The First Victims Of War & Politics Is The Truth

Breaking News! – Breaking News! . . . They're Right – The News Is Broken.

There Is No Broadcast With This Editorial

Let Me Tell All Of You . . . What We Really Know About The In’s & Out’s Of National & International Politics – NOTHING!

The Media Has Us All Nuts . . . And they Don’t Know much more than we do, since it seems that their Best Reporting is when they Copy Each Others’ Sensationalist Conjecture & Misreporting.

Breaking News! – Breaking News! . . . They’re Right – The News Is Broken.

The Purveyors of the News Feed-Off Each Other, Making Non-Stories Breaking News – For Example . . . the World is going to come to an End. Because “Trump” Fired “Mad Dog Mattis”.

Who the Hell ever really Heard of Mad Dog Mattis, BEFORE President Donald Trump used the Media to make General Mattis Famous, as Trump’s MAD DOG Defense Secretary?

Did you know that President Obama Unceremoniously Dumped (Fired) Mattis while Obama was President? Who even knew, Much Less Gave A Rat’s-Ass?

Did you know that Mattis was a Personal Consultant to Hillary Clinton, and was Fully Signed-Onto to the Clinton Philosophy of Geo Politics, and Made Certain that His Department of National Defense (Not Trump’s) was Staffed with Hillary-Type Acolytes?

Yet . . . President Trump Clears The Swamp Of One More Insider . . . And All Of A Sudden, The World Comes To An End.

Is there Really no other US General amongst the Plethora of US Generals who can’t do the Job as GOOD OR BETTER than Mattis, Carrying out President Trump’s Strategy, rather than the Strategy of Trump’s General? And who says it has to be a General?


All Of A Sudden . . . Most of my Friends (Who Aren’t Stupid People), are about to have a Coronary, because “Trump” is Pulling 2,000-Troops out of the Cesspool we call Syria as if it is the End of the World.

Do Any Of Us Know What Deals President Trump Has Made . . . with Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Russia & Perhaps even the Kurds? I Don’t, because neither President Trump nor any of the Other Middle East Leaders nor Putin Bothered to Call me and give me the Inside Scoop.

But Here’s What I Do Know . . . Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s IAF (Israeli Air Force), just Pounded Syria near the Damascus Airport, Taking-Out Iranian Weapons, Munitions of one Sort or Another Destined for Hezbollah & the Iranian Guard Positioned in Syria . . . AND SOME KEY HEZBOLLAH LEADERS.

But Back To The 2,000 US Military On Their Way Out Of Syria . . . Do any of you know how many Contractors are in Syria Employed by the United States of America, and how many more will be Added? I don’t, because once again, no one in authority called to tell me.

And how far are the American Fighter Jets, the Saudi Arabian Fighter Jets who for the First time have to take care of their own Existential Threat from mainstream Arabs, opposed to just Gulf Arabs Fed & Fueled by Iran.

And Seeing What Israel Did Yesterday In Terms Of Pounding Syria Where Syria Lives & Breathes, do you have to Guess where Israel will be – When It All Hits The Fan?


As for the Wall & President Trump’s Feign to Sign the Continuing Resolution, which got President Trump’s Base into an Uproar . . . That Was Pretty Good Politicking.


The Entire Republican Hierarchy Underestimated Candidate Trump During The 2015-Republican Primaries and look what Happened to Them.

The Entire Media, Academia & Democrat Party Underestimated Trump in the 2016-Presidential Elections, and look Who’s the President of the United States of America.

Canada & Mexico Underestimated President Trump – and now there is no More NAFTA & HELLO USMCA . . . NATO Underestimated President Trump, and NATO is either Getting In-Line or Losing the Influence they used to Have over American Blood & Treasure.

The UN Underestimated President Trump . . . and now the United Nations is Finally being Seen & Treated for what it Really Is, Nothing More than a Quickly Becoming Irrelevant Debating Club for Overpaid Representatives of Dictatorial Brutal & Failed Regimes.

AND AS THE WORLD . . . Especially the EU, which was heading Intractably Towards Communism (They Call It Socialism) and their Idea of a One World Government . . . Because of President Trump – Much of Europe Wants To Make Their Countries GREAT AGAIN.

