Here It Begins – The Downward Fall Of The American LEFT


There Is No Broadcast With This Editorial.


If I Could Have Wished For A Better 2018 Political Outcome – I Don’t Know How.

In One Fell Swoop . . . The RINOS (Republicans In Name Only) – like the Rats they were, Deserted their own Sinking Ship, Rather than Face their Conservative Voters in Primaries.

AND THE BIGGEST RINO . . . Who Turned-Out to be the Most Disappointing Political Appointment in the History of Congressional Politics, who was the First to Jump Ship . . . was None-Other than Paul Ryan, who took the Speaker’s Gavel Years Ago, amongst Great Hopes from the Conservative Rank & File, only for Congressional Conservatives to be Stabbed In The Back.

How Do I Know Ryan Was The Greatest Congressional Disappointment Of All Time?

Upon Leaving The House . . . Paul Ryan’s Approval Rating was just 12%, which was the Lowest Approval Number for any Speaker of the House – EVER.

And think about who Ryan Replaced as Speaker of the House – John Boehner, who Made a Profession of Selling-Out Republican Conservatives, and now in Retirement from Politics, is a Big-Shot Executive in the Marijuana Industry, which will even Further Numb the Minds of already Intellectually Numbed Americans.

As It Stands Today . . . The New Republican Congress (House & Senate), is finally Closer Politically to Who & What Conservative American Patriots Elected.


When I First Heard – Hank Johnson, the Black Congressman (House) from Georgia, Compare President Trump to Adolf Hitler in a Speech he Delivered just a few Days Ago . . . I was Thrilled, because I want Reasonable Black American Voters, to See & Hear for themselves, how their Black Representatives are so Far Over-The-Top, that when it comes to the Next Election, they’ll think twice about Voting for a Black Candidate . . . MOSTLY Because He Or She Is Black.

And if they Continue to Vote for People like Hank Johnson, because he’s Black, that will say more about Them, than it says about Him, and it will send a Message to White Voters Everywhere, for them to Consider who should be their Representatives in Government, Independent of Color, since Far Too many White Voters simply aren’t Paying Close Enough Attention.

I LOVE ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ . . . because, if I had to Invent a Poster-Girl to Portray the Utter Ignorance, Stupidity & Anti-Americanism of the LEFT, I couldn’t Possibly have Created a Better Illustration than Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

And The More This Moron Opens Her Mouth . . . The Better I Like It.


Yesterday . . . Newly Minted American/Palestinian/Moslem/Democrat Member of Congress (House) from Michigan, Rashida Tlaib, Celebrated Taking Her Oath Of Allegiance as a Member of the House of Representatives by Declaring . . . “WE’RE GOING TO GO IN & IMPEACH THE MOTHERFUCKER” (President Trump).

IMAGINE . . . This Filth & Disrespect from a Newly Minted Member of Congress for the President of the United States of America, the Millions of People who Voted for President Trump, the Institution of Government, and the Insult to the Quran, upon what she Swore her Oath . . . and all Moslems who I’m sure Celebrated her Position in Government, as One of only Two Congressional Moslems.

And Perhaps The Biggest Treat – was how her Audience Screamed Their Approval at her Incredibly Insulting Gutter-Speak Language, which in Just One Sentence, DEMEANED the White House, the House of Representatives, Millions of American Voters, and the American Plus Worldwide Moslem Community, and the Quran upon which she Swore her Oath of Faithfulness To The American Constitution, which Included Defending America from Enemies Foreign & Domestic .

As A Side-Bar . . . The next time an Anti-Israel (Anti-Semite) Bigot wants to Extol the “Virtues” of the “Poor” Peaceful Palestinians as a Law Abiding Decent People, I will Direct Everyone to the Foul Mouthed Garbage Statement of Rashida Tlaib, being Representative of the Palestinian & Moslem People.


AND THEN THERE’S NANCY PELOSI . . . The Gift That Keeps On Giving.

What can you Say about a Feckless Piece Of Work like Nancy Pelosi, who says that Walls are Immoral? Is Israel Immoral? How about the White House, which is surrounded by an Impressive Wall?

And what about Her (Nancy Pelosi) Family, which Includes her Children & Grandchildren? Do they live Behind a Wall? Does Pelosi keep her Doors Locked? Does Pelosi have Security at her Home? Does Pelosi have Personal Body-Guards? How does Pelosi Travel? Is Pelosi going to get back her Incredibly Expensive Paid-For by the Taxpayers’ Private Jet, which she had before she Lost the House the last Time-Out?

Between The Worthless Politicians & The Dishonest Media . . . 2019 is going to be a Fabulous Year for Conservative America. And by Extension – A Bountiful Socio/Political Year for Canada & the Conservative World.

And Instead Of Americans Hearing Russia-Russia-Russia . . . Americans Will Now Be Hearing Tax-Tax-Tax, Spend-Spend-Spend . . . Impeach-Impeach-Impeach. And how’s that going to win the LEFT Anything in 2020?

Short Of A Civil War . . . I’m Quite Encouraged!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Imagine…Just IMAGINE how the people of Israel must feel right now…exploding with pride…AND HONOR! The shadow of Churchill looms very large!
    Bud Farrell, Georgetown, Texas

  2. Your whole editorial is spot on. It looks like the The Democrat morons are not going to waste a minute going after President Trump, his family and everything Trump represents. According to what I’ve seen already, I am almost afraid to turn on the TV. I have to trust that more American voters will see through this smokescreen in 2020.

