Big QPAC Decision Day


There Is No Broadcast With This Editorial.

When Anne & I Pulled Into Our Driveway – After the 20-Minute Drive Home from the Holiday Inn Pointe Claire Meeting, Anne had Finally Stopped Crying, & Anne’s Tears Turned from the Contrived Shame these Men Imposed on us, to Disappointment . . . TO REAL ANGER.

Anne’s only Words were . . . “We Have To Talk”.

From The Car . . . Anne Walked to The House – I Walked To Shut-Down The Barn.

The Barn Was Only 75-Feet From The House . . . and as I was just about to Walk into the Barn, the Phone was Ringing, which I Answered in the Barn . . . It Was Peter, Who With His Wife, Was At The Meeting.

Prior To The Meeting . . . Peter and his Wife were very Generous to QPAC (Quebec Political Action Committee), and helped Raise Perhaps as much as $10,000 over a Period of Several Weeks, at Fundraisers they Held at their Home, which made them Unique amongst the Better Heeled People, who were also at the Meeting.

English Quebec Was A Basket-Case . . . In A Fight With No Champion.

Just Before QPAC Was Born . . . English Canada Survived A Quebec Referendum To Separate From Canada, Winning By A Supposed Margin Of Less Then 1%, Which Was In Effect – The Partial Reason I Created QPAC.

Please Know This . . . Before QPAC, There Were A Myriad Of Elitist Establishment “Rights” Groups – All of whom had Good Intentions (or so it seemed), who were Going to Save English Rights (Freedom Of Expression) in Quebec by having Meetings, Meetings & More Meetings.


In A War That Needed Street-Fighters . . . These Were Elitist Pussies.

In Effect . . . These “Rights” Groups Loved The Sound Of Their Own Voices, Personal Images On Television & Whatever The Print Media Wrote About Them, which Made them Look Like Real Players. Where in Fact, Not only were they as Useless as Teats-On-A-Bull, they were Aiding & Abetting the Separatists, by Creating False Hopes to the People . . . That They Were Leading A Counter Revolution.

The Media Loved These Groups . . . They Created Great Copy.

Their Other Catastrophe . . . was how these Phony Elitist Groups Ate-Up all the Media Attention, and Whatever Amount of Money was Available for the Fight.


The First Thing Peter Said To Me Was . . . “I’M SORRY”. We were so Far Out of Line, for which we Apologize, that there is no Excuse, other than we (Peter & His Wife) got Caught-Up in the Moment within the Frenzied Room.

I Told Peter It Was Fine – No Apology Necessary . . . But He Should Know:

That Plane with the Banner over my Ottawa Rally, which he Criticized . . . Cost All Of $200, for which I Paid all of it out of my Own Pocket. The Pilot Volunteered, and I Agreed to Pay for his Fuel & Direct Costs.

There were 100-Yellow School Buses, which I Chartered from Montreal to Ottawa & Back for that Rally, so Anyone wanting to Come to the Rally, and Didn’t have a Car or the Means to do so . . . COULD.

I Was Even Criticized By Some For Not Chartering Limousine Type-Buses.

Each Bus Cost Me $200 Return, Which I Had To Pay For Up Front ($20,000). I Asked the People getting onto the Buses to Pay Just $20 if they could Afford It. If not, THEIR RIDE WAS ON ME. Half the People Didn’t Pay. But the Half Who Did, Paid for the Half who Didn’t.

And I was Entirely STIFFED by a Renowned Ottawa Radio Station’s Loud-Mouth Talk Show Host (Lowell Green – All Microphone No Substance), WHO PROMISED ON-AIR – UNSOLICITED, to Cover the Cost of Two Buses from Montreal, which he Never Did, But Took Credit For Anyway.

As For The Criticism Of The Cost Of Production For Radio & Television Spots.

I Personally Wrote & Directed 100% of all the Radio & Television Ads, because that’s part of What I Did for a Living. There were No Creative or Talent Costs. And even if there were, it would have been me who would have Paid for them Anyway.

I used Our Advertising Agency’s Money to Produce ALL THE ADS, which were Taped & Edited in Ontario, and at American Border Television & Radio Stations, where we did Considerable Agency Business.

And Just About All Of Our Media Clients Volunteered Their Facilities.

It Was Always Unbelievable To Me, how People just Assumed the Money Needed to do all the things I did, seemed to Magically Appear out of Thin Air, and Thought it was their Right to Criticize Me on how I Spent Money . . . WHICH WASN’T THEIRS.

Remarkably – No One Ever Bothered To Ask Me . . . Where The Money Was Coming From For Everything I Did, Which They Took For Granted.

