D*#% WALL. Then start on welfare recipients earning theirs by filling in nonessential government jobs thereby shrinking “protected” jobs. I worked many nonessential jobs to survive my 75 years.

    Jeffrey Koinm, Mercedes, TX

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