The Back Alley Brawl & Only One Knows How To Fight


There Is No Broadcast With This Editorial.

So . . . I’m Guessing – That We’ve All Seen The Oval Office Exchange Between President Trump & The Two Democrat Snakes (Nancy & Chuck) . . . who Both Came-Out in the Open, in Front of all the Cameras & Microphones, Stating Clearly for All to Hear & See – How Chuck & Nancy Prefer To keep The Truth Away From The People.

In The Meantime . . . Contrary to Chuck & Nancy, President Trump made it Equally Clear – how President Trump Believed, That Transparency In Government Is A Good Thing.

Then It Came Down To Who’s Going To Take The Blame For A Shut-Down.

And as the Two Congressional Snakes (Chuck & Nancy), which they are, Tried as Hard as they Could to Slither Away from the Bright Lights of the Media, looking to get Under their Comfortable Rocks . . . TRYING WITH EVERYTHING POSSIBLE NOT TO TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR A GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN – President Trump Showed Why He Is The President Of The United States & Neither Of Them Are.


Just As The Snakes Were Slithering . . . President Trump Made it Clear to the Snakes, the Media, and the American People – Not to Worry about who was Going to Take the Blame for the Possible Shutdown . . . Because – Like Another Great President, President Harry S Truman – Said . . . “The Buck Stops Here” – To which President Trump Also Showed Great Courage & Leadership . . . Saying That He Will Take Full-Blame.


Unless You’re Living Under A Rock With The Snakes . . . You all know without Question, that President Trump Wants To Make America Safe Again . . . and Build That Wall as Part of the President’s Overall Strategy to make America Safe & Great Again, which more than 63-Million American People Voted For, when they Voted for Donald Trump to Become The President & Commander-In-Chief of the United States of America.

Do You Think President Trump Is Bluffing . . . Because I Don’t?


It Doesn’t Mean Anything That President Trump Lost The Popular Vote In The 2016-Election, Mostly because of California & New York, since Winning the Popular Vote or Not, I have to Guess, with a Great deal of Conviction & Confidence, that As Many As Two Thirds Of The American People . . . Want That Wall Built To Increase Border Security.

So . . . Who Are These Two Slithering Snakes Pandering To?

I’m In Florida . . . Del Ray, Until Friday Afternoon – And I really don’t have a great Deal of Time to Write, but I promised I would, so I am, Besides – What President Trump Did to these Two Snakes was far Too Good for me Not to Write About.


1 – Pelosi & Schumer Came Off As The Snakes Both Of Them Are.
2 – Pelosi & Schumer Showed Just How Much Scorn They Have For The People.
3 – Remember Pelosi . . . ? “You First Have To Vote For It To Know What’s In It”.
4 – President Trump – Echoed The Public Service Integrity of Harry S Truman.
5 – Against The Will Of His Party – Truman Voted To Make Israel A Country Again.
6 – Against The Will Of The World – Trump Made Jerusalem The Capital of Israel Again.

I Won’t Be Writing Again Until Saturday . . . When I Get Back To Texas.

However . . . As I Wrote in my last Editorial, I will be a Guest for Two Hours on West Palm Beach’s Joyce Kaufman Radio Talk ShowTOMORROW On WFTL . . . Thursday, December 13, 2018 . . . FROM NOON UNTIL 2:00-PM EASTERN TIME.

I have no Idea what we will be Speaking about, other than to Say, that I’m Willing To Bet The Farm . . . It Won’t Be Boring.

WFTL Streams Live On The Internet – Just Click On This Link To Hear It.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Bibi knows the truth about Obama and I hope to hell and pray to GOD that he spills the beans and tells the world who and what Obama really is. It will stun America but it just might wake them up too. You KNOW the Mossad knows EVERYTHING about the Chicago fraud and for a world leader to drop a dime on Obamislama the credibility factor would be huge and America would owe him a huge debt of honor.

  2. You have summarized that momental meeting succinctly and exquisitely. In fact, this is the best article written about the meeting. And you mentioned my 7th cousin, President Truman. Thanks very much!

  3. Howard, it doesn’t make any difference who shuts down the government. I think that President Trump has the kahunas to do such. So mote it be. More power to him. Send the scumbags in the swamp scurrying back under their lilly pads. I appreciate your comments.

  4. Trump is not afraid to flush a couple of Democrat’s toilets with Pelosi and Schumer in them!

  5. Hey HG, awesome editorial, as usual. But the BEST news was; your upcoming broadcasts on West Palm Beach’s Joyce Kaufman’s Radio Talk Show! This is because; the better your editorials get, the more frustrated I become that they have not gone viral or syndicated on all popular Conservative sites, where they truly belong. I’ll bet, the interviews will be your well deserved breakout events!!!

