Who’s The Racist?


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Make This Clear . . . President Trump is not being Savagely Attacked without Respite, because the President’s Policies are Flawed or Unfair, or because of President Trump’s Tone. President Trump & Conservative America is Under a Relentless Attack, because the LEFT is at War with Constitutional America & American Exceptionalism.


And Make No Mistake About This . . . It’s Not About The “Wall” – It’s all about Stopping President Donald Trump – BEFORE TRUMP CAN WIN FOUR MORE YEARS AFTER 2020.

And the LEFT will do Whatever it Can, by any Means they Deem Necessary to Stop Him, so they will be able to Create their One World Socialist Government.

I Am Sick & Tired Of Being Insulted As A White Man.

I want to Punch the Next LEFTIST Piece-Of-Work right in his or her Filthy Mouth, who Typifies Me as being a Male Of White Privilege, as if there is something Immoral about . . .

1 – Being White.

2 – Being Educated.

3 – Working Hard To Be Successful.

4 – And Being A White Man Who Is Not A Pussy.

The Other Day . . . I was Watching a Segment of the Bill Hemmer News Show on Fox News, when he had-on, as one of his Regular Guest Panelists – Jehmu Greene, who is an Activist Black Woman . . . Famous for being a LEFTIST DNC Insider, Pro-Abortionist (Board Of Directors Planned Parenthood) & Woman’s Liberationist, who Never Seems to Lose an Opportunity to Point to her Vagina & Uterus to show how Discriminatory Men are. Who also Plays the Race-Card like a Concert Violinist.

Listening To Her & Seeing Her Smug Face Was More Than I Wanted To See & Hear.

Every-Time I Hear A Woman In A Position Of Power Or Authority . . . Tell Me, that it’s Time for a Woman to Become the President of the United States of America Because she is a Woman . . . Or that there should be an Equal Number of Women in the House & Senate, and that all Women should be Paid at Least as much as Men, Regardless of how well Women do whatever it is they are being Paid to Do . . .

Only Reinforces My Belief That We’re Going Over The Cliff Of Humanity.

We have all seen Women, Famous and not Famous at all, Wearing Vagina Hats to show their Feminism . . . How Classy. But I’ve Never Seen a Man wear a Dick on his Head to show His Masculinity.

We’ve seen Women (Famous Performers) at LEFTIST Rallies give Speeches Smashing Men like Piñatas, as if all Men were in the Word’s of Crooked Hillary . . . “Are Deplorable”

Remember Madonna’s Talk About Her Dream To Blow-Up The White House?

I Remember, and I’ve Linked to this Speech from Ashley Judd, which she gave a Year or so Ago at the Women’s March in Washington DC, about being “A NASTY WOMAN” . . . Which I think You Should Watch & Listen To – From Start to End, just to Remind you of HOW NASTY THIS ATTACK IS ON WHITE MEN, and on the Entire Fabric of our Society.

And how Utterly INSANE LEFTIST WOMEN have become over the Generations of Too Much Brainwashed Academia, Too Much Propagandized News Media, and an Entertainment Industry that has Lost Its Entire Moral Compass.

White Men Are Set-Upon As Being Somehow Evil . . . Yet Black-Men who Perform Rap Music about Women as being Whores & Bitches, to be Slapped Around and Used as Sex Toys, is somehow just an Acceptable Expression of Music-Art – as is the Wanton Use of Drugs.

How’s That Acceptable?

And how about Black Rap Singers who Extoll & Encourage the Murder of Cops, Especially White Cops, which to the LEFT is nothing more than a Validated Expression of the Perceived Resistance of Black Suppression Under the Heel of White-Men, which is also Acceptable.

And What About Black Singers & Actors Calling Each Other Niggers? . . . Should that be Acceptable Too? Because, by Comparison, if a Fellow Jew were to ever call me a KIKE, We’d be Going to Fist City the Second the Words came out of his Mouth. And I’d Beat Him Like A Dirty Carpet . . . Or Go Down Trying.

Decent Men & Women Have Died For The Flag Black Athletes Take A Knee To.

So How Much Respect does the Black Community Really have for Itself, which Stoops to the Level of the Aforementioned? How Much Respect do these LEFTIST Women have for Themselves, who Wear Vagina Hats, as they Scream their Value of being NASTY WOMEN?

