Don’t Blame The Politicians . . . Look In The Mirror


There Is No Broadcast With This Editorial.

Thank you for your Interest & Comments to my Three-Editorial History, on how the Media took their Liberty without Reason . . . To-Do-Me-In, Because I Swam Against The Insider Current, which was just some of the Many Issues I Dealt with while Running QPAC (Quebec Political Action Committee).

I So Thoroughly Enjoyed Writing About This Single Issue . . . that I’ve Decided to Write a Book about all of it, since it Really Defines Political Human Nature from a Perspective I never Realized Before I was very Much Into-It. But, which Explains Why we are where we’re at, and why Nothing has Really Changed Socio/Politically in Thousands of Recorded Years.

I Will Write The Book In Short Increments, just like I did the Three Editorials you Read, and Hopefully, it will be Done before the End of the Coming New Year.


Remember This . . . In America & Canada – No one Puts a Gun to Our Collective Head to Force us to Vote in One Way or Another. How we Vote & Who we Vote for, is Entirely up to Us, And No One Else.

We Get The Government We Deserve . . .
. . . But We Don’t All Deserve The Government We Get.

So . . . If Your Elected Representative at any Level – is a Jerk, Liar, Fraud, Thief, Incompetent or Anything & Everything else Objectionable . . . IT’S 100% ON THE ELECTORATE.


Years Ago . . . Anne & I – And Several Friends were Sitting around the Supper Table, when the Discussion came around to Survivalists, where one of the Couples was AGHAST at the Notion of Survivalists and the Concept of Militia Compounds.

The Wife Of The Couple Considered Militias & Survivalists To Be Evil . . . So I Asked Her Several Easy Questions . . .

Do You Have A Generator? Do you have Enough Fuel to Run the Generator for an Extended Period of Time if Need-Be?

Do You Have Access To Water If The City Water Stopped Working? And in the Wintertime, could you Heat your Home without a Functioning Furnace or Electricity?

What If There Was A National Event Like An EMP, which Destroyed the Entire Electrical Grid, and as a Result, Nothing Electronic Worked. How much Food do you have On-Hand that could Sustain you for a Long Period of time Without Refrigeration? A Couple of Days, A Week, A Month . . . How Long?

And What Will You Do . . . If you have just Enough Resources to take Care of Yourself, your Children and Grandchildren for a very Limited Period, Knowing that the Situation might be much Longer than that Limited Period where you can Sustain your Family . . . ?

And What Happens . . . When a Perfect Stranger with His or Her Family comes Knocking on your Door, Asking to share your Food & Water – Knowing That You Don’t Have Enough For Yourself & Your Family?

Are You Prepared To Let Your Children & Grandchildren . . . Starve To Death To Feed Someone Else’s?

And What If You Don’t Have Enough Food & Water . . . to Save your Children & Grandchildren, but your Neighbor has . . . But Doesn’t Want to Share, because He or She wants to Save His or Her Children & Grandchildren?

Would You Be Willing To Take What They Have . . . even by Force, so your Children & Grandchildren can Live? Or will you be Satisfied to simply Watch your Perfectly Innocent Children & Grandchildren Starve To Death?

Our Friend Became Very Annoyed At This Conversation . . . And Said that this is Sick, because it Won’t Ever Happen, and she Doesn’t want to Discuss it Any Longer.

But It Does Happen . . . And Somewhere in the World it Happens Every Day. And not just to Underdeveloped Countries, but even within Highly Civilized and Educated Societies like Europe During Two World Wars. Or more Recently in the Former Yugoslavia.

It’s Happening Throughout The World . . . & It Can Easily Happen Here.


1 – Should your Country be Overrun By Nationals from Other Countries?

2 – If your Country Should have Open Borders . . . To How Many?

3 – There are Approximately 7-Billion People in the World . . . How many should your Country Let-In?

4 – Why do People from other Countries, Languages, Cultures & Opposing Values want to Come to your Country?

5 – Should you Change your Laws, Freedoms, Language, Culture & Customs to Accommodate all Foreigners Wanting to come to your Country?

6 – Are you Willing to Personally Sacrifice what you Have in Terms of Wealth, Lifestyle & Security to the Benefit of Foreigners?

7 – If you’re Not Willing to Sacrifice your Own Wellbeing . . . Are you Willing to Sacrifice the Wellbeing of your Neighbors?

8 – If there is Not enough Healthcare to Go Around . . . Are you Willing to give up the Healthcare you and your Family Need for the Benefit of Foreigners?

