Bad Media . . . Destroys Nations


There Is No Broadcast With This Editorial.

The American People (Canadian Too) . . . ALL THE PEOPLE – At least those with a Functioning Brain in their Respective Heads, should be More Concerned than Just Somewhat, with the way the LEFT is Conducting itself, which is Far More about their Political Power . . . Than It Is About Providing Good Governance.


President Donald Trump Is Not The Enemy To Freedom Of The Press.

To The Contrary, President Trump, as I see it, and as I’ve seen it for my Entire Cognizant Years (Close to 69-Years Old) of watching Politicians at Press Conferences, is without Question, The All-Time Pro-Press President Ever.

No President Ever . . . has been More Likely to Deliver a Full Blown Ad Hoc Press Conference at the Drop of a Hat – ANYWHERE, ANYTIME & UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE . . . Than Does President Trump.

And President Trump Answers The Questions Without A Filter.

So . . . When I Hear, See & Read how President Trump is Considered by the Main Stream Media, As A Threat To The First Amendment – I want to know from where these Media Jerks, who Routinely Use the Media as a Means of Propaganda, Figure they can Lie with Full Conviction about President Trump’s Media Access, in the Face of all the Evidence To The Contrary.

The Day Barely Passes Without President Trump Speaking Into A Microphone.


Nowhere Is It Written In Any Context . . . that anyone in the Media is OWED an Interview with the President of the United States of America. Also, Nowhere is it Written that the President even has to have a Press Conference. And Nowhere, is it Written that the President Can’t Pick & Choose whose Question he will Deem to Answer.

MORE TO THE POINT . . . No One In The Media Has Any IRREVOCABLE Right To Be Part Of The White House Press Corp.

What CNN’s Jim Acosta Did . . . That Got His White House Press Pass Revoked, was 100% on Jim Acosta, for Grandstanding, Being Rude, Disrespectful, Obnoxious, & for STEALING the Time Away From other Reporters, who also had Questions they wanted to Ask and have Answered.


Long Before Donald Trump Became President of the United States of America . . . The Ratings & Opinions for the Media, were on a Par with the Politicians. In Other Words, The Media Were Neither Liked Nor Trusted . . . Because they were Neither Likable Nor Trustworthy.

But All Of A Sudden . . . The Collapse Of Media Trustworthiness Is Trump’s Fault.


The Media Is Under Attack . . . AND THAT’S A FACT – But for the Media to See who is their Single Largest Enemy, Instead of looking Towards the White House, all the Media Need Do is look Into the Mirror.


I Am Not Hopeful, because our Educators . . . for Generations, have Educated a Global Society of Ignorant Jackasses, who know very Little of REAL History, who have an Embarrassing Lack of Socio/Political Facts, and are Compelled to Thought & Action by a Great Deal of Contrived Propaganda Absorbed as Real News.

Our Young People Are So Indoctrinated . . . That They Shut Down Free Speech, In The Profoundly Stupid Belief, That Somehow – STOPPING Free Speech, Will Protect, Promote & Persevere Free Speech.

And They All Seem To Want Something They Didn’t Earn From Those Who Did.

The LEFT Call Conservatives Nazis . . . Yet, the LEFT Can’t see for Themselves, that it is THEY who are Wearing the Brown Shirts & Jackboots.

I Was Right & Still Am . . . That We’re Standing On The Precipice Of Revolution.

Where I Am Wrong . . . Not in Terms of the Coming Conflict, but Rather, in Terms of the Scope, it Seems all but Obvious to me, that the Coming Revolution Won’t be Restricted to the United States of America (And Canada), but almost Certainly to the Whole World.

Where I Saw Localized Mayhem . . . I should have been Seeing the Beginning of Revolution Throughout Europe, where the Entire Continent is Taking-Up Sides as I Write and as you Read – Between the Sickness of Socialized Globalism . . . & FREEDOM THROUGH CAPITALIZED NATIONALISM.

We Won’t See Battles Between Nations . . . It’ll Be Battles Between Philosophies.

ENGLAND . . . THROUGH THIS TRIPE OF ANTI-BREXIT – Very well Might be the Precursor to the Whole Thing, Followed by France, Italy, Austria, Germany & Post Communist Eastern Europe. The People will only take so much. And no more.

How Did All Of This Happen? . . . Bad Education & A Media Taught To Lie.

PS – Because of the National Postal Strike in Canada, I am Unable to Process the Few Checks some of you have so Generously Sent to Support this Blog.

Checks Mailed To Canada . . . & From Canada – Are Tied-Up by Union Postal Workers & An Incompetent LEFTIST Liberal Canadian Government, which Won’t Force the Already Overly-Paid Union Workers Back To Work.

If You Sent A Check To The Austin Texas Address – No Problem . . . And if I Receive enough Checks, I will send Your Check to my Canadian Bank Via Courier (Very Expensive). In the Meantime, I will Stand Pat.

Either Way . . . I am Quite Confident the Canadian Government will Blink and Give the Union what it Wants as Usual, and within a Period of Time, all the Checks will be Deposited.

If You’ve Been Worried That Your Check Hasn’t Been Processed – Don’t Worry.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I hope Will Elliott meant Benedict Arnold (reknown traitor during Revolutionary War), certainly not Patrick Henry with his “Give me liberty or give me death” speech.