I Don’t Want To Hear It Again . . . How I’m A Privileged White-Man.

Calling White-Men Privileged Is Nothing Short Of Social Bigotry. And as for Women who are Absolutely Convinced that they DESERVE, Power, Prestige, Position & High Income because they are Women, is as Insane as the Speech you Heard from Ashley Judd.

Women . . . Like Men Deserve What They Earn . . . Nothing More & Nothing Less.

It’s a Terrible Pity that no one Taught these Nasty Women . . . that No System in the World is Better, Fairer & More Desirable than a Capitalist Meritocracy, where Everyone Regardless of Race, Gender, Religion – ETC . . . has an Equal Shot at a Better Life.

The Revolution Has Long Begun . . . And It’s Not Because Of Trump Or The “Wall”.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Well, the “chickens are coming home to roost” for Barack HUSSEIN Obama, and as you said, he is definitely stepping “from one pile of political [chicken] DUNG into the NEXT”. Many of us were often told that when a crucifix was placed before Satan, it would “turn him away”. Well, is Netanyahu the so-called “crucifix” which is causing so much fear in BHS? People’s words, behavior, habits and values create their destiny! Have you observed BHS’ characteristics in the past six years? AMEN!

  2. I referenced today’s article in my newsletter and said you were more an American than half of the US. citizens. And I believe that your subscribers will certainly agree with me. And today’s is deliciously on-target. Bravo!

  3. Oh my gosh – THANK YOU!!! I keep telling my kids, who are trying to be men in this cesspool of a culture today: Be ready – the ONLY group you can LEGALLY discriminate against are: HETEROSEXUAL, WHITE, CHRISTIAN MALES!!!!

  4. In short I agree with you. Too many today believe in government freebees, and they look down upon those of us who have paid our dues. America became a great nation and a world leader because of it’s system of government. ( of course the nay- sayers don’t agree )

  5. Amen, Mr. G! My sentiments and thoughts exactly, and I couldn’t have said any of it better. God bless President Trump, and God bless you for speaking truth!

  6. I’m still laughing at those hats. Lots of women in top positions because they are good, but like some men, not all good. Some, both genders, get there through nepotism, money, favours of all kinds so who says women can’t make it should shut up and get a job. Throughout my career I’ve been fair, promoted male and female purely on merit, not looks, favours or compassion. Trudeau believes in 50/50, lots of colour, regardless of qualifications or experience, that’s why Canada is going down the tube

  7. These leftists are mentally ill. They have no valid arguments for what bothers them so they criminalize something that you are and then attack you for it. They create the blame and the scapegoat in order to carry a perennial torch against you. This is so they never have to grow up or assume responsibility themselves. Its a great gig they have going, and through constant lefty media messages they have everyone believing it.

  8. EXCELLENT! Hate to say it, but I think I’m becoming MISOGYNISTIC! It seems that the more WOMEN who PARTAKE in WHATEVER, the MORE PROBLEMS they CAUSE! When certain WOMEN become powerful, the POWER “goes to their heads”, i.e., they CAN’T HANDLE IT!AMERICA doesn’t need more women in office, it needs PEOPLE with MORE COMMON SENSE & LEADERSHIP SKILLS–whether MAN or WOMAN! Also, in the U.S., AMERICANS SHOULD & MUST COME FIRST–NOT the ILLEGAL ALIENS! RACISM is BASICALLY between BLACKS & WHITES! AMEN!

  9. OMG! That is disgusting. I am a white woman who grew up having the basics. There wasn’t a lot of money and there were no extras. I worked on the farm year round, that was extra cirricular activity. I took courses when I could afford them. I specialized in corrosion. In tanks and on pipeline. I make more money than many of my male colleagues because I am a specialist and because I am good at my job. Work hard, get educated – that’s the way to a bigger pay cheque no matter the colour or gender.

  10. Well said Howard. The white male is in the minority and is the most discriminated person on earth. I too am sick and tired of the superfluous BS that comes out of the lefts clap trap.

