Pelosi Sucked Trump Into Her Swamp



No One Is Unbeatable . . . And The Sin Of Hubris Always Claims Its Victims.


And before you Start Accusing me of Jumping Ship . . . Or Not Being a Trump Team Player, or Describing me as a Fair-Weather Trump Supporter, Make No Mistake About This . . . I Am A Freedom Supporter – and I will Support any Man or Woman who can Best Deliver the Results we all Need to be a Free & Prosperous People.

And God Knows That Our Freedoms Are Under Relentless Attack.

There Is No Question Whatsoever . . . That Donald Trump Thus Far, is the Very Best Person to Deliver Freedom & Prosperity – BUT ONLY AS LONG AS TRUMP IS IN THE WHITE HOUSE . . . And That Real Conservatives Are Holding The House & Senate.

Most Of The Readers Of This Blog Are Conservative Supporters Of Trump.

And As Much As You Want To BelieveBELIEVE THIS . . .

What You Believe Is Inconsequential. What is Important – is what the Middle Believe. And the People who have been Disappointed One Time Too Many Believe – who Won’t Go Out to Vote for Trump & Republicans . . . Because They Don’t Want To Be Disappointed Anymore.

In A Fickle & Ignorant Populace Of Voters . . . Coupled with a Disingenuous LEFTIST Propaganda Media – POLITICAL PERCEPTION IS EVERYTHING! And we are Losing.

UNDERSTAND THIS . . . The Worst Thing For Republicans – Will Be If The Democrats Agree To Build A Barrier . . . Within The Next 15-Days.


Nancy Pelosi & Chuck Schumer . . . Will Both Be Heralded, Especially with the Cornucopia of Glowing Media, as the Saviors who Stopped Trump from Heartlessly Denying Income to Millions of Americans, who Stopped the Incredible Inconvenience of a Government Shut-Down to the People of the United States of America, while Providing THEIR OWN COMPREHENSIVE PLAN to Secure the Southern Border . . . INCLUDING STRATEGICALLY PLACED BORDER “BARRIERS”.

Trump Could Be The Loser & 2020 Could Most Likely Belong To The LEFT .

I Read All The Comments & Emails . . . and even Amongst the most Ardent Supporters of Donald Trump, who suggest that President Trump is Playing some Kind of Rope-A-Dope, and will Come off the Ropes Swinging, because he Wrote the Art of the Deal . . . Their Hopes are much like Whistling Past the Graveyard in the Dead of Night.

I’m Impressed With The Passion & Loyalty Of The Comments & Emails – But That Changes Nothing. If You All Weren’t As Concerned As Me . . . My In-Box Wouldn’t Be Overflowing.


PRESIDENT TRUMP . . . Had an Unbelievable Opportunity to Come-Off as the Compassionate Leader of the People by Ending what he could have Promoted as Chuck & Nancy’s Shutdown, while at the same time . . . As the Cameras of the World were Upon Him, President Trump Could have Also Announced A State Of National Emergency, BECAUSE of the Unwillingness of the Democrat Party to Secure the Border.

And Even Though . . . Some District Court Judge Would Have Ruled Against President Trump’s State Of National Emergency . . . SO WHAT? Because – IF IN 15-Days, Trump Resorts to this Remedy of Declaring a State of National Emergency . . . The Same District Court Judge Will Challenge The President . . . & Here We Go Again.


And If Pelosi Still Won’t Agree To Any Form Of Border Wall . . . Pelosi will still have Won a Huge Psychological Victory for the LEFT, while Trump Would have Won Nothing for Himself & His Followers.


If You Want To Play A Game Of Wishful Politics . . . Start Wishing That Pelosi Won’t Build Anything Akin To A Wall – Barrier – Fence . . . ETC. Because, if Pelosi Builds Anything like a Wall & Agrees to Spend 20-Plus Billion Dollars on Border Security, as she’s Stated she wants to . . . Pelosi Will Get The Big Win – SHE WILL HAVE THE BIG-MO . . . & You Can Figure-Out The Rest From There.

I Know You Don’t Like Reading This Stuff . . . But if the Only Thing you Want to Read, is what Makes you Feel Good and Gives Approbation to your Thoughts, Instead of the Possible & Plausible Truth – Might Not Be For You.