I Said Goodbye To Peter . . . And Never Spoke With Him Or His Wife Again.


On the Morning Before the Day I was to Pack-It-All-In, I Received a Phone Call from Lee Hambelton, Vice President of CHUM BROADCASTING. I knew Lee Professionally just in Passing, Enough to say Hello & How’s It Going.

To Put Lee Hambelton In Perspective . . . Lee Was The Quintessential Class-Act.

Lee Hambelton Was Considered . . . Within the Entire Canadian Broadcast Industry (Radio & Television), to be Amongst the Least Reproachable People Going.

So . . . It was Strange to me, that Lee Hambelton Called, and even Stranger that he Wanted to get Together Today for a Quick Lunch, to meet at his Broadcast Office Building in the Toniest Part of Downtown Montreal, on Green Avenue in Westmount.

We Met . . . Had Lunch At An Expensive Soup & Sandwich “Joint”, where Lee said to me – Here’s A Media Parable For You . . .

Two Villages Were At War, which was covered by the Media from their Safe Distance in the Hills. Finally, one Village Managed to Slaughter the other Village, and when the Victors Left, and it was Safe for the Media to Enter the Defeated Village, the Media Killed The Survivors . . . Because That’s What The Media Does.

“Don’t Make Your Decision On What CJAD Says Or Said”.

Lee Hambelton Passed Away In 2003 . . . And Was Posthumously Inducted Into The Canadian Broadcasters’ Hall of Fame in 2005. I never Saw or Spoke to Lee Hambelton again, after that 15-Minute Soup & Sandwich Lunch.

On The Way Home From That Lunch . . . I Thought Of Another Parable, which Anne & I Think About Often. We Still Do. It Came from the Story of the “The Little Prince”Who Tamed The Fox.

“Don’t Tame The Fox . . . Because Once You Do – You Own It”.


So . . . For The Few People Who Guessed That I Packed-It-In & Called It Quits – YOU GUESSED REALLY WRONG.

I Came To The Realization . . . That I No Longer Had The Right To Walk Away.

After The Disgraceful New Year’s Day Comments From CJAD . . . And After the Holiday Inn Meeting – Money Started to Roll-In. Anne Hired-Back Her Personal Staff. I was Able to Staunch the Flow Somewhat of Personal Cash for our 24/7 Security. I was also able to Pay the Lawyers Without going into my own Pockets for all the Freedom of Expression Cases I was Funding on the Behalf of Strangers I Didn’t Know, Many Of Whom I Never Met & Will Never Know.

And Then Came CIQC . . . And My Radio Career Began – Just as Screwy As Everything Else I Seemed To Do.

It Wasn’t Until 1999 . . . When The Writing Was On The Wall, When We Realized The Fight Was Over . . . We Had Lost. They Had Won – And It Was Time For Anne, The Animals & I To Call it A Day . . . And Move On.

We Left Quebec In The Year 2000 . . .

We Built A Farm In South Eastern Ontario & Never Looked Back, Which doesn’t Mean that I Stopped Fighting for Freedom of Expression, Since I Never Had & Never Will.

I’m Just Not Interested In Fighting For People Who Won’t Fight For Themselves.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Why on earth would someone give that incompetent blonde a standing ovation? The waste of oxygen is nothing more than a shill for haman, soros, gates, lurch, and satan. Please someone explain to me why the Jews who were attending this meeting was giving a standing ovation to someone who is dedicated to the destruction not only of Israel but the Jewish race also. This is just incredible!

  2. This piece struck a core nerve in me today. It describes exactly what is happening in the US currently. GOP members find it convenient to complain about the RINO factors within their herd but, ultimately, do little if anything to rid themselves of these folks. What has become more important, at least in my eyes, is that we have become all talk and no walk when it comes time to take care of business. Interesting how those who will suffer the most do the least to mitigate that suffering.

  3. Talk is cheap. Actions speak much louder. Our government gave us lip service about getting rid of the illegal aliens while they did NOTHING. The Democrats want the illegals for vote fraud and the Republicans want them for cheap labor for their donors while We the People PAY for ALL of this nonsense. If we lose President Trump, we are finished as a sovereign nation and we ARE in a cold Civil War 2 that’s going to turn into a shooting war soon–and it started November 9th 2016.