9 – Should the Language of your Country be like the Tower of Babel with No National Language?

10 – Should Only Citizens Vote?

And For A Bonus Question:

Should Your Elections . . . be Decided on Gender, Race & Language . . . Or should the Best Man or Woman Win – Regardless of Gender, Race or Language?

And wouldn’t it be wonderful . . . If Failing To Answer All The Questions, with Short & Precise Answers would make those Candidates INELIGIBLE to win Office?

It’s So Simple . . . That It Will Never Happen in A Million Years.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Liberals have the mind set of mad dogs. They always bite the hand’s that feed them. We have far to long, attempted to reason. With the minds of mad dogs. They only pursue their evil demands. Without a logical plan to pay for them. And they have no heart for the providers. Just an evil hatred and jealousy of their abilities. Their Father the “DEVIL” Satan as he is called. Passed his nature into them. He was the father of the Lie and these Liars are his children.

  2. Howard, its quite simple. The world is being run over by leftist idiots (one in the same) with idiotic ideas of utopia and idiotic responses to realities. Their ideas are unsustainable. Their practices encompass any fascist, violent, bullying act in order to achieve their goals. They have no answers to these questions because modern leftism does not account for reality. And as they control govt, media, hollywood and schools, we are fed daily their idiotic crap and lazy people eagerly believe it

  3. Howard, I can answer all the questions you have listed above. Not everyone would approve of my answers. We are prepared but not completely and we add to it as money allows. If your lady friend doesn’t open her eyes and see the whole forest she will be knocking on your door one day. It is inevitable and not if but when. There is horrible things happening in our country that is not in the news. We need to keep ears and eyes open to other ways of getting news like from you. Thank you for all you

  4. If only the left could read stuff like your post or any real Conservative point of view without bias and then make a decision by comparing both the right and left arguments which I do everyday, maybe things would be a little different.

  5. With no voter ID and fraud at epidemic levels our votes don’t seem to matter all that much–as evidenced by the election vote fraud fiasco in Florida and Arizona. What is that old saying? “If voting changed things, it would be illegal.” I suggest that voter fraud has disenfranchised all of us.

  6. My partial solution: When any or all of those catastrophes occur, the dollar will be either worthless or greatly devalued. Our currency will be limited to gold and silver coins which will instantly multiply in value many-fold. Have a good supply on hand but tell nobody or they’ll be lined up at your door.

  7. Now you’re talkin’ Howard!!! When no one says anything substantive, nor can articulate FIRM, EXACTING, MEASURABLE answers to a standard list of questions, such as you outlined,….I’m all for disqualification, and if they change their mind after the election for WHATEVER B/S reason, they automatically must submit resignations automatically!!
    OK, I’m a “harda**”, but it’s like having an employee who is COSTING you money to keep on who doesn’’t want to do what he is told to do!!

  8. I bet those still in Venezuela wished they were better preppers …. Now they are eating zoo animals and have no toilet paper. It doesn’t always take a natural disaster or war to cause great shortages. The type of government we allow to run our countries can do it to us too. i.e. Socialistic Venezuela. Canada is much closer to getting to this place than the US …. but what if?? And not just a government but how about NATIONAL DEBT and a Collapsing Banking System??? Won’t Happen? 2008 !!!

  9. Many politicians will answer certain questions with EUPHEMISMS because they either don’t want to COMMIT themselves to speaking the TRUTH or because they really DON’T KNOW the answers! EUPHEMISMS are a great COVER-UP! RACISM plays a BIG PART regarding HOW people are EXPRESSING themselves in FEAR of retribution. We have become another TOWER OF BABEL—CONFUSED! The LUST for POWER & MONEY has EXCEEDED the love of CHRISTIANITY, i. e., where GOD has been “cast aside”. Thus, the FUTURE is DIM! AMEN!

  10. If only more questions such as these would be asked. Unfortunately, they never are.

  11. Wow oh Wow is all I can say other than you scared the living dirt out of me reading this one. I know it may happen but to see it in writing is scary for sure. What will our grandchildren and great ones live like on this planet?None of us want to believe this can and might just happen sooner than expecting. I am sorry your friend has her eyes closed to it all. None of us want to believe it may happen.We best get on our knees and do a lot of praying. Write your book I am sure it will be a winner.

  12. The Open Borders Question
    Drop that at Horton’s, and tell people that Trudeau is voting for it at the UN on Dec 10th and 11th – ask then what it means to their future, their grand children’s future, their Jobs, their home and neighborhood security, their retirement? When illegals are no more because they are entitled to cross Canada’s border enmasse and wherever because it has become a Human right and their travel cannot be restricted.

