A Letter To The President.

What I Do Care About . . . Is That You Continue To Keep Your Promises.

There Is No Broadcast With This Editorial.

Dear Mr President . . . If you were to Check-Over my Archived Editorials, Written & Published during the 2015 Campaign For The Republican Primary, you will see that Not Only was I Not a Fan of Yours, but that I Placed You Near the Bottom of the Primary Contenders I thought were worthy of Running on the Behalf of the Republican Party – Just A Notch Above Kasich, Bush & Christie.

You would Also See that I Wrote Very Disparagingly about your Personality. I Really didn’t like your Boorishness, Braggadocio & Narcissism. And I Detested the way you Insulted your way through the Debates.

As A Matter Of Fact . . . I Implored Some Of My American Friends To Contribute To The Campaign Of Ted Cruz, in order to Help Cruz Win-Over-You . . . BUT YOU WON.

And As Much As I Deplored Your Character . . . I Didn’t Disagree With Your Campaign Promises. As Truth Be Told – I Thought They Were Great. So once you Won the Primary, I Threw-In with Candidate Trump, Ignored the Media BS, and did Everything I could to Write as Positively as Possible to Push for your Election Agenda & Presidential Victory.

And . . . In The Dying Weeks Of The Presidential Campaign – When it seemed that Everyone was Writing-You-Off – Because of your Enormous Rally Crowds, and my 30-Plus Year Marketing Experience, I was Taking Bets on Your Victory, in Private and in Public . . . AND ON THIS BLOG.

And Every Time You Fulfilled A Campaign Promise . . . I Cheered – Especially when you Finally did what every other President had Promised to do with the US Embassy in Israel & Never Did . . . WHEN YOU MOVED THE US EMBASSY FROM TEL AVIV TO JERUSALEM.

So Please Understand Mr President . . . I Don’t Care who you Slept Around with, or who you Paid off to keep their Mouths Shut because of your Sexual Misadventures.

I also Don’t Care if you Played Fast & Loose in your Pre-Presidential Business Dealings. And I Certainly Don’t Give A Rat’s-Ass About What The LEFT, Media, Academia & Other Malcontents Think About You.

And I Couldn’t Care In The Least About Mueller’s Three-Ring Circus.

But What I Do Care About . . . Is That You Continue To Keep Your Promises.

The Fact that You Decided to Pull out of Syria to the Consternation of your Military & National Security Advisors doesn’t Bother me at all, since Investing American Blood & Treasure in the Islamist Shitholes Of The World, would have been nothing More than a Fool’s Mission had you Decided to Stay, since over Thousands of Years & Enough Blood to Float Battleships – Nothing in the Middle East, Central Asia & North West Africa has Civilized those Regions.

I Happen to Believe that American, Israeli, British & Other Foreign Special Forces can Achieve Much More Fighting these Islamist Hordes in the Shadows, than Conventional Armies . . . At A Fraction Of The Cost In Blood & Treasure.

THAT SAID MR PRESIDENT . . . You Won Your Election Because Of A Myriad Of Issues In 2016, Because You Were Saying What The People Wanted To Hear – And You Delivered.


The Republican Senate Won In 2018 . . . Because At The Last Minute, You & McConnell Stood-Firm Against Enormous Pressure . . . & Delivered Judge Kavanaugh To The Supreme Court. And I sincerely Believe, that had you Caved-On Judge Kavanaugh . . . You Would Have Lost The Senate.


The Republican House Didn’t Deliver On Their Promise To Build The Wall . . . & Through Paul Ryan, They Amped-Up The National Debt . . . And They Lost The House.


You Have No Friends With The Democrats. You might have even Less Friends with the Republicans In Name Only (RINOS). And you have No Friends with the Media, even within much of Fox News, other than with the Few Evening Pundit Shows.

The ONLY Friends You Really Have . . . Are Your Base. And Failure to Satisfy these People, who gave it Their-All for You & Your Promises – Guarantees Two Things:

1 – You Will Not Be A Two Term President.
2 – The Republicans Will Lose The House & The Senate In 2020.

So Here Are Your Binary Your Choices . . . Shut The Government Down & Honor Your Pledge you Made Repeatedly to Your Base about Building That Wall. Or Go Down In Flames, even Before your First Term is Done.

Because . . . if you Choose to Appease Chuck, Nancy & the RINOS, your Game will be Over & Mueller Will Chew-You-Up, because there will be No One From Your BaseTo Rally To Your Cause.

Shut The Government Down . . . And you still might Not Get The Wall The Conventional Way. But at the Very Least the People (Your Base) will know that you went to the Mat for Them & Your Promise.

As For Me . . . I’m Sitting On The Fence Waiting To See What You’ll Do Next.

PS – Don’t Shut It Down & Your Next Rally Will Be To Empty Seats.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Would love to know who the 50 were…..LOVED Bibi’s speech….made me proud! When OOO speaks on TV….off it goes!

  2. Three days ago a triple-amputee veteran (Brian Kolfage) started a GoFundMe page to build the wall. It is over $4 million as of this morning. I’m so glad this was started and Brian is doing it the responsible way as he explains on the page. I’ll send the link via email. Awesome We the People take matters into our own hands. Now we need to demand Congress remove laws/policies that feed, care for illegals – NO FREEBIES, NO RIGHTS because you’re here illegally.

  3. There’s a GoFundMe page to fund the wall! Started by a group of veterans in Florida. I donated this morning. In 3 days they have raised almost $5 million from 67,000 people. At the very least it would be a good message to send to Congress. Let me know if you want the link.

