I Want My Press Pass


There Is No Broadcast With This Editorial


I Don’t Think This Was Meant By The Framers With The 1st Amendment.

A Federal Judge Appointed By President Trump . . . has Ruled in Favor of CNN and the Whole Media, that President Trump’s White House Cannot Pick & Choose who Can and who Cannot have a White House Press Pass.

OK – Let Me See If I Got This Right . . . If I Show-Up at the White House, and DEMAND my Press Pass, Based upon what the Judge Ruled, I should Absolutely Expect to be Seated at the White House Press Gallery.

But Why Stop There . . . Since Allowing me to be Seated in the Press Gallery, it should also GUARANTEE that my Question(s) should be Answered to my Satisfaction, and that Debating with the President . . . Should Be My Due.


Every Time A Nation Begins To Implode . . . Even a Nation as Wonderful & Free as the United States of America – For More than Two Thousand Years Of Global History . . . Jews Have Been Singled-Out “For Special Treatment”.

This should be a Serious Matter to Everyone, since Eventually, Everyone Pays the Price . . . But It’s Personal To Me, because I’m an Unrepentant & Unapologetic Outspoken Jew.

And even if I DISAVOWED my Jewishness – It would Make no Difference, since just as the Nazis Didn’t Care if Europe’s Jews were Practicing or Not, the Nazis Cared only if there were Jewish Genes in a Person’s Biology, going back Several Generations . . . As A Reason For Hate & Murder (Holocaust).


I would like to Write that I’m Shocked & Disappointed . . . that America’s Democrats are Today’s Covert & Overt Anti-Semites. But I’m Not Shocked. How could I be, given the Democrat’s Long Racist History of Slavery, the KKK & Margaret Sanger’s Abortion Promoting Family Planning?

What Also Doesn’t Surprise Me At All . . . Is the Silence Coming from the Democrat “Center”, where one would Assume there would be Pushback Against any Form of Anti-Semitism . . . BUT JUST THE OPPOSITE.

And What Should Disturb Me The Most . . . But Sadly Does Not – is the Number of Complicit American Jews – Who Go Along To Get Along.

IN CANADA . . . A WEEK OR SO AGO – Three Teenage Jewish Yeshiva (Rabbinical School) Boys, were Attacked by a Gang of other Teenagers on the Street of a very Jewish Toronto Neighborhood, in Broad Daylight, because the Yeshiva Boys were Obviously Jewish.

Luckily For The Jewish Boys . . . One or More knew how to Fight, and were able to Defend Themselves. Remarkably though – It Took Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, the Better Part of a Week before he even Commented on this Outrage.

Had These Boys Been Moslem There Would Already Be A Parliamentary Inquiry.

I’m Never Surprised Nor Aghast When Known Racist Thugs & Organizations . . . Neo Nazis, KKK, White Supremacists, Black Lives Matter, Antifa & Others Spew Their Venom.

Most Americans Might Not Know This . . . But Jewish Racism Has Been Institutionalized In America Throughout American History.

In More Modern Times . . . Men & Women of Great Distinction & Power were Covert & Overt Jew-Haters, for Example . . . When FDR (Franklin Delano Roosevelt) Sat on the Harvard Board of Governors – FDR Made it Harvard Policy to Place a Quota on Jewish Students at Harvard.

In 1937 . . . FDR Appointed a Known Leader & Anti-Semite of The KKK (Hugo Black) to the US Supreme Court. And during the Start of the Holocaust, and During the Holocaust, FDR did all he could to Undermine Attempts to Help Europe’s Jews.

Joe Kennedy . . . Another Great Democrat, Father of JFK, Robert & Ted, while as the Ambassador to London England, just before the Outbreak of WWII, Kennedy supported & Encouraged the Nazi Final Solution of the Jews.


What Is Most Disappointing To Me . . . And Is Not Nearly Unexpected Or Perplexing, is how UTTERLY STUPID and Cyclical the Vast Majority of the Global Jewish Population has been for More than 2,000-Years.

It’s As If Jews Are Cursed To Renew Ourselves Through Self-Inflicted Genocide.

Even at the Outset of Adolf Hitler’s Rise to Power, many German Jews Supported his Nazi Movement in the Belief that he Really Didn’t Mean What He Wrote & Said.

As European Jews were being Disenfranchised, Humiliated, Beaten, Enslaved, Raped, Murdered, Experimented Upon & Forced onto the Holocaust Trains . . . LEFTIST Jewish Community Leaders, Jewish Academics, Elitists & Rabbis Exhorted the Jewish Population to Comply . . . Opposed To Fight.