  3. OMG! Howard, how I hope and pray that you are right!!! Reading this editorial gave me the first breath of hope in quite a while! Thank You!!!

  4. Agree–2019 is going to be a FABULOUS YEAR for CONSERVATIVE America. The more the DEMOCRATS open their MOUTHS, the BETTER it is for Pres. Trump. The LEFT must think that the RIGHT is stupid! They are giving Trump so much AMMUNITION for the 2020 ELECTION via “open mouth, insert foot”. Keep it up…we welcome it! The DEMOCRATS have NO CLASS, NO RESPECT and NO FEELINGS for AMERICA! Their NEED for POWER & GREED and their HATRED of Trump is OVERPOWERING them. SATAN is definitely their LEADER! AMEN!

  5. Excellent Editorial!!! When Pelosi said she would give POTUS Trump one penny for HIS wall, I was appalled. The House & Senate have lost all conscience of what The American People WANT. After their meeting with Trump today, THEY were negative, Trump was positive. Trump has dealt w/many subcontractors in his time, he will prevail. Tlaid from Michigan was the ‘frosting on the cake’ for me. SLIME! We have the largest Arab Population outside of the Middle East & this is how they feel? WOW

  6. You nailed It Howard! Ocasio Cortez is a total moran. In theory, she should be digging herself into a deep hole! The left is so caught up in doing everything they can to destroy our president! I’m praying it blows up in their face! Thanks for your commentary! Your point of view is spot on!

  7. The insanity of the Left continues. Mosley’s being elected? Scary.

    But luckily the US is far behind Canada in this regard. Trudeau and co.just keep welcoming them, even those that went to join ISIS are welcomed back to Canada with open arms. Or given money, like Khadr getting $10 million.

    Stupidity on full display, and as a lowly tax paying citizen, born in Canada, working and paying taxes for 45 years, nothing I can do about it.

    Hungary and Poland look like good options.

  8. Love your editorial but still yet sheeples in the U.S.A. still vote democrat. The lame stream media is doing a great job at not reporting the truth, defending the left and brainwashing the sheeples. Until the lame stream media is dealt with by being shut down when it comes to fake news, I’m afraid that the status quo will remain. If by some chance the democrats manage to impeach Trump, civil war will be a reality.

  9. As Betty Davis once said in a film, “Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy night” substitute “bumpy 2019”. MSM loves Alexandria Ocassional Cortex. She is so stupid and is always putting her foot in her very large mouth it is a wonder WHY they promote her! She and a few of the newbies will go out of control quickly and absorb a lot of the nasty so the older, wiley Senators and Congressmen can sidestep the goo and retain their seat.

  10. As we see the new faces on the left enter the Center Ring, one wonders who elects them? In all fairness there are some very great people in the Congress, not many, but some. Then I listen to the dim bulbs, how do they get elected? They seem to be programed or brainwashed. It is also like, you want the job, do it our way. Who is directing them?

  11. Rashida Tlaib apparently said she would wear traditional Palestinian dress for the ceremony. Swearing in on the Quran and the dress was a statement, show, and defiance. The oath would be absolutely meaningless because in all probability she had Taqiya in mind. Tlaib didn’t just insult President Trump, she grossly insulted the Office and should be thrown out of Congress and deported back to Palestine.

  12. What if “Deplorable Racists” forgot “Political Correctness” and spoke this way about POTUS Obama? Those with no ethics, morals, manners, or respect for others are “showing their true colors” with “millions” in our society just like them! (Obama had 8 years to “mess things up”, so Trump would indeed be a “miracle worker” to “undo” all that in just 2 years!) What he needs most right now is RESPECT, but that’s what members of Congress refuse to give him! Perhaps “RINOS” belong in Africa, not USA?

  13. I heard that foul mouth woman on T.V. tonight if I were her mother I would STILL wash her mouth out with SOAP.
    As for Nancy I get a stomach ache every time I see that woman on T.V. there is just something about her that makes my skin crawl. Thanks once again sir for the great Editorial it was wonderful. The best to you and the family.

  14. The press talks like the Democrats have taken over the U.S. government. No, the house was abandoned by useless, old and anti-trump Republicans. Outside money (Global elites and the Soros Billionaires Club) poured in billions to elect extreme leftist nut jobs from Democrat voting districts. Howard, you are right on about the Democrats who have had the mainstream media set their political agenda for the last two tears and have deteriorated into a morass of filth and bigotry. Where is Harry Truman?

  15. You are spot on Howard, as usual. As far as Rashida Tlaib, speaking the way she did about impeachment, what blows my mind is the fact that in her statement, she was supposed to have said these things to her son. I guess being a good example for her children, isn’t something she worries about. Such a shame.

  16. I used to say that before anyone ran for congress they should have had a company with at least 100 employees and been responsible that their paychecks were good for at least five years so that all would understand capitalism and how it is the best for everyone.

  17. I can only hope and pray that Liberal Democrats will perceive how corrupt their party is! Their senses are more than clouded, but are actually blackened. If they can vote for corruption in our high offices, how corrupt are they themselves? We view the Democrat Party’s underhanded tactics with clear eyes. How can the morally blind perceive righteousness when they have no moral compass?

  18. I definitely enjoyed all the other “bloggers'” comments, & just GO PRES. TRUMP, GO…..& AMEN, AMEN!

  19. So sad. Mothers used to be the standard bearers for modesty in this country….now they are turning into slime. And in front of her son! If we keep going in this direction where will we end up?

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