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Who In Civilized America . . . In the Words of Francis Scott Key – “The Land Of The Free & The Home Of The Brave” . . . would have ever thought the US Senate would be so Immorally Capable of Railroading an Ultra Accomplished, Decent Human-Being, Learned-Man & Revered Judge with a Stellar Reputation, the likes of Judge, now Justice Kavanaugh, on the Absolutely Unfounded & Unsubstantiated Word of a Woman Undergoing Mental Therapy, followed by a Cortege of Female Liars & Sluts . . . Orchestrated By A Sleaze-Bag Porno-Lawyer?

What Happened To Justice Kavanaugh . . . was Nothing More than an Exclamation Point and a Harbinger of Where America is Headed – Down a Reckless Dishonest Socialist Path, because of Generations of Propagandist Academia, which Spawned a Corrupt Media, which is now the Guiding Light for at Least Half of America’s Ignorant Population.

I Write America . . . But It’s Far More Insidious Than Just America.

As A Canadian . . . My Country Has Crossed The Rubicon – To the Point, where Canadian Success is now Measured, not on How Much you can Make & Contribute, but Rather, on How Much the Government can Take from the Makers.


Canada Has Traversed The Slope Of Meritocracy To The Precipice Of Socialism . . . And If President Trump Should Fall . . . America Falls – And for Canada, that Means – the Last Vestige of Individual Freedom will Fall Along with a Socialized United States of America, far Removed from the Dream of Human Independence Created in 1776, which has led to American Exceptionalism, Which The LEFT Seem To Hate More Than Anything Else Imaginable.


The LEFT has Completely Displayed their Disdain & Derision for the Words of Abraham Lincoln, Delivered at his Gettysburg Address during the Height of the Civil War . . . “Of The People, By The People & For The People”.

The LEFT has Also Forgotten the Profound Words of JFK, which are Inscribed at JFK’S Place of Burial at Arlington National Cemetery . . . “Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You – Ask What You Can Do For Your Country”.


Because We’ve Betrayed Our Children, Their Children & Great Grandchildren.

Because No One . . . Is More Responsible For The Oncoming Deluge Of Misery Than Us – Us Being the Children of the Greatest Generation, who have Allowed through our Ignorance & Selfishness over Decades, for LEFTIST Academics to Slowly Indoctrinate the Values of Socialism & Globalism to our Children, Instead of the Values of our Forefathers.

We’ve Allowed, Honored & Rewarded Propagandist Hollywood and the Music Industry to Defame & Diminish our History & Accomplishments – while they Promoted their World of Debauchery . . . to Become the Normal World of our Descendants.


NOTHING GAVE CREDENCE TO BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA . . . to Become the President of the United States of America. There is No Reason in the World that Elizabeth Warren should Not Receive our Derision for LYING her way through University, all the way to the Senate, any more than Senator Richard Blumenthal shouldn’t have been Charged for Impersonating a Vietnam War Veteran.

And Then There Are The Likes Of Hillary Clinton & Bernie Sanders . . .


“The Chickens Are Coming Home To Roost”.

As I See It . . . 2019 will be the Year, when America will see the Rise of America’s Second Revolution . . . & Perhaps – A Not So Civil War.

I’m Watching Conservative People Of The World Implode Against Their Own Governments. Whether it be in France, England, Italy, Germany, Hungary . . . And even Israel, where a Once Socialist Jewish Country, Has All But Fully Embraced A Conservative Meritocracy Above All Else.

It’s Only A Matter Of Time . . . Until the American LEFT Pushes Too Far, when the American Right will Push Back far Beyond the Expectations of the LEFT, who have Misjudged the Patience of American Conservatives, with Non Existent Apathy & Acquiesce.

In The Paraphrased Words Of Alexis De Tocqueville . . .

“No Matter How Charismatic A Leader May Be – He Cannot Lead A Nation In A Direction The Nation Is Not Prepared To Follow”.

The Corollary To That . . . Is That The Nation Of America Is Prepared To Follow.

President Donald Trump – Love Him Or Hate Him . . . Is the Catalyst (The Spark) to Lead the Second Revolution & Victory for American Exceptionalism.

This Is The Big Picture I See For 2019 . . . Very Little Else Will Matter.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Benjamin Netanyahu said to the American people and the world exactly what our American President should have been saying for the past 6 years. Congratulations to Netanyahu and Israel, and I hope our Congress took this speech to heart and acts on it !

  2. I only hope that there are enough to really do something. I am wondering how many of your readers will take the time to edit your ideas and send them to their local news. Every little bit helps and people read the editorials.

  3. Well-said, Howard. And I believe what you said to be true. Hopefully Civil War II will not be as bloody as #I, but I’m hoping we will re-establish our republic to that which our Founding Father originally established.