Even In Nascent Israel . . . There was a Civil War (Altalena) between the Jewish LEFT (Ben-Gurion) and the Jewish Right (Menachem Begin), where the LEFT Persevered & Later, Under the Leadership of LEFTIST Golda Meir, Israel came Within Milliseconds of Losing Israel during the Yom Kippur War (1973).


Some of The Worlds Greatest Anti-Semites In My Opinion, and in the Opinion of Others, have been Notable Jews, who Don’t Necessarily Renounce their Jewish History, but Renounced Orthodox Jewry on the Alter of LEFTISM . . . Several Modern Cases in Point – Saul Alinsky, Noam Chomsky, George Soros & Bernard Sanders to name just a Smattering.


It’s Not About Israel . . . It’s All About The Jews.

Anti-Semitism Always Starts Off Benignly . . . A Phrase Here or There. A Comment that Could Be or Not Be Anti-Semitic. A Criticism of the Politics of Israel (Apartheid), a Campaign to Demonize Israel (Occupied) . . . Then the Justifiable Punishment – BDS . . . The Full-Out Boycott Of Everything Israel, Tourism, Trade & Academia.

They Say It’s Not About Jews . . . It’s About Israel – BS . . . It’s About Jews.

When the Democrat Party Endorses Supporters of BDS & Friends of Known Jew-Haters like Keith Ellison, or who Tolerate Jew-Haters . . . OPPOSED to Driving or Shaming them Out of the Party . . . It Says All That Needs To Be Said About The Democrats.


I Fully Expect the Level of Anti-Semitism to Grow in the United States of America, as it is Growing & Spreading Worldwide. I also Fully Expect the Vast Majority of American Jews, just like the European Holocaust Jews, SPECIFICALLY LEFTIST JEWS, to Contribute to this Growth of Anti-Semitism . . . as LEFTIST Jews have Done for more than 2000-Years.

And I Expect Things Will Get Much Worse Before They Get Better.

But in the Case of Anne & Myself, we will Ride the Tide of the Upcoming Tsunami with our Relationships with Conservative Jews & Conservative Christians.

When the LEFTIST Jewish Community Blamed “Trump” for the Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting . . . There Was Nothing Left To Say.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Bravo Howard – because he (that person) would have been no better than a Patrick Henry or from WW2 era another disgusting Quisling – re Hitlers Norway take over & his puppet Quisling.

  2. Trudope has been prepared to sell Israel down the drain to get a seat on the security council. One should also keep in mind his star Ms Freeland come from a line of WWII Nazi officials

  3. We’ll never know who or what George Soros’ money is buying these days! CNN? (BTW, Stacy Abrams’ speech was straight out of something Soros said back in 2014!) Jews embrace both “diversity” and “illegals”, but know what? Most of these people won’t convert to Judaism! (Jews got out of the “conversion business”, plus make it “difficult” to convert.) Most Christians don’t like Jews because they don’t know what Jews are really all about! (Some of us simply don’t need Jesus to “pay for our sins”!)

  4. I am now 67 years old and I have seen hatred of the Jewish people all of my life. I am in a total state of being perplexed as to why the world hates Jews. Some of the greatest people in history have been Jewish. If it weren’t for the Jews we would have no Bible since it was written by mostly Jews. If it weren’t for the Jews Christians would have no redemption which was brought about through Jesus. All I can say for me is I will ALWAYS stand with and help the Jewish people in any way I am able.

  5. I hear you and certainly agree with you. But the Left has also found an additional group of people to humiliate and try to destroy – Christians.
    One thing I have come to understand. The Left love Lbgt, abortion, Muslims. The Muslims hate Jews, Christians, abortion, Lbgt. Yet the Left side with the Muslims. So it’s not because the Muslims hate abortion, Lbgt. It’s obviously because the Muslims hate Jews and Christians!
    What a conflicted bunch of Marxists!

  6. What is different about anti-Semitism today from yesteryear is that it is becoming more institutionalized. The Democrats, the media and the Left are adopting more and more anti-semitic ideologies, stands and practices. Many don’t even realize the Jew hatred they spew. In my opinion it is at the scariest levels and with the scariest likeness to Nazism and world cplacency since the second world war.

  7. Two things. I agree with you absolutely about the division among Jews. It is written in the Talmud that the destruction of the Temples was do to Sinat Chinam, the hatred between Jews. Our not being able to get along together is probably the worst thing in Hashem’s eyes. The other thing is a spelling error. Pittsburgh is spelled with an H. I debate with an anti-semite on a website called Quora. The other day he quoted from Chomsky. I told him that proves his antisemitism.

