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I Watched the Funeral Ceremony & Procession of President George HW Bush (December 5, 2018). It was in Every Way a Testament to the Freedoms, Democracy, Transfer of Powers & Continuity of America from one Leader to Another . . . and the Respect America Gives to America’s “Fallen” Presidents.

It Says Much About The Resilience Of The American Republic.

The Bush 41 Funeral . . . At Least To Me – Was Not About Bush 41, since as I have Written many times Before – I do not see the Bush Family of Politicians, Including Both Bush Presidents as Great Leaders.

At Best . . . Had It Not Been For 9/11, I am all but Certain that Bush 43 would have been just like his Father, A One Term President.

When The Bureaucrat/Political Insiders . . . & Pundit Insiders – Speak about the Sacrifice of Service of the Politicians, whether it was about Ted Kennedy, McCain, Bush 41 or any other Fallen Politician . . . All I Hear Are Empty Platitudes – Since Being A Politician, Bureaucrat or Civil Servant in Most Ways, other than EMT, Police, Fire, Military, ICE . . . ETCIs Far More Of A Tax Payer Blessing Than Any Kind Of Sacrifice.

In The Case Of Bush 41 & TENS OF MILLIONS Of Others Like Him . . . Their True Sacrifice Was Made While Wearing The Uniform – Putting Themselves In Harm’s Way To Fight For Their Nation.

But Living The Privileged Easy Life Of Government Employ Is No Sacrifice.

I Listened to the Wonderful Elegant Speeches Delivered By Close Friends of the Deceased President, and Remembered that all of these Speeches were Delivered by Men no Different in Many Ways than the President they were Eulogizing.

I was Deeply Impressed with the Speech of Canada’s Former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, speaking Glowingly about one of his Best, Closest & Dearest Friends he came to Honor.

But I Also Remembered . . . How it was Brian Mulroney, who through his Arrogance & Narcissism helped Create the Parliamentary Separatist Bloc Quebecois and the 1995 Quebec Referendum on Separation from Canada.

Prime Minister Brian Mulroney was so Arrogant, Self Centered & Divisive a Prime Minister, that his Greatest Claim to Fame (Infamy), was how Mulroney So Divided Canada, that the Country came LESS THAN 1% in a Referendum (1995), to Dissolving The Canadian Confederation of Provinces.

And For Mulroney’s Efforts . . . Mulroney Took the Coward’s Way Out & Resigned Before the Next Federal Election . . . Where Mulroney’s Conservatives, because of Mulroney, were all but Wiped-Out, except for just 2-Seats, Causing the Conservative Party of Canada to Lose its National Party Status.


I Watched James Baker . . . Who Today is an Old Man – who Yesterday, Sat at the Seat of Power as Bush 41’s Secretary Of State & Chief Of Staff, Weeping Like a Child at the Memorial Funeral for his Best Friend . . . George HW Bush.

And I thought back, to how during those Horrible Times for the Jewish State of Israel, as Bush 41 Waged War on Saddam Hussein, as Scud Rockets Rained-Down on Israel, and as Israel wanted the Fighter-Jet Codes, so Israel Could Defend Itself from the Murderous Rain of Iraqi Rockets . . . James Baker – George HW Bush’s Best Friend – Replied to this Israel Request & Others with a Simple Phrase – “FUCK THE JEWS!”

It was an Incredible Funeral . . . Which gave the American People some Respite from the Never Ending Attacks on President Trump, and the All-Out Assault on American Exceptionalism from the LEFTIST American & Global Cabal Of One World Government.

Even Though This Incredible Performance, Which was Written, Directed & Produced to Elevate a Man, who was Rejected by the People, because his Policies ran Counter to what he Promised & what he Delivered – It Came At A Time When America Really Needed A Breather.

In My Next Editorial . . .
. . . I Will Write About Chanukah & The Impending Jewish Civil War.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I liked what Rush said this morning about Powers speech. He pointed out her saying that the U.S. and Israel relationship “transcends politics”….and then went on to point out the Democrats that are boycotting the speech tomorrow. What these people say can never be trusted as truth and…what is even worse… they never seem to even care.

  2. Jewish Civil War ??? Now you lost me. Can’t wait for your next blog to find out what’s that all about. For the rest of the blog, like usual you hit the nail on the head and agree with you 110%.

  3. No disrespect to George H. W. Bush, but who paid for the funeral with all the trimmings. The Bush family I do not believe did even though they are multimillionaires. When my first wife died, I as a lowly American had to deal with the cost of the service. There was millions of dollars spent on this week long tribute. I guess tradition of those who have lead or those who have made some sort of impact. Isn’t it always true you forget the bad stuff and remember only good.

