EQUIVALENCE – The Big Lie Of Tyrants & Other Deviants


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During the Heat of the INTIFADA, The Palestinian Terror Campaign of the Early 2000’s, when Arabs calling themselves Palestinians were busy Murdering more than a Thousand Israeli Jews, Wounding & Crippling Thousands More, while the Jews were at Worship, while Dining at Sbarro’s Pizza or Celebrating at a Passover Seder . . . Described by the World Media, that the Israeli Police/Military Response to Bringing the Palestinian Murderers to Justice, as an Act of EQUIVALENCE, somehow Equal to what the Palestinian Murderers were doing to Innocent Jewish Israelis, who were Guilty of Nothing More than just Going about their Daily Lives.

There’s No Equivalence Between Murdering Innocent Civilians & Just Retribution.

I Was So Upset With This Grotesque LIE Of Israeli/Palestinian Equivalence . . . that I took it upon myself, at my own Cost to make Arrangements with One of Canada’s Largest Radio Networks, and one of America’s most Prominent Conservative Radio Broadcasters, for me to Broadcast LIVE from Jerusalem and from the Mountain-Top of Masada . . . to Dispel the Anti-Israel Media Propaganda, which was Freely & Generously Espoused by Broadcasters such as CNN, CBC & Others.


I Hear It, I Read It & I See It . . . Amongst the Same Sad-Sack “Journalists” (Purveyors Of Fake News), who Created the Big Lie of Equivalence Between Murderers & Defenders of those to be Murdered in Israel . . . But Now It’s About The Border Wall Shutdown.

Even on Fox News, as I watch Pundits like Neil Cavuto, talking as if this Shutdown is a Pox on Both Houses (Republicans & Democrats), WHICH IT IS NOT!


But Half the Voting Population and the Majority of the Electoral College DID VOTE FOR DONALD TRUMP . . . to be the 45th President of the United States of America.

And it is No Secret . . . that One of Candidate Trump’s Most Important Campaign Promises which got him Elected . . . WAS TO BUILD THE WALL.

President Donald Trump Has Made It Clear, that he is Willing to Compromise on many of the LEFT’S Pet Projects in Exchange for Enough Money to Partially Build the Wall.

The People who are at the FOREFRONT of the Southern Border (ICE), who Deal with Border Threats Day-In & Day-Out – Who have Forgotten More about Border Security than just about Everyone in Congress (House & Senate) will ever Learn, Literally Side (About 100%) With President Donald Trump.


It Doesn’t Matter – That “Yesterday” . . . Obama, Both Clintons, Schumer & Pelosi Supported a Wall Between Mexico & America. It also doesn’t Matter, that “Yesterday” the same Aforementioned Voted to Fund such a Wall.

What Matters Is Today . . .

What Matters . . . Is That There Is A Real Crisis On The US/Mexican Border, DENIED Only by Political Creeps and their Media Acolytes, who would Rather Screw-Over America, than to do the Right Thing, and Give President Trump and the Millions of Voters who Voted For Donald Trump to be President, to do what they Voted For . . . To Build The Wall.

It’s Not A Question Of Money . . . Because Congress seems to be Awash with more than enough BORROWED Money, to be Paid by the Taxpayers, to Finance all Manner of Things Outside the Borders of the United States.

It’s Not Equivalence . . . It’s A 100% Display Of The Worst In Politics & Media.

A Few Days Ago . . . I was Chatting with a Neighbor at the Texas RV Resort, where Anne, Stryker, April the Cat and I spend the Winter.

This Neighbor is an Ex-Cop, as is his Wife, and during our Conversation, we spoke about the Wall & Border Security, as I explained to him how Anne & I HAVE TO LEAVE the USA in April, so as not to Overstay our 180-Day Maximum over the Running Year Total Number of Days, for us to Legally be in America.