  6. Howard, calling Chuck & Nancy snakes is an insult: to snakes. They are more like C. Difficult bacteria.

  7. Best commentary of the day, by far! If only the SNAKES could see this as well as the FAKE NEWS. Come January 2019 it is going to be an uphill battle EVERY DANG DAY for POTUS Trump to get anything completed. BTW..Obama gave $140 Billion to a terrorist country with NO reprimands, that would have BUILT THE WALL. Nothing but Corrupt Politicians, MOST of them. I hope your travels were uneventful. God Bless

  8. I enjoyed the “other bloggers” comments, as well, & can TRULY sympathize with WHAT PRES. TRUMP puts up with on A DAILY BASIS, THE “FAKE NEWS”! I GUESS YOU ARE IN CENTRAL FLORIDA? SAY “HI” to OUR CONSERVATIVE FRIEND, JOYCE!! SAFE TRAVELs, Howard!!!

  9. Wasn’t it Chuck and Nancy who, before Trump became President, called for the building of a wall? Weren’t they pushing for $18 billion to “build a barrier”? Hey, Obama and the Clintons even talked about a wall, but we aren’t supposed to remember that; the main stream media seems to have forgotten, too. Both Chuck and Nancy couldn’t even look Trump in the eye. Just says so much about them.

  10. I remember what Pelosi said was “We first have to PASS the bill to find out what is in it.” The most stupid statement I have ever heard. Typical Democrat, they don’t even know what is in the bill before voting yes.

  11. HG…definitely entertaining meeting LOL….N and C definitely looked uncomfortable with the bright lights on them!
    Enjoy the Fla weather for a few days. Will tune in to your interview with Joyce today, just down A1A a few km at Pompano.
    And a happy B’day to Anne! Chimo

  12. Send the nonessential government employees to the unemployment line with the promise of no back pay that will put Chuck and Nancy on the hot seat

  13. Great Job Sir. The Dems voted on an 18million bill for the wall, but what was the other garbage in the bill. That is how the old pork barrel works. I think our President will get help from Mexico now, they don’t want and don’t need the extra bodies in their country either. It is now clear that the organizers want, money, they just made the demand 50K to every migrant. Look at France and Germany for a picture of what is to come it Our President does not get support.

  14. Bravo a thousand times again, my dear Howard, for exploring and admiring the faultless leadership of President Trump. Like Chuck Yarling, I also appreciate immensely “The Buck Stops Here”s Truman, although they are at the opposite spectrum of Great Manhood…

  15. Trump should build a wall on the north border. The reason for this is to keep terrorists out of the USA coming from Canada.
    Trudope the PM of Canada signed the UN IMMIGRATION COMPACT (Agreement) this week. Under this agreement if anyone from any nation wants to immigrate to any nation, it will be treated as their Human Rights to do so. This means that bad actors and terrorists will be coming to Canada. Canada and USA security is now in danger because of Trudope.
    Trump build the north wall now.

  16. I love you calling them snakes,. I hate the bloody things they make me run the other way and scream. I know the saying is they are good for somethings, but for me the only good one is a dead one. Yucky snakes.
    Have a safe journey back to Tx from Fl wish I could get the station you are going to be on here in S.C. but not going to happen. God speed to you and Anne if she is with you on your trip to Fl.
    Can’t wait till Saturday’s Editorial.

  17. I also saw the live coverage of President Trump with Pelosi and Schumer! And they could not look President Trump in the eye! How can she say anything when she hasn’t been voted in until Jan. 2nd?? Also, why don’t they keep playing those tapes of Schumer and Pelosi also, Clinton, wanting a border “barrier” in the past years? Oh, sorry, it is a “wall’ now! Go Trump, go!

  18. Howard, Is there any way that I can listen to the WFTL program that you were on. I was on the road and in a DRs office at the time of the program?

  19. Another great editorial. Dems are vermin; Pelosi & Schumer are epitome of lice/ticks/fleas, all of which suck the blood of those they latch on to.
    You, no doubt, drove nearby my sister’s on your way from Texas to Florida. She’s in the Pensacola area. Looking forward to listening tomorrow.

  20. I saw the live coverage of President Trump with Pelosi and Schumer! They had only one objective, to bait Trump into a trap blaming him for the potential shutdown, but he “Trumped” them. His acceptance of responsibility was brilliant. By aborting their intentions and accepting responsibility for a potential government shutdown. His acceptance annihilated their plans so effectively that all they could do was grin like sh*t eating creatures they are.

  21. Imagine the media furor had anyone, especially conservatives, had been as disrespectful and insolent to Obama when he was (p)resident.

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