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The Purpose Of The Post New Year’s Day Massacre Declaring Me One Of The Newsmakers Of The Year – Holiday Inn Meeting . . . Was To Save QPAC (Quebec Political Action Committee).

As Anne & I were Literally Taking A Beating – Very Few People Put Their Hands In Their Pockets to help Support my Efforts & Anne’s Sacrifice. There was no Shortage of People who were Quick to Criticize, Offer Unsolicited Advice, Demand that I do More and come to Expect that this was Somehow my Fight, Opposed to being Our Fight, Where I Was Fighting For Them.

Quebec’s Racist Language Laws Didn’t Really Affect Me – Anne & I Are Bilingual & Did 90% Of Our Business In The Rest Of Canada (English) & The USA. But Freedom of Expression in any Language . . . Was Not & Is Not A Fight That Can Be Ignored.

And when I made the Press Conference Statement . . . that I had Enough, and that I was Packing-It-In . . . all of a Sudden, it Came to the Realization to Everyone, that if I Walked Away, there would No Longer be a QPAC, which went Head To Head Against the Anti-English Ethnocentric Government of Quebec.


People Came To Expect That I Would Always Be There To Fight On Their Behalf, then all of Sudden, As If Out Of The Blue, that Expectation was Crashed Onto the Rocks of Reality.

Remarkably . . . The Limited Support QPAC Received, came not from the Well-Heeled, but Rather, from the People who lived in the Poorer Working Class Neighborhoods of Montreal, who knew what it Meant to Have to Work for Whatever they Got. And for all of them, I felt Really Bad . . . But How Much More Should Anne & I Have Been Prepared To Personally Sacrifice Before Losing It All?

Hence . . . The Meeting With The Rich Guys – Was To Stem The Tide . . . And Keep Me In The Fight.

SO . . . When Avi Led-Off – With his Criticism of the Holiday Inn Pointe Claire, for being the Venue for their Meeting, Opposed to Having the Meeting at a Swank Downtown Hotel, Avi Opened a Flood Gate of Criticism – such as . . .

Why Don’t I Have A Board Of Directors? Why Don’t I Publish A Budget? Why Am I Fighting Multiple Battles Instead Of Concentrating On Just One? And If Money Is So Tight – Why Do I Pay For So Much Radio & Television Production & Ads . . . AND WHY DON’T I TONE DOWN MY LANGUAGE?

But The Best . . . Was – How Could I Possibly Have Pissed-Away So Much Money to have an Airplane Fly Over my Ottawa Rally, which Attracted More than 16,000-People – Towing A Huge Bilingual Banner That Read . . . SEPARATION – IT’S OVER!

While I Listened To This Flood Of Criticism, I looked at Anne, and Saw Her Fighting-Back Tears. I Looked at Manfred, who Sat Stone-Faced. Then Noah Leaned over to me and Whispered in my Ear . . . “Nothing Should Be This ‘Effing’ Hard”. Except he didn’t say Effing.

After The Last Man Spoke . . . I Thanked Everyone for Coming. And I Thanked them for their Interest, And Told Them That They Had Reinforced My Decision – To Call It Quits . . . The Room Fell Silent.

And At That Moment – The Richest & Quietest Man in the Room (Art), who was Self-Invited to this Meeting, Slammed his Hand Down on the Conference Table . . . Looked Around The Room, and in an Incredibly Authoritarian & Challenging Voice, Told Everyone there, Just How Utterly Ashamed They Should Be Of Themselves.

And Then He Said . . . Tomorrow – I Will Courier To You A Check For $10,000.

Use it as you Wish. Put it into QPAC, or buy Anne a Nice Present, or go on Vacation, ‘Cause I don’t Care . . . You’ve Earned Every Penny Of It & Much More.

And As Soon As Art Stopped Speaking . . . Phil, who was also Very Rich, not the Richest Guy in the Room, but Certainly the Toughest, who also Said nothing until this Point, asked if I’d Mind Dropping by his Office Tomorrow to Pick-Up a Check for $5,000.

And Then The Dam Burst . . . and all of them Started Mealy-Mouthed Apologies, with Lame Explanations, while they Pledged the Amount of Money they would be Donating.

I Listened. I Thanked Art. I Thanked Phil . . . And Anne & I Left The Room.

By The Time We Got To The Car . . . Anne Was Sobbing Uncontrollably, Saying Over & Over Again, as we Drove the 20-Minutes to Get Home, that we are Neither Schleppers Nor Shnorers (Very Unflattering Yiddish Words For Beggars, Takers & Users). That We Never Asked For Anything . . . And Gave Far More In Life Than What We Got.

“Howard . . . Please Don’t Take Their Money”.

Anne Was Right . . . And Noah Was Right. They made Us Feel Like Beggars – And Nothing Should Have Been This Effing Hard . . .

If There Is No Real Breaking News Tomorrow . . . I’ll Finish “Telling” the Rest of this Story, And What Happened To Force My Decision – As To What To Do Next.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Just remember those comments from Howard and think “Hillary” when it’s time to vote next year. She’s a big arab sympathizer and Jews worldwide should be shunning her en masse. Yet I continue to see Jews vote for those dems who would support those policies that are totally against Israel. Jews are not united in their efforts to curtail the actions of this government. Therein lies the problem.

