President Pelosi Just Bitch-Slapped The Donald



Trump Has 3-Weeks To Make This Right – For Which I Don’t Hold Hope.

After Listening To Trump . . . Feebly Trying to Claim Victory over an Enormous Defeat, which I think just Might have Cost Him the Presidency in 2020 . . . I Muted the Volume on my Television, Sat-Down in Front of My Keyboard, and Wondered how I could Write the Trump & American Eulogy.


As Hard As I Try . . . I Can’t Imagine – For The Life Of Me, how Donald Trump and the Republican Party will Ever be Able to Recover from this Colossal Embarrassment & Defeat.

I Stuck With The President Through Thick & Thin . . . But This Is Too Much.

Anne & I Spoke Often . . . That if Donald Trump was Going to Hold a Rally, even a Day’s Drive Away from where we Happened-To-Be, we would Probably Make the Drive & Wait for Hours to Get-In, just to Hear & See President Donald Trump Rally the People to Make America Great Again . . .

And Now, I wouldn’t Walk Across The Street – Even If It Meant A Seat In The Front Row To Hear What He Had To Say.


NOT ONLY IS THIS A STUPENDOUS VICTORY FOR PELOSI . . . This is an Unconscionable Defeat for American Conservatives, and if I’m right – it very well might be . . . The 100% Dissolution Of Trump’s Base.


When (If) Pelosi Does . . . Will Trump Declare Open War Against The LEFT?

At This Point In Time . . . I Couldn’t Give a Rat’s-Ass to Hear Trump Brag about all his Achievements, while Standing In the Congressional Chamber as Pelosi’s Toothless Pit-Bull, because, when it Really Counted, And Trump had to Put-Up or Shut-Up . . . Trump Became The Dithering Silence Of The Lambs . . . Bleating-Out Tired Retreaded Platitudes Before The Cameras.

I Saw The Look On Trump’s Face As He Approached The Podium . . . If a man could Puke on Television, Trump would have Lost his Cookies, because, he knew, that What he was about to Say . . . was as Much a Defeat for him and the MILLIONS of People who Support Him, as one can Imagine.

I Also Saw The Glee In The Face Of Fox News’s Chris Stirewalt, who Generally has to Restrain himself from being Too Openly an Anti-Trumper . . . As Stirewalt Relayed The News – and I also Saw the Disappointment on the Face of Fox News Pundits Like Martha MacCallum, who it seemed to me . . . Tried To Put-On-A-Brave-Face.

This Is Nothing Short Of A Mess & Ignoble Surrender To The Socialists.

NOT TO DIMINISH TRUMP’S ROLE IN ALL OF THIS . . . A Great Deal of the Blame for this Fiasco has to be Squarely Placed on the Shoulders of Paul Ryan, who, when still Speaker of the House, Never Brought the Wall-Up for a Vote when he had the chance, and to Mitch McConnell, who didn’t have, and still doesn’t have the Fortitude to Kiss-Off the Anti-Democratic 60-Vote Rule, so the Winner of the Senate Actually Wins Power . . . And Is Accountable To The People.


As I Previously Wrote . . . I don’t see any way Forward for the Republican Party, where the Swamp Runs Deep and the Will of the People Means Nothing.


I Assure You . . . Pelosi Isn’t The Only One Popping The Cork.

Seeing The President’s Collapse In Front Of The Cameras Of The World, how much Trust in the President’s Stick-To-Itness, and Lack of Support from his Own Party do you think is Resonating Right-Now . . . Amongst America’s Enemies, Including the Leaders of America’s Supposed Friends – like almost all of Europe?

And If I Was Israel . . . I’d Be Very Worried About Trump’s Deal Of The Century.


Yesterday – January 25, 2019 . . . I Removed Two Comments.

One Comment Encouraged Civil War. The Other used a Cutesy Euphemism to Describe Nancy Pelosi as Nazi Pelosi . . . So Here Are A Couple of New Rules.

1 – If you want to Comment on, Either Use the Proper Name of the Person you’re Referring to – Or Don’t Comment.

2 – The Comment Page . . . Is not a Feature for People who Want to Tell others How Much they Loved the Comments of Others, or to Debate with Other People’s Comments.

Please Understand . . . I read every Comment, whether I Respond to them or Not. And the Comment Section of is a Privilege . . . NOT A RIGHT. It will also Not be a Debating Forum, Nor an Opportunity for People who want to use this BLOG’S Comment Section to look Cute.

