Jew On Jew . . . 2000 Years & Nothing Has Changed


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More Than 2000 Years Ago – 166-BC . . . The Greeks Tried To Obliterate The Jews.

But It Wasn’t Just Antiochus . . . The Seleucid (Greek/Syrian King), who the Jews had to Fear Most, since the Enemy from Within – is Far More Treacherous & Dangerous an Enemy, than the Enemy from Without, who were the Hellenized Jews, who Sold their Souls & Freedom to the Worship of Greek/Syrian Idols.

In 165-BC – Mattathias, the Father of Judah, who became known as Judah Maccabee (The Hammer), Killed A Hellenizing Jewish Priest, who Assimilated to the Greek/Syrian Worship of Many Gods & Idols, Opposed to the Worship of Just one God, the God of Abraham . . . the God of the Torah (Five Books of Moses) who gave Humanity through the Jewish People the Rules of Decency, which has been the Blueprint for Judaism since the Exodus from Egypt.

Antiochus Decreed That All Jews Forgo Their God & Embrace The Idols . . .

In 166-BC . . . Mattathias Died In Self-Imposed Exile, which led his Son Judah Maccabee to Raise the Sword and go to War Against the Greek/Syrian Tyrant Antiochus . . . BUT ALSO AGAINST THE JEWS WHO BETRAYED THEIR OWN.


The Maccabee War Against The Seleucid Empire (Greek/Syrian), Waged for 3-Years, from 167-BC to 160-BC, when the Seleucids Withdrew, and the Maccabees Reclaimed the Second Temple, which was Sacked by the Idol-Worshippers, which was then Re-Sanctified by the Maccabees with Blessed Oil, Enough to Burn for Only One Night, but as the Chanukah Story is Told, the Flame Miraculously Stayed Lit & Burned for 8-Nights.

Whether The Story Of The Oil Is True Or Not – The Story Of The Victory Is.

What Is Generally Never Told . . . Is That Jews Fought Against Jews, not just Seleucids, but Rather Against Jews who thought it was Better to Go Along To Get Along . . . than to Fight, Sacrifice & Defend the Values Created Upon . . . By The Torah Foundation Of Judaism.

Throughout History . . . As Far Back As The Maccabees – Far Too Many Jews Surrendered Their Values & Converted from Minority Jewish Orthodoxy for Majority Acceptance . . . throughout all Walks of Life, whether it was During the Spanish & French Inquisitions, or the Approval into Privileged Life throughout Europe . . . Germany, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, England – ETC.

THERE IS NO QUESTION IN MY MIND . . . Had it Not Been for Elitist European Jews, who Convinced the Jewish Population TO GO ALONG TO GET ALONG WITH THE NAZIS, The Holocaust would Not have Happened.

There Is Also No Question In My Mind, that Jews would have been Killed in the Hate-Lust of European Anti-Semites . . . But there would have Never Been Human Abattoirs – Where Jews Were Led To Slaughter Like Lambs.


AND NOW WE FAST FORWARD AGAIN . . . Where Jews have Once Again Sold their Orthodox Torah-Values, for the God of the LEFT, where they Twist & Bend Jewish Values & Heritage to Suit their Own Socialist Beliefs, which in all Reality Run Counter to the Jewish Values Upon Which they Claim to Endorse.

There Was A Time – And That Time Probably Still Is . . . When People such as Myself, who have Dared to Hang our Dirty Jewish Laundry in Public, would have been Condemned in the Strongest of Terms Possible . . . For Being Disloyal.

But Why Should I Care What Jewish-Traitors To Our Values Think Of Me?

I Only Care . . . That More Than 75% Of The Jewish American Public Support Socialism & Hate President Trump for the Sole Reason Of – “BECAUSE”.

It Blows Me Away . . . As A Conservative Jew, Raised in the Jewish Orthodox Tradition, that I should Feel Immeasurably More Comfortable with my Christian Friends, some of Whom are Deeply Religious Fundamentalists, while many others are More Secular like Anne & Myself, but Nonetheless Christian . . . THAN I DO WITH MEMBERS OF MY OWN “TRIBE”, WHO ARE NOTHING LIKE ME IN TERMS OF VALUES.

