Republican Party . . . Not Suffering From Being Anti-Women


There Is No Broadcast With This Editorial . . . But Better To Follow!


God Bless Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez . . . & May Her Image Spread Far & Wide.

To All The Pundits & So-Called Socio/Political Experts . . . Especially the Media Network Talking-Heads, who are Stating Unequivocally that the Republicans are Suffering From A Lack Of Female Support – THEY’RE ALL DEAD WRONG!

And if the LEFT want to Hold The Numbskull Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes as their Poster-Girl for what Women should be . . . Keep It Coming.

The Republicans Are Suffering As A Result Of Three Key-Issues:

1 – The Republicans have made Multiple Promises & Kept very Few, which Includes the Repeal & Replace of Obamacare . . . To Build the Wall . . . And they’ve Run-Up the National Debt.

2 – Next to the Democrats . . . The Republicans are Political Pussies, Too Frightened of their own Lobbyists to Fight for their Voters & Keep their Promises.

3 – Republicans – From Leader McConnell to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, have Literally Betrayed all their Conservative Voters.

As For Why Republicans Don’t Have The Female Vote . . .

FIRST – LET’S BLOW-OFF THE BIG LIE . . . That Women Don’t Vote Republican, that Women aren’t Conservatives, and that all Women Hate President Donald Trump, Because Nothing Could Be Further From The Truth.

There’s No Shortage Of Really Bright & Capable Conservative Women.

THE TRUTH IS . . . STUPID WOMEN – who are Too Ignorant to Find-Out What Is True  & What Is Not True, will Vote for the LEFT, because they’re Too Lazy to do the Research . . . & Too Indoctrinated to Understand that Feel-Good & Identity Politics are Nothing More than Propaganda Roads to Oblivion.

For All The Women Who Feel Marginalized & Set-Upon By Men . . . Who Believe Gender Discrimination Is Real – GET A LIFE, ‘Cause You’re Obviously Too Stupid & Disconnected From Reality As To Have A Responsible Opinion.


As a Man – NOT A HYPHENATED MAN . . . But a Real Honest-To-Goodness Red Blooded DNA Certified Man, who in his Younger Pre-Married Days, Loved To Date Women – Let Me “Say This” . . .

Knowing What I Know Today . . . As a Younger Man, I Wouldn’t have Wasted a Second of my Life Courting a Woman who thought she was Part of an Oppressed Society, simply because she was a Woman, or Showed Any Antipathy for Men because they were Men . . . or Wanted to Out-Men – Men, because she had Something to Prove.

I Dated A Lot Of Girls Before I Met Anne.

I Was 21-Years Old The First Time I Met Anne . . . And She didn’t like me One Bit, and wanted nothing to do with me. Anne was Gorgeous, and by Today’s Narrative – SHE WAS REALLY HOT . . . But To No Avail For me.

A Year Later . . . I Got A Second Chance With Anne.

So Let me Tell You A Little Something About AnneEven Now, More Than 45-Years LaterANNE IS STILL HOT!

Anne Camped in the Far Northern Quebec Wilderness with Me under the Stars. A Wimpy Guy or Woman Wouldn’t Do This. She also proved to be an Incredible Angler.

Anne Rides Horses and used to Race Her Horse Cross-Country, over Hedges, Rock Walls, Fallen Trees, & Across Brooks. And Together . . . Anne & I Rode the Cliffs of Tempe Arizona.

Anne Also Trains Dogs – Stryker For Example. And She Can And Will Defend Herself, like the time a Drunk Accosted Her in the Lobby where we Lived. Anne used the Apartment Intercom to Call me for Help as the Drunk was going after Her, and by the Time I got to the Lobby, in Seconds, it was all over, and the Drunk was Lying in a Bloody-Mess with his Head Cracked-Open.

Anne & I Were . . . & Will Always Be Partners For Everything!

And When it Comes To Devotion, Courage, Trust & Loyalty – In Spite of all the Crap I got Myself into over the many Years – from the time we got Married, which also meant I got Anne Into all of this with Me, Fighting for the Rights of Others & Business Ventures I Tried & Failed at, ANNE HAS HELD STRONG, & Never Once Blamed Me For Anything.

When Anne Was Rushed-Out Of The House . . . By the Police, because the Police Received Verifiable Kidnap Threats Against Anne, while I was Meeting in Washington at a Congressional Hearing, Anne’s Message to me was Simple . . . “Get Security & Give These Bastards As Good As We Get”.

When I Decided to get into Social/Political Activism Full-Time in the Late 1990’s . . . Anne Took Over 100% of the Management & Ownership of our Advertising Agency, and made a Good Company all that much Better.

So Let’s Fast Foreword To December 2018 . . . Where In a Matter of Less than Two Weeks (December 24th), Anne will Turn 68-Years Old. And at 68-Years Old, Anne can Still do All the Things we did Together when we First Started Dating more than 45-Years Ago.

And Anne’s Biggest Challenge Right Now . . . besides Staying in Shape and Doing all she can to STILL Look “Hot” (as she does), is to Decide upon which will be Her Next & Newest Semi-Automatic Pistol, since Anne & I Shoot at Least once every Week.


And Let Me Add This . . . All The Women Anne & I Befriend Are No Different.


I’m Off Tomorrow To Central Florida Until Friday . . . So I Don’t Know If I’ll Be Able To Write Between Tuesday & When I Get Back – BUT . . . !

IF YOU WANT A REAL TREAT . . . On Thursday, December 13th, I will be Doing a Two-Hour Live Broadcast as the Guest of the Incredibly Talented, Conservative & Hot Looking Joyce Kaufman . . . From 12:00 (Noon) To 2:PM On West Palm Beach Radio Station W850 FTL.