It’s Like Going To A Real Doctor Who Says You Probably Have Cancer . . . and you don’t want to Believe it, so you keep-on going for other Opinions, until you find some Voodoo Practitioner, who Says You’re Fine, and all you need are some Herbs, Vitamins, and a Change in Diet.

I Knew Such A Person . . . Who Died When He Could Have Been Saved.

I’m Not Suggesting There Is No Coming-Back . . . But It Won’t Be Easy. And Perhaps the Conservatives Best Hope will be in Who the Democrats Choose to Lead them into 2020.

. . . And if Democrat Nut-Jobs like Ocasio-Cortez are Not Abated from Spewing their Verbal Garbage . . . And The Republicans Get Their Crap Together – There’s Always Hope.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Impressive speech–

    Very well written and presented by way of a down on paper presentation- We witnessed an Old School Oratory Verbal Ass “Whupin” given to our Teleprompter Leader of Spin and Wind and deceit.

    We saw a World Leader skillfully/masterfully use his God given talent— using his eyes, hands, body movements and vocal pauses to impart from his Heart- Knowledge and Beliefs to Enlighten the World to the Truth’s that cannot be rebuked!

    Never Again!

  2. I’m not sure what Trump could have done. We were in Europe trying to get back to the states. We had REAL concerns about our safety with the air traffic controllers not showing up. All that would have had to happen is ONE air traffic accident and Trump would have been blamed. At least now it’s ALL on the Democrats. That said, the media twists everything so Trump will NEVER get a win…

  3. The problem with most sheeples today is that they will finally wake-up when it’s too late and all western countries will become exactly like Georges Orwell’s “1984” book and movie where we will have a complete dystopian society with all freedoms removed or non-existent and slavery will be back with full vengeance. I hope to be dead and buried before that happens. What kind of Constitution gave district court judge so much power to challenge the President of the U.S.A., unreal.

  4. I watched Justice with Judge Jeanne last night and Gov.Huckabee came up with an interesting idea. He said he should do exactly what Pres. Jackson did and ignore the Federal judge that files an injunction and tell him if he wants to enforce his order come do it. Take it straight to the Supreme Court get this over with once and for all. No low life Federal judge should have the authority to override a Presidential Order. Most legal experts agree the president would prevail.

  5. Greetings: It’s my opinion that President Trump really ran out of options. The MSM & the LEFT continued their castigation of the President & there was NO WAY Schumer & Pelosi were going to give on the border barrier. You see THEY HAD NOTHING TO LOSE! NOTHING! While the President had EVERYTHING TO LOSE with pressure & SYMPATHY building on fed employees “suffering” w/o their paychecks. THIS WILL BE LONG FORGOTTEN by the time the ‘20 ELECTION comes rolling around. Trust me… TRUMP HAD TO FOLD!

  6. I’m beginning to get scared! I’ve always said that the U.S.A. could only be destroyed from within; let’s hope that doesn’t happen and that the prez has something up his sleeve. I believe that their education system has been taken over by many who are brainwashing the children on the wonders of socialism. As Margaret Thatcher said “Socialism is great until you run out of other people’s money”.

  7. My only addition to my earlier comment is that “the fat lady has yet to sing.” You may be right in your evaluation. On the other hand I find it best to wait until the “fat lady” is off the stage before agreeing if you don’t mind… Interesting to see what will happen, how, when, and why.

  8. In 500 characters or less: To be effective the shutdown had to last long enough for enough people with intelligence to realize its raison d’etre. Starting with a 50% base Trump was losing his support – blame the media if you like – to the point of no return. His only hope was to do what he did – my view – bring in the inevitable emergency and the most important issue for America’s survival, the wall! Then hope his other accomplishments will bear fruit. A real democratic contender does not ex

  9. If a jerkwater judge interferes with his presidential order , send thousands of illegals by the busloads into that judges district.

  10. Mr. President – Declare the two emergencies and build a well-manned wall. The Emergencies are: from the outside, an uncontrolled and potentially dangerous invasion (immigrants), and from the inside, an uncontrolled and absolutely dangerous political establishment (Liberals), that put their electoral prospects ahead of their Country’s security.