  11. Greetings: Americans are moving to the left. Part of that phenomenon is due to the left-leaning Main Stream Media & Hollywood. I’m not a far-right Conservative. I’m a pragmatist & I’m logical. I keep up with the times. I want better for my family than I had. I GET IT. Nothing was handed to me! What I can’t believe is Pelosi & Schumer DEMAND equal time, get it & try convince everyone that we don’t HAVE an ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION CRISIS! What do you call the 10-20 MILLION illegals already here?

  12. No one could’ve said it better, Howard. Judd & Madonna are among the worst, though notice they seem to be quieter now,with Judd trying to present herself as just a sweet fragile thang! By the way, my name for those who cast votes for women just because they’re female is “ The Vagina Vote.” God speed……

  13. Howard, I’d like to buy you a beer or BBQ of your choice for speaking/writing unvarnished warts & all truth. Wherever one looks in commercials, TV/Cable shows or movies is the leftist agenda that marginalizes or eliminates or denigrates what used to be the goal to aim for – common sense, decency and wholesome family values, service, self-respect, honor and genuine friendship. Disagreements were just that, disagreements to be amicably resolved; not an all out assault on the other party. Thanks.

  14. I am so sick of the vulgarity of these women who are in the spotlight. I am concerned about their stupid “hats” and how they are influencing even children. It is so disgusting to me and I lost ALL respect for Judd, (never did care for Madonna). Sick of the immorality of these people who should be a good example for the kids. It is so disgusting. No morals , no decency. Thanks for your great blog.

  15. Another home run Howard, especially the part about the vagina hats. Definitely a class act.

  16. I’ve been thinking that something bad is going to happen if the left doesn’t tone down their retoric; especially leftist women. I’m an 86 year old women and I know darn well that those women in politics don’t have the experience to rule such an important country. If the USA goes down we all go down. I’m still glad that I live next door to the USA.
    Canada, under a Liberal gov’t is bringing in a carbon tax. Yup! Thirty-six or seven million people are going to clean up the world’s atmosphere!

  17. So these bimbos want what men have because of their sex. Then treat them like men and when they say something derogatory about men knock their socks off. Nothing like a good free for all. My bet is on the men because when the men fight back we would have nothing but sob sisters. The’re very good at cussing and using language that most good men never use in front of good women. Let the fight begin.Billie

  18. Vagina hats. This is the first that I heard, saw or envisaged. Where have I been ? Do these hats say “Make America Great Again”???????

  19. You go get ‘um Howard. The Women’s March on DC after Trump was President made me sick. How could they call anyone the names they did, wear the stuff they did, make threats, & think that gained them respect from anyone other than fellow feminist idiots? Crass, ignorant, speaking vile language, etc., is supposed to make them more listened to, respected, etc.? I think NOT. Never liked Madonna anyway, but Ashley Judd went to the basement & further in my estimation. The Devil was in those details.

  20. You are SPOT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have lost Respect for many women in politics & entertainment because of their MOUTHS. And being against White Men IS Racist. No other way to call it! Common Sense has lost its way. Morals? They have none. Respect? Down the drain. They have lost sight of RIGHT & WRONG. Constitution? Have they ever read it? Makes you wonder what this world will be in a few short years. ^5 Mr. G. God Bless

  21. Women are losing all respect and admiration. Their disgusting behavior will do it all. They don’t have my respect or support. They are losers. Tragic for them and their goals.

  22. Right on again Howard a hole-in-one. During WWII & the Korea war, there were similar hats that were called cunt caps, LOL. I obviously do not know all women, but have known quite a few. Some of them were extremely smart but none that I have ever known could ever effectively fill the job of the President. I am unsure that some who are already in congress are capable of serving effectively and you know who they are without my naming them.

  23. Males have been beaten down for years and most notably on television. There are too many examples to mention but one stands out in my mind….Al Bundy. He was depicted as a bumbling, brain dead buffoon. Here a re few words that describe how many men are viewed today…fool, idiot, dolt, ass, nincompoop, blockhead, dunce, dunderhead, ignoramus, dullard, moron, simpleton, donkey, jackass, just to name a few. I resent being considered ANY of these name because they represent something I am not !

  24. I love men! I loved my husband. I love my sons! We need strong men to protect us. Follow Jordan Peterson from Toronto as he levels the male bashing feminists.

  25. LOVED the other “bloggers'” comments, & you hit a “home run”, with this article! AMEN-AMEN, & keep up the great job of “telling things as they are”!!

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