I Won’t Go Along To Get Along


There Is No Broadcast With This Editorial.


I Understand President Trump . . . He’s A Team Player Of One.

I was always Somewhat of an Outsider, Never really Finding a Comfortable Place where felt I Belonged, since I was always too Cynical.

When my Friends were into the British Music Invasion, Singing Beatle Songs, Wearing Beatle Boots, Hats & The Hair-Style . . . I Didn’t.

I Worked Full Time since I was 12-Years Old, going to High School in the Morning, going to Work after School in a Sporting-Goods Shop until late Afternoon, Cleaning & Fixing Bicycles for $0.75 Per Hour.

When I Wasn’t Working, I Played A Lot Of Sports . . . which included, Hockey, Football and some Baseball, but I Never Reveled in Team Sports, where I had to Conform to the Team. I much Preferred to Swim, Ski, Ride Horses & Fight in Martial Arts Tournaments, where I had to Depend on No one But Myself, and No One But Myself had to Depend upon Me.

I also Played Music for Years (Drums) in Garage Bands, where I Mostly Played Blues, because Blues let me Play the way I Felt.

I’m Telling You This . . . So you can Understand why I Write the Way I Do. It’s Not that I Want to be an Outsider . . . It’s Just – That’s Who & What I Am.

And It Gives Me Perhaps A Unique Perspective On President Trump.

I would Love to see the World as the Glass being always Half-Full, always Hoping & Expecting the Best . . . But That’s Not The Real World.

The World I See . . . is a World with a Great many Good People, Mostly with Good Intentions, who are Surrounded by other People, who Play the Team-Game Anyway they Can, to their Own Benefit – The Means Justifies The End . . . At The Demise Of Others.

I See Bad Actors Everywhere . . . at all Levels, who Lack Conscience, or who are so Narcissistic, that all they See is their Perceived Brilliance in Themselves, whether it was Barack Hussein Obama, Crooked Hillary, or The Chief Voting Supervisor (Brenda Snipes) In Florida’s Broward County.

The Titles Change . . . But The Attitudes & Results Never Do.

I See The Treachery Of The Media . . . As They Propagandize The News.

We Live in a Convoluted World, where the American LEFT ARE NOT GOING Head to Head against President Trump ON ITS OWN . . . BUT RATHER – THE GLOBAL LEFT – who are Aligned with America’s Political LEFT, HAVE DECLARED GLOBAL WAR ON THE AMERICAN DREAM.


As President Trump . . . Does Real Global Economic Battle – Against the Entire World, for the Behalf of the American People, Half of the American People are too Stupid, Ignorant or Conned by the Media, to Realize that The President’s Success Is Their Success, so they Try to Send President Trump Into Battle as Weakened as they Can.


Because Of The Way I Look At Things . . . I See the World Order, not the Hoped-For LEFTISTOne World Order, but A New World Order, where Civilized Society is Coming Apart at the Seams.

We’re already seeing it in France, where the LEFTIST Ideal of Elitist Populism is Beginning to Teeter on the Streets, Harkening Back to the Violence of the French Revolution, as Angry Mobs TODAY . . . are Rioting in the Hundreds of Thousands Against A Government, Which Assumed It Knows What’s Best For The People In Spite Of The People.

Outside Of Germany & France . . . who Between them want to Control of all Europe, the Rest of Europe – NOT THE POLITICIANS . . . BUT RATHER THE PEOPLE, are Beginning to Rise-Up.


I Truly See A War . . . Not just a War of Words & Ideas, BUT A REAL WAR – A War of Nationalism & National Interests & Values Opposed To Globalism, where there will be Violence, Destruction, Injury & Death . . . Because A Few Decided To Control The Many.


Call Him What You Like . . . Insult Him All You Will – But He Sees What’s Coming.

We are all Bearing-Witness to the Demise of the GLOBAL LEFT, where after the Dust Settles, there will Indeed be a New World Order, but Not the One World Order Dreamt Upon by the LEFT . . . This New World Order will see a 100% Realignment of Europe & Individual National European Interests, Where The EU Will Cease-To-Be,

We will see Sunni Arab Countries, which will Rally with Israel, not because they will all of a Sudden Find a New Love & Respect for Jews, but Rather, because they will have no other Choice as their Oil & Gas become Less Valuable, and a Desperate Iran & Shiite Population will Push the Envelope.

We will see Russia Hanging-In, still trying to Create & Cause Mayhem, as Russia Always does, but this time . . . Teetering on National Bankruptcy, as their Single most Valuable Asset, Oil & Natural Gas Exceeds Supply & Diminishes In Demand.

China Is A Paper Tiger . . . Who Without the Buying Power of the United States, Doesn’t have a Sustainable Economy, and can Barely Provide for China’s People as it is.


But Even In Canada . . . Where Justin Trudeau & Canada’s LEFT are doing all they Can to Elevate Themselves by Demeaning President Trump . . . Canada is also Beginning to Shift, where the Ontario LEFT were Decimated by Ontario’s New Conservatives, led by Premier Doug Ford.

Even Separatist Quebec – Shunned The LEFT For A Conservative Way To Govern.

New Brunswick . . . After Generations – Turfed Out the LEFT, by Voting-In the Right. And soon enough – Alberta will Wipe-Out their LEFT, by Voting-In a Solid Conservative Government.

And In October 2019 . . . It Will Be Canada’s Chance To Turf-Out Trudeau.


As I See-It All . . . Through My Cynical Eyes, as the Outsider Looking-In, I see the Final Act in this Play, where the American People, and those of us Amongst the World who Care to be Free, will have to Make the Choice . . . Either Rise Above The Coming Dread, Because of President Trump’s Courage to Stand-Alone in our Defense, or Grasp onto the Sinking Ship to go Down with the LEFT.

