Much To Be Thankful For


There Is No Broadcast With This Editorial.

As Canadians Spending This Winter In The United States Of America . . . Anne & I are Blessed to Enjoy Two Days of Thanksgiving (October 8, 2018 In Canada) & Today (November 22, 2018) In The USA.


On A Personal Note . . .

1 – My 45-Year Marriage to Anne.

2 – The Joy we Receive from our Wonderful Pet Family . . . Stryker, April the Cat and our Three Horses.

3 – I Give Thanks Every Day that Anne & I are Both Relatively Healthy, and even though we are VERY Far From Rich, we have Enough to keep a Nice Roof over our Heads & Good Food on the Table.

4 – I Give Thanks that we Have so Many Good, Decent & Caring Friends.

5 – And I Give Thanks that we can Spend nearly Half a year Each Winter in the USA (Texas) . . . 5-Years Thus Far & Counting.

On A Professional Note . . .

6 – I Give Special Thanks that I can Write, Speak & Help make a Positive Difference to our Society & Culture.

7 – I Give Thanks that so many Decent Thinking People Read what I Write, and for the better part, Make Erudite Comments.

8 – I Also Give Thanks to the Many People who support my Efforts through their Moral Support and or Financial Contributions to

On A Political Level . . .

9 – I Give Enormous Thanks For President Trump, who Miraculously became President of the United States of America & Commander-In-Chief of the World’s Greatest Military Against All Odds . . . Who Is Literally Saving America & The Rest Of The Free World.

10 – I Give Thanks Upon Thanks . . . that Barack Hussein Obama Couldn’t Complete the Job of Destroying American Exceptionalism.

11 – I Give Special Thanks that Crooked Hillary LOST IN 2016, so Crooked Hillary and her Cabal, could not Move America & Subsequently Canada Towards a One World Government.

12 – And While At It . . . I Give Eternal Thanks to President Trump for Recognizing Jerusalem as the Eternal Capital of Israel, Followed-Up by moving the US Embassy, with Great Fanfare to Jerusalem.

13 – FOR CANADA . . . I Give Unlimited Thanks to Ontario Premier Doug Ford, who, like President Trump, came from Out-Of-Nowhere, with Everything Political Going Against Him, to Become The Ontario Premier, with the Courage to Stand Defiantly Against Canada’s LEFT, and Against the Disastrous Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

14 – GLOBALLY . . . I Give Thanks that the World is Moving back to the Center/Right, where Values & Common Sense Must Reign Supreme.

And Finally . . .

15 – I Give Thanks that the LEFT is Finally in the Klieg Lights, and the Media is being Shown for What & Who They Are.

And If I Have One Prayer To Make For This Thanksgiving – It Is . . .

Grant Me, Mine & All Decent People Another Year Of Equal Success & Happiness.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. To Will Elliott, Patrick Henry was a patriot. Benedict Arnold was a traitor.

  2. I enjoyed this message from you more than any other even though others were profound and very timely. But we all have much to be thankful for and you put it all into perspective. THANK YOU

  3. 16. We give thanks that we have you fighting for all of us and showing the world the right way.
    I am looking forward every day to read your mails. Thank you for sending them to us.

  4. Amen to that. I give thanks for all of the above also. Thank you for expressing it so well. Shirley Bond Orleans, Ontario

  5. I’m thankful this cancer hasn’t killed me despite the shrill demands from my oncologists that it would if I refused chemo. I’m thankful both of my parents are still alive and in great health. I’m thankful that America has the greatest POTUS in my lifetime. Most of all, I’m thankful for my husband who has massively stepped up to help me fight for my life because I could not do this without him. He’s my rock and the love of my life and the greatest guy ever. I love you John. Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Thank you, Howard, for all that you do and for your written word which speaks truth, so badly needed in our day.
    Blessings to you and Anne and the animals!

  7. !00% with you on all of the above Howard. Best wishes as you share your second Thanksgiving with Anne and your friends in Texas. A special thanks to whatever power has gifted you with the energy and knowledge to fight for right and the Right. Enjoy your sojourn in Texas and eventually return to Canada where we need you more than the USA does. The Americans have President Trump and thankfully you are only on loan (:>)

  8. I’m thankful for you, Howard – you say what I’m thinking in a much more cohesive manner than I could ever articulate. I’m grateful you love America and it’s original ideals. I’m grateful President Trump just tells it like it is – his skin has gotten thicker over time and I think his 2nd half will be even better than his first. God bless you Howard and God bless America

  9. Outstanding thoughts and comments. Too bad that so many Americans and Canadians don’t recognize how incredible our countries are and how lucky we are to be living here. Thanks for your thoughts and views.

