This War Is Far Bigger Than The Dems Versus Trump


There Is No Broadcast With This Editorial.

I must have been Asleep or Drugged over the Past 10-Years, while Obama was the President of the United States of America, because, as hard as I try to know what’s happening around the World . . . I Never Once Heard Of An FBI Investigation Into Barack Hussein Obama.

How Did I Miss It . . . when Obama wasn’t Investigated by the FBI for his NON-SECRETIVE ASSOCIATIONS with Radical American Socialists (Communists), Pro-Palestinian Anti-American/Anti-Jewish Black Liberationists & Known Felons?

I Also Missed The FBI Investigation . . . of President Obama Welcoming the Jew-Hating, America-Hating, Freedom-Hating Moslem Brotherhood, which was Repeatedly Invited into Obama’s White House, just as the Brotherhood was Doing all that it Could to Destroy any Vestige of Secular Governance throughout the Arab/Moslem Middle East.

I Don’t Know What I Was On – Maybe I Was Drugged . . .

What did the FBI Investigation find out about President Obama . . . as President Barack Hussein Obama, made the Detestable Nuclear Deal With the Iranians, giving them 150-Billion Dollars & Billions More In Cash, to Continue to Surreptitiously Develop their Nuclear Arsenal & Long Range Missile Program, as the Iranians Financed Military Terror Groups – Hamas & Hezbollah . . . To Name Just Two?


Please Help Me Out & Explain Why This Wasn’t Collusion?

WHAT ABOUT THE TIME . . . When President Obama in a Furtive Manner, Leaned-Over to Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev, where a “Hot Mic” Picked-Up the President (Obama), Speaking Covertly to Medvedev, “That As Soon As The 2012 Election Was Over, I (Barack Obama) Will Have More Flexibility To Negotiate With Putin”?


1 – His Previous Business Dealings That Made The President A Billionaire.

2 – President Trump’s Primary Campaign To Lead The Republican Party.

3 – President Trump’s Alleged Collusion With The Russians.

4 – President Trump’s Supporters & Inner Circle To Flip On The President.

5 – President Trump’s Sex Affairs With A Porno-Slut & Others.

And Now The Latest . . . President Trump Being On The Russian Payroll.


THIS IS A VAST WORLDWIDE CONSPIRACY . . . for the LEFT to Realize their Global Dream of a One World Socialist (Communist) Government, Divided Neatly between the Europeans, Asians, Africans & the Americas.

And President Donald J Trump Is The Stick In Their Spokes.

What Do You Think The EU Is All About? And why do you think the British Parliament is Prepared to Risk a British Revolution (Civil War) . . . NOT TO HONOR the Will of the People, who VOTED TO EXIT THE EU, even after a Relentless & Dishonest Billion Dollar Attack by the So-Called “Stayers”?

Why Do You Think The EU & Others Hate Today’s Israel . . . When in the days when Israel was a Socialist Tool, “Everyone” Loved Israel, or at Least Pretended to. But, since the 6-Day War, and the Aftermath of the Yom Kippur War, when Conservative Jews took Control of Israel, Opposed to the One World Socialist Government – Everything Changed.

And As For Israel’s Coming Election . . . How Far To The Right Will Israel Go?

The World Doesn’t Say Squat About Nicolás Maduro . . . The Communist/Fascist Leader of Venezuela, who is Basically Obliterating his Should-Be & Once-Upon-A-Time Was . . . a Very Wealthy Country – But Doesn’t have much Good to Say about Jair Bolsonaro . . . The (New) Hard Core Conservative President Of Brazil.

And Even Amongst Eastern European Countries Like Hungary, Poland & Others . . . There is no real Love-Lost between them and Socialist Western Europe.


So Please Don’t Think For A Second . . . That this is all about President Trump, how he Speaks, about his Tone, his Business Dealings, his Wealth or his Sexual Adventures . . . Because It’s Not.

President Trump . . . Whether He Likes It Or Not – Whether He Intended It Or Not, Which I Am Positive He Didn’t Intend . . . has Become the Defacto Defender Of Worldwide Civil Liberties & Rights . . . as have been Prescribed & Promoted for almost 250-Years through the United States Declaration of Independence & US Constitution.

This Is Far More Than Just The Democrats Wanting To Gain Power.

To What We Are Bearing Witness . . . Is a full Fledged Assault on our Global Freedoms, from Socialist Elitists, Who we were Warned about by Writers like Ayn Rand & George Orwell . . .

And The Unlikely Donald Trump . . . Has Become The Key To Victory Or Defeat.

Please don’t Think about the Relentless Attacks on President Donald Trump and all of those About Him as being American/Political . . . BECAUSE THEY’RE NOT – IT’S THEM VERSUS US!

And Whether We’re Americans Or Not . . . We All Have Skin In This Game!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Equal in content and delivery to the Gettysburg Address from a TRUE WORLD LEADER In January we saw a TRUE WORLD LOSER. Today, he was totally upstaged in “his own” Country. I am sure this was well received in the Middle East countries that know all to well what lies ahead if we do not step back from the table.

  2. This war has been going long before Trump came along and will continue long after he’s gone. All Trump did was assist conservatives and normal-thinkers in standing up for themselves and calling out the BS. The fight now is ours to expose and face the destructive, idiotic, leftist devil. Let the world go to pot if it wants to. The reasons it does so are irrelevant. Each person who has reason and sanity must stand and fight their ground for what they know is right.

