They’ve Crossed The Rubicon


In My Last Editorial (Don’t Cry Me A River – January 19, 2019), I wrote a Bit about my Beginnings, not because I thought it would be Interesting Reading, but Rather, because I was Angrier . . . More-So-Than-Usual.

I Wrote about some of the Hard-Times I had Growing-Up, not for any Sympathy or Approbation, but so I might be able to offer a Personal Perspective & Bona Fides for my Opinions which Followed.

The Truth Of My Last Editorial Is That No One Really Has It Easy.

And with that being “Said”, very few People are Born with a Silver Spoon in their Mouth. And even those Few amongst the Many, who are Truly Born into a Financially more Secure Home & Environment . . . for them too, Life isn’t Necessarily a Bowl of Cherries.

How Many Millionaire & Billionaire Lives Are Worth Trash?

How Many Hollywooders, TV Actors, Singers, Composers, Writers, Directors, Producers, Academics, Business Moguls . . . ETC, who we Constantly hear about, who are Drunks, Druggies, Misogynists, Trollopes and whatever else? Or have Children who are in Worse Social State than themselves?

SO TAKE MY WORD FOR IT . . . No One Has It Easy & None Of Us Are Getting Out Of This Life Alive. So what Gives Anyone, Specifically the LEFT, the Right to make things More Difficult for any of us, than it Already Is or Has To Be?

SO . . . When I Bear Witness to the LEFT, Deciding for Others, what they Deserve in Life, as if it is Somehow their Prerogative To Do So – Or how the LEFT Decides for the Many and for the Few . . . what is Acceptable Speech & Unacceptable Speech, because they Either Agree or Don’t Agree with what is being Said . . . It Makes My Blood Boil.

AND WHEN I READ, SEE & HEAR . . . The LEFT going all Ape-Shit over the Poor Government Employees, who are Furloughed for a while, knowing that these same Government Workers will be Paid-In-Full once the Democrats Figure that they’ve Milked this Political Game for all they Could . . . It Rankles Me Beyond Description.

And When I Read . . . Consistently – that Most Americans (Canadians Too) are Living from Paycheck to Paycheck, and very Few Americans or Canadians for that Matter could Ante-Up $1000 of their own (Not Borrowed Or From A Credit Card) Money, if their Life Depended On It . . . Save Me the Guilt for Several Hundred Thousand Government Workers, who are Not being Paid for a while, in the Full Knowledge, that they will be Paid 100% Much Sooner-Rather-Than-Later, for Work many if not most of them weren’t Required to do during the Shutdown.

AS IT IS . . . The Government Employs Too Many People, Pays Too Much in Salaries, Provides Too Many Paid Days-Off, Gives Too Many Perks, Guarantees Continued Employment even for Incompetents, gives Too Many Vacation Days & Provides Far Too Generous Pension Plans . . .

While The People (Many – If Not Mostly White “Privileged” Americans), who don’t work for the Government, who don’t have Guaranteed Jobs with all the Perks (Bells & Whistles), who Struggle to Raise their Families, Keep a Roof over their Heads & Put Food on the Table . . . ALL THE WHILE – ARE PAYING FOR PRIVILEGED GOVERNMENT WORKERS.

After Writing The January 19th Editorial . . . I Set it Aside, and Debated with Myself, as to whether I would Publish it or not, because it was too Personal and too Angry. But It Was What It Was, and I made the Decision to go Forward with it, because I saw something in Myself that gave me a Frightening Perspective about all of us Like-Minded Conservatives . . . And Remarkably – I Thought About Julius Caesar.


In 49-BC . . . General (Governor Of Gaul) Julius Caesar Had A Dilemma.

Caesar was Stationed with his Troops (13th Legion) in Gaul (France), while Caesar’s Political Enemies were Establishing their Authority in Rome, Squeezing Caesar Out.

Prior To 49-BC . . . Rome was being Governed by a Group of Incompetent, Corrupt, Privileged and Secure Bureaucracy (The Senate), under the Guise of Serving the People.

The Senate Feared Caesar, because they Understood that Caesar Understood them, and they wanted to keep Caesar as far away from Rome as Possible. And they wanted to Weaken him, to the Point where he would Lose his Legions, and any Chance to Defeat the Senate and Take Rome.

