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Because LEFTIST Groups Say & Do Horrific, Unconscionable & Indefensible Things . . . the Only way the LEFT, who are Caught in Nefarious Acts of their own Making, can Defend Themselves . . . is to either Find a Modicum of Equivalence or Create Equivalence to show that the “Other-Side” Is Just As Guilty Of The Same Indecencies.


Two Perfect Examples Are BuzzFeed & The Covington Catholic School Students.

BuzzFeed Published a Totally Unverified & Salacious Story – which was Disavowed by Special Council Robert Mueller, which Stated by BuzzFeed, that BuzzFeed had seen Written Proof that President Trump Instructed his Lawyer Michael Cohen, to Lie to Congress, and that this Information Came Directly from the Special Council’s Office.

And Now – that the Special Council Denied this Allegation . . . The Media Is Intent On Proving A Lie, Since They Can’t Find Equivalence.


I Can’t Imagine Too Many People Who Haven’t Seen The “Video”.

And Once Again . . . Here We Are – where there is no Equivalence Whatsoever, which the LEFT Can Point To. But it won’t stop the LEFT from Trying to find Something . . . ANYTHING, which the LEFT can do to Ameliorate the Damage, Which The LEFT & Their Media Cohorts Has Done To Itself!


President Trump didn’t get to where he is because he’s Stupid. Donald Trump became Wealthy, because he is Really Smart, and knows how to Read his Surroundings, Competitors, Allies . . . and then React in the most Effective way Possible.

And It Seems – At Least To Me . . . That Donald Trump Knows Best . . . How To Keep His Cards Close To His Chest, while his Opponents Imagine they have Him & Everything He Does Figured-Out, Only to Realize how Wrong they Are . . . When It Hits-The-Fan.


I Love Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez . . . She’s like a Venereal Disease . . .“The Gift That Keeps On Giving”, which is the Price One Pays for a Few Minutes of Dumb Pleasure.

And Here We Are . . . With Media – Many on Fox News as well, Comparing this Piece of Work, who is as Dumb as a Rock, who has never Achieved anything of Consequence, other than to Convince Enough People, who are as Stupid as she is, to Vote for her to Win a Seat in the US Congress (House).

Ocasio-Cortez Never had to sign the Front of a Payroll Check that I know of. She Never Built a Business, Never Built a Building, Never had to Worry about a Husband or Her own Children . . . Has Proven to Know Nothing about Domestic or International Politics or High Finance, even though she Speaks as if she is an Expert on all of it.


Cortez Has Self-Proven Through Word, Deed & Relationships . . . that she is a Racist. Cortez is also so STUPID . . . that she Claims to be Jewish, not because she can Trace an Iota of Jewish DNA coursing through her Veins, because DNA to her Feeble-Mind, is Irrelevant . . . But Rather – Cortez Believes She’s Jewish, Because She “Feels” Jewish.

Sometimes I Like Eggrolls . . . Which Doesn’t Make Me Chinese.

In Her Idiocy . . . Cortez believes she must be Part Jewish, because of the Hispanics (Marranos), who Fled the Inquisitions at the time of the Late Fourteen-Hundreds, when Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue.

The Problem With This Idiot . . . Is That She Wouldn’t Know A Piece Of Matzos, if she Choked on it. Jews have enough Problems – Without Adding Her To The List.

But Back To President Trump . . . All the Polls are Showing that President Trump is being Blamed for the Shutdown, and that Most of the American People don’t want a “Wall”, coming from the same Schmucks who did the Polling in 2016, which Showed Crooked Hillary Waltzing her way into the White House.

These are the Same Media Geniuses who Repeatedly Wrote & Spoke about how “Trump” will Never be able to do Virtually any of the many Things he Promised to do During his Campaign.

These Are Also The Same “Brainiacs . . . who were Absolutely Certain that Trump Colluded with the Russians, and who were 100% Certain that “Trump” will be Impeached and Wouldn’t Finish his First Term.

And Now They’re Comparing The Guppy Cortez . . . To The Shark – AKA Trump.

1 – President Trump Is Going To Build The Wall.

2 – Pelosi & Schumer Will Appear More & More To Be The Fools They Are.

3 – The LEFT Will Destroy The Democrats.

4 – President Trump Will Give His State Of The Union Address.

5 – At The State Of The Union Address – President Trump Will Announce His Decision To Declare A State Of Emergency . . . & The President Will Reopen The Government.

And In 2020 . . . The Democrats Will Be Reduced To Being A Bad Memory.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. AOC is the most entertaining kind of moron–because she doesn’t seem to know she’s a moron. An ongoing gift.

  2. A cartoon I saw:

    Interviewer: “What is your opinion of Roe v Wade?”

    AOC: “Well, it’s the only two ways illegals can cross over the river.”

  3. When I’m at my wits end with the liberals, I read your column and I’m immediately comforted. You speak so well Howard. Thank you. May God Bless you and our great country.

