How Dumb Must One Be . . . To Be The Speaker Of The House?


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I Don’t Know About You . . . But I’m Sick & Tired of Listening to and Watching Pundits on all of the Networks, except for a few Real Conservative Pundits, who Accuse Both Parties of being Obstructionist.

Where Are The Conservatives Being Obstructionist?

And that President Trump Could End The Shutdown, Simply by Passing any of Pelosi’s Bills, which are Without any Money for the “Wall”.

Well – Can’t Pelosi & Schumer Simply End The Shutdown, just as Easily as President Trump, if these Two Bad Actors Would Agree to Pass the President’s Demand to Build the “Wall”?


Wouldn’t the “Wall” be the American People’s Wall to Protect the Safety, Security & Integrity of all Americans from Unwanted, Unwelcomed & Illegal Intruders?

So . . . For Chuck & Nancy to Repeatedly call this Physical Security Barrier Trump’s Wall, is an Insult to more than 60-Million American People who Voted for Donald Trump, Because the Security Wall was a Major Plank in the Republican Campaign Platform.

AND WHAT MAKES ALL OF THIS EVEN MORE EGREGIOUS . . . Is how the Media which Plays the Stupid & Patently Dishonest Game of Equivocation, Blaming Both Sides Equally . . . When There Is Really Only One Side At Fault.

President Trump Refuses To Play Charlie Brown To Lucy’s Football.

This Wall was Voted-On Repeatedly by the House & the Senate Long Before Donald Trump Became President Trump, as far Back as President Reagan, who was STIFFED by the Democrats, who made all Manner of Promises About Border Security, only to Renege on their Promises once they got what they wanted.

The American People Were Also Stiffed Repeatedly By RINOS, the Likes of Republican House Speakers John Boehner & Paul Ryan, who were Soundly Elected on THEIR PROMISE to Build a “Wall” . . . Only to Crap-Out when they had the Chance.

And Even Now . . . During the 2018/2019 Congressional Transition . . . Leader Mitch McConnell, could have Easily Ditched the Ridiculous & Anti-Democratic 60-Vote Senate Majority Rule – Giving the People who Voted for Him & His Party in the Senate . . . The Wall They Were Promised & Voted For.


I Hate When These Sanctimonious Pundits . . . Who Think Theirs Doesn’t Stink, Pontificate from On-High, Telling the Politicians that they, the Elected Voice of the People, have to Start Acting Like Adults . . . & It’s Time For Them To Have A Conversation.

Where Are We . . . In Kindergarten?

The Problem With The Media . . . Virtually All The Media – Is that they are just as Out Of Touch with the People & Reality, as are the Vast Majority of Politicians.

These Media Twerps . . . As I Wrote in the Preceding – think Theirs Doesn’t Stink, and that They’re Smarter than all the People who Watch, Listen & Read their “Brilliance”.

They’re Not . . . And Theirs Does Stink.

The News Media . . . Much like the Politicians – has become all about Entertainment & Grandstanding, just as so many in the Entertainment Industry (Movies/Television/Music . . . & IT) have become Politically & Culturally Anti-Constitutional (Anti-Conservative-American Values).


More Than 45-Million People Tuned Into Last Year’s State Of The Union Address.

The 45-Million Plus Viewers Weren’t All Republicans . . . And the Issues & Drama a Year Ago, weren’t even Close to what they are now. There was no Democrat Contrived Supreme Court Horror Story To Ruin The Life Of A Good Man.

And How Classy Are The Democrats?

The Economy was Just beginning to Really Heat-Up a Year Ago. And Now It’s On Fire. The Democrats Hadn’t yet Grasped Socialism. A Newly Minted Moslem Member of Congress Didn’t Yet Call the President of the United States of America a Mother-Fucker at a Public Event. The Democrats Weren’t Openly Hostile to Jews & Israel . . . A Socialist Lunatic, by the name of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez didn’t Yet Highjack the Democrat Party, as she just Tweeted that She’ll “Run Train On The Progressive Agenda” if she doesn’t get what she wants, Which Is Gangland Gutter-Talk For Gang-Raping Someone.

And There Was No Shutdown . . . At This Time Last Year.