I Told Him How Ridiculous American Immigration Laws Really Are . . . To throw Millions of Canadians out of his Country for 6-Months, None of Whom are Criminals or Ex-Criminals, because if we were, we would Not be Allowed into America Under any Normal Condition.

Anyone Who Should Side With The Democrats Should Be Anne & I.

We Come with our Own Money, our Own Health Insurance – & We’re Not In Search of Jobs. As a Matter of FACT, Canadians Put BILLIONS UPON BILLIONS of Fresh Dollars ($Canadian) into the American Economy throughout the United States Every Year.

Anne & I Would Like Green Cards . . . Or Some Form Of Permanent Residency.

SO I SAID TO HIM . . . Perhaps this Year, Instead of Going Back Home to Canada, Anne & I should Schlepp the RV in April to California, where Governor Gavin Newsom has Declared to Protect “Undocumented” Immigrants by way of California’s Sanctuary Laws, where we would also be able to get California Driver’s Licenses, which could Allow us to Vote . . . AND WE WOULD BE ENTITLED TO FREE HEALTHCARE.

What Could Possibly Be Better Than That?

So My Neighbor Asked If That Is What We Intended To Do? . . . To Which I Answered No, that Anne & I have Far Too Much Respect for the United States of America, and would Never Want to be UNWELCOMED ILLEGAL SQUATTERS, no Matter how Appealing the Possibility would be.

America Is In Crisis . . . Not Because Of A Shutdown & Not Because Of A Wall.

America Is In Dire Crisis . . . Because There Is No Equivalence – & Because the Socialist LEFT are Running Amuck . . . and the People who By & Large Vote for the LEFT, ARE TOO STUPID TO SEE THE TRUTH FOR WHAT IT IS.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.

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  1. I knew Bibi would knock them dead with facts and logic, and he certainly did. No doubt, Obama is pissed, which is not surprising, because I believe in his heart he knows that Netanyahu is by far the better man. My dream would be for them to debate any important topic without notes, so Obama’s delusional followers could see him for what he really is, an empty suit. Here is a link that shows the Democrats that boycotted Bibi’s speech: http://goo.gl/bmtd4h


  3. The DEMOCRATS’ refusal to NEGOTIATE with TRUMP is definitely NOT a QUESTION OF MONEY!In THEIR eyes, the LEFT DO SEE the TRUTH for WHAT IT IS!It’s that they FEAR their NEGOTIATING would ASSURE TRUMP’S RE-ELECTION in 2020!Your having to LEAVE the USA in April so as not to Overstay the LEGAL 180-Day Maximum is RIDICULOUS.WHY can’t this SAME RULE be APPLIED to the ILLEGAL ALIENS?WHY can’t you and Anne get GREEN CARDS or some Form Of Permanent Residency, if this exists?Hope you will! Good luck! AMEN!

  4. People are either stupid or lazy, or both. Our government rather requires active participation, not simply voting on election day. I’m as guilty as anyone of not communicating with elected reps. Still, one has to spend at least a few minutes understanding what’s going on so one can make an informed choice…of the choices available. Build the wall. Build the wall. Build the wall. Build the wall. Build the wall…and then drain the swamp.

  5. If you think that things in the USA are bad, what about our part time drama teacher who is an embaressment to our country but is still adored by most Quebers and a lot of people from Ontario. To them a bad liberal is better than a good conservative. I fear for our people following our next federal election in the fall. As for your comments on Pres Trump, I agree totally. Ray Moscato, Calgary

  6. John and I remain willing and able to sponsor you and Anne for green cards.

  7. as a retired ICE agent,I’m willing to sponsor you and your family,lee prejean,laconner,wa.USA ,keep up the good work.

  8. Howard, once again you hit the proverbial nail SMACK DAB on the head! Thank you for this column. I’ve just posted it up on Facebook for others to read. You and Rush Limbaugh are my to “go-to” commentators for keeping my sanity in this crazy political climate. I feel like I’m going absolutely stark staring crazy sometimes. And I thought it was bad when OBUMMER was President! His outright lies were NEVER challenged. Trump tries to keep his promises & is ridiculed for it! Really depressing!

