BS . . . Can Only Go So Far – Even For The LEFT


There Is No Broadcast With This Editorial.

President Trump Scored A Huge Victory Last Night (January 8, 2019) . . . with his Address to the American People, not because of what he said, but rather, because of what the President Didn’t Say . . . and through no Accomplishment of the President’s own, Nancy Pelosi & Chuck Schumer did More for the Trump Cause, than did President Trump.


THE ENTIRE LEFT . . . Were Waiting like Bloodthirsty Ghouls, to Pounce on President Trump for any Perceived Untruth or Exaggeration . . . OR MORE SO – For President Trump’s Threat or Declaration to Declare a Border-National State of Emergency, Which Never Came.


BUT THE LEFT . . . Which Campaigned Hard To Lock-In A Media-Wide Rebuttal, which to me is Unheard of, to Counter a Presidential Address to the People – Got What They Wished For & Came Off As Cartoon-Like Fools.

This Wasn’t A State Of The Union Address – This Was A State Of Emergency Address, which Unlike a State of the Union Address Delivered from a Joint Session of Congress, with all the Fanfare, Pomp & Circumstance, not only DID IT NOT REQUIRE a Rebuttal, and Certainly NOT all the Pre-Message Media & Democrat Acrimony . . . It Required a Thoughtful Consideration of the Facts & Consequences.

Go Know . . . That Sean Hannity & Others Had The Exact Same Thoughts.

When The Cameras Opened On Chuck & Nancy . . . So-Help-Me, I Turned to Anne and started to Laugh, as I said to Anne, that “this looks like an Opening Skit from Saturday Night Live”. Anne said back to me . . . “They Look Like a Portrait of the Old American Gothic Without the Pitchfork” . . . And We Both Laughed Real Hard.


If Donald Trump Were A Gambler . . . Donald Trump Wouldn’t Play Black Or Red At A Roulette Table, “Trump” would Play High-Stakes Poker, where He would Read the Room, Knowing that the Room would be Reading Him Too. Also knowing, that you give Nothing Away Until the Last Card.

What I Believe President Trump Did Last Night Was Set The Table For His Final Card.

President Trump . . . Laid Out The Issue For All To Hear, See & Imagine. President Trump also made it Possible for the Opposition to show their Cards in the Middle of the Game, while the Betting was just Getting-Going.

Here’s What I See . . .

On Tuesday, January 29, 2019 – President Trump Will Stand Before The Joint Session Of Congress in the House Chamber & Deliver his State Of The Union Address, where he can and will Point to an Incredible Two Years of Promises Made & Promises Kept.

The President will Point-Out the Unbelievable and Non-Debatable Successes, which his Financial Policies have Blessed-Upon the American People, from an Explosion in New & Better Paying Jobs, to Revitalized Factories & Industries like Steel, Aluminum, Coal, Gas & Oil.

President Trump Will Illustrate the Incredible Trade Deals he has made Worldwide, and his Promise & Success in Defeating ISIS. The President will Point to America’s Move of the US Embassy To Jerusalem, and how his Administration has Helped Israel & Israel’s Arab Neighbors towards Rapprochement.

President Trump Will Present Irrefutable Proof Of His Successes.


WHAT I ALSO SEE . . . Is President Trump, at the State of the Union Address, if the LEFT Doesn’t Come to their Senses Soon Enough & Realize that they have ZERO Cards left to Play, President Trump will after HERALDING how he has made America Great Again . . . will Declare that the Republicans will Not Allow a Border-National Security Threat, which is Undeniably a Threat to the Core of America, to Destroy All that America has Achieved in Just Two Years, AFTER Obama said that None Of What President Trump said he was going to do was Possible . . . Turned Out To Be Very Possible .

I Don’t Think President Trump Will Use A Presidential Privilege to Declare a National Security Threat to Empower the Military to Build the “Wall” Before his State of the Union Address . . . But Who Knows?


But I Do Believe . . . The President Might Very Well Do It On January 29, 2019 – as the President’s Final Card during the CLIMAX of the President’s State of the Union Address, which will Win It All For The American People, leaving Chuck, Nancy and the LEFT Devoid of all Chips.

While The LEFT Is Playing Go Fish . . . The President Is Playing Texas Hold’Em.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. This presents a glaring opportunity where Obama could score points big-time with both sides of congress, if he simply changed his mind and demonstrated the tolerance the Democrats preach, and invited Bibi for dinner. I know, I know: only in my dreams!

  2. Of all the Congressional Dems to make a ‘rebuttal’ speech, those two (and a few others) are the last ones to make any sense at all. I got an idea, how about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib. Those two would finish off a Nancy & Chuck comedy. I have a difficult time understanding how democrats could/would continue to be democrats if those (old and new) are who are getting voted in these days. Indeed the world is upside down and backward.

  3. HG great editorial. The left keeps shooting themselves in the foot through their mouth. Trump need to build that wall and I believe he will, sooner then later. With in place it will cause things to change at the boarder rapidly and making America even greater. Now for Trudeau hopefully Canadian on the right can come up with the right strategy to defeat him what ever that looks like. I like what Bernier is saying and believe he will follow through with it. MCGA

  4. We won’t know until 2020 if the sheeples are finally starting to wake-up until in 2020 if they re vote Trump in and give him a super majority house and senate.