The Comment Section . . . gives every Registered User, the Opportunity to Write & Express Himself/Herself Eruditely – So Please Take Advantage & Show Your Writing Skills & Knowledge of Events with Thoughtful Opinions.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov


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  1. What would be helpful to all your readers is to post a list of those congressmen and senators who boycotted the speech so that we out here can applicably address our votes against them come election time.

  2. Just when you think Trump is going in a certain direction- SURPRISE- he pulls a full reversal.

  3. Goodbye America. Suddenly death from this pesky cancer doesn’t seem so bad compared to what I will have to face in America when I am in my 70s without the youthful strength to fight for my country. Trump will not be re-elected in 2020 unless he does something incredible. I weep for my country.

  4. I’m the one you chastise for the Pelosi adjectival and I fully understand. Nevertheless I don’t think Pelosi would ever give in on the shutdown. I believe – and of course I could be wrong – that Trump is setting up for the emergency declaration which is inevitable. He will get his WALL. I’m with him on this and of course, again, this is my hope. Sorry to disagree with your synopsis even though you’re a better reader of politics and probably are right. Sorry if I’m stubborn!

  5. Whatever happened to trust? We must continue to trust our president, and fully believe that he knows completely what he is doing! Do not be swayed by what we see or what we hear. We must trust in the process! It may look like a defeat at the moment, but we have to stand with our president and believe that he knows exactly what he is doing! I believe the louder the left screams, the better job Trump is doing! It’s Not Over! Don’t lose hope! Trust our president to do what he promised!

  6. Caved in doesn’t really tell how many people will just about give up on Make America Great Again, after seeing our President embarrass himself on tv. I’m 84 and wonder if I will still be around to see IF America is great again. Time will tell.

  7. Howard, don’t count President Trump out just yet. A good man is like a good sports team. They always find a way to win and they, more often than not, bounce back. I believe Donald Trump is a good man. Sure, like anybody else, he’s got his demons and he makes mistakes. I’d rather have one DONALD TRUMP than a thousand of FRANCOIS LEGAULT..who is the newly elected Premier of Quebec…ethnocentric nationalist, separatist and racist who hates anyone or anything that is not FRENCH !!! Disgusting :>

  8. “Feebly Trying to Claim Victory over an Enormous Defeat, which I think just Might have Cost Him the Presidency in 2020.”

    Well, I don’t see the Democrats taking over either. With what gun will they beat Trump? Alexandrio-Cortez? Bernie Sanders? Even a come back from Hilary Rotherdam Clinton?

    Help me out on this one, I can’t forsee those people beat Trump wall or no wall.

  9. I don’t believe it! I believe he showed he’s the one to care about the people and DACA (even if we don’t) and that in the three weeks when it goes back because the left won’t come to the table with any “reasonable” offer it will be the left’s fault. This proves who cares about the American people and it’s not the democrats! Don’t be like the rest of the world and so quick to judge! You remember the kids on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial! More to it than meets the eye!

  10. Didn’t President Trump said in a speech that if he can’t get the deal after the February deadline that he will use the national emergency clause that is permitted under the constitution ???

  11. The only saving grace is to remember that Trump does not lose.
    So I’m turning off the sickening internet and other news for three weeks. Maybe then I can listen.

  12. I beg to differ with your comments regarding The Donald herein. The game isn’t over, the real deal has not been struck, if anything given the methods that The Donald has used in his past business practices to gain what he wanted this lull in the activity was/is planned to give him the needed ammunition to bury the other side. I may be wrong but I believe the history of the man speaks to another end to this story.

  13. It seems that every person , including our President, has his breaking point in this world of politics, half-truths and we are entitled-ism thinking. I would still support President Trump, even though his, “show business comments”, do not agree with my conservative values. However with a business background and not a political background, his personal planning may not be politically correct, but in his opinion practical for all the persons being hurt.

    show bu

  14. I’m not willing to give up on Trump just yet, as the more people that do that, will simply help the Democrats win and let socialism evolve further into reality. Two lessons learned from this:- 1) Trump needs to watch what he says and tweets (comments when he met with Chuck and Nancy in the White House -“proud to shut down govt, – – take ownership of shutdown” and, 2) Pelosi will not negotiate anymore as the MO of the left is bulldozer management. We lost the battle, but the war ain’t over – yet.

  15. Trump has something up his sleeve and will have the last laugh. He has compassion for the Gov workers not being paid; Pelosi & the evil Dimms are using them as political pawns. Trump will come back with a checkmate.