  4. Howard/Anne, you, Kim McConnell, Beth Trudeau (not related 2 trudope), Premier Ford, President Trump and a few others are true dedicated fighters who have principals and will not back down when it seems the odds are stacked against you. Modesty permitting, I too have fought many times for my rights but found the Courts and Francophones stacked against me have had overwhelming opposition and advantage since the early seventies. For your own peace of mind keep up the good fight, never give up

  5. Howard love your closing quotes from Goldwater……….. in your heart you know he’s right.

  6. If only the Trudeaus of the world weren’t elected for, basically, putting their socks on backwards.

  7. When the PEOPLE are complacent bad things happen. With your VOICE things WILL get done. You & Anne are doing your BEST, now it is up to the rest of us to step up & HELP get the job done. You both have committed yourselves to the salvation of others. That is a true WARRIOR in my estimation. We experience the same complacency in OUR groups, but we keep keeping on. I will support POTUS Trump & you & Anne and we ALL will make the difference. THANK YOU for staying in the fight. God Bless

  8. Many of us have so many opportunities to Fight for what is right in so many different ways. Email broadcasts 4 instance are effective. IMAGINE if every Conservative CONVERTED JUST 1 Liberal to the Conservative way of thought. We’d win election after election. All you have to do is subscribe to Conservative Publications, alternative media tend to the be the best, and forward on those articles that show a different point of view than the garbage they hear on regular MSM. I do it! It Works! Try it!

  9. The motto of this full story is keep up the fight and I will try on my side to do this wherever I can.

  10. We learn (hard way) that the more you do for people, the less they appreciate it! (Few “patriots” left since everybody for themselves, not what’s best for the nation!) Time to speak out/take action! Complacency is literally ripping this nation apart! USA is being “steered” (neutered) towards Socialism/Communism, but we can’t all exist off “other people’s money”! (“You gotta know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em”, Howard!) You and Anne left Quebec, but glad you now spend winters in Texas!

  11. Howard, thanks for sharing your story, & I’m a bit confused. I enjoyed the other “bloggers'” comments as well, so thanks again for your story!

  12. Your last sentence says it all, Howard. If people don’t want to fight for themselves, why kill yourself fighting for them? The French won in Quebec, the French are winning in Ontario. Ontarians don’t give a damned!! English-speakers seem to have totally lost the will to fight. This is because the French minority is so well funded – it’s hard to fight against endless amounts of taxpayers’ money so the Silent Majority loses again. Will a national referendum in the next Fed. election help?

  13. What a way to find out who you can count on when the “chips are down”. Life is strange.

  14. I knew you would not quit. That’s just what you and Anne are.
    You are both amazing. I feel that to know you is to know your great partner.

  15. There are none so blind as those who will not see (or believe) that history keeps repeating itself. Thanks for sharing your backstory.

  16. Fighting for the right is always a big hill to climb. Throughout history the left bite off more than they can chew.Like Humpty Dumpty they will have a great fall and never be put together again. Trust, believe and pray that we still have good men to meet you at the top of that hill. Billie

  17. Great story with a good ending! This simply drove you to carry on by carrying on. Apathy has been going on for a long, long time in the US, as well as Canada. Apathy will be the death of both nations, in the end. If I understand it right, Quebec & Ontario want to be a separate nation … In the scheme of things, that may not be a bad idea … But, then Canada would not be Canada any more than the USA would be the USA … If California left the Union. It’s all in the perspective, isn’t it?

  18. Assumptions vs. facts causes misunderstandings and worse. With media today and emotions running high, facts are hard to come by. Might help if folks would ask questions before making judgments.

  19. Howard, you are a motivational figure. Whenever I feel there’s no use, it’s your commitment that helps to keep me on track. Thank you.

  20. I love what you write, I am sorry Anne was so hurt over all of this and you upset as well. I do not have a lot of money I live on my Social Security which is very little and Howard sir I wish with all my heart I could send you and Anne money to keep your Editorials going when you write them. God bless you both thank you kind people .
    Friendship Always

  21. Everyone has their LIMITS as to how long they WILL continue to TRY TO RESOLVE certain issues.Usually, a TRUE FIGHTER is, somewhat, able to DISCERN whether an issue is important enough to fully COMMIT oneself to its resolve and/or to DETERMINE whether there is NO light at the end of the tunnel! You & Anne have been truly COMMITTED, so it’s time for others to PARTAKE in this fight–money-wise and otherwise! You both NEED some ASSISTANCE in ‘fighting this battle’! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Good Luck! AMEN!

  22. Howard, am an 88 year citizen of the USA whose voice has little if any impact. Your thoughts are my thoughts. I am pleased to have found a kindred spirit with influence. My only outlet is the social media in which I probably spend too much time and effort to awaken those who are politically blind and dead to enlightenment of actual facts. not media misrepresentation. I pray that you will continue what you have been doing.

  23. Keep fighting. We all should. Bless you both and wish you well. Welcome to Texas!

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