And Do I Even Need Mention The US Embassy In Jerusalem?

Primary Candidate Trump Made It Crystal Clear . . . Presidential Candidate Trump Made It Crystal Clear – THAT HE WOULD NEVER TELEGRAPH HIS STRATEGY.

When The Time Is Right . . . The Opposition Will Never Know What Hit Them.

In A Few Days It Will Be A New Year . . . And Before then, I will Lay-It-On-The-Line, as I see 2019 . . . & Here’s A Hint – It Won’t Be Good For The LEFT.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Oh lordy Thank You Thank You . Hope it wakes the hard headed people up I am with our President all the way No reason he needs to advertise what he is planning the goof balls do not need to know The wall will be built This NWO stuff stated long ago if anyone wants to research it , and they might find out who and what George HW Bush really was
    This world needs you Howard to rattle their brain

  2. Thank you for cheering me up today. Like you, I see President Trump driving the wagon, and it goes where he wants. And, he’s an excellent driver! Stay the course, Mr. President…it’s a rocky trail but you’re doing just fine!

  3. Well-said, Howard. Your best line is so true that the communist progressives and MSM refuse to believe: “UNDERESTIMATE TRUMP AT YOUR OWN PERIL”. This is the best thought to describe the forthcoming 2020 elections. And they will go down in flames!

  4. Oh Boy, oh boy….you just gave me real goosebumps of sheer delight !!! No worry Ann, your sweetheart has probably done the same to every man and woman reading this latest editorial !! What a message for “WE THE PEOPLE” going into 2019 !! Thanks for the pleasure of your words and the promise of President Trump’s destiny being fulfilled. A true wordsmith
    you are !!

    Sherry Fowler , Gurley, AL, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

  5. What a ride. The Trump train will not be derailed and it’s giving us an exciting trip with unexpected and exciting views and destinations. The wall will be built. It’s desperately needed despite what the left is spouting. The new world order the corrupt UN and our Prime Minister is so desperately pushing for
    has hit the Trump blockade and is sputtering. If we can just replace Trudeau this October, we could have a free and united North America. Could be cool.

  6. Howard enjoyed this editorial greatly. I wonder what other surprises will be in store from him to our Canadian PM in 2019. Looking forward to strategies that will make him look bad. Next year we need to make sure he will no longer be our PM. Keep up the great writing for a time such as this.

  7. Great article Howard. If anyone is still sitting on the fence about Trump after reading those words, they may need specialized help. In the future, if anyone should ask why I’m such a Trump supporter, they will be presented with a copy this article…nothing more more need be said about the determination, the quality and skills of this great American President!

  8. Great editorial I am confident that TRUMP will continue to do great things and the I am looking forward to his next moves.
    Go Trump go . I hope one of his next moves would be to build the North Wall because of PM Trudope all the bad characters and terrorists will be in the USA back Yard (Canada) If I was Trump or an American I would want the wall built on the northern border (Canada/USA) to keep terrorists from entering USA from Canada

  9. No one is INDISPENSABLE! No doubt, there are many more military individuals who can/will be able to REPLACE Mattis, et al! It’s very INTERESTING to know that Obama & Clinton had some type of previous relationship with MATTIS! After ALL of Pres. Trump’s ACCOMPLISHMENTS, people STILL choose to QUESTION him! Of course, the FAKE NEWS were only too HAPPY to join the RINOS re: MATTIS’ DEPARTURE. Enough said! Hold on to your hats because there is A LOT MORE to come re: PRES. TRUMP! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  10. Right on. Hope 2019 sees him put Pelosi & Schumer in their places, along with RINOs. So glad Ryan is leaving too. Hope he is replaced by one of Freedom Caucus genuine conservatives.

  11. Excellent Editorial….When you lay out the Mattis ‘deal’, it makes sense why he recused himself. He was hip deep in the SWAMP & the ‘insiders’ knew it! Never underestimate POTUS Trump, he always plays his cards close to the vest. He & the First Lady’s trip to Iraq was ‘quietly’ done & NO ONE knew! I want that WALL! Sometimes things ‘seem’ like Dooms Day & then the Stock Market rises today & your info changes MY ATTITUDE. WE WILL PREVAIL. God Bless

  12. Howard, you JUST MADE MY DAY, with the revelation about “MAD DOG MATTIS”! I ALSO enjoyed the “other bloggers'” comments as well!! GO PRES. TRUMP GO, & AMEN-AMEN, YOU ARE DEFINITELY “SMART LIKE A FOX”!!!