  16. Trump may have some other plan in 3 weeks…. the Republicans had plenty of chances to build the wall before Trump….but thanks to Paul Ryan, it never happened…now he has to fight against about 25 senators (Republican senators)…the Dems want you to abandon Trump…if you do they really win…can you name a Republican that you would want to take Trumps place??…

  17. “The Art of the Deal”–Trump knows EXACTLY what he’s doing!He HASN’T LOST anything.Trump has CONTINUOUSLY been a WINNER. As an OFFICIAL ASSURANCE—he’s NOW given PELOSI, et al, the FINAL chance to NEGOTIATE, which of course, they WON’T!Then, the DEMOCRATS won’t be able to POINT THE FINGER at Trump thereafter! Hence, the NATIONAL EMERGENCY WILL BE ACTIVATED ASAP!The DEMOCRATS FEAR him and DON’T really KNOW how to COPE with him because he’s full of UNFORESEEN PLANS! HAVE FAITH! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  18. Am so glad to read all the comments who feel as I do – that Pres Trump acted for the benefit of those who have gone 5-6 weeks with no pay; bills are due, pantry getting low or gone, they need help. HE feels for them; Pelosi/Dems don’t care. He’s a hardline business man remember? You paid employees b4 yourself–not different what Trump is doing now. I don’t see him capitulating, he’s manipulating.

  19. Trump has set up Pelosi to shoulder the blame when he shuts it down again in three weeks. This move also gives the gov’t employees their badly needed paychecks so they can continue to put food on the table.
    Trump may look weak but I believe it’s his strategy. He will turn the tables on those fools and get the wall. Those who think he caved will sing a different tune once this is over.

  20. Your comments are typical of the western mentality. Everything is about the here and now. Why not wait at least 35 days to see how this plays out. Acting irrationally like CNN and New York Times is not productive in getting to the countries root problems.

  21. I’m disappointed, but I haven’t lost faith, YET! Trump always thinks several steps ahead and the air traffic controller situation was getting worse. I’m curious to see what happens during the next three weeks and what the “Committee” actually comes up with if anything. I’m betting he will do something significant after the three-week pause in the war between the Left and the Right.

  22. Howard, it is far too easy to let your disappointment with yesterday’s news, spill over to a point that you join the multitude of “I told you so’s”.
    PRESIDENT TRUMP IS THE PRESIDENT FOR ALL THE PEOPLE IN THE USA. He had very little choice, but, to do what’s best for ALL Americans even the Dims. Giving in, shows how much he loves this country by putting his personal pride and ego aside and taking this painful hit, just to keep America from tearing itself apart. Pelosi could care less.

  23. I usually agree with what you say, but not this time! Without repeating what many have already said in support of Trump, I believe that we have to “wait and see” what he has planned in using his excellent negotiation skills. He had no choice in this “agreement” with the idiot-left, in order to stop the bleeding of unpaid workers and the safety of our airports, etc. He may be a poor public speaker at times, but he has proven himself to be a great leader who truly loves this country! TRUMP-2020!

  24. I understand Trump wants folks paid their wages, he loves this country, I sincerely hope he can pull the rabbit out of the hat on this one.

  25. I usually agree with your opinions, but not this time. I, too, saw his expression as he walked to the podium. This wasn’t what he wanted, but he cares about the furloughed workers. I was initially mad, but now I see the situation as a plus. POTUS is showing that he’s made every effort to work with Democrats. He’s setting them up to appear as the anti-US citizen, pro-illegal alien hacks they are. He will own them in the end and live up to his promise. #MAGA

  26. The swamp is deep. Mr Trump, has traits that makes him unable to improve his standing with the voters. Maybe it’s the available labour pool, but his inability to bring honesty to the American Justice Department means that all is just rhetoric without follow through. Watching news reporting of both the Roger Stone arrest and the Covington boys video and and realizing that there is no public outrage, tells me the problems overwhelms his communication abilities.

  27. This was a bitter pill for me to swallow but heard a plausible explanation. President Trump is going to be forced into declaring a National Emergency (a path he does not want to go down) it will be immediately challenged in court. This demonstrates he has exhausted all avenues for resolving. The President has laid the foundation for successfully defeating that challenge. This also once again demonstrate that govt is too big and needs to be drastically reduced. Fighting the swamp isn’t easy.

  28. Lost today’s battle but will win the war. He is not an ogre and knows the little peope should not pay for the CHESS GAME that is politics. My faith in TRUMP does not waver. He will get us patriots the wall. I will always call it a wall! Trump’s expression may have made him look beaten but that is because he is playing with N. Pelosi (is it ok to use her initial?).
    Fireworks to come

  29. In 3 weeks, if our president doesn’t get the money for our wall, I fully expect him to issue a State of Emergency and get that wall built without approval from the crooked congress. N. Pelosi thinks she is running the USA. How arrogant can one woman be.

