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There Is No Broadcast With This Editorial.


I’m at the Point, where I’m simply Tapped-Out of Hearing the Same BS Peddled as News – Constantly . . . And No Less Unsavory Than Regurgitated Cow’s Cud.

I don’t care if it’s CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, Fox News CTV, CBC Or GLOBAL . . . It’s all the same Contrived Sensationalized Crap – Packaged & Repackaged Again & Again, as if it was all something New, Different & Exciting.

Millions Of People Shop On Black Friday – A Dozen Push & Shove . . . And it’s the Dozen who Push & Shove, which becomes Serious News, Shown by all the Networks Over & Over Again . . . as if that is Somehow Really Important.

Unless Something Real Happens . . . Worthy Of Writing About – Not The Rehashed Crapola We’re Spoon-Fed For Media Ratings . . . I’m Going to Tell You some REAL Inside Stories of what Politics, the People & the Media are Really all About.


Right After My New Year’s Day Press-Conference . . . when I told the Media where they could Shove-It, AND THAT I QUIT – I received a Phone Call from a “Serious” Financial Player in Montreal, who was an Older Man, with a very High Profile, who Asked me not to do Anything Rash, since my next Plan was to visit our Corporate Lawyer right after the Holidays, and Surrender the QPAC (Quebec Political Action Committee) Not For Profit Federal Charter.

The Rich Older Guy Said . . . He will Gather Perhaps a Dozen or so other Financially Prominent Montrealers, and we should Meet that Night at a Place & Time of my Choosing. To Which I Agreed.

Later On In The Morning, Near Noon – I Received another Phone Call from a Man who I didn’t Know, and whose name I didn’t Recognize, who Heard about this Meeting and Wanted to be there too.

But I Apologized to him, saying that this was not my Meeting. That it was Arranged by Others. And I didn’t have the Right to Invite Anyone who wasn’t Invited by the Organizer. And not to be Dismissive or Condescending – that the People who were Coming, were Quite Wealthy, and Might not Feel Comfortable with someone out of their Financial or Corporate League . . .

To Which The Caller On The Other End Of The Line Said . . .

I know all the People who will be Meeting with you Tonight, I just don’t know where and I don’t know when. I am Far Wealthier than any of them, and I will Double the Highest Amount of Money anyone Puts on the Table at that Meeting.

And after he Told me What his Business was . . . My Response Was – “It will be my Pleasure to see you Tonight at the Holiday Inn Point Claire at 7:00 O’Clock”.


The Holiday Inn Pointe Claire . . . was the First Hotel our Advertising Agency ever Promoted, Marketed & Advertised. When we got the Contract, it was with a New Manager who was Assigned to that Hotel to Straighten out its Finances and Sell-It before it went Bankrupt.

The Manager (Paul) was from a Farming Community about 45-Minutes North West from the Hotel, which was in Pointe Claire Quebec, a Middle Class West Island Suburb of Montreal.

I Believe this was Paul’s First Shot at actually Managing a Hotel . . . And it was my First Shot at Promoting a Hotel. He was a Country-Guy Through & Through, and I was more from the Big City. He was Very Conservative, while I wasn’t that Conservative Yet. I was (am) Jewish. And he was a Devout Baptist Fundamentalist Preacher . . . AND WE BECAME FAST FRIENDS.

I Won’t Go Into My Business Dealings With The Holiday Inn Pointe Claire, other than to say they were 100% On the Up & Up & Extremely Lucrative to the Hotel & our Advertising Agency . . . And Paul Was Exceptionally Generous To My Activist Causes.

After Years Of Hospitality Success . . . The Holiday Inn Pointe Claire was Remodeled & Developed into a Gorgeous 4-Star Property, which also became a Montreal Landmark, which also became the Center for All Things QPAC, Including Meetings & Rallies.

And In The Corporate Agreement Between The Holiday Inn Pointe Claire & Promar . . . We Maintained an Exchange of Values, which were used for a Multitude of Events . . . So, when the Wealthy Older Guy Said Pick A Place & A Time – It was the Holiday Inn Pointe Claire, where the Cost for a Meeting Room with Coffee, Tea, Water, Soft Drinks & Snacks . . . Were 100% Donated By The Hotel.