  13. Howard, on my first day in (college) Journalism 101 the seasoned print newsroom vet (prof) slammed a thick Sunday edition of our large metropolitan paper down his desk and SHOUTED, “WHAT’S THE PURPOSE OF THIS RAG?!!” A timid and eager-to-get-off-on-the-right-foot hand went up. “To print all the news in a fair and equitable manner & fairly balance news and advertising?” “Bull^#*%!!!! It’s to make the greedy owners RICH!” I’ll not forget that day 50+ years ago. Still applies. Great column!!!!

  14. I heard a Rabbi ask Do govt have secrets? then provide his answer. Youd better hope they do!! Govt stability depends on it. Trump knows what he is doing…even if we don’t.

  15. However the middle-east situation is sliced and diced in the coming days—my money is on—and my prayers are for Israel—and Trump. Enough said.

  16. Whatever our President has “In Store” for the opposition, NOBODY will know…until it hits them Squarely in the FACE!
    Even HE said he didn’t know, up until the “Last Minute”, what he was going to do about some “things”!
    Whatever is in store for the U.S. of A., I’m backing President Trump ALL the WAY. (It may get a little “messy”, but I’m sure I’ll like the outcome).

  17. Quote; Trump made it… “Crystal Clear – THAT HE WOULD NEVER TELEGRAPH HIS STRATEGY.”
    Media reported that Trump was staying in Washington for Christmas and not Florida due to the DC uproar over everything.
    and what does Trump do? Trump magically appears in Baghdad for Christmas just as the “TDS” media trumpets that Trumps never visits our troops for Christmas.
    Gotta luv it.

  18. Is U.S. history “fact” or “fiction” (like MSM assumes)? Do football teams share their “playbooks” with opposing teams? Does military “announce” when they plan to attack their enemy? (Trump attended “Military school”- why Hillary Clinton can’t “stealthily” run USA!) He’s made “hiring mistakes” (that are being corrected)! Per comment above, perhaps Trump is a “magician”? (Just hoping he finds a way to make all the “Deep State” members “disappear” ASAP!) That would “Make my day” and next year!

  19. I love what your write and say, I understand what you write over Fox & I love Fox but they go on & on about the same things over & over. Thank you for keeping me abreast of what is going on in this mad upside down world of ours.
    Wishing you and Anne a very Happy New Year may it bring you and your wife many wonders of the year with joy, good health and more and more love for one another. Enjoy being here in the U.S. as nutty as it can be at times.
    God blessings to you both and April.

  20. After President Trumps visit to Iraq at Christmas, the Government in Iraq now wants all U.S. Troops out of Iraq. I say “lets do it”. We can take all of our Troops and MONEY and leave. Let the Iraqi’s fend for themselves. When they are over run by the other “BAD GUYS”, too bad for Iraq, I don’t give a R.F. what happens to them. The U.S. has spent over a Trillion dollars and unknown number of our Sons and Daughters lives lost or injured for what, so the middle east can hate us more. Who cares

  21. Right on again Howard. It seems that most people are UNAWARE that President Trump was not a politician before he ran for President, therefore he had no knowledge of how scurrilous even those in his own party could be. Amid all those politicians & military leaders is there none that Trump can trust? It appears not. The UN has never done right. It is controlled by representatives of dictatorial brutal & failed regimes, Primarily of Islamic persuasion. The MSM wants to coddle and glorify them.

  22. Great editorial, as have the past several editorials have been. I detest the UN, however, I will say the only thing that the UN has ever done “right” … Was to give/approve or whatever … Statehood to Israel back in May 1947. The memories of the Holocaust was “fresh”, pungent & horrific in the minds of those who lived it & to those soldiers who found the survivors. After that one act by the UN … They basically have done nothing, zero, zip, zilch & nada, since May 1947.

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