Stand For Everything – You Stand For Nothing



When the LEFT Stands for Everything . . . Other than Personal Values, Integrity, Honesty, Decency, Personal Sexual Self-Esteem, Pride in Work, Achievement, a Meritocracy & Love of Nation – WHAT DOES THE LEFT REALLY STAND FOR?


The Casus-Belli (Reason To Go To World War) Was Only An Excuse.

In Sarajevo . . . 1914 – The Archduke Ferdinand of Austria was Assassinated, which was the Catalyst (Casus-Belli), not the Real Reason for World War I . . . The War To End All Wars, which Resulted in the Unintended Brutal Deaths of Tens of Millions of People Worldwide.

Hitler Would Roll Over If He Knew What His Nightmare Accomplished.

As The World Learned About The Holocaust . . . and Saw the Outrageous Images of 6-Million Jews being Tormented & Slaughtered, in many cases, more Grotesquely than Animals are Mistreated & Slaughtered – In a Bizarre way, Hitler Expedited the Re-Emergence of the Nation of Israel for the Jewish People.

On December 1, 1955 . . . On A Public Montgomery (Alabama) Bus – A Black Woman, Rosa Parks, who was Exhausted from a Long Day at Work as a Seamstress in a Department Store, sat on the Segregated Bus, where Black People were Forced by Law, to sit at Designated Seats . . . AT THE BACK OF THE BUS.

As the Bus was Filling with more White Passengers, Rosa Parks was Told by the Bus Driver to Surrender Her Seat to White Folk.

There are a Great Many Stories, which Embellish this Racial Moment in American History, AS IF IT WAS PLANNED . . . WHICH IT WAS NOT, which also Includes how Rosa Parks Set-Out to Defy the Jim Crow Laws, where in Fact . . . From What I Understand . . .

Rosa Parks Was Simply Exhausted From Her Hard Day Of Work . . . And Quietly Said No to Relinquishing her Seat on the Bus, and Refused to move Further to the Back of the Bus, or to Stand so White People could Sit.

As a Result . . . Rosa Parks was Taken off the Bus by Police, Charged, Arrested, and Made to Pay A Fine Of $10 For Her “Crime” & A Fee Of $4 For Court Expenses, which in those Days was Serious Money.

THE UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES . . . Were the Dissolution of All Jim Crow Laws. The Desegregation Of Education. Affirmative Action For Black People & People of Color . . . And The 1964 Passage Of The Civil Rights Act, Signed into Law by President Lyndon Johnson, who as a Democrat Senator, DID WHAT HE COULD TO BLOCK CIVIL RIGHTS.


This Is Not About An Attack On Women . . . It’s About An Attack On Men.

It’s Not About Inequality Between The Sexes . . . It’s about Sick-Minded People, Men & Women alike, who somehow Deem it their RIGHT to Screw with Nature and the Reality of the Natural Selection of Gender.

It’s About Some Women . . . who seem to want to be more like Men, while Making Men more like Women.

It’s All About Making White Heterosexual Men, Especially Successful White Heterosexual Men & Boys . . . FEEL GUILTY FOR BEING SUCCESSFUL WHITE HETEROSEXUAL MEN.

These Women . . . and their LEFTIST Male Accomplices, who Play Fast & Loose with the Laws of Nature & Decency . . . Are Tripping The Light Fantastic.


Am I Part Of The Far Right . . . Because I’m A Conservative With Decent Values?

The Official Name Of The German Nazi Party Was . . . The National Socialist German Workers’ Party . . . With an Emphasis on the word SOCIALIST.

So Why Are Conservatives Compared To Nazis? . . . That’s Ass-Backwards.

The American Founder Of Planned Parenthood (Margaret Sanger) . . . was a Huge Supporter of Adolf Hitler, who in Turn, was a Huge Supporter of Margaret Sanger.