IT BOTHERS ME TO NO END . . . That there are so many Well Educated Members of the Jewish Community who are Blessed with Wealth & Station, who in their Elitism . . . Support & Promote Policies which are Counter-Virtuous To Jewish Values.


Thank God For Evangelical Christians.

IT ALSO PAINS ME . . . That there are so Many More American Christians, Who Stand Unequivocally for Israel, than do LEFTIST Jews throughout America, who’s Israeli Support is Contingent on what makes them Feel Morally Superior to Israelis, than what is Right & Patriotic to the Jewish State’s Values & Rights.

In This Year’s Celebration Of Chanukah . . . I See Us – Conservative Jews Like Me, Versus Them, 21st Century Seleucid JewsWho Go Along To Get Along.

I See Today’s (21st Century) Jews . . . Acting more like the Jewish Sellouts of Spain & France of the Inquisitions. Sell-Out Jews of the Eastern European Pogroms. Sell-Out Jews of Communist Russia. And Sell-Out Elitist Jews who led their Jewish Faithful onto the Loading Platforms – To The Trains Which Led To Places Like Auschwitz.

The Maccabees Were Outnumbered & “Outgunned” By The Seleucids, Who Were Well Trained & Organized Warriors, Backed-Up By The Jewish Sell-Out Mob – Just like Conservative American Jews Are Outnumbered & “Outgunned” By The Media, Elitists, Academics, & Deep State Government.

THE RECKONING IS COMING . . . History Always Repeats Itself, Especially For The Jews. But Jews Like Me Will Be Maccabees, who will Fight “My Own”, Rather than to Allow Jewish Sell-Outs to Suck Judaism Into The Vortex of Liberal Idolatry . . . And To A Second Holocaust.

I Won’t Be Silent . . . And I Can’t Be Shamed – But I Will Be A Warrior For Values.

“Am Ysroel Chai . . . Israel Lives” – God Bless America – God Bless President Trump.

Never Forget The Maccabees . . . Happy Chanukah.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Story in the Drudge Report today, sources questionable, that if Israel had launched a raid on Iranian nuclear sites Obama had given the order that they be shot down by American fighters rather than allowed to complete their mission. Unsubstantiated or not, isn’t it a crime against democracy that such a story is so believably true?

  2. Yes, you are absolutely right! I think that for some reason Anglo-Saxon Jews tend to lean more towards the extreme left than Sefardic Jews. There is hope though as the Religious Zionist movement is growing fast and many secular Jews all over the world are going back to their roots and supporting Eretz Israel. We must all stand firm, fight back and be proud of who we are: part of Am Israel!

  3. Howard, thank you for your view of Jewish history, most of which I have never heard. As a Christian, I support the Jewish people, who are “Gods chosen.”

  4. There is no better example of going along to get along than our Canadian Prime Minister. He is going to sign the UN Migration Compact solely to gain the approval of the anti semites and human rights abusers at the UN. He is determined to throw away Canada’s sovereignty and security and give control af our country to the leftist cabal at the UN. I personally feel that it is because he is so shallow that he believes it will enhance the shining star he thinks he is. Sad eh.

  5. So very true. I too am befuddled as to why all Jews do not support conservatism and the right to keep and bear arms. A friend of mine, that I have known for 50 years, asks the same questions as you have about her friends at the Synagogue. Baffling!

  6. Well said, Howard. As Christians we joined AIPAC long ago but sometimes it feels like Evangelical Christians care more about protecting the land of Israel than some Jews! Hope all your readers have read the book “Eye to Eye” by Bill Koenig. He points to all the natural disasters that occur directly around discussions of dividing the land of Israel. It’s uncanny. I stand with Israel!!

  7. Well said, Howard. Unfortunately there are many, many, Christians who are also sell-outs to their Christian values and have adopted the liberal policies of the left. We pray they will soon have a change of heart and set this country on the right path again.

  8. Agree with you on Jews in America voting Democrat and hating Trump.

    I will also say this about most Catholics. They fully support for example, abortion on demand, although this is absolutely contrary to the teaching and values of the Catholic faith.

    They are truly traitors to their religion and God. Pelosi and Biden being prime examples.