  11. Pelosi will not make a deal to include barriers in the coming weeks. Radical Dems would lose their minds. Trump will declare national emergency and is prepared to take it all the way to the SCOTUS. In the end, he’ll have kept his promise as usual. Sometimes things in life don’t go exactly as planned, but still turn out as intended. I don’t understand why people can’t see that. The end result is what counts. Trump has kept his other promises, in spite of the Dems and RINO obstructionists.

  12. TRUMP’S GOAL of building the WALL is what’s important to FOCUS on!It’s all in the TIMING! His OPENING the Government was a PRUDENT MOVE, as its continuance would have proven to be a FATAL decision! PELOSI, et al, haven’t won a thing; it just APPEARS that way to some!I guess that most of us have seen “the glass half-full” which doesn’t mean that we’re being UNREALISTIC.”The proof is in the pudding” and we WILL REALIZE this in 3 wks. time via a NATIONAL EMERGENCY to Build a Wall. GO TRUMP! AMEN!

  13. I believe that Trump would be willing to appoint a moderate liberal to replace Ginsberg who is fading fast. I don’t know if that issue was on the table or not. After this showdown, I think we can be safe to think it won’t happen. Consequences!

  14. none of you are going to want to hear this. However, you all need to be exposed, at least once, to the truth.

    This actually was a great victory for the American people. Most of us understand that this ridiculous wall is just another scam in a lifetime of scams for D. Trump, the ‘man’ pretending to be POTUS.

    No rational person wants it.

    No rational person believes anything Trump says. He lies like a fish breathes water. His entire adult life has been one scam after another.


  15. Howard – the reason I read your articles, which I do regularly, is that you call a spade a spade as you see it. I love the fact you say the things no one wants to say. Please know many of us value your view. Gary Burd Arlington TX

  16. The best part about Donald Trump is that he is grooming a new generation of republicans and a new generation of leading are in class.

  17. HG you were annoyed that TRUMP did not move the US Embassy to Jerusalem…then he got it done. You were ecstatic.
    The NEWS cycle moves like a whirlwind and YET most of us will NOT forget what has happened by 2020. We will vote accordingly. Pelosi, Schumer will be hailed, sure, but only by the LEFT! They have those votes already. TRUMP will find a way. I do think he should have announced the emergency then and there and sped up the process by 21 days.

  18. If you delete Henry from the directory, aren’t you essentially doing what FaceBook, Twitter and others are doing?…censorship? On a site such as yours, it’s easy to spot the deranged leftists. Shouldn’t you leave the choice to us as to whether we want to read them or not? Just wondering…

  19. We cannot lose heart, even though the Radical Left and the hate-filled Media are exhausting us. We are in a Marathon! Runners never give up; we must not! President Trump does not give up. His goal for America’s protection remains. His empathy for the millions without paychecks was his reason for so-called “caving in.” We see his heart and love for suffering people. Go, Donald Trump! We understand! We also understand that dissenting comment, Howard. The minds of the haters are revealed…

  20. First I was appalled to hear Trump say he would open the gov. without the money for the wall, but listen to his last words where he say he will declare emergency, if they have not agreed on the wall. He is giving the demms a last chance to agree. When he gets the emergency it will be challenged in court. Then go direct to the supreme court and he get what he wants. Smart move! Do not under estimate Trump!

  21. Trump opened the gubmint to loosen up travel to the Super Bowl and to demonstrate that he isn’t the obstacle to getting a deal done. It was a good move. They won’t negotiate in good faith. The gubmint will shut down again. Trump will declare the emergency. Some leftist hack judge will block it. It’ll go to the Supreme Court. Trump will get the green light. The dims will lose spectacularly. Somewhere in the process it will be revealed that the cartels own the dims. It’s all good.

  22. I was very disappointed in the outcome of the shutdown. Since I know President Trump is not a stupid man I must exercise patience and hope that he has something up his sleeve. We might be pleasantly surprised.