The Meeting Room Was Designed for as many as 2-Dozen People. The Seating Arrangements were in a Horseshoe Layout, so Everyone could see Each Other. I Sat at One of the Two Far Ends of the Table. Right by my Side, on my Right Side as Always was Anne. To my Immediate Left, sat Noah, who was one of Two Co-Directors of QPAC. And to his Immediate Left was Manfred, a University Professor who was the other Director of QPAC.

In Fact . . . I Was QPAC.

Even Though there were Two other Directors, which was the Law in those days, in order to Incorporate a Federal Not For Profit Corporation . . . It Was only Anne & Myself who took the Beating. It was I who Organized all the Events, Paid Out our Personal Money, Received the Insults, Threats & Had to Live with Armed Body Guards 24/7.

And Then it Started . . .

I Welcomed Everyone & Thanked them for Being at this Meeting of their own Calling. I Introduced Anne, Noah & Manfred, and Suggested that the People who Wanted to Speak should do so by taking turns by Going Around the Table, Starting to the Left of Manfred.

The First Person To The Left of Manfred was Art, the man who called me, and said he would Double the Highest Amount of Money Put-Up at this Meeting. Art Had Nothing To Say.

The Next Person After Art Was Phil . . . Phil was an Extremely Interesting Guy, whose Business was Morphed somewhat from the Fashion of Don Corleone. Phil Also Had Nothing To Say.

Then It Went To The Man Who Asked For The Meeting . . . His name was Avi, who Opened up with a Criticism, that this Meeting was at a Suburban Holiday Inn, Rather than at a Fancy Downtown Hotel like the Ritz Carleton, where a Room with Services & Snacks of this Caliber would have Cost Thousands of Dollars . . . And From There It All Went Downhill.

 If Nothing Happens In The World To Change Things . . . I’ll Continue Writing about this in the Next Editorial, so you will have an Idea of what Real Politics is all About, and why so Few Quality People want to do it

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. From The Washington Times yesterday – “President Obama threatened last year to use the U.S. military to shoot down Israeli fighter jets if they attempted to destroy Iranian nuclear facilities, according to Middle Eastern news outlets Sunday — reports the administration denounced later that day as flatly untrue.”
    If that’s true, I can’t imagine Netanyahu will hold anything back, and you can easily see why BHO doesn’t want him to speak.

  2. This is exactly why we shut our satellite TV down about 10 years ago. Even the weather is more about drama than accurate reporting. Their web sites need lots of hits to sell advertising. For the most part, the internet has gone down the same road. If enough of us dump them, they will be forced to change direction. A friend who is retired, told me about a couple of American stations switched to nothing but good, positive news and would have lost their shirts had they not switched back.

  3. I wouldn’t leave the electric chair to go to a mall. I haven’t been to a mall since 1998 when I started buying everything on the internet except for groceries. At my age I’m not much interested in pointless consumerism. My husband and I don’t even exchange Christmas gifts because we don’t need a thing–and don’t want anything we can’t eat LOL

  4. “All that glitters is not Gold”, to me, it was an informational/intelligence gathering meeting, with a few folks looking for “info”, and not a really constructive meeting,…..but I could be wrong.

  5. For the last two months, I have been unable to read your column, Howard. Due to losing my house in one of the many tornadoes that hit southern Minnesota in late September and the subsequent chaos of setting up a temporary household in a new area, I have only recently been able to access the Internet. More than anything else I have missed your writing and the hope that you give to your readers.
    I am waiting for the rest of your story about your meeting.

  6. Today, news channels are much like “Fast food places”: they all seem to be serving the same thing! Rabbi Hillel said: “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, who am I? If not now, when?” Christmas “Commercialization” (cheap Chinese goods) was one reason we converted to Jewish faith! Menorah reminds us what this “season” is really all about: Time to “see the light”! America isn’t a “toy” to be “fought over” by “millions” with “childish” mentalities living here!