How would you Feel if you were Nancy Pelosi Sitting in the Congressional Chamber behind the President of the United States, while the President Runs-Off a Litany of HIS INCREDIBLE PROVEN ACCOMPLISHMENTS over just Two Years in Office, while all the Democrats can Point-To is their Two Years of Witch-Hunts, Threats of Impeachment, Promises to Raise Taxes . . . & AN ALL-OUT RACE TOWARDS SOCIALISM, OPEN BORDERS & A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT?

So If You Were Chuck & Nancy . . . How much would you want to have President Trump’s State Of The Union Address?

And Then – During The President’s Address . . . Because Of The Shutdown . . . It’s Indeed Possible That President Trump Would Announce A State Of Emergency.

And To Think These Dumb-Ass LEFTIST Jerks Run The Country.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. As crazy as it sounds even CNN is quite critical of Obama. Which leads me to believe it’s only a matter of time until the people take there dissenting opinions of his absurd foreign policy errors to the street. I see protests in the future.

  2. Pelosi appointed anti Israel radical Ilhan Omar to the House Foreign affairs committee.
    No further explanation needed.

  3. We too have Dumb Assed Jerks running Canada but our government is MUCH more equitable. A balanced Cabinet of 18 males + 18 females, not based on meritocracy. Moreover we have LGBT12U2, and Metoo representation, a Somali Muslim Immigration Minister, a 4ft Foreign Minister, Mr. Dressup PM allegedly backed by George Soros. Oh, and we have just learned of a new Provincial Party called the ISLAMIC PARTY poised ready to participate in the next Election with a mandate to bring in Sharia Law.

  4. Would it be possible for Donald Trump to sue for liable, for defamation of character, that Michigan Democrat who claimed he had sex with his mother? Would he have to prove malice, which is quite obvious? Yes, her description of him is regular street talk, but is not regular (in my opinion, not acceptable) political talk in public. Would that case be heard in a typically leftist court?

  5. Good one Howard. I would like to see pelosi with her head stuck up schumers ass. Then we would have a good case of pochucky. A couple of class A number one schmucks.

  6. Excellent Editorial! Trump did RIGHT. If Nancy & her crew are overseas they are NOT available to vote to STOP the Shut Down & let the furloughed people get paid. It was NOT with malice as the pundits STATE. Plain & simple to the Senate & House….do your job. And Sen.Graham…what is up with his flipfloping? The wall is for America’s safety. I have shot off letters to Nancy & Chucky and many others…BUILD THE WALL for US, NOT YOUR non partisan self serving way. God Bless

  7. Pres. Trump has done many great things, particularly the economy, national defense, appointments of judges, etc.. However he would be way more palatable if he would quit with the bragging and patting himself on the back. That behavior turns a lot of people off. I am totally surprised the he does not realize this himself. it should not be all about him but about the country that we all love. A little humility would go a long way in talking to the American people, nobody likes a braggart.

  8. Its all about ego and control. Pelosi, the media pundits and the rest of that rotten lot haven’t yet figured out the reason Trump got elected in the first place was because of their “We know what’s best” b.s. And here they are giving a whopping FU to the American public yet again just to appease their own wretched characters and corrupt agendas. If these last 3 years taught me anything, its that the Left and the Democrats are nothing but self-serving, classless, arrogant, value-lacking vermin.

  9. The state of the Union Address that will Address the DNC collusion against the nation, a collusion fronted by Chuck and Nancy, the DNC and the corrupt “Senior Executive Service” who most Americans have never hear of (aka Deep State) those unelected appointees for life that serve not America but instead served the agenda of the Globlaist Leftist Fascists and the Clinton cartel that appointed them.
    Isthis the SOTU that the left and Hillary have feared?. Will the MSM will even air

  10. Howard, I have had enough of your “check the Pictures” for fire hydrants, and traffic lights. At 80 years of age, my eye
    sight isn’t the best> Please take off your list for your blog.

    Robert B Hadlow

  11. A brilliant editorial as usual Howard. I have little respect for Trump as a person but he seems average for being a billionaire. However, as President of the USA, I respect what he has already accomplished and hopes to accomplish aid a profusion of opposition from all sources. The phrase, “Trump’s wall”, is deceitful and those using it are aware that it is. That is exactly why they use it, to demean Trump and his supporters.