  2. The media liars have done their best to silence conservatives and Trump supporters and have made half the country believe that President Trump is not a legitimate POTUS. They ARE the enemy of the people.

  3. I was struck recently, or perhaps again, by the realization the left is doing exactly what they claim the right is doing. So thank you, again, Howard for calling it as you see it: “Yet, the LEFT Can’t see for Themselves, that it is THEY who are Wearing the Brown Shirts & Jackboots”… Is there any sort of a more peaceful, rather than more violent resolution to all this crap?

  4. Most people don’t follow the news. They are too busy working to earn a living and provide for their family. The ones that do listen mostly are sheeples that are totally brainwashed which is odd since they have no brain to begin with. I watched Levin TV on CRTV and even he’s scared that too many states are turning either purple or blue. This damage I’m afraid is irreversible and will continue to get worse and worse as more SJW brainwashed by fiberal universities are entering the working world !!!

  5. For a long time I’ve felt war would give us a ‘reset’; but seeing it drawing closer is downright scarey. If liberals have grown to outnumber conservatives in voting booths, they just might outnumber overall. I watched a video of the protests in Portland, Oregon. The antifa were nearly all masked & used foul language. One woman was even spitting on & hitting a man of the other group. She was finally arrested. But noticeable is their increasing nastiness & attempts to incite violence. It’s coming.

  6. Excellent read!! The MEDIA is LEFT, Education is LEFT, most of the government is LEFT, WE, THE RIGHT have to start DEMANDING what is RIGHT, NOT WRONG. Support our POTUS and use our ‘common sense’ to put the HAMMER down & demand that the HOUSE & SENATE do what is RIGHT for the people by the people not THEIR agenda. Letter of the law & constitution is RIGHT. Let’s get to it folks. Enough is enough. MYPOV

  7. Howard … Suggest setting up contributions directly from donor’s bank accounts to yours on a monthly basis. This would get around labor strikes from the Canadian Postal Service (and the United States Postal Service for that matter).

    Tom Beach, Alvin TX

  8. Glad I switched to PayPal for my monthly donation, to hell with our postal service

  9. Even so called Biblical scholarship and the study of “Academic Hebrew” is also leftist. My conservative Jewish Rabbi professor made me aware of these things, when I was at the now defunct Dropsie University where I was studying. Dr. Theodore Gaster, another one of the profs there said that they do NOT know Hebrew and mess with the text when the Hebrew is plain. Liberalism has infected EVERYTHING. It did not happen over night either but since the mid 1800’s or even before.

  10. You are 1000% on track, Howard (& Anne, too)…..I wish you BOTH a “WONDERFUL THANKSGIVING” from S/E Florida, home of the WINTER W/H! WE DO HAVE SO MUCH TO BE GRATEFUL FOR, WITH OUR PRES. TRUMP IN CHARGE!!

  11. There’s a BIG difference between behaving like a spoiled child and actually being a responsible citizen!
    Antifa would fade like a thin fog if someone didn’t promote, organize, and FUND them!—Ditto BLM and other leftist idiots!
    If it comes to actual war–I suspect these idiots would quickly lose their zeal the first time they heard the crack of a supersonic bullet go downrange–nothing gets your attention like that wakeup call!
    Pray to GOD it doesn’t come to that.

  12. Trump is a master at keeping them off balance, Acosta then backing Paolusi always zingers.

  13. Being rude, disrespectful, obnoxious (selfish and immature) is the “Liberal American Way” today, along with lying and “doing whatever it takes” (re: election)! Many “narcissists” (people only for themselves) and “tribal thinkers” (don’t think like tribe, don’t belong in tribe) in society, plus media (funded by Soros) promoting “Liberal agenda”! What’s destroying our nation is all the dishonesty (especially from “foreigners”)! Lying has now become acceptable, so truth is difficult to determine!

  14. Greetings & HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Although I’m 100% FOR Trump, I’m less than 100% FOR the Republican platform. There are, in fact, SOME Democrat-backed issues that make sense. For me, contraception, evolution & renewable energy make more sense than too many unwanted babies, creationism & unbridled, unfettered fossil-fuel burning. Still, I take the good with the bad & continue supporting the REPUBLICAN platform because, all told, the alternative (Democrat Party) is ABSOLUTE POISON! I LOVE OUR PRES!

  15. You said my thoughts again exactly. Political power, yes, but money and other benefits even more. Trump does not consult a bevy of lawyers before he speaks. The media seems to be nothing but propaganda. President can and always has pcked & chosen whose question he will answer. Jim Acosta deserves being barred for grandstanding, rudeness, disrespect, being Obnoxious, & for stealing time from other legitimate Reporters, Everyone who refuses to believe the lying media is called despicable.

  16. Thanks for a great article. I am constantly amazed at the ignorance of the so-called intellectual left. They cannot conceptualize a baby’s brain sucked out in the womb. The Muslim women beaten and raped. The screaming girl held down for FGM. The Jews loaded onto cattle cars. The theft of a man’s sweat and toil. These are glossed over and ignored. To me they are constant nightmares. Living nightmares.

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