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But as Soon as I Figure-Out How to do it Properly, or Pay someone to Teach me . . . I will Try to Broadcast at Least once every Few Editorials – Or So.


BILLIONS OF DOLLARS . . . Were Spent – Much of it Surreptitiously from Big Business, their Lobbyists & the Socialist (Communist) One World Government Elitists, to Defeat the Will of the British People, who Cherished their National British Independence . . . Far More Than Being Subservient To A Mostly Unelected Elitist European Union (EU).  

Just Recently . . . French President Emmanuel Macron, Publicly Chided President Trump for Being A NATIONALIST . . . Versus Being A Globalist.

Calling President Trump A Nationalist As An Insult . . . Is Akin To:

On October 16, 2003 . . . Moslem President of Malaysia, Mahathir Bin Mohamad, Told the Leaders of the 57-Member Organization Of Islamic Conference, that Jews Invented & Promoted (Amongst Other Things) . . . Human Rights & Democracy, which was Delivered as an Insult to Jews, for which Mahathir Received a Standing Ovation.

It’s Remarkable How Insults By Dumb People Are Huge Compliments In Context.

IMAGINE . . . The Totally Failed President Of France – Calling-Out President Donald J Trump, for Loving his Country, the Country of the United States of America, which Elected President Trump . . . MORE THAN PRESIDENT TRUMP SHOULD LOVE THE WORLD.

THE ONLY DOWNSIDE . . . Which I can see to this, is that Far Too Many American “Jerks”, who have Perhaps ZERO Knowledge of History and the Never-Ending Global Struggle for Rights & Freedoms . . . Who Believe This Nonsense.

And To The Many Americans . . . who Know Absolutely Nothing about the Incredible Prices America has Paid in Blood & Treasure . . . for these Self-Criticizing Americans to be Free to Spout their Ignorance about the Freedoms much of the World Enjoys, which are Almost Single-Handedly Attributable to American Sacrifice . . . Is A Sacrilege.

These Ingrates . . . Would Never Believe, That More People Died Under Communism, Than All-Told Through Two World Wars . . . Because They’re Too Stupid To Believe . . . And Their Teachers Never Taught Them, Probably Because Their Teachers Are As Dumb As Are Their Students.


As I Wrote In The Preceding . . . The British People – In Spite of the Billions of Dollars and the Plethora of Lies Waged AGAINST BREXIT, voted Nonetheless to Leave the Sewer of the EU (European Union). And even after the Historic Parliamentary BREXIT Vote on January 15th . . . AGAINST British Prime Minister’s Sell-Out BREXIT Deal . . . The British/European Globalists Are Threatening To Disavow The BREXIT Referendum.

SO PLEASE TELL ME . . . What’s Freedom Worth, when the Government Ignores the Will of the People, in Favor of Elected Politicians & Appointed Bureaucrats, who Owe their Position & Wealth Not to the Electorate, but Rather, to Unknown, Unseen & Unspoken Brokers Of International Power?


If Brexit Succeeds . . . The One World Socialist Government Fails & Falls.

Make No Mistake About It . . . It’s All Tied Together, which is why the American LEFT is doing Everything It Can to Diminish, Debase & Destroy the Presidency of Donald Trump.

It’s Why The LEFT is Typifying Newly Elected Conservative Governments all Around the World, along with Populist Conservative Politicians as some Form of Neo Nazis.

This is why the World is Mostly Mute or Negative about the Massive Conservative Government Victory in Brazil, the Unconditional Conservative Governments in Eastern Europe, such as in Hungary . . . And Soon To Be – The Massive Conservative Victory In Israel, where Finally, the Israeli Gloves Might Come-Off.


We See It All Falling Apart . . . Throughout Europe, Especially in France (Yellow Vests), Italy, Austria, the Czech Republic – Etc. We are also seeing it through Political Realignment in the Middle East . . . AND IT’S ALL BECAUSE OF “TRUMP”!


The Last Thing Pelosi Wants . . . Is President Trump Speaking Truth To The People.


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We Fixed-It . . . But We Don’t Know Who Or How The Nasty Deed Was Done.

I Really Want . . . to do all that I can to Spread the Truth about Decency & Values, and Fight to the Bitter-End for Freedom Of Expression in as many ways as I can, which is Under Attack from every Venue Imaginable, WHETHER . . . It be from the Mainstream News Media, Hollywood, Television, the Internet (Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter – Etc), Academia, Politicians, Bureaucrats & People in General who Spread Nonsense as Truth, who Read Stupidity & Propaganda on the Internet & Believe what they Read.