  10. I’m “SO THANKFUL” for you, Howard & your bride Anne, & that you are a part of “MY LIFE”! I’m extremely GRATEFUL that PRES. TRUMP is our PRESIDENT!! I do pray for him, DAILY, & that he has the “MISSION & WISDOM” to carry out the TASK HE HAS BEEN ASSIGNED!!! AMEN, AMEN!!!!

  11. Howard
    It is such a shame that the younger generation by whatever name you want to call them don’t realize how lucky and fortunate they are to be living in the United States. And their turn toward socialism shows a degree of ignorance as they can’t look around the world and see its constant failures.
    Happy Thanksgiving

  12. Happy Thanksgiving and many thanks Howard. Like you I’m thankful for the leadership of President Trump in America and for Premier Ford in Ontario. He wiped that gloating smile off Wynne’s face and hopefully we can soon do the same for the merry band of thieves in Ottawa. Enjoy the sunshine.

  13. What a wonderful Thanksgiving present you have given all of us readers, Howard. Personally, I am thankful that I survived West Nile virus and have wonderful friends and family. And I’m thankful you and Anne are in our lives. And we Austinites are glad you are back in your second home here in Austin!

  14. Thank you Howard for all YOU do to make America Great again. I always look forward to your profound Blogs. I pray for you and Pres. Trump on your upward battles against the onslaught of ridiculous thinking. G-d bless you and yours.

  15. I treasure your blog Howard. Thankful TRUMP is on our side. I love it that your countrymen want all of you, but share you with the U.S. I love that you love Anne so much after all the years and still SAY SO. Have a warm and happy THANKSGIVING everyone!

  16. G-d Bless you and yours. I wish you good health and prosperity for the next 120 years. Am Israel Chai!
    Arnold Charitan, Los Angeles

  17. Beautiful Editorial, Howard! Very happy that you, Anne & your pets could spend Thanksgiving in the U.S. Your thank-you comments are quite similar to many of ours, especially regarding the political ones. Your EDITORIALS are a “TOOL” which provide us ENCOURAGEMENT and HOPE for a better POLITICAL FUTURE… THANK YOU for your EFFORTS and DEDICATION to your followers! Keep up the good work! You, Anne and all your pets are in my prayers every night! AMEN!

  18. Happy Thanksgiving, Howard, to you and Anne. As with you, I have much to be thankful for, including having met many wonderful people, most of whom have now passed on. Most of all, although not a religious person, I express my appreciation every night for having been allowed to spend 64 years with my wife, Kristin, who was (is) a fantastic woman, having brought love, adventure, and romance into my life. I am now 93 and, fortunately, in fine health.
    Wally Raubenheimer

  19. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family HG. I’m thankful that we finally have a conservative party that isn’t out to please everyone but has a strong platform in good common sense policies and Maxine Bernier as its leader. It is what I believe the only way we are going to get rid of Trudeau as Sheer and his party will not be able to accomplish this by moving to center in an attempt to please everyone.

  20. I wish Rob Ford has never passed away then him and Doug could’ve really put Ontario to work and ignore the minoritites and miscreant freaks from being catered at the expense of the larger population.

  21. I had to add my and my families THANK YOU HOWARD ,while there was still room in the comment column !!!

  22. I give thanks for you and all you write. Thank you so much. I give thanks for all my friends and family, knowing they are safe and well.

  23. I am thankful for so many things, for people who are freedom’s heros, for honesty and strength for those who are truthful and positive, and for your continuing contribution. You are a blessing and gift to all of us.

    Dennis Sarenpa Ankeny, Iowa

  24. I am most thankful for being healed of my tracheal cancer through weeks and weeks of chemo and radiation. Also am thankful for your missives which I hope will reach many people and effect positive changes in our governments and our respective societies. Sending blessings to you and yours in this wonderful Thanksgiving season.

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