Mueller Was The First Shot In The Civil War


There Is No Broadcast With This Editorial.


Unless Something Earthshattering Takes Place Before The New Year – This Will Be My Last Editorial For 2018.

Anyone, Who Doesn’t Believe America Is Not Headed To Civil War, Is Not Paying Attention, Because The First Real Shot Has Already Been Fired.

“Plus Ça Change, Plus C’est La Même Chose” . . . The More That Changes – The More It Stays The Same.

World War II – was Declared by Britain, France, a Handful of European Countries (Belgium, Poland, Netherlands – Etc) & Britain’s Commonwealth Countries, Including Canada, Australia & New Zealand . . .

– England, France & A Smattering Of Others Declared War On September 3, 1939.
– Australia & New Zealand Declared War On September 3, 1939.
– Canada Declared War On September 10, 1939.

That Was The “Phony” War . . . An Eight-Month Respite To The Real War.

EVACUATION OF SOME 330,000 FROM DUNKIRK . . . MAY 26, 1940 – JUNE 4, 1940:

And even though War was Officially Declared on the 3rd Of September 1939, “THE REAL WAR”, Didn’t Begin Until May 10, 1940.


The EU & The UN – Declared a Phony War on American Exceptionalism over a Period of Generations, with the Help of Like Minded American Presidential Compatriots, the likes of Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Jimmy Carter, the Two Bush’s, Clinton & Barack Obama – Halted Only Temporarily In Their March To A One World Government Hegemony, by Presidents such as Eisenhower, JFK, Nixon, Reagan and now Donald Trump.

Through Barack Hussein Obama . . . The LEFT Came Perilously Close, to their Ultimate Victory, which was to be Sealed by the Election of Hillary Clinton to Become America’s 45th President.


No One Anticipated Donald Trump . . . But Even More So – No one Anticipated that this Billionaire New York City Braggadocios Blowhard, could or would ever be the Ultimate Patriot & Defender Of American Exceptionalism & Freedom.

NO ONE COULD HAVE FORESEEN . . . Businessman, Candidate & Now President of the United States of America Trump – DISASSEMBLE the Socialist Machinery of Anti-American, Anti-Fair-Trade & Usurious Global Financial Markets, much Less the Shaming of America’s Pretend Military Equals in NATO.

NO ONE COULD HAVE EVER ANTICIPATED . . . The Disassemblement of the Carefully Geographically Choreographed Continental Trading Groups, which Included giving China Reign over the Pacific Rim, Russia over Central Asia, the EU (Germany & France) over all of Europe . . . and America over the Americas.


Orwell Wasn’t Just A Fiction Writer – Orwell Was A Prophet.

In George Orwell’s 1984, Published In 1949 . . . Orwell Created A World-Order, where the World was Divided into 3-Continents . . . Oceania, Eurasia & Eastasia, which between the Three of them Controlled all of Everything – Including The Freedom of the People, where Propaganda & Big Brother Reigned Supreme.

If You Believe In Destiny – You’ll Believe Trump’s Destiny Is To Save The World.

It Was Several US Presidents Which Slowed Globalism Down . . . But Only One US President, by the Name of Donald J Trump, who has Taken it Upon Himself, to Meet the Threat of Orwell’s 1984 Head-On, in what is Nothing Less than a Global War, where the First Shot was Fired More than 100-Years Ago, for the Heart, Mind, Wealth & Freedom of Humanity.

Make No Mistake About It . . . Donald Trump Is At War With The World.


The Real War, when the Gloves Came-Off, Began with the Appointment of Robert Mueller as the Special Counsel (Prosecutor). And now that the LEFT “Owns” the Congressional House, they will do EVERYTHING within their Purview to all but Guarantee Trump’s Demise . . . NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES.


Antoine Quentin Fouquier De Tinville . . . Was France’s Version Of Meuller.

De Tinville Served Under Robespierre . . . The Father of the French Revolution & Reign Of Terror, who was the Chief Prosecutor, who went after all the Enemies of the State, Perceived & Real, who was Personally Responsible for the Murder of Tens of Thousands (40,000) of French Citizens, in the Space of Less than a Year . . . Many of whom Perished in Dungeons, others who were Shot, and many More who were Guillotined.

The Purpose Of The French Revolution . . . was to Punish & Obliterate the French Aristocracy, by the Bourgeoisie (French Middle Class), which was a Lie, since those who Carried-Out the Reign of Terror, were Themselves Amongst the Dregs of French Society, Far Removed from the Middle Class, many of whom (Middle Class) were also met with the Guillotine.


By 1774 . . . Less than a Year from the Start of Robespierre’s Reign of Terror, Robespierre Himself – The Architect of the Reign of Terror, was Unceremoniously Dragged to the Guillotine for Quick Execution, under the Orders of Antoine Quentin Fouquier De Tinville, The Master-Murderer of France . . . who just Prior to Ordering the Execution of Robespierre, Served at the Pleasure of the Man he Ordered Executed.

And In 1795 . . . Antoine Quentin Fouquier De Tinville Himself, was Arrested, but this time by the People. De Tinville was Tried, Convicted & Executed by Guillotine . . . All the while, Stating that he was Innocent of Mass Murder, since he was Only Following Orders.

Who Were Robespierre & De Tinville? They were Jacobins . . . They Were Far To The LEFT Revolutionaries, Who Detested the Wealth of the Few, Who Themselves tended to be Run by Wealthy Politicians, Professionals & Academics.

The French Revolution . . . The Reign Of Terror, The Whole Sordid Mess, Was Guided By Tribunal Courts – ANSWERABLE TO NO ONE . . . With Unlimited Power To Investigate, Arrest, Prosecute, Gain Testimony Through Terror & Execute . . . Who Does Mueller Answer To?