  13. Exactly as per Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged. Canada already has M103 but wait until Trudeau commits Canada to United Nation’s Global Compact on Safe, Orderly, and Regular Migration on Dec 10 & 11th. The USA , Australia and some Europeans will not sign. Open borders, free Welfare, be nice to Irregular Migrants (new name for so called refugees) and don’t dream of being critical. Check the web. The Mueller probe will look like a fairy tale compared to what is coming to Canada.

  14. Great article Howard, from the comments here, and of course my own opinions that open borders and human caravans will lead to locust type population movements. They will come in and decimate areas and countries, food, services, economy and then through ‘open borders’ will just move on to some other area and do exactly the same. Like others I fear for the long term well being of my children and grandchildren. I did my best to leave this world a better place…it seems others have other ideas!

  15. Brilliant!!! Looking forward to your trilogy! WE need to change all of the Liberal mistakes in Canada and come back to conservatism. WE also need to put a BIG thumb on absurd bilingualism and remove the strangling regulations imposed on our industries, specifically, oil!

  16. Kudos to you Howard, and to all of those who responded before I did. I am forwarding this to everyone that I know and hope every American and all the “REFUGEES” read and understand your message.

  17. AMEN, Howard & I really enjoyed the other “bloggers'” comments, as well! You hit a “homerun”, with this blog!! Now I know our WONDERFUL PRES. TRUMP, must feel with the “FAKE NEWS”!!! And may GOD continue to BLESS ALL PATRIOTIC USA CITIZENS!!!! AMEN-AMEN!!!!!

  18. Scout motto: “Be prepared”! Too many today don’t “act” in advance, they simply “react” to whatever is going on in their lives, but sometimes this may be too late! Jews “make their lives a blessing” to God, family, and community, but this is where our “priorities” should lie when it comes to “sharing” things like food! Do you really expect politicians to answer those (very good) questions you wrote? No way! Won’t happen (you said so yourself)! So, what’s the answer? Good luck writing your book!

  19. To those who remember the show The Twilight Zone with Rod Serling. One episode involved a man who built for his family a bomb shelter in their basement. It was fully outfitted with food and the other necessities. All of his neighbors thought that he was crazy spending his time and money. There was an air raid drill and he and his family went to their shelter and the neighbors came banging on the door. When the all clear was sounded, the neighbors were like sheep. Art preceding reality.

  20. A very good article. If you think the Dems won the house then everyone is drinking the Kool-Aid. Hillary thought she knew how many votes to stuff the boxes but she never dream that we would vote against her and God gave us a Trump card. The Dems cheated at every poll with people like Brenda Snipes. They have gotten really good at it! Because we all know that Obama did not win the second election. Voter Fraud is real and with all of the illegals voting and the refugees the Dems will win 2020!

  21. I voted in Palm Beach County, the Ballot was a joke. Very confusing. The Dems control the place like they do in Broward. All kinds of funny stuff went on, boxes that showed up after the election. Many people had questions and were told how to vote. In the past we had mechanical machines that worked without a problem and were accurate. The switch began with the Gore fiasco.

  22. So sad.. But I believe you are correct.
    It is because of you, me and them that we have the trash in office that we have..

  23. Politicians will never do anything simply. They write monstrous legislation loaded with loopholes for all their donors. If they wrote the laws so they could be read and understood by the citizens, the loopholes would become apparent and everyone would benefit.

  24. WOW … An AWESOME Editorial, Howard … AWESOME!!! I can’t wait until your book is finished, published & ready for reading. I know that I make a difference with my voting … But, you have made a difference with your life story! I have so much admiration for both you & Anne. In my mind, the 2 of you are likened unto the Founding Fathers of my beloved USA. You have truly fought your country’s leaders for the Freedom of Speech & other things that Canada needs to improve on. G-d Bless you both.

  25. Most politicians have a gift of gab. Answering intelligent and truthful questions is not in their lexicon. TV has made them potential movie stars. Never met a camera they didn’t like. No brains just mush. billie

  26. Thank you for the questions; I will save and print them out – often. Great way to make the point for conservatism, individual responsibility as well as community. It also speaks nationally with regard to our views of open borders, the influx of foreigners with different cultures, different languages and unwillingness to assimilate. Thank you.

  27. Howard I plagiarized your 10 questions and sent them to a few of my misguided friends. They don’t like your articles so I just pulled those questions out. If it is not OK I will get them to send them back. (although they probably went straight to the circular file) Your best article yet.

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