  4. Excellent editorial!! BTW…the Left, according to polls would SUPPORT AOC for running for POTUS. Truly they are LOST and wandering with NO DESTINATION. If it weren’t true, it could be laughable. Pres. Trump sure has his work cut out for himself. God Bless

  5. I totally agree with Carole Coplen and double on the comfort part as I try not to listen to too much garbage as my head has started headaches because of overload. Thanks Howard. Gods blessings!

  6. Agree with your 5 points, especially #5! What better time to ANNOUNCE that he has made the DECISION to DECLARE A State Of Emergency re: the WALL! Should this ANNOUNCEMENT be made at the State of the Union Address, there will be CHAOS on the LEFT, thus probably being the reason why its location is being kept SECRET! No doubt, Pres. Trump’s PATIENCE is wearing THIN, and he is READY to ACT! SOMETHING needs to be done VERY SOON, due to the UPCOMING CARAVANS! PRAY FOR PRES. TRUMP! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  7. AOC is going to great fun for the next two years. Built-in comedy relief!
    For AOC to “feel jewish” is kind of like “cultural appropriation” which the left believes belongs in the category of “high crimes and misdemeanors”

  8. They also do it all the time concerning Israel. Israel defends itself constantly from Arab continuous and relentless attacks, and when confronted with this fact the Left always says idiocies like “Both sides are wrong” and “Moral equivalence to the actions of Israelis and Palestinian terrorists.” What a lying crock from people who don’t have a leg to stand on. There is no equivalence. Period.

  9. Cortez like a veneral disease is the funniest thing I’ve heard in a long, long time. Well-said, Howard. I’ve heard it said that all progressives/liberals, and those opposed to Trump are playing checkers whereas he’s playing chess, and 3-D chess at that. As hard as they try, they can’t seem to lay a hand on Trump. And it drives them stupid and crazy. And it’s alway a thrill to behold. And you are playing an excellent hand at describing the idiots, their actions, and their failures. Keep it up!

  10. Wonderful editorial, as always! Just heard President Trump say, we aren’t going to allow the “left” to control our borders and I pray he sticks to it! Some of these ‘youngsters’ (I can say this as I was born in 1931) who get on these talk shows and think they know everything about our government and Trump, makes me sick to my stomach! He is playing his cards great! Go Trump go!! We are behind you all the way! God Bless our president Trump!

  11. I saw a clip of ACO speaking in a video clip of interview on the DC Caller. As she covered about a dozen topics in a single sentence, all I can say is “huh!!…what is she talking about??”

  12. Great and on subject, AOC does remind me of the mistake groper we must call our leader.

  13. There is no difference between AOC and a brick. A brick would have runned for congress in her district and the leftist sheeples of her district would have elected the brick. Same with pelosi, schumer, waters, they could run bricks in all their districts and the bricks would get elected.

  14. AOC personifies the term “useless eater.” Imagine, her personal history that qualified her for CONgress, she was a bar tender. Now CONgress has it’s own personal bar tender for all of the alcoholics in CONgress, and there are copious numbers of them. Someone suggested doing random drug test on CONgress critters. What with the liberals refusing to build a border wall to curtail the flow of drugs into America, random drug testing might be something who’s time has come and see what’s in CONgress !

  15. I’m no Indian, like Eliz. Warren, but this comes to my mind:

    White man speaks truth! lol

  16. AOC would be great material for the night shows. At least the night shows of yore.

  17. Well the witch of the left got her way yesterday HC not having our President speak at the state of the union last night. She managed to do that not just to the President but to We the People of this country who wanted to hear our President. I hope like myself there are many who are as mad as can be that she did that. Although he could have spoke his speech in the Oval office she cannot stop him in there I have been told. As always I thank you for your wonderful writings to all of us. Take care

  18. It seems very frustrating for us old (and hard working) Americans to turn on the TV and be filled with all sorts of half-truths and out and out lies. Keep up the good work, and you are listened too by many persons, and respected.

  19. I no longer have any channels hooked to my TV, only what I get free on Roku & a purchased membership to two movies/series sites. My homepage on computer with my choice of media news is all I have now. As for SOTU address, I will be surprised if it is Not one of the most watched. Can’t wait to see speaker’s face & reaction when he says it like it is & ‘sticks it to the Dems’. Also won’t be surprised if some of newer reps don’t make a scene at some point since decorum isn’t in their playbook.

  20. These land line polls are now Stupid & Irrelevant. I wonder how hard it was to find 1000 land lines as at least 50 % of the people don’t even have land lines anymore. They use cellphones. And polls can be swayed the way the pollster wants by the way the questions are asked.

    W Weaver
    SW Florida

  21. I did enjoy the other “bloggers'” comments, & GO PRES. TRUMP, GO & AMEN-AMEN!

  22. Finally we have someone dumber than Justin! Fortunately, the Americans aren’t all as dumb as the ones who elected her to Congress. In Canada, she could be the Prime Minister, but President in the US? Never!

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