Half Truths Are As Bad As Whole Lies


There Is No Broadcast With This Editorial.


But It’s Also Important For A Nation to Celebrate Truth Over Embellishment.

From All That Is Being Said . . . I have to Assume that the Late President George HW Bush was a Really Decent Guy. There is no Question that he was Brave & a Thrill-Seeker, by going to War as a Young Man (WWII) as a Fighter-Bomber Pilot, by Churning the Waters off Kennebunkport in his Cigar Speed-Boat, to Parachuting from a Plane on his 90th Birthday.


Here are Several Prominent things I Remember about Bush 41 . . .

On June 7, 1981 – Israel Carried-Out Operation Babylon, which Destroyed Iraq’s Clandestine Nuclear Reactor at Osirak – by means of an Incredible Sunday Raid by Israeli F-16 Fighter-Bombers – Backed-Up by F-15 Fighter-Jets.

Upon The Success Of This Raid . . . President Ronald Reagan’s Response, after being Told of it, Reagan Said Of The Israelis“Boys Will Be Boys”, while Reagan’s Vice President, George HW Bush Wanted To Severely Punish Israel.

In 1988 . . . Candidate George HW Bush Promised No New Taxes if He were to Win the White House – “READ MY LIPS – NO NEW TAXES”. Bush Won. Became Bush 41, and Raised the Hell out of the Taxes. HW Bush Didn’t Win A Second Term.

July 25, 1990 . . . President George HW Bush’s Ambassador to Iraq, Canadian Born April Catherine Glaspie, met with Saddam Hussein, who spoke with Glaspie of his Serious Problem with Kuwait, that Kuwait was “Slant Drilling” for Oil into Iraq.

Saddam Also Made It Clear To Glaspie . . . as Saddam was Massing his Military all along the Iraq/Kuwait Border, that Kuwait used to be a Province of Iraq under the Ottoman Empire until the end of WWI, and Expressed His Anger & Frustration with the Bad Behavior of a Former Iraqi Province.

When Asked Directly By Saddam . . . How would the President (Bush 41) React to this Situation, Glaspie’s Response Was . . . “WE HAVE NO OPINION ON ARAB-ARAB CONFLICTS”, which Saddam Hussein Understood was a De Facto Green Light from President HW Bush to do to Kuwait what Saddam wanted.

Saddam Attacked Within 7-Days . . . So Who Was Responsible For The Iraq War?

I’m Hearing a Great Deal about how the Berlin Wall Came Down, Under Bush 41. And how Perestroika (Reformation Of The Communist Party) & Glasnost (The Opening Up [Transparency] Of Society) Came to Fruition with Mikhail Gorbachev & Bush 41, which is Accurate by Date, BUT INACCURATE BY REALITY, since all of what has Happened between the United States of America, Russia and the Rest of the World, Happened EXCLUSIVELY because of President Ronald Reagan.

I Have No Reason To Doubt That President Bush 41 Was A Decent Guy . . . But:

As I Remember It . . . Under President Bush 41, the Economy was Nothing to Celebrate, especially since he was Handed a Great Economy from President Reagan.

Under The Bush 41 Economy . . . the Average Growth Rate was Substantially Down in Terms of Averages of GDP, Job Creation & Median Income.

Where The Number Was Greater Under George HW Bush . . . Was The Growth Of American Debt.


There Is A Not So Secret – Secret Society Called The Bilderberg Group . . . which is Comprised by Global Elitists from the Political Realm to Industry & Finance, who once a Year come together to Discuss The Future of the World, in their Inevitable Thrust Towards a One World Government . . . through a NEW WORLD ORDER, Shaped in the Socio/Political Creation of Global Elites. The EU is Part of the New One World Government.

Right After The Iraq War . . . President Bush 41, Feeling Euphoric For The Victory, said in a Live Televised Speech, which I Watched as he Delivered it . . . “How This Was The Beginning Of A NEW WORLD ORDER”.

I have no Reason Not to Believe George HW Bush Didn’t Love America . . . But Loving America, or any Country for that Matter . . . by Pushing that Country in a Direction Opposed to where the People want the Country to Travel – Does NOT Make That Leader A Great Leader.

I Wish America All The Pomp & Circumstance America Can Muster While America Buries Her 41st President.