  3. The truth I think is that the Republicans were afraid of a civil war if they objected to anything he did because he was not lily white
    ‘ So they let this country all but go down the tubes

  4. You are right, Trump is neither the “second coming”, nor the “Devil incarnate! He is simply stated, the premise of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and the RIGHT of Israel in a world run amok!
    As the noted philosopher Rene Descartes said, “I think therefor I am”. While Trump is definitely someone I would have to turn down for a dinner, or personal meeting,…..he is a PATRIOT. Look up how the signers of the Decleration of Independence ended up for their efforts.
    Trump has a Hope!

  5. Excellent editorial, Howard!!
    I thank God every day for our president, Donald Trump!!
    He, like all of us, is not perfect, but he is a great president and we must stand by him!!

  6. I think this is all true. But on the other hand I believe deeply that the reason Pelosi and Schumer will not agree to fund the wall now when they did in the past is that if a wall/barrier is built it will almost guarantee Trump’s reelection in 2020 should he decide to run. The evidence for this is the fact that members of the Democratic party played in Puerto Rico while this stoppage is going on. The people who are out of work need to recognize these facts and not blame Trump.

  7. You are missing the real reason(s) Trump is being investigated, demeaned , marginalized and forced out … One he is Male , Two he is some kind of Christian , Three he seems to be successful , Four he is white and hetero , and does not apologize for any of these “failings” . Any one of these attributes would have doomed him to failure , a combination of them all … another “thousand year event” we have every 3 months !


  9. You are correct. Trump was the FLY in the Ointment to One World Order. When Sorros was funding Hillary & Bill it was in full swing. Had Skillary been elected POTUS there would have been OWO. Make no mistake about it. Trump may not be ‘PRESIDENTIAL’ all of the time, but who cares, he is getting the job done, which is more then I can say about MOST of the FED DEPTS & all of the Senate & House. Actually, THEY are the TERRORISTS from within. Destructionists. MYPOV
    God Bless

  10. Greetings: Had ANY of the other Republican candidates that ran AGAINST Trump beaten him, CROOKED HILLARY would be President. Looking back, ANY REPUBLICAN or DEMOCRAT that campaigned for President leading up to the 2016 ELECTION would be a PAWN of their party. TRUMP IS THE ONLY ONE THAT ISN’T!!! God Bless Our President Trump!!!

  11. And where was that FBI investigation into Obama’s lack of Vital statistic Data not to mention his Educational and employment records…and the rest of the iceberg.

  12. I was on my way to hunt pheasants here in PA. when I heard on the early morning news that Mr. Trump was elected President. I thanked God that HIS will was done. I pray for our President everyday and ask God to protect him from the evil that has become an every day occurrence in our nation. MAGA! I enjoy your columns Howard, please keep up the good work.

    Jim Hornberger, Lewisburg, PA.

  13. As usual, Howard, your editorial is spot on.
    I take comfort in knowing that all of us vets have the President’s Six.
    I look forward to the day that all the miscreants in both parties are brought up on charges and incarcerated.

  14. I dare say there aren’t many citizens of repute in the US with the strong backbone/constitution that Trump has who could & would go head-to-head with anything the world throws at him, not just the US. He’s not only fearless but a strong patriot who I believe God is protecting & using to give this nation One Last Change to turn back to Him. This is not just a war of US sovereignty vs globalism, this is a spiritual war as well. Delusioned vs rational thinkers. Remember the past & learn from it.

  15. When HUSSEIN Obama first ran in 2008, the one person who truly tried to INVESTIGATE him was SEAN HANNITY, but no one paid ANY ATTENTION to him. Sean had him PEGGED to a tee!It was KNOWN that Obama paid MILLIONS of DOLLARS to HIDE his PAST!WHY wasn’t he CONSISTENTLY INVESTIGATED BY THE FBI?The LEFT went to EXTREMES to INVESTIGATE Trump and to PREVENT him from becoming PRESIDENT [DOSSIER]. “What’s good for the GOOSE is good for the GANDER”. It’s NOT TOO LATE to do so! GO FOR IT, PRES. TRUMP! AMEN!

  16. Let’s not forget project Cassandra. Hussein Obama stopped the investigation into Hezbollah drug ring in order to push thru his Iran deal.

  17. I voted for him and if all of the people who did should not cut him down or say any unkind words about him. If anything praise the man for doing all the best he can among a bunch of evil lions that he is fighting each day. Like I said before get the prisoners out of jail let them do the share cropping when it is time for it let the guards and the Marines guard them or else you get shot if you try to run. Where does the money go to that they collect from bust on drugs? Use that to build the wall

  18. You will see in the next few months a push by Nancy to again attack the right to own arms, ammo and any other way to protect yourself. CA has already begun by their new “laws” on buying ammo. Should they figure a way to unseat our President, we will be at war. Much like the Civil war, it will be neighbor against neighbor, family member against family member and it will be brutal. The Wall is not being built because of the “Monies” so many are making on the drugs, cheap labor and voters comin

  19. We should forget that the wall is not in the communist progressive leftist’s DNA. A secondary motive is their banking on Trump losing his base because of the shutdown. Of course, we sane people understand that kine of thinking continues to remind us that they still do not understand our president and never will be able to because that is also in their DNA.

  20. Will there be any push from Global to investigate why the RCMP haven’t followed through on ethics violations by the PM and his staff? Or why so much of our Canadian taxpayer’s money is being sent overseas to groups with known extremist ties? Why 33 million dollars has been sent to Afghan War Veterans but the payment to our Canadian War Vets has been cut by 1.8 BILLION dollars? How are Canadians actually benefiting from the hundreds of millions of dollars sent to the Clinton Foundation? Conspirac

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