  30. Before you give up on President Trump, remember the eight years of Barack Hussein Obama and the abyss he was taking us down and imagine where we would be if Hillary won the election. Donald Trump has saved the country from total destruction and Democratic dictatorship.

  31. Read the “The Art of the Deal” closely. And think about a Venus Fly Trap as you do! Apparent loses are the final lure to the trap! Let the dems crow, high five, or gloat,BUT stick around for the next 14 months and watch the “fly trap” CLOSE, and devour it’s prey (as the dems wimper away way through the primaries silently being consumed! Lots of folks know how the game works besides Trump, and for sure the Dem’s are not among them. It was the “AGAIN” that Donald Trump is delivering in MAGA!!

  32. Howard, sorry, you are wrong, Trump will prevail, I think he saw how senseless it was to use the federal employees as pawns , he sees a better way, and we will find out soon enough

  33. Did the Russians Smell blood in the water ???? Did they sense a weakness in Trump??? Look at their threat to Trump over Venezuela.

  34. This time Howard, I sure hope you’re wrong. I am hoping he just postponed for 21 days lowering the boom.

  35. I stand with POTUS Trump and his announcement, and not “blindly” either!!
    The wall will be built and this decision made “DOES NOT” disillusion me!!!!!!!
    POTUS Trump is the “ONLY” hope for America at this time of Globalism and POTUS Trump’s “ENEMY WITHIN!!!!”
    I AM a realist and NOT blindly loyal, but for me to “JUMP SHIP” or abandon POTUS Trump at this time is not in my books!!!
    It surprises me for Trump followers to be condemning him so quickly?????????
    This is far from over yet!!!!!

  36. Howard you have to stand behind the only hope for North America instead of pursuing the “puddleglum” mediocrity of defeat. Alcoholic Pelosi who thinks she is president would never let Trump do the SOTU with the border wall still in play.
    Trump hopefully now realizes that advisers Jared Kushner and his daughter are typical Millenials out of touch with Common Sense.

  37. OK. So Trump lost the round, but the fight isn’t over yet. You’ll see, he has a way of getting up off the canvas. His opponents will soon be reeling. This reminds me of George Washington, who was surrounded by the British in Brooklyn,in June of 1776. He escaped intact with ALL his men. (He was the LAST one to leave Brooklyn in the boats. THAT’S a leader.) Likewise, Trump didn’t want to harm the country by not receiving heir Paychecks. He will re-group and win the day. Keep the faith.

  38. In most cases, I agree with you Howard, on this case I do not. Our President has made many things happen that so many others said he could not. Any man will can be defeated if enough gang up on him. He saw the crisis of the Shut Down, he had to do something. I think he will take emergency action and build the Wall. I still think he will get a bunch of the cave dwellers in Washington on crimes they truly did commit. We shall see.

  39. just watched the absurd interview FNC had with rep.Dingle from Mich.who claims the politicians in D.C. know more about secureing the border than the US BORDER PATROL,that’s like going to your auto mechanic because your car won’t run,he says your carb needs repair,you say he does’nt know what he’s talking about,you know better,it’s probably your headlights, FIX THEM…..THAT’S THE WAY THE DEMS ROLL——DEMS SMART—AMERICANS STUPID…unreal!

  40. I question the decision of President Trump in this instance, but I still have faith in him.

  41. Howard~~I fully believe President Trump is not finished until God is finished with President Trump and sadly, the USA. HE is very patient and long suffering.

  42. I can see the mischievous twinkle in your eye, Howard. You deliberately set yourself up for the take-down. Brilliant.

  43. Cool your jets Howard. We have three weeks to wait before declaring the END OF THE USA.

    The good outweighs the NOT SO good by a long country mile!

  44. I can understand the disappointment to many. However you have to pick your battles and this one had gone on long enough. You can see the smug faces of Pelosy and her gangsters, they will stumble into their own dug grave. Trump is already 3 or 4 steps ahead of them and want’s to give the swamp 3 weeks to come up with a deal, if not he will take his next step. HG I still agree with your 5 points for 2019, the wall will be build.

  45. One thing i’ve Learned about Trump is to never try to outguess him. I’ve been surprised before and can’t help but expect him to make a strong comeback!