  7. Greetings: I was born & raised in Montreal, so this story is of particular interest. I moved from Montreal in mid-’77, having applied for immigration to the U.S. the very day following the (deplorable) Quebec provincial election, when the SEPARATIST Parti Quebecoise (PQ) was elected. From that day on, Montreal, Quebec & even CANADA have NEVER BEEN THE SAME! I received my GREEN CARD in August ’77 after 8 months, crossed the Canada-U.S. border & never looked back. I became a citizen 5 years later.

  8. I’m anxious to hear the rest of the story. I tell myself every day that I will quit Facebook, tv news (even fox is getting on my nerves). It’s all but impossible to weed out the truth from the BS! I look forward to your emails and would truly miss them. I only wish I was in a financial position to contribute.

  9. I REALLY enjoyed your “editorial” Howard, as well as the other bloggers comments…..FOX News has REALLY stooped as LOW as the REST! I’m definitely waiting for your NEXT BLOG!! AMEN, AMEN!!!

  10. Quote: “Radical multiculturalism is the misguided belief that all values and cultures can co-exist in one society. They cannot. We must protect our society against this kind of barbarism.” ~ Maxime Bernier ~ end quote
    United Nation’s Global Compact on Safe, Orderly, and Regular Migration
    Canada, Trudeau, proposes to sign the Compact when the UN meets in Marrakesh on December 10–11.
    The UN Migrant Compact spells the death of nations for every one that signs it.
    “Act for Canada” on the web 23

  11. Hi Howard: I first learned about you and Qpack via my laptop many years ago….and sent you a small donation. Best thing I ever did. Keep up the good work…..stay well and safe.

  12. Why are populations migrating ? Coming to areas like Europe and North America … Is it Global Warming ,is it failed countries led by corrupt individuals ? or is it that Europe and North America are safer, cleaner, better managed and RIPE for opportunists ? Now that Europe is failing as a result of orderly migration , N.A. is the focus . This is predatory migration based on who has the most available to be plundered, and least likely to fight back, nothing more.

  13. I can’t wait to hear the rest of your story, Howard. Politics is not the nicest thing in the world, but it resides everywhere you look & everywhere you go. There are times when I really wonder if the news hasn’t always been slanted & exaggerated. It’s not easy to be simply objective & without prejudice. I have come to a point in my life that I am rather cynical, but it has been what I have seen in the past 75 years, to make me this way. Though, I still see the glass as half full …

  14. Can’t wait to hear more about the meeting. I don’t expect that Trudeau will come calling to see if you can use some of that $600 million. Keep up the good work Howard.

  15. HG, I too am “Tapped-Out of Hearing the Same BS Peddled as News – Constantly . . .” Everything is so DRAMATIZED–even the WEATHER with people standing outside in storms while broadcasting same, etc… SOMETIMES, the LESS said the BETTER, but I’m sure that the rest of your story MAY INDICATE a different turn! It’s QUESTIONABLE that nothing would have been ACCOMPLISHED at that meeting because such a WEALTHY group CALLED that meeting and already KNEW what you REPRESENT—no fooling around! AMEN!

  16. I am WAITING for (The Rest of the Meeting)!! And to Carrol Banta-I am sorry for the damages you received in the tornado and wish only the BEST for you, your family, friends & neighbors. God Bless

  17. The media seems to regurgitate the same stuff and call it news because the really newsworthy stories do not promote their agendas.

  18. I still back Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson and Judge Jeanine Pirro on Fox. They are not part of the usual lame stream media out there even if sometimes Fox news does the same as the rest. I don’t listen to it so I will take your word on it to include Fox the way you mention it above. Can’t wait to read the rest of that thriller story you started here, a real cliffhanger.

  19. I can not watch any TV. When I stay in a hotel I click around and around and it is all garbage. I listen to Sirius for my news, but even that is so repetitive and boring. I depend on the internet just for Breitbart, Thomas Sowell….some good Conservative talk. Love Greg Gutfeld and his all-right panel on Saturdays. Funny! Watch it on You tube since I have no TV. Finding I have more and more free time. Wonderful!

  20. O.K., I’m hooked. Can’t wait. Howard, have you ever considered writing a suspense novel?

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