We’re Witnessing An All-Time Great Battle Of Values & I’m Betting On Trump.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. H.G. As always right on top of things TRUE TRUE TRUE. TIME TO GET RID OF OUR SNOWFLAKE P.M. Trudope.

  2. I identify with you. My pen name is GauchoSam and it is me all the way.
    President Trump is indeed a self driven special person. Under attack but confronting it with success.

  3. Wow! That’s the most optimistic thing I have read in quite a while. Sure hope you’re right! How are you going to get the mainstream media to tell the truth? Maybe it’s not necessary. As Lincoln reportedly said, “You can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”

  4. I agree with you on JT. Unfortunately, we have so many Canadians that are more concerned with having the latest “gadgets”, they are not paying attention to the damage he is doing to Canada. I have relatives that tell me they don’t pay attention to politics because it is too boring but boldly say they will vote Liberal again as that is the way the family has always voted. I am Conservative but I am starting to like what Max is saying with PCC.

  5. To say you are 100% correct is to understate the issues facing us all today. To quote a famous U.S. President, we will need to state “Don’t ask what your Country can do for you, but what you can do for your Country!” Does not matter which Country. Globalism is a recipe for disaster so that the few will control all. It is time to stand up and show what your Country means to you. Fight against those in it only for their own advantage and help where needed to make us all stronger.

  6. You wrote about China and $$$$$. What about their contracts with countries
    And dealing in their currency excluding the dollar?

  7. I really wonder if Conservatives under their present leadership can take Trudeau out. I certainly won’t vote Liberal, I figured that out many years ago but so many people seem spellbound by Mr Dressup.
    I personally feel that Bernier has more voter appeal but he is from Quebec and that may be his major drawback.

  8. I love what you write, your the only person I trust to tell me the honest to God’s true thank you sir.
    Have a blessed day you and Anne. :))

  9. I agree with Ted Ross from NB. Many of our readers are nervous of Bernier because he’s from Quebec. Somehow that creates in him the affinity to put the interest of Quebec first. Right or wrong, the French are on the rise in Canada -maybe because they are a very emotional people and when emotion controls reason, we have a problem. The current noise being created by the 3.69% Mother-tongue French speakers (numbering 490,000) has been bumped up to 600,000 by changing the definition. Tricky!!

  10. Well said! We, in my community have started a letter writing campaign to POTUS Trump. Turn Social Security into what it WAS. A supplement to our retirement; which WE old folks have paid into for years & take out all the DIPPERS who feel they have a RIGHT to OUR money. Every SENIOR will vote for Trump guaranteeing him a 2nd term so he may continue what he started. THAT should get us on the road to RIGHT, NOT LEFT. RE: China Is A Paper Tiger…..YOU are correct. God Bless

  11. BRAVO! A thunderous ovation. G-d has gifted you with a mighty pen. Your crafted words speak eloquently. They say, “everything I’ve always wanted to, but alas, I am not gifted with the communication skills of an HG”. I too have always been at odds with the Leftist Jewish community in which I function. I am openly and outwardly pro-Israel and pro-Jewish but never in “sync”. Like you, I often walk alone.

  12. Howard, very true let’s all hope everything pans out the way you have visioned…if not the entire world will move to a very dark age for eons!

  13. H.G., you hit another “home run”…..I do miss your broadcasts, though! AMEN-AMEN, though…..I can feel how our wonderful PRES. TRUMP must feel, fighting the “fake media”, day in & day out!!

  14. HG, you are not “looking in” with Cynical Eyes; you are doing so as a REALIST!If it weren’t for Pres. Trump, our FUTURE would be BLEAK!The man has ENCOUNTERED so many TRAGIC issues since he became President.The LIBERALS have USED & ATTACKED him in every which way they can–the latest being a vicious comparison to the late Pres. Bush!Their CONFRONTATIONS & ACCUSATIONS have, thus far, been NULL & VOID, due to the FAKE NEWS!People must WAKE UP and SPEAK OUT to PROMOTE Pres.Trump! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  15. Trudeau says he is going to vote for open migration at the UN summit. Australia, US and Britain are not, we are going to be flooded with people who have no skills and they get free health care and benefits ad infinitum. I pay 50% personal taxes and it galls me to think that my hard earned money is going to support people who do not care to work and think they are entitled to it. I joined Max Bernie’s PVP. I don’t care which province he lives in. He is the only one talking sensibly.

  16. Greetings: The real issue is simple to understand. There are MORE liberals than Conservatives, a result of two WORLD WARS. As we’ve relaxed our IMMIGRATION POLICIES, more immigrants have arrived. In the past, this wouldn’t have been an issue! Traditionally, immigrants strive to assimilate…forego the shackles from whence they came! No longer! RELAXED IMMIGRATION POLICIES HAVE MANIFESTED HUGE LIBERAL VOTING BLOCS! Immigration must be MERIT-BASED. LET ‘EM WORK FOR THE PRIVILEGE!

  17. WOW !!! It is as if you read my mind and then express my thoughts better than I can. It is almost scary. I wish there was a way to expand your readership so that the (intellectually blind) might have their senses restored. I do forward some of your blogs to the few with whom I correspond. Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!

  18. The left’s social attacks/policies/guilt trips are destroying every sovereign nation; i.e., political correctness, open borders, taking in millions of refugees or immigrants from poor countries, none of whom assimilalte anymore. The different culture & language mixes are destroying nations. Changing that back can only happen if the benefits they get are removed. Agree immigration policies need to tighten again; we can’t take in all the world’s refugees & poor.

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