Caesar Was Effectively Given A Choice . . .

Stay In Gaul & Perhaps Survive . . . Or Cross The Rubicon & Die.

The Rubicon Was A Shallow River . . . more or less a Stream Between Gaul & Rome . . . which Delineated the Boundaries of Territory. And Caesar Understood . . . That Once Caesar Crossed The Rubicon – THERE WAS NO GOING BACK.

History Tells Us . . . As Caesar’s 13th Legion Crossed The Rubicon – Caesar Told His Generals; “THE DIE IS CAST”.

After More Than Two Years Of Insane Anti-Trump Rhetoric . . . and the Vile Displays we’ve Witnessed Carried-Out by the LEFT (Occupy, Black Lives Matter, Antifa & now the Woman’s March) . . . And The Truth – that the Democrats want Socialism, Open Borders, A One World Government & Controlled Speech, So-Much-So, that they are Willing to have the Entire Nation Suffer – As One Of Their Sick Means To Achieve Their End . . .

The LEFT Has Crossed The Rubicon & The Die Has Been Cast.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. If Americans cannot see the difference between a leader who leads and one who needs to hide from direct discussion with what is/was supposed to be his country’s biggest friend and defender in any part of the world they deserve, after this speech, to live with the consequences. The speech was not only eloquent but put forth with cold logic and facts truth, real truth. I cannot remember one of our prez’ speeches that even came close to such a standard. We are in deep trouble and today showed it

  2. My attitude is (I believe) in line with our Constitution and Bill of Rights, “Let’s get it done!” The river awaits!! Let’s hope that Brutus is too busy to pay attention!
    I recently ran across an item that states, “Researchers have found that Millenials are the LEAST religious generation in (the last) SIX decades, and possibly “the United States’ whole history.” Think about it!!!
    If there is no “God” and the precepts and belief building blocks of a nation no longer exist,……….

  3. People living “Paycheck to Paycheck” must learn to “budget” (no wonder National Debt is increasing daily)! Democrats are so focused on their agenda that they really don’t care who gets hurt (dies) in the process! BTW, those who didn’t grow up “spoiled” have learned to be “tough”! Many people today don’t appreciate whatever they have (or receive from Uncle Sam) because all they know is pressing the “MORE BUTTON”! Once we go Communist, there’s no going back! 2020 Election could be our “Rubicon”!

  4. I read where most Canadian families are about $200 away from insolvency. Scary. We lived in a half built house to avoid a mortgage. We got the outside bricked as quickly as possible so that it wasn’t an eye sore to the neighborhood. When 1983 came along, WE built a 1000 square foot garage while others were losing their houses. In 1984, times still tough for most, my wife got two nice horses that came up for sale and WE built a barn. A less stressful life when living within your means.

  5. Have no doubt. We are in a civil war.

    This war is between conservative volunteer government and a leftist (Both R’s and D’s) professional government.
    It is now them against us at any cost attitude. A civil war without guns (so far)

  6. spot on howard,I’m a retired gov’t employee,went tru several shutdowns,never had a problem paying my bills,I saved 5% of my salary each the attitude is gimme,gimme ,gimme,I deserve more,because the democrats told me so.bless you my man.

  7. The latest sign of Trump derangement syndrome displayed itself in a pet food store, in the form of a Donald Trump dog chewie toy. I asked the owner if there are any Hussein Obama look alike dog toys, and following a surprised and perplexed look, the answer was a resounding NO. Needless to say they wont’ be getting my business anymore. The fact that a company will go to such lengths to disparage the president and to insult 60 million citizens who voted for him is truely sad.

  8. Like other conservative groups, that march was infiltrated by non-conservatives #1 to get a stage for their ’cause’, and/or #2 to create havoc/scenes to disparage the conservative groups image – think Tea Party rallies, Trump campaign rallies, & now the Right-to-Life march event. Even set up a group of Catholic high school boys because they also were wearing MAGA hats. Guess the event had failed being news-worthy so they enlisted the leftist Indian drummer to create a scene & lie about events.