But Death Neither Excuses Nor Changes What Was In Life.

For President Trump . . . When His Time Comes – Hopefully Not For A Long Time – There Will Be No Funeral Pomp & Circumstance . . . And No Mourning At Any Bilderberg Meeting, because President Trump Sees America For What America Was, And For What President Trump Wants America To Remain.


If This Is True – Which I Have No Reason To Doubt . . . What made George HW Bush a Real Class Act On His Way Out, was Bush 41’s Insistence that President Trump be Included at His Funeral.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Isn’t it amazing that we hear more truth coming out of Howard than we hear coming out of our own Representatives! I never realize the importance of being in politic’s when I was a young man. Sadly, it’s has taken me until now in my seventies to realize what my calling should have been. Maybe my Patriotism and Gung-ho stubbornest would have helped to eliminate the problem we presently have with our anti-American so called President.

  2. GHWB was a good decent person, Husband, Father and Friend. His service to His Country is nothing more than many fine people have done and in some cases not as well. He enjoyed life and all the trappings that came with it. He grew up in a privileged environment and the good times that came with it. Suffice to say he loved the good times that came with his personal side.

  3. Yes, indeed, G.W.H. Bush and his entire family are progressive RINOs. I guess one could say it’s in their DNA since, over time, there has been no change in any member of the family’s actions to prove otherwise.

  4. You are soooo on the mark, Howard. I have respect for every American president (Obama excepted) and I think they deserve recognition for the time they served our country in a thankless job. BUT, come on, people~~day after day, 24/7 of phony accolades???? He was a man ( HUman, for any gender sensitive persons reading this) and man die. I have known greater and lesser mankind. You are all invited to my funeral. Does that make me worthy of national recognition?

  5. The way POTUS Trump was treated over Barbara’s funeral & McCain’s by the BUSHs & McCains gave true insight to their NASTINESS. This is how you treat a SITTING PRESIDENT? Anything I felt about 41 & 43 went up in smoke. The ONLY redemption, was to include POTUS Trump in 41s funeral. Iraq was a MESS, could have been saved per GENERAL Schwarzkopf. 43 went after those who ‘disliked’ daddy 41 & it continues today. MYPOV God Bless

  6. Sigh! I’m sooo glad that I’m old and won’t be around when the ‘BLEEP’ hits the fan!

  7. Many of our politicians claim to be one party to get elected then are something else. The Bush clan is one such group of people. Big money in politics has been the problem for many years. As we have seen, now we have a President who cannot be bought (I truly believe this) you see the politicians of all fighting him at every turn. The Rinos do not want anything to change as it gets into their Lobby Monies, the Dems just do not like our President. Enough said, I am concerned for him.

  8. Bush 41’s Insistence that President Trump be Included at His Funeral.

    I assume you mean excluded.

    Which confirms Trump as the anti world government guy.

  9. It’s always so satisfying to read your editorials that tells it like it is! Thank you, Howard.

  10. Thank you for the reminder of what Bush 41’s not so great aspects of his presidency. However, he was human as you pointed out & that means failures in areas of his life. One thing that is being forgotten, Bush 41 knew how to be an Ex-President by keeping his opinions to himself. Carter never understood that stance. Bush 43 came out with “guns” when all of the stuff was being said about Jeb. Wrong move on Bush 43’s part, when your time is done, leave the future alone & your opinions to yourself.

  11. Boy, talk about being educated!! I didn’t know that Bush 41 was in support of the New World Order – the one that proposes that the whole world should be governed by ONE elitist, unelected group, responsible to NO ONE but themselves like the EU? I’d like to know who’s going to persuade China & Russia to come under that umbrella!!! China is busy building it’s own EURASIAN empire & they will never be part of the NWO!!! Western societies are so idiotic!!! Something in our education system??

