As Clear As This . . . Or As Opaque As Mud

“Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto To You”

There Is No Broadcast With This Editorial.

According To Jewish History – Moses Came Down from Mount Sinai Clutching the Tablets Commanded by God, which by all Standards of Judeo/Christianity . . . are Recognized as the Ten Commandments – Containing TEN SIMPLE LAWS, which Have Passed the Test of Time . . . For More Than 3,000-Years.

But Moses also Came Down From Mount Sinai with the Entire Torah, a Scrolled Document of Thousands of Pages where the Ten Commandments are Explained in Detail.

A Few Decades Before The Birth Of Christ . . . The Jewish Sage Hillel, who is Accredited as the most Masterful Interpreter of the Talmud, which Explains the Torah, was . . . as the Story Goes – asked by one of his Students to Explain the Entire Torah (Five Books Of Moses), while Standing On One Foot . . . To Which Hillel Responded:

“What Is Hateful To You, DO NOT DO TO YOUR NEIGHBOR. That Is The Whole Torah . . . ”

In Essence . . . What Hillel Said more than 2000-Years Ago . . . Was As Jesus Christ Preached Not Long Thereafter . . . “Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto To You”.

What Could be Simpler Than The Ten Commandments & Words Of Hillel & Christ?


When I Read the US Declaration Of Independence and the US Constitution, I am Always in Amazement, as to how the Framers were able to Borrow from the Simplicity of the World’s Single Greatest Documents, which gave Birth to Judaism & Christianity, both of which are used in the US Constitution for Religious & Secular Values.

It is Mind Numbing to Realize How the Greatest Nation ever Created on Earth, Used so Few Words (Declaration & Amendments) to Produce the Single Most Just & Influential Society, which one can Conceive . . .

But It Is No Less Mind Numbing . . . to Realize – how Mere Men & Women of Lesser Thought & Character, were through Several Generations, able to take these Simple Yet Powerful Words, to Convolute & Twist Them into a Contradiction to Their Very Meaning.

I’m Not Religious . . . But I Understand Good Versus Evil & Value Versus Detriment.


That’s Where We Are . . . The Greatest Documents in the World are Simplicity-In Themselves. And the Greatest Flim Flams in the World are the Creation of Talented Grifters . . . AKA – Lawyers, Politicians & Bureaucrats.

And As I Wrote & Alluded To Yesterday . . . Rocket Science & Brain Surgery are Complicated, Politics Are Not.

In 1979, when I Incorporated my Advertising Agency, I went to a Lawyer and asked him to Draft a Standard Contract, which I could use as a Cookie Cutter for all my Future Contracts. So . . . I gave him a sheet of Bullet Points from which he could Create the Document.

A Few Days Later . . . I met with this Lawyer, who Proudly Presented me with A Dozen-Page Agreement, Drafted in Smallish-Type with a Slew of Titled Paragraphs, Subtitles, Asterisks & Footnotes.

I Thanked Him . . . Paid Him – And Tore Up His Effort. I sat down at my Typewriter, and within a Half Hour or so, I Typed a One Page Document using just the Bullet Points I gave to my Lawyer for his Guidance . . . and at the End of my Contract I Wrote The Following:

Both Sides Of This Document Agree To Operate In Good Faith.

Anne & I Used This Agreement For Over 35-Years . . . Without Ever Having a Disagreement with a Client over what Each Side Expected from the Other.

IT BOGGLES MY MIND . . . That a Magnificent Country (USA) Created on the Foundation of the Two Simplest Documents of Values, which have Endured For More than 3000-YearsCANNOT CREATE A DOCUMENT, which the Average Person can Read or Understand, such as Obamacare . . . or Hold a Simple Election, where a LEGALLY ENTITLED PERSON can Vote, and have His or Her Vote Honestly Counted & Recorded within Minutes Without Drama.


1 – In Spite of what we would like to Believe, there are Really Stupid & Incompetent People Appointed or Elected at all Levels.

2 – Stupid & Incompetent People Appoint . . . or Elect other Stupid & Incompetent People.

3 – The More Stupid & Incompetent a Person is . . . The More Words He or She Needs to use to Explain the Explainable or Conversely the Unexplainable.