  9. Howard, with respect to equivalence with Palestine, Israel should retaliate by adopting a ratio of 100:1. If one Israeli is killed then 100 Palestinians should be taken out. With respect to the wall, You and I and all of your readers know that we want a wall, we need a wall, we deserve a wall and should get a wall financed immediately. We all know that walls are effective, otherwise they would not exist. Love you all.

  10. Why in hell is the American left so intent on ruining such a great country? I’m a Canadian who is very worried that my next door neighbour is going to destroy itself if the idiots get their way!

  11. Howard, a few days ago, there was a tv article regarding a San Diego news reporter who worked for KuSI an affiliate station. CNN contacted KUSI looking for a a reporter who could provide some info on the border walls. This reporter stepped up and offered to discuss the wall. however, he said that he was for the wall. Guess what, CNN shut off his comments for their show. Wasn’t that fine? CNN wanted their own propaganda version. Their own version of truth.

  12. SURE MEXICO WILL PAY FOR THE WALL. if THE BALANCE OF PAYMENTS IS (JUST AN EXAMPLE NOT A FACT) 50 billion dollars and the new Nafta is now only 30 billion then in effect 20 billion a year goes towards the wall, Trump cannot say this as the new aggrement has not been signed by mexico but I think that was what he meant that Mexico would pay for the wall over time. Why are people so dumb to not figure this out.

  13. Stupidity should be painful. It boggles my mind to see and hear that half of America votes for the demonicrats. I will never understand this mindset. I was always taught by my parents that when it comes to private property you should never violate a property owners rights and to not enter uninvited and violate those rights. I was raised to embrace common sense and to always live by it. Obviously common sense is a flower that doesn’t grow in everybody’s garden which is evident with demonicrats !

  14. Well Said! Because THEY don’t want POTUS Trump to win a 2nd term, the Senate & House would rather, as the hipocrites they are, do NOTHING & blame Trump. How do they sleep at night? They are throwing people UNDER THE BUS. This is NOT what they were elected to do. Why don’t they do their job? I made calls to Nancy & Chuckie & very respectfully asked that the WALL be built. I only hope enough people are calling to SHAKE THE TREES. Irresponsibility is NOT acceptable! MYPOV God Bless

  15. 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12 The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.
    I feel this may be where we are today.

  16. “Yesterday, all our troubles seemed so far away, but now we need a place to hide away?” America is in crisis thanks to all the (foreign, ignorant) “idiots” we’ve allowed to live here taking total advantage of our system (unlike you and Anne)! BTW, if you need a petition for “Green Card”, there’s plenty of “Patriots” willing to sign. So, if Dems allow anybody who lives here to be a “U.S. citizen”, “Welcome to USA” (don’t try to vote yet, but in 2 years that may be possible)! Please stay in Texas!

  17. Greetings: Notice how some Dems have been staying FAR AWAY from the Border Wall issue, simply because they’re the few LOGICAL Democrats left? They fear that in 2 years time, they’ll surely be hung out to dry in the ‘20 election for NOT SUPPORTING & indeed, advocating AGAINST the wall, ESPECIALLY if Trump is SUCCESSFUL in getting funding. Am I the only one IRRITATED that SCHUMER & PELOSI requested & RECEIVED EQUAL TIME following the President’s COMPELLING speech about the border crisis?

  18. Why not recall all welfare, medical payments from all undocumented/documented immigrants effectively supplying funds to the wall and excess funds going to supplementing families of active veterans and housing support for our returning wounded veterans. At the same time requiring healthy welfare recipients work in qualifying government jobs on part time basis, effectively replacing some office and/or janitor and child care jobs. Mr. Trump, MAGA, STAND STRONG, BUILD THAT WALL.

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