  4. Bush 41’s Funeral “gave the American People some Respite from the Never Ending Attacks on President Trump, etc…” which was most NEEDED!It also brought many of the Republicans together, even if for a SHORT period of time!It is my OPINION that this FUNERAL will have a future POSITIVE IMPACT for the CONSERVATIVES, but this is ONLY an opinion!Only the FUTURE will tell!People who don’t know POLITICAL HISTORY can’t realize the WHOLE TRUTH, so they are only able to FOCUS on the PRESENT!GO TRUMP!AMEN!

  5. I believe the best I can do is honor GHW Bush for his military service. As a Vietnam Veteran, I feel it’s the least I can do. It turns out that both of Bush 41 (WW II) and 45 (Air National Guard) as well as Prescott Bush (WW I), GHWB’s father, were all in the military. However, both Bush 41 and 45 were RINOs and progressives to boot. This truth should make everyone pause in their praise for the now deceased president.

  6. Americans love “pomp and circumstance” (especially for “State funerals”- paid for by taxpayers)! Seems this is one of the few times everybody comes together (other than Inaugurations- that sometimes are results of “rigged” elections)! Didn’t watch funeral! My views of Bush family have changed (voted for Perot, then Bush #43) after how Bushes (Globalists) have treated Trump! Funerals shouldn’t be to “impress” people or express “political views” (neither should weddings)! Time GHWB truth be told!

  7. “The Incredible Performance,.. Written, Directed & Produced to Elevate a Man, who was Rejected by the People, because his Policies ran Counter to what he Promised & what he Delivered.
    Thank you Howard. After listening to past weeks Adulation “one hit wonder Bush” from the MSN I could not corroborate the accolades from my own memory glad there is still yourself who remembers the empty suit – and what a Let down Globalist he turned out to be after MAGA Ronald Reagan.


  9. At least it didn’t last as long as “emperor” McCain’s funeral. This one was only 6 days from the dod, not a 2-week long procession.

  10. Echo Robert Daigneault, Laval, Quebec Canada. I am pretty sure that we taxpayers paid for the funeral with all the trimmings, I wonder what it cost us. And yes, respite from the Trump bashing. Thank you Howard. After listening to past week of adulation for one whose policies were unacceptable to voters I wonder why accolades.

  11. I watched a portion of the funeral. When POTUS & FLOTUS were seated the ‘other’ presidents & first ladies faces became dried up PRUNES. This was NOT ‘presidential’. There wasn’t one among them who were friendly with Israel & its plight. They couldn’t MOVE the Israeli capital to Jerusalem. POTUS Trump has KEPT his promises, what can the rest of them say? Shame on them. And MY Tax Dollars paid for this SHAM. MYPOV

  12. In the scheme of things, honoring our Presidents when they die, is simply an American tradition. Remember, in all of the millions & millions of people that have lived throughout the history of the USA, only 45 men have been President! It is a very special club & even if these men have “fought” each other with politics, they are still connected. Only 45 men have stood as President of the USA & that is extremely special. Since these men are so special, they are treated with honor when they die.

  13. Loved it Howard, can’t wait for your next one. As for James Baker saying what he did about Israel that does not surprise me.
    Can’t wait for your writings on the Jewish War that will be very interesting. My heart goes out to all of the people who are Jewish and live in Israel for fear of other places bombing them any time they feel like it. NEVER AGAIN let happen in Germany and other European countries do what they did to the Jewish people again. Be safe all of you . Gods blessings.

  14. This is just one of our traditions and as such is important. The cost is minimal compared to other junk.
    We forget that we supported Bush at the time because he was much better than the liberal dems. The Bushes are good people but I don’t think they have the depth of conviction or concern that a true Conservative such as Reagan had.

  15. Greetings: The old adage, “even a BROKEN CLOCK is right twice a day” is metaphoric for the GHW Bush presidency. He did nothing to improve this country! Even the BERLIN WALL coming down was REAGAN’S (and lesser degree the Pope’s) accomplishment! The American VOTER, thankfully isn’t stupid ALL the time! He served ONE TERM. Let’s also remember his Democrat challenger for the presidency was Michael DUKAKIS!!! I’ve been hearing #41 was the “BEST 1-TERM PRESIDENT”. Give me a break!

  16. I would like to know why Graham Ferguson of Oliver, B.C. wishes Texas to throw you out Howard. If he doesn’t like what you are saying, say so. To make a statement as he did makes zero sense. BTW………once again, you taught me some history I did not know. Thanks

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