  46. Nancy P. wielded that gavel like Thor’s Hammer, with a maniacal, sinister glint in her eyes, after the DEMS won the house and she became queen bee. “Let’s see, the pres…A/G…then MEEE!!” “First I’ll build a wall between the house and the senate, ’cause that’s the only one I will allow….ever” “Don’t care about the immigrants or ATC controllers…I have the money and the power.” “Trump “caved” finally” (sic) Meanwhile, in the Oval Office…”Check”!
    Get back on board Howard:-) S

  47. I wanted to throw up. I bet Mahmoud Abbas and the Mullahs can’t wait for the “Deal of the Century”

  48. I BEG to disagree. He loves the American people, not power and money, like the Demorats. He eased the pain temporarily. In a few weeks, he will get his wall, or declare an National Emergency. Then we will see who wins. You are right about Pelosi and her Champagne. She is noted for ordering cases of booze put on her plane before flights. Can her brains be fried? The Devil has taken over the Democrat/Socialist Party. She has turned into a female Hitler. Come on the Civil War

  49. Howard- I’ll wait to see how things resolve in three weeks time before giving up on Trump. The wall isn’t a dead issue until then. Trump is not a loser and the game is not over yet.

  50. HG Trump knows how to deal, retreat to fight better another day, and win, win, win. I will never give up on a man with total common sense and a true great love of God and our country. Think what you want HG but this time I think you think wrong. I have faith in your thoughts and character. Keep talking. MAGA I love the country I know we really are.

  51. President Trump knows exactly what he is doing… The obstructionist hate-filled democRATS have temporarily been given some cheese to go with their cork-popping whine… as he builds ammo and momentum for his master plan.

  52. President Trump is presidential in this instance. Pelosi has offered nothing, all she has said is “no” and says that she will not “allow” funds for a barrier: and then Schumer has made the comment: “I hope the president has learned his lesson”. Mind boggling arrogance is behind that statement. I suspect that statement is not lost on President Trump.
    Pelosi’s hatred of Trump is greater than her love for the US. It is not Trump’s wall, it is mine and yours.

  53. As wise old Yogi said “It ain’t over till it’s over”. The Pres is giving them enough rope to hang themselves, and I do think, my wonderful Mr. Galganov, that you are just playing us. How are you feeling with all these optimistic responses?

  54. Howard, I must disagree with your position. Think as a chess player, plan ahead. Trump will come out on top of this. Everyone goes back to work thanks to him, while the Dems did nothing, people will remember. The next 3 weeks the Dems will do nothing. Trump will set up to take emergency measures, and fund the barrier. I understand funds are being transferred as we speak. He will have the last laugh. One mind against two clowns.

  55. Howard, I got the exact same feeling you did, when I read the news of Trump’s “giving in” to the demands of the Dems. I personally call them Dimwits, because to me that is exactly what they are. Trump may be a good businessman, but he has forgotten that he frequently “paid” the local politicians, to get his way, as many, many wealthy businessmen do. As President you can’t do that, you truly must be above the fray or so corrupt like Clinton, LBJ & so on. God help the USA since only He can.

  56. I have to agree with you that I was disappointed with the decision but remember that it is only halftime. I maybe wrong but he seems to always have a ace up his slieve. Let’s give him another two years and then judge him. I do enjoy your writings and wish the best for you and your family.

  57. Sir, no matter what I am with our President NO matter what the media has to say about him, what Nancy Pelosi has to say about him or anyone else. The man is doing his best he can and that is all we the people voted him for. He will do his very best he does not like to lose.
    As Always you wrote what your heart had to say and I respect you sir from my heart as well.

  58. Howard, I can understand your frustration. I believe his decision places this mess in the lap of Nancy Pelosi and her Dems and they only have a short time to come up with a solution that corresponds with the President’s request. If they don’t, they will be the big loosers. It might also serve as a heads up that the 800,000 furloughed workers should do all they can to prepare themselves and their families in the event of another shutdown. Non-government workers have had to do that.

  59. Howard you were always a fair weather fan of the Donald until he moved the embassy in Israel, stay tuned, final results is what matters

  60. Trump in my opinion did not cowtow. I see it as though he made his decision based on having concern for those who were not getting paid. I actually find this quite admirable. In true Democrat fashion, Pelosi and co. are the witches who let people suffer to suit their needs. I only like Trump more with this.

  61. Hey stop all the negative vibrations, your giving up on “the Donald”…… don’t ever count him out!!!!!!
    You will never know what this guy thinks and I don’t believe the crazy LEFT does either.
    Just hang in there, it will all come out in the wash.
    Darrel Dickson, Casa Grande, AZ (Where the west is still wild.)

  62. Trump has proven himself to me. I will not turn on him because I feel unsure of a decision he made.He has not forgotten about the wall.Pres Trump and a few others in Washington are all I trust to do the right thing and I still trust him. It is like following your leader in battle even when you are not so sure it is the right move. If we defect now the war is over. He is our leader and he will continue to be a great one.

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