Abortion Was Never About Helping Women . . . Abortion was all about Eugenics, the Belief in Creating a Better Society, by Killing-Off Inferior Babies, Based upon their Race (Black-Colored) & Religion . . . With A Heavy Emphasis On Jews.

I Don’t Believe In Wanton Abortion, Which Is An Iconic LEFTIST Philosophy.

So . . . What Does That Make Me, for Objecting to the Slaughter of Babies in the Womb?

And now, According to the Latest New York State Law, Women can Abort their Babies, not even with the Procedure done by a Doctor (A Healthcare Worker Or Midwife Will Suffice), Right-Up Until The Baby Draws Its First Breath.

And These Are The People Who Show Compassion To Murderers On Death Row.


What Is Yours Is Theirs . . . Meritocracy & Just Reward Be Damned.

Today . . . January 25, 2019 At 6AM – in the Darkness of Early Morning, Roger Stone, a Trump Associate, was Arrested by a Small Army of FBI Officers Bearing “Assault” Rifles, Wearing Bullet Proof Vests & Guns Drawn – Rushed Stone’s House, as if Roger Stone was Some Kind of Violent Threat to Society.

In Fact . . . What the FBI did – was no Different than what Armed Government Thugs do in Third World Countries to Political Rivals. And to make Certain that the FBI would Milk this Aberration For All It’s Worth – the FBI made Certain to have CNN with them to Record this Moment of “Bravery”.

And Then There’s The Covington Catholic Schoolboy Outrage.

The Fact That Nancy Pelosi . . . For Partisan Political Reasons – Just Destroyed A Constitutional Tradition that Dates Back to the Founding of the United States of America, by DENYING the People’s Duly Elected President, of his Opportunity to Address The Nation In The People’s House Of Congress – Which does Not Belong to Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat Party or America’s Burgeoning Communist Supporters . . . Speaks Volumes About The LEFT.


If Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and the American LEFT are looking to Start a Civil War in America, They Are Very Much On Track.

But – If Civil War Isn’t The Objective Of The LEFT . . . Let Them Beware. Decent Conservative Men & Women who are Patriots – who Cherish their Values, Can Only Be Pushed So Far, Until They Lose All Faith In Government Of The People, By The People & For The People . . . Who Decide To Push Back.

People Worldwide Are Much Closer To Insurrection . . . Than We Want To Think.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I watched the entire speech, the PM is truly a real leader! (Something we don’t see in America with the present White House resident or his Democratic/Republican minions)!!!!! I am appalled at the Democratic response to (straight from the White House Briefing Room) Netanyahu’s speech, what a bunch of absolute Morons!!!!!

    The GOP better get their act together and team up with CONSERVATIVE Americans before it’s too late!

  2. Civil WAR 2 is coming. Make no mistake about that. My cop ex-husband told me it was coming in 1996 and I laughed so hard I fell out of the chair. I apologize Jeff–you were right and I was too blind to see it.

  3. I must thank you, Howard, for your continued use of adding history to your columns. You are one of the very few pundits who do that. It does a couple of things: (1) it adds context to the article; (2) it reminds us we should not allow ourselves to repeat history; (3), sometimes, it brings us back to our present and usually brings us relief; and (4) it reminds us to keep on keeping on and do our best to oppose those who are against our freedom and our republic!

  4. Just heard a rumor from a right wing source that Trump is going to cave on opening the gov’t. I hope its wrong! the rumor is that they’ll open up the gov’t again and He Gets no funding for the wall. I’m having a hard time believing this. I can’t believe Trump ever cowarding on this issue. I sure hope the rumor is Not True. Lets hope!

  5. Pres Trump was just on TV U.S. Gov reopened for 3 weeks. No wall. As for Howard’s comments, on target. A second civil war is just around the corner. Pray I am wrong.

  6. I hope President Trump pulls the answer out of the hat to get this government cleaned out soon

  7. “So . . . What Does That Make Me, for Objecting to the Slaughter of Babies in the Womb?”

