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For The Record . . . Not To Be Misunderstood – Mitt Romney Is A Petulant Prick.

But Also Not To Be Misunderstood . . . this Petulant Prick Romney, has done Conservative America, and REAL REPUBLICANS the Favor of their Lives, Reminding all Conservatives who the Real Enemies Are – Who aren’t just wearing the Mantle of Democrat.


1 – Romney Has Destroyed any Modicum of Respectability he had Left, after he Screwed-Up so Badly in the 2012 Presidential Election, which Ushered in 4-More Years of Obama.

2 – Romney even Recovered some of his Dignity, after he BUSHWHACKED Candidate Trump and the Republican Party in the Most Disgusting Display of Mean-Spirited Personal Hubris, during Trump’s Run-Up to the Race for the 2016 Presidential Election.

3 – And Now . . . For Romney’s First Act, Not Yet Even As A Newly Elected Senator – Mitt Romney Couldn’t Help Himself, But To Insult & Disparage The Leader Of Romney’s Own Party, Who Just Happens To Be America’s Commander-In-Chief & President Of The United States Of America.

But All Of That’s A Good Thing . . . Because in 2020, Conservative Americans Need to be Reminded who are the Good Guys, and who are the Creeps in Conservative Clothing. Because, when it comes to Draining-The-SwampThe Republicans Have To Drain Their Own Swamp First.


The Way I See It . . . Tax Payers Are Paying For A Forced Government Vacation.

If I Was A Government Employee . . . and if the Government were to Shut-Down for any Period of Time, which Meant that I didn’t have to Work, but that I would still be PAID 100% Of My Salary for every Day I Didn’t have to Work – Where’s The Issue?


It’s Easy For Government To Play Fast & Loose With Other People’s Money.

So Really Shut The Government Down . . . All Of The Non-Essential Parts Of The Government, WITHOUT ANY RETROACTIVE PAY TO ANYONE, which Should Include . . . All Non-Essential Bureaucrats, the Federal Judiciary & ALL MEMBERS OF THE HOUSE & SENATE, Pro-Rating the Loss of Everyone’s Salaries & Expenses, Depending on how Long Congress wants to Screw with the People, when all Members of Congress INCLUDING their Staff, will have to Pay the Price for their own Egotistical Incompetence.


President Trump Said . . . And I Quote – “I Will Take Full Responsibility For A Government Shutdown”. Good – Because like another Great President Once Said (Truman), “The Buck Stops Here”.

And as long as the Democrats want to Play Politics with the Security of the American People, by Not Financing the American People’s Security Wall, and the Longer President Trump Sticks to his Principles, even if it carries into the 2020 Elections . . . SO BE IT!

President Trump & The Conservative-Wing Of The Republican Party . . . Are in a Win-Win Situation with this Issue.

Conservative Republicans Win, because it will Help Drive out House & Senate Republican Pretenders, who could and should be Primaried-Out come 2020.

And Republicans In General Win In 2020, because it shows the Fecklessness of the Democrat Socialist, One-World One-Government-Party, which the Democrats Really Are.

So . . . If President Trump Hangs Tough – And Does what President Trump said he was Going to do, 2019 Will Start Off With One Hell Of A Pro-Freedom Bump.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Thanks Howard, it is always good to read your opinions about BO and his ship of fools, just to know there is someone with a brain who thinks as little of him as I do. I just hope our world can survive another 23 months of this cowardly ineptitude. I also hope his replacement is not plastic lady, the unaccomplished and unethical Ms. Clinton. Surely the Republicans can not self destruct again. Keep up the fight , I admire your courage.

    Robert Turnbull

  2. Your second sentence comment about Romney is priceless! It was short, true, to-the-point, and descriptive as comments can be. All of us are excited about 2019 and reading your editorials.

  3. Romney only ran for Senate for the opportunities to steal from the rest of us. You’re absolutely right in your description. Utah should have elected Dr. Kennedy–a staunch Trumplican.