  23. Howard, I am afraid that President Trump chewed more that he can handle. He promised millions of people that he will build the wall and Mexico will foot the bill. Now everyone knows that this is not going to be and it was just a ploy. What Trump needs now is to invoke the Emergency scenario and move from there. Otherwise, he is cooked. Steve Acre, Montreal

  24. Will give Trump credit for making sure the people get their checks to feed their children, as he loves children and will give him points for that…….the left continues to have the hatred for Trump winning the election. I’ve never seen anyone with such hatred in their blood as Pelosi and Schumer and some of the rest. Go Trump go……still stand with you. Thank you Howard for speaking up for us who read your great editorials.

  25. I pray for our country and for your country HC what is going to happen is going to happen and all we can do is relay on our heavenly Father. So. all I have to say is start praying folks more than you ever have done before. Sir, if it were not for you writing and letting us know what is going on I would be in a forest not knowing what is going on. Thank you, for your editorials when you put them out with such strong powerful words. You sir, help me see the light at the end of a forest.

  26. My wife & I are conservative independants. We are as big Trump supporters as they come! We both feel Trump was in a no win position with this situation. He might have been in a little stronger position if the entire government was shut down, but the 25% shutdown was only a little leverage. When the traveling public became effected and two missed payday’s his position started looking bad. The Hate Trump media killed him. And the RINOs were the back breaker.

  27. I’m a senior and I don’t recall ever seeing district judges having so much power over the POTUS. Something is very wrong with our legal system when leftist judges can control our country. If Trump ignores the legal challenges then he becomes lawless and we are a Republic of laws. Therefore, if he decides on a national emergency and it is challenged, then let it run its course up through the Supreme Court–he should win in the end.

  28. What every supporter of Trump should do is send Trump an email asking him not to wait till 15 Feb but, to make the emergency declaration NOW and let the chips fall where they may. Also, ask him to release all those emails that will prove the FBI & DOJ where behind the attack on him & the release to the news media.

  29. Still believe Pres. Trump’s decision was in support of furloughed workers & their families (the pawns). It is obvious to anyone who truly pays attention that Pelosi and the dems could care less about them – merely a means to an end. What happens next? We wait to find out – that’s when speculation takes over for the watchers. Still believe THE PEOPLE should demand term limits as we’re seeing some of the worst results of career politicians who are in it for themselves only.

  30. The decision to not vote is without argument giving your vote to whoever won.
    Deciding to not vote got Obama elected twice.

  31. Howard, I get it!!! I am just as worried about the upcoming 2020 election, as you are. Trump will not be the only person who will lose in 2020. There is 1/3 of the Senate that will be up for re-election, as well. Already in my state of Georgia, the Left is trying very hard to make it a Dem state, instead of a GOP state. Sen. Perdue is up for election & could possibly lose, due to all of Trump’s actions. This is more than just Trump’s election in 2020. We need prayers & VOTES in 2020.

  32. Hi Howard. Stay positive. I believe Trump will still get the wall and I also feel that Schumer and Pelosi will get their comeuppance sooner rather than later. Pelosi feels she is bigger than the President and is so full of herself that she will make a glaring error and find herself back in her place. Trump’s the man. Keep the faith brother. (I heard that someplace.)

  33. I’m in Canada but reading most comments why are most of you so convinced that the Supreme Court would back the wall? If a national emergency will be declared we will find out and I certainly hope that this would be the case. The only thing standing between the globalist and the limited perceived freedom we still have in this world is a a strong and free USA with the right people in power. I pray for God’s grace to continue and this will happen, MAGA for a free world until His return.

  34. It’s not Trumps wall. It’s my wall. It’s your wall. It’s AMERICA’ S WALL.

  35. Just wait until Feb. 15th. Then when the Dems have shown the entire country what they are made of, he will lower the boom. The Dems will own it, the wall will be built and the Dems will loose in 2020. Meanwhile in Canada, god willing, the Federal lieberals will be dealt the same blow as Winn and the provincials. If only the Conservatives had an actual Conservative leader, instead of the liberal lite Sheer.

  36. I agree that the president made a huge mistake in that he got sucked into accepting blame before the real showdown began! The Dems may not be good for anything else, but their leadership knows how to keep it’s membership in line–It’s not for nothing that their party symbol is a Jackass!
    I hope Trump and his party succeed in constructing the wall–not for politics, but for America, which I once wrote a blank check to for anything up to and including my life–and it has no expiration date.

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