    I do believe that the leftist media would brand you with racist, homophobic, misogynist, far-right extremist…

    You get the picture… We live in perilous times here with the socialist media bullying any dissenter to silence…

    And as for Trump… God I hope he doesn’t cave. With the recent infringements on the 2nd and then caving to nasty nancy I fear he will be a 1 term president……

  8. As an American, from BIRTH, to a VETERAN for SIX years of service, I am TOTALLY DISGUSTED! Response #1 (Terri from Louisiana). Trump was indeed our highest and best hope of re-claiming our Country to it’s rightful base a “DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC”! It was that, which Ben Franklin warned us, could only be ours IF WE could keep and maintain it!! Looks like we are failing badly! I would take ANY federal job they needed done, for “$0.00” monthly, even at my age “74”! To be a TRUE AMERICAN! My Country!

  9. Tom, we are most assuredly not a democratic republic. With full intent by the Founders we are a Constitutional Republic. DRs are what left dictatorships call themselves, as in the DR of North Korea. The American Left does not believe in U.S. Constitutionalism ergo the coming clash. Clyde-Colorado

  10. I am sooo afraid that all of you are right in your prediction: Civil war is coming!

  11. Is it time for the Consequences to Begin..AS…our Sly old Fox will hit back..and it will be pretty entertaining and educational to–Democrats…Congress…Senators….and Spineless Republicans.. Winner’s Win because nothing Succeeds like Success..and Complainers usually keep on Complaining…

  12. I believe only reason Pres. Trump signed the CR to reopen the whole gov’t for 3 wks was to allow month+ furloughed employees to get back-pay (to pay bills). Don’t doubt hard line will continue from here & furlough will restart in Feb. I too feel a civil war is near because left socialists are pushing hard (bullying) & the people being bullied will only take so much. If filling a jar, it’s 3/4 full+ depending on latest left push.

  13. Trump is preparing himself to declare and EMERGENCY to build the WALL! Pelosi is being given another 3 WEEKS to negotiate, but will REFUSE to do so because the WALL is IMMORAL! What does Pelosi know about IMMORALITY, especially when ALLOWING her own State to have become such a HUMAN DISASTER! She also talks about SIN–typical HYPOCRITICAL Catholic! There is no such thing as SIN with the LEFT because they are an ANYTHING-GOES GROUP who have NO SENSE of MORALITY! God help us all! GO TRUMP! AMEN!

  14. Pelosi’s State is IMMORAL! Yes, I too can sense a second civil war. The Left has pushed too far – they are over-the-cliff. Can’t be reasoned with as they don’t have any reasoning abilities left. The ‘thimble of tolerance’ is almost full. Trump seems to have lost his ….testicles!! Didn’t think that would happen to him.

  15. Love what you say every time you put out an editorial sir. I fear that a civil war is on the rising with all my heart I hope this does not happen again in our country. Thank you as always for your great writing. Take care you and Anne be well and safe.
    God blessings to you both.

  16. Civil war is here; low scale sort of. Consider elected officials calling for resistance or violence against police (which you know has happened) and for elected officials or candidates of the opposition party (the right/conservative). There have been govt employees proudly boasting how they are thwarting Trump and his administration (this is treason isn’t it?). So the animosity, rhetoric, small scale violence of various kinds at various levels is already here. It’s going to get hotter.

  17. I did ENJOY the other “BLOGGERS'” remarks, & PLEASE STAND FIRM, MR. PRES. TRUMP! The DEMS are up to their usual “DIRTY TRICKS”!! AMEN-AMEN!!!

  18. Our Politicians are all corrupt at some level, they lied to get elected and have kept so few promises. Pres. Trump has shown real leadership and kept promises and they hate it, makes them look bad, all of them. Yes, we are heading towards a time where you had better be prepared to defend yourself and what you have. I fear for my grandchildren as they are inheriting a mess. And so few know how to work, create and survive. Our government has pushed the Marijuana law and sells to keep them stoned

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