  4. President Trump Said… And I Quote – “I Will Take Full Responsibility For A Government Shutdown”. But bear in mind, he did not say he would take responsibility for continuation of the shutdown, for as long as the Democrats want to Play Politics with the Security of the American People. Democrats may come to their senses, (if they have any). With them it is just a power play for which they blame Trump.

  5. Here’s another one for all of your fans to shorten and send in to the editor of the local news paper where they live. It is what everyone one could be doing. It is the least we can do.
    Thank you Howard.

  6. Perfectly said RE: Romney. And Reid blasting Trump is another &?@////. So we are OFF AND RUNNING. We should have a COMPLETE shut down w/ Congress FIRST! Bet that would get their attention! The ones being affected are those ON THE BORDER….doing THEIR job w/no pay check coming in immediately. How is THAT? Mucked Up I say. God Bless

  7. EXCELLENT point about the RINOS having to DRAIN their OWN SWAMP, and ROMNEY is a good beginning! The DEMOCRATS & RINOS are HATERS and DON’T CARE about the SECURITY of the AMERICAN PEOPLE! They HATE Trump MORE than they LOVE the AMERICAN PEOPLE. HATERS rarely hate ALONE. They feel COMPELLED/DRIVEN to ENTREAT others. HATE groups DISPARAGE their TARGET, and HATE is the GLUE which BINDS them to one another. HATERS TAUNT their TARGET–like Trump! Only TIME usually COOLS the FIRE. GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  8. Conservative Republicans Win, because it will Help Drive out House & Senate Republican Pretenders, who could and should be Primaried-Out come 2020.” This my friend is the key. God help us.

  9. Keep up the good work the comment about the salaries of the congress I have said they should be the first ones TO NOT GET PAID and I will go a few steps further take all benefits away forever loose 90 % of their retirement & their salary stopped for one year until they start acting like humans & not blood thirsty animals congress is shameful should be put in time out forever & we should put people in that have common sense no lawyers

  10. I agree with the writer, no lawyers should be elected to any legislative body that has as it’s main function to legislate new laws. To me this is bias lawyers creating new laws. I like the idea of common sense people that are or were involved at all levels of regular live. As far as Canada I hope and pray that the PPC party will hold the balance of power to crop up a minority PCP who will be forced to go more to the right. Happy New and Blessed Year to all.

  11. What you write about gov’t shutdowns is right on. BUT Congress makes laws so would never entertain anything that will cost themselves anything. Whether those employees receive back-pay is in ‘resolution’ terms; they’ve always done so however. It isn’t employees fault (even though there are thousands not needed); they are pawns in political game of one-upmanship.

  12. An extract from a friends email, this is what we Conservatives and Canadians are up against:
    I don’t want to appear an ungrateful wretch- BUT – please don’t send me any more of this Rebel media information – I don’t want to read any anti Muslim, anti Trudeau rhetoric —- in my opinion, spewing out hatred is hideous.
    End quote.
    This is typical of the uneducated, ignorant lefties all across North America, they don’t know anything about what they don’t want to know about.

  13. Maybe I’m mistaken, but didn’t President Trump support and stomp for Romney? Shows exactly what Romney is really about. Something about Romney reminds me of Gore. With a bit of luck, he will be ostracised by the party, feel left out, and resigns. I don’t see him voting other than how the Dems vote. He might as well be a Dem.

  14. Howard I hope and pray for our President Trump that he hangs in there all the way. I know he said while he was running he would get Mexico to pay for the wall, okay they are not but I would be dog gone if I would let one of the Mexicans into the U.S. If we need share croppers too pick the fruits etc. etc. then take the prisoners out of jail and make them do it they can be watched by our Military .Why do thousands want to come here instead of living in their own country?

  15. Totally agree with shutting down congress and modifying retirement and insurance benefits to no longer be given after one term. It should be prorated based on service time and term limit instituted. No one should be servering more than 20 years.

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