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  1. I got chills watching the speech and said a prayer of thanks to Almighty God for sending us this courageous and good man. PM Netanyahu is a strong leader we can all be proud of. His presence, tone and words made Obama look even more pathetic than usual. It’s no wonder BO was a no-show.

  2. Your comment about education is right on the mark. As an educator I have notice history being half ass taught by teachers who do not know the subject or seemed to care. Facts are not taught or researched. Subject matter in just handed down as “that is the way it happen”. A good example of this in the U.S. Is how the War Between the States has been taught over the years. This lack of knowledge presents some of today’s problems.

  3. American Security: I, just one of We The People, am sick and tired of the constant squabble and bickering we see in Washington. From my view, I believe we can quickly get all of this Build the Wall nonsense settled in a day. Lock ’em all in a room and tell ’em there will be no bathroom breaks until they come to an agreement. Quit kicking the can down the road. STEP NUMBER ONE: Secure the country! BUILD more wall. Then get busy adjusting the immigration laws. GET IT DONE NOW!

  4. Colleen McIntosh, THANK YOU for your post. I have now joined and sent them money. It is about time that Canada fought back.

  5. The ELITE DEMOCRATS/LEFT should all wear YELLOW VESTS because they certainly DON’T REPRESENT the AMERICAN PEOPLE!People are FED UP with with our GOVERNMENT!NOTHING WORTHWHILE is being ACCOMPLISHED!WHERE are the ADULTS?How long will the ELITE DEMOCRATS/LEFT assert that “you can’t play in my yard”?NANCY PELOSI, TEAR DOWN YOUR MANSION WALLS or ALLOW Pres. Trump to BUILD THE WALL to PROTECT AMERICA!Pres. Trump, DECLARE an EMERGENCY to BUILD THAT WALL and GIVE your State of the Union Address! AMEN!

  6. May you continue “to HIT the MARK”, Howard, & may GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS YOU & OUR HARD WORKING PRES. TRUMP! AMEN-AMEN!!

  7. Howard, you are so right about what you say. it is greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work.

  8. Nice one Howard, our Parliament consists of a majority of“ remainers “ to stay in Europe. However the people in a Referendum voted to get out by a majority to leave with a deal or not. The remainers in parliament are using every trick they know to stay in this unelected swamp called Europe. God help the UK.

  9. Historically the state of the union report was a written document sent to Congress with no visit by the President. I suggest Trump follow this historic practice with just a lot of statistical data showing the state of the union

  10. Kind of “Mad World” today! Why? There are more “emotional” (immature) thinkers than rational (mature) thinkers! People have turned away from God (“worshipping” Devil by promoting “evil” ways)! We’ve “gone astray” (everyone to their own way)! Lies prevail over truth! Honesty and ethics are “foreign” to many people and vocabularies! In a nutshell: Is POTUS Donald Trump a “blessing” or a “curse” on USA and the world? (Did God “bless” America or send a “curse” for all the “sinners” living here?)

  11. You said it all with “THE GOVERNING BODIES DON’T GIVE A RAT’S-ASS TO THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE”. And the only reason they get voted in office is because someone’s $$ (Soros perhaps since we’re in his crosshairs) is behind their running/campaigning & wind up often being the only one on ballot or a GOP ‘establishment’ candidate competing, who if elected just goes along with Dems. Need Tea Party to RAMP IT UP AGAIN; they made a difference but on too small a scale & gave up too soon.

  12. Greetings: In my opinion, PM May wants a safety net IN CASE the UK wants to come crawling back to the EU. THAT IS NOT WHAT THE VOTERS VOTED FOR. Britain has an abundance of oil in the North Sea. The EU needs oil. So PM May is NOT looking for a guaranteed safety net. Though she won’t admit it publicly, SHE WANTS THE UK TO REMAIN IN THE EU. Many are demanding a SECOND VOTE since the first wasn’t to their liking. I say, do what the voters intended the first time! This is a sham delay tactic.

  13. Thank You for Speaking the Truth! May will survive..she is strong. The People will see to it. MPOV POTUS Trump should give the State of the Union speech from the Oval Office. MPOV The heck with Pansy Nancy. The ‘furloughed’ workers at least know they will get FULL Pay Checks. When the Auto Workers struck, they NEVER recouped their lost wages. God Bless

  14. The best way to say it, is, “The check is in the mail.” Keep up the good work!

  15. Howard, right on again. I would like to see illegal migrants knocking on the doors of the private homes of Pelosi and Shumer and find out if they can enter these homes & be welcomed by them. Or, they will be forced to leave their private property. Are people really that Naive to think that there is no use for a wall to protect the American citizens from unwanted migrants, pedophiles and terrorists, then they should keep their doors open and welcome anyone that knocks on the door. Acre,Canada

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