  2. My take on your story is simply this: Howard: you and Anne are two of the finest people I have had the pleasure to personally meet. Nuff said!

  3. Howard, God bless you and Anne. You both have endured a lot and it’s to your credit that you have such great ethics. You will prevail.

  4. Howard, “God works in mysterious ways”! In some ways, you identify with Donald Trump because you don’t want to be “bought” (but you do appreciate donations to help finance all the “good” you are doing, not only in Canada, but in USA as well)! Lots of “beggars, takers, and users” in our society today who don’t like those who aren’t like them! (I learned if you are doing 90% “good” and 10% what others don’t like, they focus on the latter!) There’s a reason you come to Texas each year at this time!

  5. Oh, how I wish our paths could cross so I could shake your hands and then tell people I met a couple with true integrity and honor.

  6. If everyone who gets this blog can send Howard $5.00, $10.00 etc a month we can keep Him going. I for one will be sending a donation monthly. We ALL will spend a few dollars a month on nothing. But send it to Howard. At least we will get something useful for it. I thank you Howard for being there for all of us!!

  7. !00% in agreement with all the bloggers. You are the greatest couple Howard and Anne. It takes courage to say F it and walk away, I know, Ive done it a few times.

  8. I have FINALLY met a couple, IF ONLY ON LINE, who have scruples, integrity, morals, common sense and GOD in their hearts and minds. Truly, THANK YOU Howard and Anne. I look forward to the REST OF THE STORY. GOD BLESS

  9. Howard, your story was heart-breaking. You fought so hard but the cowards could not accept it – they wanted you to back off. Well, QPAC, took the easy way out & have reduced the 10% English-speakers to 3rd class status. The Quebec govt. is now harrassing the Ford govt. for attempting to reduce Ontario’s debt ($312 Billion) by reducing the expenditure to the 4% French-speakers. The Fraser I.’s study stated that over $621 M. is spent annually on this 4%. The screams have forced a back-down!!

  10. Congratulations on a job well done and for STANDING UP for your PRINCIPLES!It appears that the RICHIES didn’t really know WHOM they were DEALING with!Your comment that they had REINFORCED your DECISION to CALL IT QUITS and the room FALLING SILENT says it ALL!You and Anne are NOT TAKERS nor USERS, as MONEY is NEEDED to be ABLE to CONTINUE to PURSUE the TRUTH!If they want to CONTRIBUTE and you WANT to CONTINUE the FIGHT, accept the FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE! Their AGREEING to meet has much MERIT! AMEN!

  11. There are a few good men left in this crazy world and it gladdens my heart that you are one of them. Stay true to yourselves Mr and Mrs G.Billie

  12. Howard and Anne, you are the most upright people I know apart from the rabbi I study with/from online. You do the most amazing work in spreading truth. Chapeau! Keep your heads up, you are definitely NOT shnorers. You are the people who deserve the most respect for the work you do! Thank you!

  13. I did my share of “volunteering” a lot earlier in my life, and for what it’s worth found out it is ONLY a selfless act for which appreciation, is slim to none, (other than the “vain” apps of your name on a lot of letters and usually not much regard for your real accomplishments for the “Group”.
    The only thing those type fear is the sword of the writer, which is always open,……always be the writer, not the “Director”, or the “Chairman” etc. There is no memory of blood, sweat, and tears

  14. Money is the EASY part …. Action is always Worth More!!! Too bad they wouldn’t Stand Shoulder to Shoulder with you! A show of force would have been so much more effective.

  15. Don’t take the money or donate it to support the poorer working class citizens in Montreal.

    As a U.S. citizen the 2016 Presidenrial election taught me two important lessons: 1. If the candidate has the message that is what the electorate wants to hear, the amount of money spent by the opposing candidate nor the continuous bashing of the globalist press. The candidate with the right message wins.; 2. The Shadow Government and the Deep State were exposed when a candidate has the ear of the peop

  16. You take their money–you take their crap. I’ve been on my own since I was 15 years old and I learned very quickly that no monetary gift came without strings attached. I much prefer a paycheck to donations–although I’ve signed the front of a paycheck for most of my life. I haven’t signed the back of a paycheck without also having signed the front to pay myself in decades.

  17. Howard, I am retired and have limited resources, therefore I cannot pledge monthly but I will donate to our mutual cause as I am able. I admire you and Anne for your refusal to bow to those with, “Financial, Strings Attached.” I love your posts and agree with you on almost all issues.

  18. I definitely “enjoyed all the other bloggers'” comments, & thank you & Anne, BOTH for your “honesty & integrity”! AMEN- AMEN!! You BOTH give me HOPE, in that I KNOW you will do THE NEXT RIGHT THING. AMEN-AMEN, MAY GOD BLESS YOU BOTH IN ALL THAT YOU DO, FOR US ALL!

  19. Dear Anne & Howard.
    You are an asset not only to your native Canada, but also to the U. S. of A., especially to Texas! Mary & I are proud that we have met you and know you. Keep up your good work. The world would be worse off without you both. Welcome back to Texas. I hope that someday you will decide to make your stay permanent.
    Paul ROTHBAND, Harper TX

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