  8. Well said. RE: Press Pass MYPOV=in order to have a Secret Service clearance, you MUST respect POTUS, the USA & be willing to PROTECT. Acosta does NOT respect POTUS, only himself. He does NOT deserve a PASS nor Clearance. RE: Anti-Semitism…I don’t understand the hatred. It has to be learned at HOME. You learn to hate PEOPLE they hate. And it is becoming as you say worldwide. The question is WHY? I don’t have the answer. I try to treat everyone with respect, which is becoming difficult.

  9. Howard, how can a judge forces the white household
    to let a particular obnoxious reporter to be
    invited again? It’s seems to me that Judges
    are running the country. This is absolutely
    insane. Is the judge going to force the President
    to speak to this jerk? Steve Acre, Canada

  10. Jewish and Christian persecution is all about spiritual warfare. The world belongs to Satan and the world follows him. Satan HATES the beloved of God and so uses his pawns to persecute God’s people. Satan cannot hurt God so he hurts those whom God loves. That explains it all. Bless the Jews and you will be blessed. Curse them and you will be cursed by God. I have been truly blessed and I will continue to stand with Israel & the Jews although some may be misguided liberals. I pray for them.

  11. My power was off Thurs afternoon to noon today so just caught up on your editorials. On Jewish & Christian hatred from the world, I agree with Ms Wosniak’s statement that those who belong to Satan (ruler of this world) are doing his bidding because they believe his desceptions. “…For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” (Matthew 7:13-14)

  12. As a Canadian Jew, I do not put up with the anti Semites in a political party. This and other reasons make the Conservatives more attractive to me. I have trouble with U.S. Jews who put up with this, and do not speak out. Just as the N.D.P. in Canada panders to anti Semites the American Democrats do also. Any Jew with common sense knows he is swimming in shark infested waters, and should know better.

  13. I appreciate your articles Howard. I have one question. Who controls Hollywood and the Main stream Media in the USA. Do they represent the true American values? Just asking.

  14. @Ted Ross – I will answer your question – NO – Hollywood & the MSM do NOT represent the true US values or even how most Americans think. My answer comes from the fact that President Trump was duly elected & inaugurated as President of the United States of America! As for who controls Hollywood & the MSM – Mostly Jews & that is the truth!!! Go figure, as Howard was saying, too many US Jews are anti-semitic in their attitudes & actions. It makes no sense, but that’s the crux of the matter.


  16. Wars have been fought, millions have died, and still we live in the shadow of antisemitism!
    I have never understood this hatred–or the hatred of Christians shown by Radical Islamists!
    Both groups promote good will and peace–which seems only to promote further hatred of both groups.
    Kill or be killed is all the choice allowed.

  17. Always look forward to reading your blog because it helps me see the world thru the eyes of a people, a nation that I love and honor very much, Israel & the Jewish people. I led a group of Jews & Christians across the USA, LA to NYC by way of Chicago. We lit 11 candles & spoke a Hebrew prayer at Ground Zero in NYC. Planning another ride in 2020 for the same reason – Jews & Christians riding for Israel-

    You keep writing & I will keep riding & taking a group to Isreal in 2019 -#TheFightForIsra

  18. A group of us try to meet every Saturday at 7:30 A.M. for prayer then off to a local restaurant for breakfast. This past week the gentleman leading the reading chose the reading of chapter 14 of Romans most of us are using the New Living Translation. Basically it spoke to me about getting along with each other and not getting into a fight over a point with a neighbor to change to your ideas or ways. Say your piece and let it be. Let Almighty God have the last say.

  19. I am not Jewish nor do I have a direct connection, except that my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, was a Jewish Carpenter. As a Christian, I cannot even imagine any hatred of a people. The Bible tells us to LOVE, not to hate. re: the press, They have no right to be present at a Presidential news conference and a judge does not have the right to admit them. Acosta does NOT respect the POTUS or even himself. The judge is trying to legislate from the bench.

  20. Howard,, They took his white house access pass not his press pass. Two different things. The white house has no say over the press pass. Besides, CNN has many daily pass to the white house which could use. but NO

  21. At lunch today with 3 of my close friends, all vetrans, one retired law enforcement, a retired teacher, a well known artist and me a business man. I ask the question, were any of you raised to hate Jews. the answer was simply no.

    I’m not so sure the average ever day American hates Jews. And yes I am thankful for our president. Happy holidays!!

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