Joyce Kaufman’s Show Can Be Heard Over The Internet – Worldwide . . . and Perhaps Joyce will even Take some Callers.

Joyce and I have done some Radio Together in the Past & I Can Guarantee You Of Two Things – This Broadcast Will Be Conservative & Will Not Be Boring.

PS – When it Came To Standing On The Street & Facing-Down A Horde of Israel Haters – Joyce Was There. When I asked Joyce to Ride with the Pledge Riders & MC Our Events . . . Joyce Was There – And No One . . . And I Mean No One – will ever be Able to Accuse Joyce Kaufman of Not Being a Real Woman or a Woman Under the Thumb of Men:

1 – Joyce is Really Smart & Informed.
2 – Joyce has more Guts than Dick Tracy.
3 – Joyce Kaufman is a True Patriot.
4 – And Joyce is a 100% Unapologetic Real Woman.

Good Chance – I’ll Be Seeing You On The Radio This Coming Thursday.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You are one lucky man, Howard. Congratulations on Anne, you chosen partner for life.

  2. Not enough women Women in the GOP? Paul Ryan backed and supported by his Democrat wife and her Democrat family (now there’s Feminist power) House Speaker Paul Ryan lead a GOP dominated house to successfully either block and/or undermine nearly everyone of Trumps election promises.
    And to think Paul Ryan with his wife would have been vice president had Mit Romney ever gotten in.
    Paul Ryan represents the evil of which God has warned of.

  3. The Me-Too Movement has tried to INFLUENCE women to join them.This group considers themselves as SAVIORS of WOMEN!If anything, it has caused me to want to become misogynistic!This group tries to appear as being MORAL & CARING while also supporting PLANNED PARENTHOOD where aborting full-term babies is ACCEPTED!How any woman can CONSIDER joining such a group is beyond me!Also, there are more women who SUPPORT TRUMP than we are MADE TO BELIEVE by the FAKE NEWS! Happy Birthday, Anne! GO TRUMP! AMEN!

  4. I DEFINITELY ENJOYED the other “bloggers'” comments, & definitely an early birthday wish to Anne! She definitely is a “keeper”, & I’m sure a “wonderful support” to you, Howard!! May God be with you, on your trip to Central Florida, as well…..Joyce K., is a well known Conservative voice, in our parts here in Florida…..GO JOYCE GO!!! AND may GOD continue to “BLESS PRES. TRUMP, & his fight with the FAKE NEWS”!!!! GO TRUMP GO, & AMEN, AMEN!

  5. Everything you’ve written about Anne is true – she has been such a strong supporter of what you do – she made it possible for you to spend so much time with your political activism by looking after your business. You are indeed very lucky to have her as a life partner. Happy Birthday to you, Anne!! The modern women who have used the victim mode to draw attention to their own weakness have given the strong women like us the bad name!!! Shame on them!!

  6. Asusual 100% correct about what is going on in DC. I married at 22 in Denmark weeks after getting out of the Army. A wonderful girl and we enjoyed each other for 46 years. Now it’s me and a dog…….it sucks.

  7. Love your blog, keep up the great work. Happy birthday Ann.

  8. Greetings and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Wishes to Anne! The most asinine accusations for OUR PRESIDENT to be IMPEACHED based on an alleged PAYMENT to a porn star BEFORE becoming PRESIDENT is what MAY END UP BEING the BEST that the MUELLER PROBE can muster. WHAT A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY. Whatever happened to Mueller’s MAIN GOAL… ELECTION TAMPERING and RUSSIAN COLLUSION? Utter nonesense. WHAT A SHAM!!!

  9. May you have a happy anniversary, Christmas and may your New Year be greater then ever. Dorothy & I will have our 48th anniversary on 31 Dec 2018.

    God bless.


  10. Will be listening to you with Joyce on Thursday. Can’t wait. Howard and Anne are the Best for Canada and the USA.
    also Keeps us informed what is going on in the Crazy World..

  11. Thanks for a great editorial Howard, I was also very fortunate when I met and married JeNele in 1955! We have operated 3 businesses together and now ,in our 80’s we are fulltimer’s in a motorhome ! JeNele and I love our president and support him completely !!!

  12. WOW, what a great tribute to your wonderful wife, Anne. I am glad that you still think of her a “hot” and she is still the love of your life. Happy Birthday, Anne. There are lots of women in the GOP. We are smart, focused & want things done. I am very upset with both Ryan & McConnell, neither one of them have done what the voters have asked for. This is why there is a grassroots Convention of States coming about. It is getting closer to being done, just a some more states are needed.

  13. Great tribute to a great lady. Behind every great man is a great lady!!! Be careful on your travels. God Bless

  14. Almost all of those females who perceive themselves as victims, IMHO that is of their own volition, having learned that playing the victim pays off. They have realized that they cannot get ahead based on their abilities. so it is far easier to get ahead by claiming victimization. In my years as a government employee, I saw it repeatedly. Hardly any of those claiming to be victimized could handle the positions to which they were promoted, The same held true of those claiming racial victimization.

  15. HG, Anne is a WIFE and partner for you. Wife is not a four letter swear word. I am proud to be a wife. I raised two boys when their father was at sea. He always tells me he knew the home front was fine and he never worried. He knew I was handling everything. I worked too. I hate the Me-Two no sense baloney. They are ruining every progress made for women. I want to be respected for my accomplishments. I would not want to be respected for something that happened to me that I had no control over.

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