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There Is No Broadcast With This Editorial.

Forget About The Border Crisis. Forget About The Shutdown Crisis . . . BECAUSE This Is All About The Democrat Crisis.


Nancy Pelosi Wanted to Become the Speaker of the House Again . . . She Got It – Now What, since Pelosi is the Speaker (Leader) of the House of Representatives (235-Democrats over 199-Republicans), Represented by a HUGE NUMBER of Off-The-Wall Socialists, Fools & Wannabes – who Couldn’t Give a Rat’s Ass about what Pelosi Thinks or has to Say?

Every Time I See, Hear or Read a Pearl of Wisdom from the Mouth of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, as she’s Introduced or Referred-To by the Media, Especially the LEFTIST Media, as Leader of the Ocasio-Cortez Wing Of The Democrat Party, I have to Control Myself from Giggling like a Little Girl.

Two Things . . . Cortez Is Not Going To Get Smarter & Cortez Is Not Going Away.

AND HERE’S THE THIRD . . . Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, coupled with the LEFTIST Democrat Lamebrains, of which there are many, within the House and on the Street, will utterly Destroy Pelosi’s Second Kick at the Speaker’s Can.


Rashida Tlaib, the Newly Minted House Member from Michigan’s 13th-Congressional District, one of the Poorest Districts in all of America, seems to be Prouder of her Palestinian/Moslem Heritage . . . & Disgust for Israel – More-So, than for her Love of American Congressional Decorum & Respect for the Presidency of the United States, who is now INFAMOUS for Publicly Calling President Trump a Mother-Fucker, as she Pledged to have President Trump Impeached.


Cortez & Tlaib Aren’t Aberrations . . . Nor Are They Anecdotal – These Two Sick Pieces of Work aren’t Alone, they are Indeed Representative of a very Significant Number of Like-Minded People in the Democrat House, who Believe that this is their Duty to Impeach a Legitimately Voted-In President of the United States of America . . . Based On Nothing.

At One Point . . . The Battle-Cry from the LEFT, was that Trump was a Vulgarian, and they Hated President Trump for his Use of Language – But Now – Compared to Rashida Tlaib, the Palestinian-Loving Moslem Lawyer & Mother from one of the Poorest & Least Productive Parts of Michigan (of the whole of the USA actually) . . . President Trump Speaks Like A Choirboy.

Then There Are The New Democrat Members Who Want To Tax-Tax-Tax.

But Taxing The Hell Out Of America’s Most Productive Producers . . . is just their Tip of the Iceberg, because, these LEFTISTS also want to Regulate-Regulate-Regulate, and Bankrupt the Nation through Green Policy Insanities, while they all Agree, THAT HEALTHCARE MUST BE FREE & EQUAL FOR ALL.

I Didn’t Even Touch On Their Quest For A One-World Government & Open Borders.

THEN THERE’S THE COMING DEMOCRAT PRIMARIES . . . Where the Candidates will do all they Can to Prove to the Ocasio-Cortez Wing of the Democrat Party who the Biggest LEFTIST is.

By The Time 2020 Rolls Around . . . People will be Begging For 4-More Years of Donald Trump, and a House & a Senate as Devoid as Possible from the Democrat LEFT.

So . . . with every Utterance from Cortez, Tlaib and the Like – Sit Back & Enjoy The Show, because I can all but tell you with Certainty – That Nancy Pelosi Will Not.


It Will Be Built & For All Their Trouble – The LEFT Will Come Away With Nothing.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Your comments are right on and I wish I had stated them but keep up the good work. I read a great quote from the mother of an American that an illegal alien had killed regarding the wall. “Nancy Pelosi needs to love Americans more than she hates Trump.”

  2. I so enjoy every blog! My head is spinning from all the lunacy from the left! Every day it’s more and more. Thanks for all you do to keep us hoping for a better tomorrow! I must admit it is harder each day to feel that way so you made today a little brighter, thank you!

  3. Hope that a lot of hardcore democrats see the circus they just elected and hope will change their minds 2 years from now but this is super wishful thinking because the lame stream media keep brainwashing the sheeples that the democratic party is the best thing since sliced bread. As for free healthcare for all, where will cortez find $4 trillion a year just for that ? $ 4 trillion is the full federal budget including a $1 trillion yearly deficit. As yes from the magic money tree !!!

  4. I agree with everything you say. The spectacle of this crop of leftists displaying their lack of knowledge in areas like history, economics, the constitution and running a government will be entertaining…in addition to scary. They have a significant following of people just as knowledge-deficient as they are, backed by a goebbels-like media…dark comedy, indeed.

    Bill Larson
    North Port, FL

  5. What exists today is not the Democrat party of even 2 or 3 decades ago. It is uneducated, anti-freedom, anti-america, radical, self-bloated garbage. There is no possible way it can speak for Pelosi, Clinton and others who have been there a while. They opened a can of worms they cannot contain, control or close. To survive, America will need a more moderate and reasonable Left to marginalize their own ignorant lefty radicals. If Cortez and Tlaib are the future…we’re all screwed!