  9. H C I loved yesterday’s editorial it was wonderful. As for today’s it scares the hell right out of me. To even think Americans want to go Communist is the DEVIL himself working in them. Have they not seen movies that show what it is like to be a Communist? What the hell are they all thinking? Makes me sick to my stomach to see what is going on in this mad, mad, planet we all share with each other. Lord, I hope you are watching and making your plans with your warriors and angels.

  10. I thought that the article showed why you turned out to be such a special wonderful person.

  11. Beautifully posed Mr. Galganov. I am with Trump. Trump was and is anointed to be our president. With the prayers of the “few remaining Christians” and Trump in the lead we will overcome. Dark hates light. The wicked witch of the west will be shorn for sure.

  12. My wife and I have been fortunate to mostly travel the world. We have mixed with people in all of the countries EXCEPT twice to Russia. The people seem very unfriendly but also in traffic when you are next to a Russian bus you can see the people are so UNANIMATED. I see no laughter or Joking. The envelopes in the hotel had no glue on the flaps. They took our passports till it was time to leave. The boat on the river cruise broke down and had to be towed bricks were falling off buildings

  13. When younger, the nuns used to tell us that one could tell if a person was POSSESSED by the DEVIL by just placing a CRUCIFIX in front of them and notice the type of fearful REACTION it would bring. Our SOCIETY is sooo IMMORAL that SATAN is definitely living among us on this earth! Hate to say it, but it will take some type of DISASTER to AWAKEN the PEOPLE for them to TRULY REALIZE what the IMMORAL LEFT, yes, Ms. Pelosi–IMMORAL, is doing to AMERICA! Pres. Trump must ACT SOON! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  14. When we working folk get laid off, we don’t get back pay, if we are lucky, we get a week or two pay as we go out the door. These government cry babies will get back pay, working folk don’t. The average pay in the USA is ~$49K-$50K, the average government pay with various benefits is $128K. They get a pension, working folk have 401K’s or IRA’s that we put money into. This leftist baloney over the poor government workers is just that, baloney.

  15. Right on the money again. What amazes me is how naive the the American public is to believe the media communists who believe they will automatically become an elite or see them as one today, the leftest (no longer deserving of being called a liberal) progressives. They have become like sheep. The leftest say we want a border wall to support Obama, the all support the leftest progressives and Obama. Then a Conservative is elected and lo and behold a wall is immoral and we hate the idea.

  16. I happened to see on tv a statement made that government employees are not highly paid. This person went on to say that most government employees take home around $500 a week. Who was this guy kidding? I know of no one that works for the US government that only makes that. This was reported, of course, on one of the liberal cable news channels. As far as I know, this was never challenged. Not a surprise.

  17. Agreed.Nobody likes going without a paycheck, but it can always happen. In the private sector, we constantly face losing jobs PERMANENTLY due to downsizing, etc. No civil service, etc protections for us.

  18. Once again. Good article with food for thought. The big news from Toronto today is that social groups are wanting a state of emergency declared due to so many deaths related to the severe cold temps this winter. Yet we have two large motels filled to the brim with illegal border crossers who are being provided all the necessities of life while we have Canadians trying to get into overfilled shelters. Something definitely wrong with this picture.

  19. We live in the most prosperous of times ever! If you are broke, except medical/physical limitations, it is your own fault for spending all of your money on stupid crap. If we spent our incomes like most of our parents lived in the 50’s and 60’s, we all would have a pretty healthy bank accounts. A lot of the spoiled kids I knew as a child have less money than their parents and are fiscally irresponsible. Just sayin.

  20. Greetings: Short & Sweet… Government workers affected by the SHUTDOWN are REJOICING! No work… WILL GET PAID! Look at the CHOSEN GROUP of Democraps flying to their chosen beach resort & THEY’RE STILL GONNA GET PAID!!! Where else, outside of the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT do employees NOT WORK but STILL GET PAID? I’ll bet everyone of them have CREDIT CARDS to get over the hump… EVERY CREDIT CARD COMPANY WILL WORK WITH THESE PEOPLE & DEFER PAYMENTS ‘TIL AFTER THE SHUTDOWN!!! Hardship? ME THINK NOT!

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