It’s Begun . . . And 2019 Will Be The Year Of Reckoning – One Way Or The Other.

Have A Great New Year . . . And Never Stop Questioning, Learning & Fighting.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speeches have always made me proud to be Jewish, but never more so than today!

  2. Macron doesn’t even KNOW WHY these people are rioting. This is NOT about a gas tax. It’s about being taxed to death to pay for the moslem scum destroying their country–and that they go to jail if they object to it. It’s spreading through Europe and while I am certain it is coming to America, it will pale in comparison to the Civil War that will begin if President Trump is impeached. God help us all.

  3. Wow! Thank you Howard Galganov. That was one of your best editorials in 2018x

  4. Good one Howard! I think you nailed it! Keep them coming in 2019!

  5. We are at a point were civil war is needed. The left as gone completely bananas and the majority of sheeples in North America are still sound asleep totally brainwashed by the lame stream media that life is hunky dory and that Trump is the devil incarnate. Like I said in my previous comment, it will be a short war as the right as all the guns and the left will all be trying to find safe spaces when the right wakes up and come after them. I am tired of only talk, time for action now !!!

  6. Howard…
    Another excellent editorial.
    Where I must disagree with you is this:
    I do not see civil war; some civil insurrection, sure.
    The “Good Guys” have relatively few arms, certainly very few of the ‘high powered’ weapons.
    It is the thugs and bad guys who have the firepower, but they will not fight the forces of the deep swamp and the Government. They will rape the land and the rich for the spoils.
    There will be turbulence and violence, but no revolution.
    Allen E. Nutik Kingston, On

  7. Thank you Mr Galganov for your informative articles throughout the year. I wish you and your family a very Happy and Safe New Year.

  8. The future does not look bright and I’m not a pessmist. America will be in deep trouble when the demorats take over the senate. God bless President Trump and lets hope he will have the continuing tenacity to fight on to the next election.
    Canada is in worse trouble because we have a complete incompetent PM surrounded by a very likewise and dangerous cabinet. Best wishes, Happy New Year Anne and Howard for 2019

  9. God Bless you and your family GH. God Bless all who read GH’s editorials. God Bless conservatives everywhere. And to all a safe and prosperous New Year as we work to turn around our country to believe in the American Constitution. Good editorial as always Mr. G.

  10. The book Atlas Shrugged tells of the same story that 1984 tells. Must read. Sir I believe you are correct in what you say. My hope is that Our President will make it to 2020. As an old Vet, I am ready to again fight for my country. I know of many who will be shocked should the Left make the wrong move at this point. I also believe that in Jan the BS will get scary bad. The killing of a young cop in CA by an illegal has started a fire. The Left has not even talked about it, we damn sure are

  11. Great Editorial/”History Lesson”! When will we ever learn? USA has been intentionally “divided” in numerous ways! Forget political parties or “conservative vs. liberal”! What’s going on: “Patriots” who still support U.S. Constitution/laws vs. those who want to shred Constitution and have UN run USA! (So, no more “State’s rights”, individual rights, or “Freedoms”!) “Give it all up” (to “poor” in other nations) will become their “mantra” should this happen- all in the name of “Equality”! No way!

  12. Great Editorial. If only we would learn from past mistakes. We WILL survive, but as you state, 2019 will be the turning point. I wish you and Anne and ALL of America & the World a Happy Healthy Safe New Year. God Bless

  13. HILLARIOUS and her cohorts did EVERYTHING possible to WIN against TRUMP IN 2016, BUT everything BACKFIRED on them.They believed that the DOSSIER was their INSURANCE POLICY which would allow them to win. SURPRISE, SURPRISE because Trump WON!Hence, the LEFT has NEVER ACCEPTED their LOSS and BECAME FULL OF HATRED against Trump!Thus, due to this HATRED, the LEFT also DOESN’T CARE about the American people!Pres. Trump CONTINUES to OUTWIT the LEFT, and they can’t stand it!The WALL WILL BE BUILT! AMEN!

  14. Love your history lessons. I do hope Trump shows up Mueller and the Democrats in Congress for the anti-American, anti-truth, anti-law and pro-globalists they are. Happy, healthy & MAGA New Year to you and Anne and everyone out there.

  15. I think that you are right, Mr. G. I’ve been thinking along the same lines – I watch mostly American news as that’s where all the action is. And since I’m only about 40 miles (I don’t think metric) from the border I know that what affects the good old USA will affect this nation of approx. 36 million people.
    Lets hope that we have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  16. We need to purge the congress. If it takes a revolution so be it. There are too many leftist socialist Democrats and Republicans in the Congress controlling us. Many of them have been in power for 20 or more years. This has to change. One or two terms maximum for both the House and the Senate. All the new congressman are eventually controlled by the veteran boys and girls in just a few years. ie: Pelosi and Schumer who do not want our U.S. Constitution to guide our courts.

  17. We all know that Democrats seem to have accepted the premise that Americans, including themselves, are not competent to rule ourselves. They are willing to throw all of us Americans under the bus of socialistic Communism just because they have been brainwashed to do so. A One World Government ruled by nations that do not have any of our values or interests is their aspiration.

  18. Happy New Year to you Anne and April. May it be a great one for you each and a most healthy one. God blessings to you all

  19. President Trump is truly a political pariah. Hated by establishment Republicans, by far Left Democrats, and MSM. He is loved by regular people who love our country. I was Ted Cruz all the way, but I realized it was going to take a real fighter to stand up to the pure evil attacking our nation. Being nice and PC was not going to cut it. One thing is for sure Donald J Trump is no hypocrite. You may not like what he says but he says what needs to be said and I like his frankness.

  20. Spot on as usual Howard, yes, 1984 is creeping up on us, at 84 I wonder if I will be around to see it at our doorstep???

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