  5. As always loved your editorial, my daughter & I did the same thing you and Anne did burst out laughing when Nancy & Chuck came on. All they needed was the straw behind them and the pitch fork. Nancy’s eyes look like some owl in a tree ready to burst out of her head. That woman needs to retire and go home to baby sit her grandchildren & take up knitting or quilting do something but get out of D.C .
    Thanks again for your great editorial it is always a pleasure reading them. God bless

  6. If the democrats wanted to destroy their own party, they got a good start yesterday. It was comical to watch the rebuttal.
    Trump knows what he is doing and waiting to see what the dems will do next. He will outsmart them.

  7. Well stated my friend! Thanks for your “spot on” editorials !

  8. Pelosi and Schumer were so laughable. They looked like two puppets waiting for their string to be pulled. The cold scared stare was hilarious. It would have been a little funnier if she had her broom and he had his pitch fork. They are not doing good for our country. They are self serving and want to be in congress for life.They think the only way to do that is to fill our country with illegals that they sign up to vote on the spot as soon as they sneak over the border. May God Bless America!!!

  9. Watched President Trump’s speech and it was great and factual! Watch the Chuckie and Nancy show on YouTube this morning and I thought it was open mic at a funeral home.

  10. Great editorial, Howard, had the same thoughts. Still laughing at Schumer and Pelosi faces!! I got to thinking…why do they put walls around prisons? The liberals are still so upset over the election, they can’t stand it!! Thought they had it all wrapped up to win, but it came unwrapped, didn’t it?! Go Trump, Go!

  11. I DEFINITELY enjoyed the other “bloggers'” comments, especially about the “Chuckie & Nancy show”! PLEASE continue to BLESS PRES. TRUMP, as he puts up with this NONSENSE ON A DAILY BASIS, & help him to CONTINUE to DEAL with it on ongoing basis, & NO he didn’t take “the bait”…..AMEN-AMEN!!

  12. I served this country in the military and only slowly realized just how wrong I was as a young man about how badly our great country was being lied to by our elite liberal masters! As I got wiser, my anger diminished, I and found that GOD has plans for America that nobody comprehends–and I sincerely believe that President Donald Trump is HIS unorthodox solution to turning the American ship of State around!

  13. Great Editorial!!! Nothing is being ‘manufactured’ re: the border wall. WE have seen what is going on both at the border and in the House & Senate. Sooner, rather than later…ALL will see just who is POTUS. The GAME being played by ‘Shoomer’ & Nancy will, I fervently hope, blow up in their faces. We need OUR COUNTRY BACK. MAGA!!! God Bless

  14. Greetings: It’s obvious the Democrat Party is heading towards nominating someone from the party’s FAR LEFT in 2020, since they have NOWHERE ELSE TO TURN & nothing they’ve thrown at the President has really made a DENT! This is the BEST NEWS FOR TRUMP SUPPORTERS! MOST Democrats will find it IMPOSSIBLE to vote for the likes of Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Corey Booker or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez! Add to the list LOSERS from the OLD GUARD, Hilary, Biden & Sanders & TRUMP WINS AGAIN 4 MORE! YES!

  15. Wow, what a great commentary today! It reminds me of other pundits who said the progressives and their MEM acolytes continue to play checkers and President Trump is playing chess – and 3-D chess at that, not like we other humans who can only play 2-D chess on a normal flat board. I agree with you that Trump will surprise everyone with an announcement about the wall on that day.

  16. Chuck and Nancy looked so pathetic, the cartoons about them were fabulous. How fast things have changed, now they are the really obstuctionists for everyone to see. They are underestimating the President.

  17. Do walls work? Take a trip around Europe, and the U.K. and ask why so many castles, and why do they all have high walls, narrow slits from which to shoot arrows, and overhanging buttresses from which to pour hot oil or tar. USA needs walls on the South and North borders.

  18. While I agree with everything said, we must ask ourselves why this is even an issue. If conservatives had the determination and used the tactics of their opponents, we would have had our victory. As vile and viscous as these people are, at least they stick together – think hyenas and coyotes. It amazes me they can keep being elected by folks who have just as much to lose as we do.

  19. Like waiting for Game of Thrones to return, I cannot wait for the Chuck and Nancy Show after the State of the Union. Pleas, Lord, let it be Nancy and Chuck!!!!

  20. The Toronto Star – not exactly known for their pro-trump stance – had an article by Vinay Menon in today’s entertainment section “Two heads aren’t better than one for Democrats”…try to read it and keep a straight face.

  21. The left came across as usual like a bunch dopes that they are. Chucky and Nancy who let them in ????????

  22. Yes, it looks like the BS has already gone far enough! Nancy & Chuck did more harm to their party than could have been anticipated!As much as they wanted to look FEARFUL & DECISIVE they, instead looked CARTOONISH in their DEMEANOR! Pres. Trump SCORED some points re: his ADDRESS to the American people. He wants to FULFILL his promise of BUILDING A WALL and he WILL do so VERY SOON. What better place to DECLARE a National State of Emergency than at his State of the Union Address! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

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