  4. Good letter, wish he could actually read it. One thing I don’t get is on Fox News, Hannity, Tucker Carlson and Judge Jeanine Pirro are always defending him and many times had one on one interviews with the president and never brought up most of what they were discussing on their shows, wonder why. That question I would like to be able to ask to the 3 of them if I had the chance the same as your letter being actually being read by Trump. I guess I got a better chance at winning the lottery.

  5. You’re spot on Howard. I have been totally in for President Trump after he won the primary. I still am but if he lets the dumbocrats win the wall war again, I probably would back away from the President and I am as conservative as you. Even Schumer and Pelosi deep down know we need the wall. Thanks for all you do.

  6. Incredible! You are in my head; I wrote this letter. I finally got off my duff and wrote an email to President Trump pleading he veto this nonsense from Congress. I encourage everyone to do it. It was so easy and I feel a little better now.
    Mike McDermott

  7. I disagree on the Syria element. True, we owe those people NOTHING but I believe that like it or not, America is the policeman of the world. If we abandon Syria, it will devolve into chaos, Iran will be strengthened (right on Israel’s border) and ISIS – NOT as crushed as Trump says – will grow again and menace us even more. This would be akin to Obama giving up our gains in Iraq – that’s how ISIS had room to metastasize. Trump: Build the wall or GTF outta here. That’s what we voted for.

  8. You got that right, Howard! I’m not ready to give up on him yet, but a shadow of doubt is creeping in. There are too many things happening that “We the people” are not privy to. I am sticking with President Trump and hoping he knows best!


  10. I too went to the “WE THE PEOPLE WILL FUND THE WALL”. As an individual I can’t do much to get the wall. So instead of sitting on my hands and do nothing, I donated, not much, but it was something I could do. (Did you know, all the funds will be completely refunded if this doesn’t work, so what have you got to loose?) Check out the site, it’s quite a compelling story. MERRY CHRISTMAS.

  11. We Americans are a strange lot. When told the truth by someone we are told not to believe we believe those who are belittling the truth teller. However, as long as the truth teller continues without concern for their own political position we, citizens, eventually understand and support that truth teller much to the consternation of those who would have us think otherwise. I have faith in Americans. Trump will win or the alternative will be too terrible to consider.

  12. I’m sitting here with a friend having lunch, talking about the “WALL”. One of her friends has the “SOLUTION”, on the US side (North) we put copies of Monet, Picasso, Angel Adams stills, and the art that made America Great”, on the South Side (Mexico) we simply sell space to bail Bondsmen, Immigration Attorneys, and the like. She’s right We could pay for the entire wall from the money we got selling the Ad space! I can see it now, “CALL me for great advice and representation Amigo!”

  13. Go fund me till the cows come home will not do JIT!!

    If Congress doesn’t appropriate the money and the President doesn’t sign the appropriation, no fed can buy a tissue

    Moving money around in the Defense Budget is another matter that will be litigated till the cows come home!

  14. You hit this one out of the park, excellent. When I read this I wonder where we would be with the Hillary Victory, the third term of Oblabber, I shudder to imagine The New Moon flag would be flying over the White House.

  15. Spot On, Mr. G. SHUT DOWN THE GOVERNMENT. It is NOT working for you, but against you. Follow Through!!! POTUS Trump’s personality has nothing to do with the way he is handling campaign promises. If the Dems & RHINOS do NOTHING, it will be to STOP & TAKE NOTICE of who is President. It is NOT them, it is TRUMP. They can investigate to usurp & disrupt & provide a NEGATIVE resistance, but TRUMP will prevail. Go FUND ME is an anthem. Pay attention!

  16. If no wall is built. Please escort all immigrants at the wall to those Americans requesting they be allowed to cross. Mandate that they become legal sponsors until such time that the immigrants become US Citizens. Start with all of the Democrat and Republican congressional personnel that have voted against the wall. Giving first choices of MS-13 personnel to Pelosi and Schumer. Immigrants having medical issues should be sponsored by mainstream media execs since they don’t believe they exist.

  17. If I were a blogger, I might have pretty much written this very post! Amen. That said, I think the Vet who set up the GoFundMe site for the wall has a wonderful plan. Maybe We the People should be putting our heads together and figuring out what else we can legally do to circumvent those Do-Littles, Do-Nothings, and Obstructionists in high places. Americans used to pull together to get things done.

  18. What a GREAT letter and how true! Those of us who have been responding to your Editorials, can realize your past feelings towards Pres. Trump. You’ve changed your views and now fully support him. Your comments regarding his PROMISE to BUILD the WALL are so TRUE in that if he DOESN’T do so, he will NOT be a TWO-TERM President. The RINOS need to WAKE UP and START TO SUPPORT AND ASSIST HIM—as the SWAMP became LARGER in the NOVEMBER ELECTION! PRAY for TRUMP to get MORE SUPPORT! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  19. Those anti-Trump idiots are going to kill the USA… they’ve already started! If some of them have half a brain, they better realize the Trump is going to be the American savior, and they need to support him and give him all the possible help he needs – starting with the wall!!! Hey folks… smarten up!!!!

  20. Best Editorial Ever, Howard! Time to “tell it like it is”! (Heard about GoFundMe from friend today!) Indeed it’s time for people to “take matters in their own hands” (before bureaucrats totally take over the Government)! Trump needs to stop being nice and pleasing other people! Our U.S. Military is used to fight in nations half-ways around the globe, but can’t really be used to protect our own border? BTW, can’t “fix” stupidity! (So why do we keep allowing more stupid people to come live here?)

  21. Right on again Howard. As I see it, Trump may not succeed in getting the wall and even if he does, Democrats and liberals will destroy it or make it ineffective when he leaves office because they have no respect for us citizens and apparently want to destroy the USA by any means available.

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