  9. Happy Chanukah to you & Anne! Thank you for the history info; good to know as a Christian more of what Israel went through. I find it somewhat ironic that Biblical Israel went through cycles of obedience to God then disobedience & God’s judgment continually; it seems the USA is following same pattern. Human nature I reckon, even among God’s people (Jew or Christian).

  10. My dear Howard: I am always completely and pleasantly baffled by the depth (and the breadth) of your knowledge about our religion, our ancestral country of Israel, and the whole spectrum of almost everything else, including your perfect mastering of our language… A bit late (but better, bla bla bla), I wish you and Anne (and your animals) a Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas (yes, we celebrate both), and health, happiness and successes for 2019. Le Haim, my Friend.

  11. Awesome and courageous post! The liberal Jews not only look down on other Jews but especially Israel. I have seen it first hand. I can say If the Jewish people are not for themselves, what then? Seems to me that the situation in the US is like pre Hitler Germany and history is repeating itself. God will bless whoever blesses the Jews and that includes the Jews as well. Thank you, Howard.

  12. Great blog! As a Jew I am perplexed with this also. I am wondering if this is either a cultural Stockholm syndrome of siding with the enemy or idolization of false gods.

  13. If ever there were a war against Jews in our United States and I am still alive I will fight with Israel to my last breath.
    Never again should that happen to the people it has gone on long enough. Way, Way, to long.Why the Jewish people of the left follow like sheep I do not have the answer for it. I can only pray that one day they wake up an realize the left would put them on a train once again.

  14. Well said. It is beyond my comprehension the hatred of Jews. The Holocaust DID happen, have WE learned nothing? I don’t go along to get along, never have, never will. Apparently many of us can THINK for ourselves. Right is Right, Wrong is Wrong. The Light at the end of the tunnel is HOPE, Peace & Salvation, when will people open their eyes & SEE? Thank You & God Bless. Happy Chanukah to you and Anne & all my Jewish Friends.

  15. Entirely non sequitur, but have you ever written on the Alberta succession movement? Think Alberta would be a good 51st state? Maybe we trade you for, say, Oregon. No, Puerto Rico. OK. OK. Puerto Rico and Rhode Island.

    Happy Hanukkah.

  16. As usual – well said. L’Chaim.
    Arnold Charitan, Los Angeles

  17. Jews still “go along to get along”! (Many years ago, they were killed if they didn’t do this!) Handel’s “Messiah” part about “All We Like Sheep” pretty much sums up things today: “We have gone astray and turned, everyone to their own way”! Millions have turned away from God to “worship idols” (or Satan)! Why is this? Howard, you are correct- “Nothing has changed”! (Without Ten Commandments where would we be?) We literally “saw the light” (not just for 8 days) and converted to the Jewish faith.

  18. Greetings: Each time I think you’ve written the BEST article EVER, you outdo YOURSELF!!! This was your BEST… EVER! I just wish EVERYONE would get to read your inciteful editorials!

  19. Powerful, very powerful editorial, Howard. You are right, not only the Jews but way too many Christians have turned away from G-d. The turning away from G-d and His Commandments is what has gotten the USA, Canada, the EU & the rest of the world into the craziness that is happening all over our planet today. It seems as though everyone is looking for the “quick fix” to solve all … It simply doesn’t work that way. Obedience to G-d is the answer & always has been. Very powerful editorial.

  20. Howard: I definitely learned a lot from this editorial–so glad you explained the history. Thank you.

  21. Howard, I love your wisdom and what you stand for. Always have. More power to you and to Anne. As a Christian, I have totally supported the Jewish the people, whom I also believe were “God’s chosen”. Religion aside, I know this all too well: There are wooden ships. There are sailing ships. There are ships that sail the sea. But the best ships are FRIENDSHIPS. And may they always be. Hallelujah! Be well and be safe, my friend. – Brucester

  22. If you read what most of the men that were involved in the American Revolution wrote, you may understand as they did, that most people will put up with and awful lot of abuse before they will change things. Especially government. The problem is that with todays technology it is harder and harder to form any resistance to the wrong doers, especially if it is the government. Condemnation is a powerful tool. Particularly if they have a gun to your head.

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