  12. Those who support the ELITE LEFT are being BRAINWASHED by the FAKE MEDIA who keep REPEATING the SAME LIES! The SUPPORTERS only CARE about receiving their FREEBIES which, of course, the LEFT ASSURES that they WILL continue to PROMOTE these FREEBIES! Pelosi, et al, FEAR Trump, as he is NOT a politician! They DON’T KNOW what to EXPECT from him, thus they are UNPREPARED and only REBUT him with LIES, or DEFLECT from the topics-at-hand! Pres. Trump, DECLARE THE EMERGENCY for the WALL! GO TRUMP! AMEN!

  13. A FEW YEARS AGO IT WAS SAID”DO YOU WANT TO FEEL BADLY FOR SOMEONE” Poor Mr. Polisi! how would you like to live with that DINGBAT. He probably is the happiest when she is in Washington. How do some of these people ever get elected in the first place? Does not say much for our American people and how they pick represenatives,

  14. The cold war underground fighters for Russia work for the federal government and the media. Communists loved to call themselves ‘progressives’ and these people still answer to Russia. The biggest scandal in history is the Russians via Hillary Clinton, Fusion GPS, Nellie Ohr (Stalin sympathizer and Russian expert), Bruce Ohr, Andrew McCabe, and Peter Strzok tearing our country apart through the false accusations against our President. The useful idiots are now in charge of 1 part of the Congress.

  15. Greetings: Here’s another RINO equalizer… Lindsay Graham equivocating Pelosi’s demand that Trump CANCEL his State of the Union address… to Trump canceling her MILITARY flight… with all the BOOZE these moronic Democrats aboard can drink! GOOD FOR THEM! Trump IS right… get your ASS back in the seat you’re PAID and give the PRESIDENT the money WE NEED to build the WALL! That’ll end the SHUTDOWN… PLAIN & SIMPLE!

  16. If Namcy Pelosi wants to continue her flight overseas she she can use her broom.

  17. There have been Speakers who were anything but stupid. Tip O’Neill was able to work with President Reagan without all this drama. Perhaps the better question might be, just how stupid has the Democrat Party become?

  18. I REALLY enjoyed the other “bloggers'” comments… me a WHOLE NEW PERSPECTIVE, RE: THE “FAKE NEWS”! May God continue to bless our WONDERFUL PRES. FOR PUTTING UP WITH THIS C–P on a “DAILY BASIS”!! HE IS “THE BEST”!!!

  19. Great editorial as usual. As I noticed, both Pelosi (78) and Maxine Waters (80), exhibit some weird behaviour. I am surpeised that nobody questions the state of their mind. If president Trump acted this unhinged, I am sure they would ask for a mental competency certificate.
    It is shameful that the congress gets away with this kind of shenanigans.

  20. Why were Pelosi and others going to Brussels, Egypt, and Afghanistan when people elected them to serve in Congress (plus meet with POTUS)? All this (bad word) “Diversity” has divided our nation (by design)! If “indictments” exist for people to end up in GITMO for “Military Tribunals”, get this over with ASAP, then have State of Union Address at Oval Office to “explain” why some people aren’t there in Congress! People today don’t know diamonds from rhinestones since they are too used to “fakes”!

  21. A new 501(c)(4) has formed to directly use donations through GoFundMe for The Trump Wall for “the people” to build wall portions on properties that want the wall. Initially the design was to give the gov’t the funds for that, but it appears the gov’t cannot accept funds like that. SO, he contacted notables who were pro-wall to form We Build the Wall, Inc. They feel they can build those portions for less than half what the gov’t would spend. Over $20M has been raised in a month.

  22. Loved your allegory about Charlie Brown not falling for the football trick that Lucy keeps deceiving him with. And why is Pelosi and gang going to Brussels? To meet with the greedy, corrupt NWO cronies? Hmmm, something to also think about. Keep up the wonderful work you are doing, Howard. You are very much needed in today’s crazy world of misinformation and uncritical thinking, never mind the evil hatred that keeps spewing out of the Left’s mouth! God help us all!

  23. HC I love what you write every time. You are great thank you for keeping us a breast of what is going on sense our media does not seem to want to. God bless you and family.

  24. Good job Howard, your comments reflect my ideas, and hope for the USA and the world. Keep it up and best wishes.
    Lee Hodges – Largo, Florida – USA

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