  12. It’s tough to be a President in a true democracy, mistakes are inevitable. E.g. Current US problem: should they befriend or abandon Saudi Arabia over the murder of one Saudi Man – a decision has to be made and it won’t please everyone. Much easier in a Totalitarian State like Canada with M. Feminist Dressup who does as he pleases for his own Narcissistic Aggrandisement, open doors, and gives away our money so easily around the world. You are a bigot, racist, if you dare to question or oppose him

  13. Your statement of…”What made George HW Bush a Real Class Act On His Way Out, was Bush 41’s Insistence that President Trump be Included at His Funeral” says it ALL! Plus, the other BUSH individuals DID follow through with his wishes! Again, the FAKE MEDIA used Bush 41 to ATTACK Trump. If it wouldn’t be for TRUMP, the FAKE MEDIA would have NO REAL news to report! Being PRESIDENT is certainly NOT an EASY JOB, as proven by the many past presidents! PRES. TRUMP SURPASSES THEM ALL! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN

  14. It is soooo good to read your blog and realize that I am not alone on what I think about HW Bush. I thought to myself after hearing all the praise about him, why he did not serve a second term. You explained it all as it really was with his presidency and the things he said. Thank you again for the reality check.


  16. Howard, the episodes that you so beautifully characterized about President Bush,sr, is comparable to President Roosevelt as how great he was, and yet he was the ONE that gave the order not to let a ship of Jewish refugees to dock in Miami, and sent these refugees back to Europe to their death in concentration camps. Steve Acre, Canada

  17. I knew, from the moment I heard about George H.W.’s death, that Fox News was going to be nothing but a long drawn out recital of every highlight in his life. So, okay, he died. So will we all. He served as President, which is a high position to be respected. Aside from that great achievement, there are millions of outstanding servicemen who sacrificed even more for our country. I am personally put off by so much glory given to a single man. Good article, Howard!

  18. I like Victoria Vicari agree with her he was a decent man to his wife and family, he was human and made mistakes just like we all do. But as she said we are all going to die, don’t for hours on in keep talking about it all.
    God rest you Mr. President sir you are now with our loving Lord.

  19. The Death of a U S President is a chance for the media and other politicians to relieve their conscience for all the criticism given. To be PC and to impress the world with the POMP & CIRCUMSTANCE. Long standing historical behavior for most DEAD worldwide Leaders. Even Khruschev, Castro, Kings & Queens…. it means little. Did anyone notice how many times Paul Ryan said I, I, I while giving his eulogy? He sickened me just like Flake and McCain, turncoats to their party and their country!

  20. Howard, I agree with you in principle but I am not as discerning as you are about our politics. I was nor a fan of #41, even though he seemed to be a decent person. Nothing elevates one’s perception of another as much as his death. Even his political adversaries are deifying him, if for no other reason than a devious ravaging of President Trump’s eminence. NBC aired AL Gore’s rant about global warming as a tribute to the decedent.

  21. If Iraq has it’s nuclear reactor there wouldn’t have been an Iraq war in the first place. Arab countries run by Baathist dictators is far better for the European people as opposed to it being is a disheveled state of affairs which benefits Israel. I understand the Jews are looking out for their own interests whether it destroys these countries or not. Western states are inundated with their refuse and disastrous cultures that will (along with Africans) will destroy the European Christian people.

  22. Bush 41’ had a purpose for including POTUS Trump. For Attention and for all the services Our President would extend to his family …. treat them like royalty … In Which He Did!
    Even in death he looked out for gain.

  23. Greetings: We all certainly have a right to our individual opinion. On the one hand, each opinion is effectively skewed according to each person’s religion, race, ancestry & education. I get that. But what message is Ben V attempting to convey? Did it have anything to do with George HW Bush & the war in Kuwait? Is he condemning Israel for this war? Is it just another anti-Semitic rant? Is it his personal vision of a New World Order when the west falls? Is he even making a point? HELP!

  24. Yes, the one thing I remembered above all else about HW Bush was his excitement about beginning of One World Order (as you said & the 1st time I can recall a world leader using the term). That was a huge negative for me. I totally agree with your final statement – that HW’s request DJT be present at his funeral was maybe his last & only class act especially since he spoke negatively about him earlier.

  25. Concerning new world order and Controversial Global Migration. UN Global Compact On Migration is being discussed and Trudope and the Canadian Government are cheer leading this UN initiative. Under the compact if anyone from any nation wants to go to any nation, it will be treated as their Human Rights to do so. This will let bad characters and terrorists enter any country they want to. Where will our security be ??? I thing all Canadians should say no to their Liberal Government.

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