  6. I hope you are right because the USA has tipped way left. Most folks I know are ready for a fight to preserve our nation. I sure appreciate your views and agree with all you say. Keep it up. Agree w/ comments about the left tilt of Fox news. I won’t watch many of their programs but have enjoyed much of One America News on channel 347 Direct TV. Also wish all would check out Dr. Ed Berry who is making a presentation to the American Meteror.- Society to prove humanCO2 does not cause climate chang

  7. Am sick of hearing gov workers whine about not getting their raise for this year because of the wall controversy. On S S, I rec a $1 cost of living raise (by the time they took out Obamacare med $) and barely make ends meet and THEY are complaining? I am SURE that I am not alone in the financial situation I find myself, and the fact I cannot even afford the insulin I need and then to hear these people gripe is so ludicrous. WHO are the selfish ones? We’ve NEEDED a wall for a loooong time.

  8. The LEFT LOONS are just beyond themselves, I really admire PRES. TRUMP, for putting up with this LUNACY on a DAILY BASIS! MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS OUR PRES., & AMEN, AMEN!!

  9. The latest on Rashida Tlaib is that she is owned/sponsored by Georg Soros and this according to her tax filings as well as from Soros NGO tax filings…so now one has to ask how many other Nazi/Bolsheviks in Congress and in federal appointments does Soros own?

  10. We realize what a dirty business politics can be. The garbage just keeps building up! There is less and less evidence of statesmanship. In Canada we have a so called “leader” that is using his position to put a logo celebrating the gay lesbian community. They are still people, but abuse OR celebrate them. If there is a noteworthy accomplishment, okay! This is just a political action to gain some votes… In the U.S. there is growing division and violence. WE are in big trouble!

  11. Do you remember Kim Campbell, the short lived wannabee who became PM when Mulroney lost the election then went on to lose the general election, gaining only her own and one other seat? Huffington Post: Campbell publicly endorsed Rashida Tlaib by using the very same profanity to describe President Trump. Now this is someone who Trudeau should say doesn’t deserve to live in Canada.

  12. I truly fear for my country. Good people still suckling off the teets of the Main Lying Media have no clue their country is in peril and the crazy left of whom there is no hope to change or reform. Howard, keep up the voice of reason!

  13. David MasKay asked a good question Howard. How many does George Soros own we know most likely for sure Hillary and her group, I would hate to find out Pres. G. Bush is one. Obama oh that one for sure if not someone else flipped the bills for him and Michelle. My heart goes out to Canada as well for it seems the Democrats want to do you all in as well as our America. God help us from all the evil that is going on. The beautiful planet you gave us to love and take care of & we have nuts like this.

  14. Excellent Editorial! BTW…back to the WALL…Ted Cruz is attempting to enact a law to ‘capture’ El Chapo’s billions. There’s the WALL. We have some FED workers who are supposed to work and get their pay later…they are grumbling & grumping or just plain NOT showing up for work. I understand the monetary worry. BUT…the NEW Dems seem to be waltzing in knowing THEIR paycheck is forthcoming. Shut the WHOLE Gov’t down. THAT would get EVERYONE’S attention. MYPOV

  15. Again, I hope you are right. Dems gleefully talked about a split within GOP; now they’re looking at a split within their ranks between old-guard left vs new-guard radicals. This is what our public colleges are producing these days; they’ve infiltrated MSM and now full-on in open positions of power within our government. These are the verbal expressions vs the quieter but effective swamp, an awful lot of whom were placed during Obama’s 8 yrs. Father God, please help us defeat of these haters.

  16. Howard, I hope you are right about the Democrat voters changing direction, but I am not sure that they have the mental capacity or judgement to understand the magnitude of the direction their leaders are taking, In short, they have not learned and are possibly incapable of doing so.

  17. There must be some type of mad cow like disease infecting the Dimms as they are getting crazier by the day. I hope they don’t turn into zombies and infect the rest of us;-)

  18. Right on all counts. This clown show is just beginning and I am pretty sure that they are going to bring stupidity to a whole new level(they are already doing it). The thought that these people such as Bernie Sanders and Ocassio- Cortez openly call themselves socialists and the interviewers on CNN and their I’ll hang on every word as if they are some kind of prophets is scary.

  19. So you believe the crazy libs will self-destruct; I pray you’re correct. I cannot
    Imagine (& that may be my, our, problem) who in this great country would vote for people like those 2 females & others of their ilk. Thanks for your wise words, Mr. Galganov.

  20. “By The Time 2020 Rolls Around . . . People will be Begging For 4-More Years of Donald Trump, and a House & a Senate as Devoid as Possible from the Democrat LEFT.”

    I sure hope and pray that you are right!

  21. TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME (TDS) is rampant among the DEMOCRATS, et al!To date, there is NO particular THERAPY in place for this MENTAL HEALTH disease–EXCEPT to ACCEPT the TRUTH and REALITY which CAUSES this DREADFUL DISEASE!There IS some HOPE, however, because TONIGHT [Tues.], PRES. TRUMP will be INFORMING ALL PEOPLE about what is at STAKE for AMERICA if a WALL were not built! DEMOCRATS & RINOS…WAKE UP before it’s TOO LATE! The WALL is NOT IMMORAL…it is ASSURING SECURITY for AMERICA! AMEN!

  22. We are all frustrated but I do believe Trump is going to get this done! He’s no dummy.
    Speaking of smart: I hope you are all following your fellow Canadian who has become world famous as he is geting people to think…..especially young men….and take on responsibility. His lectures are riveting on youtube. Brilliantly defends individualism and traditional values.

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