  4. Howard, our Canadian Prime Minister is taking
    the country down and will continue to do so
    because of his Charisma and nothing else.
    Pray for better leaders to step up to the plate
    on time. Happy New Year. Steve Acre, Canada

  5. It is in the hands of God. BUT, as a group of oppressed people, we ALL need to start pushing back at every point of the progressive agenda. We need to call PC talk and actions what it is, Pressure of the Few to intimidate the Majority. This should be easy enough as the left has no data on which to stand. We need to keep calling them on it. Asking “Why” five times will kill any argument based on ignorance, wrong thinking or 3rd party opinion. You needn’t come up with facts yourself.

  6. You say, “Canada Has Traversed The Slope Of Meritocracy To The Precipice Of Socialism . . .” In fact, it is better described as a French-speaking, elite socialist aristocracy. With the improvements in the management of the US economy, Canada would be thriving were it not for this aristocracy.

  7. AS always Howard thank you for your edordital it is so full of news that we do not hear on T.V. and yes I for one have said this country will end up in another Civil was against each other. I just pray it does not happen and people in D.C. WAKE UP to doing what is right for our country as well as your country.
    Just a few more days and this year has flown by don’t know if it is because we get older or it just flies by, Same day same time just flies.
    Wishing you and Anne the best this Friday,

  8. GREAT EDITORIAL! You’ve clearly listed what is happening to America. One WONDERS as to HOW some Americans, especially the RINOS, cannot or will not RECOGNIZE how the LEFT is trying to DESTROY America. MONEY & POWER are all that matters TO THEM these days. The CONSERVATIVES have been very patient, but it won’t be long before The Chickens Come Home To Roost for the LEFT! America’s society is similar to ROME…while America burns, the Democrats are “playing their fiddles”! God help us all! AMEN!

  9. The greatest problem with the lefty elitists everywhere is they are self-loathers and globalists and care little for their own people. Their arrogance is that they know better and what is right for us all, regardless the costs to us. It’s always about this great insight and knowledge they supposedly have that we are not worthy while others are.

  10. Great article. I’m writing from the almost socialist country of Canada. With the new legislation creating Liberal controlled formerly free media the country just took another step the wrong way. Saw a thing that said narcissists are the most dangerous people in the world because they are unable to feel empathy. Trudeau said he felt Alberta’s pain. Guess he lied eh. Interesting watching Pelosi trying to prove she has a bigger set than Trump. Guess who gets to sign the legislation. Heh. Heh.Heh.

  11. This is a crisis without equal. protection for illegals, persecution of conservatives, lies and more lies from the media. There appears to be no good outcome ……..

  12. As a Viet Nam era veteran, I have seen this country move from fighting against smoking dope to legalizing it. Where criminals in our government are not punished but given a pat on the back. Corruption protects corruption, this is so very true of Washington. I do not believe we will see any one of the elites punished even though some have been involved in people dying. Gary Webb exposed the government involvement in the Contras Drugs for Guns program which saw lots of Crack in LA, he died

  13. It’s going to be a very short civil war Howard because most of the “right” own the guns while most of the “left” are looking for safe spaces. If this was 1915, trying to find young men that as young as 15 were trying to enroll to go fight in WW 1, today that would be absolutely impossible as all of our young social justice warriors like I said would be hiding in their safe spaces. We need that civil war yesterday here in Canada and in the U.S.A. and finish once and for all, socialism !!!

  14. Excellent Editorial. For 2019 I want: 1. Slush Fund for Congressional Leaders to HIDE their crimes made PUBLIC, then abolish this fund and prosecute the crooks. 2. Build The Wall. 3. Prosecute Hillary Clinton. 4. Get Rid of Mueller & Rosenstein. 5. Demand Compromise from Left & Right. 6. Build our Infrastructure. 7. Revamp Immigration LAWS. 8. Outlaw Sanctuary Cities,etc. (They are against the law) 9. Enact Mandatory Military Service. There’s more but I don’t have room!!! God Bless

  15. Right on the money again Mr. Galganov! For the little time left for the conservative baby boomers, we need to right the course the Vietnam “resistance” propelled our generation to move toward a more liberal agenda for the past 65 years whether Democrat or Republican. When Democrats had control we bowed to a more and extreme liberal agenda. When Republicans had control they were encouraged by the leftist to work across the aisle with their Democratic colleagues…or else!

  16. America: “Land of the Freebies, home of the (mostly foreign) Babies”! Millions are convinced they are “entitled” to “other peoples’ money”, plus they are “equal” the minute they cross the Border (now demanding things before they do)! Let’s hope “Civil War” (misnomer- won’t be “civil”) doesn’t happen! “Threats and bribes” (tribal thinking) mentality prevails due to the “dumbing down” of our entire society! People today are “dependent”, not “responsible”- all by design!

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