4 – There are Bureaucratic Safeguards in Place throughout Government to Protect the Jobs of Stupid & Incompetent People.


It’s Hard For Most People . . . to Understand or Accept, that there is Evil Amongst Us. That there are People with whom we Hold in Trust & High Regard, who are Vipers in the Grass . . . WHO USE WORDS NOT TO INFORM – BUT RATHER TO OBFUSCATE.

We Will Survive These People . . . Because for more than 3,000-Years, we always have. The Real Question . . . IS AT WHAT PRICE?

I Have Assumed The Mantle . . . to which as a Young Man, I Never Considered Myself Worthy. But, as Hillel is Famous for Writing More than 2000-Years Ago (To Paraphrase):

If Not Me . . . Who? If Not Now . . . When?

I Can’t Fix The World . . . But I Can Be A Voice, which Tells the Truth & Exposes the Liars, Usurpers, Cheats & Traitors for Whom & What they Are.

And I am the Voice that Supports You in the Knowledge that You & Your Thoughts & Values are Not Alone.

I Am But One Leaf On A Magnificent Tree, which Offers Shade in the Heat of Summer & Firewood for Warmth in the Cold of Winter.

As I Write All The Time . . . I Will Do This for as Long as I am Mentally & Physically Capable, With or Without Approbation & With or Without Support.

But It Is Far Easier For Me When I Am Not Standing Alone . . .

If what I Write, Say & Do Makes a Difference to You, and you Believe it has Value in our War for Socio/Political Good Versus Evil – And You Want To Contribute . . .

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  1. “Tomorrow, Tomorrow…it’s only a day away!”! Bud Farrell

  2. I get more angry with every minute over the unbelievable chaos surrounding me. From the Caravan, The Florida election theft, listening to the “Holier than Tho” Dems, watching Acosta cry, and now Fox News agreeing with CNN (WTF), I am calmed by your words of reason. Really, your perspective gives me faith that I am not alone in my thinking. Thanks for the reassurance.

  3. Many of the upcoming generation have not been raised with Judeo-Christian teachings. They have not attended religious services on any regular basis. They do not know Jesus or the God of the Old Testament. They have no external value system like the Ten Commandments to guide them. Their only values are what they consider acceptable behavior or not. Their worlds revolve around themselves. Hopefully there are more young people with old-school(Judeo-Christian) values to counteract them.

  4. I am getting more and more frustrated watching the turmoil in Florida. Can someone go in and make them obey the laws as written. It should not be hard to understand. I am about to shut down any news and forget what is going on there.

  5. After reading your great words about “stupid and incompetent people”, I thought of a quote from the great philosopher, Forrest Gump: “Stupid is as stupid does”. Then I visualize all of the socialists on the progressive left who are so stupid they cannot see how socialist countries around the world have failing economies. It’s really amazing to me.

  6. I’m leaving soon to spend the winter in a city in Broward County, Florida. I cringe at the prospect of living among thousands of Demonrat lunatics. But then in the spring I will come back to Soviet Kanuckistan, where intolerant libtards are cramming their interventionist BS down our throats. Thank you, Howard, for reminding me that I am not alone.

  7. On the wall above the bench of the Supreme Court is a sculpture of Moses and the tablets [10 Commandments]. The tablets also appear in other Federal areas. One doesn’t have to be RELIGIOUS to ABIDE by the 10 Commandments. These RULES are very SIMPLE & CLEAR, but people have SHUNNED them aside for SELF-GRATIFICATION. Also, POWER, GREED & LUST have become such a FOCUS that they have left NO ROOM for CHRISTIANITY & the Love of Thy Neighbor! Some people are definitely Satan in DISGUISE! AMEN!

  8. Simply, clearly said. Thank You. When I saw/heard Bob Woodward say the other evening, that Acosta was grandstanding (my interpretation) I was astonished. All the NEWS outlets are clucking the same junk on voting, caravan, Russia Collusion, Mueller’s (safe time), etc. The 10 Commandments are simple, easy to follow & understand. Our forefathers had more on the ball then any of the NUTS that are now LOOSE in our government. Anarchy? YES. God Help Us.

  9. Howard,I am certain that you understand that most politicians are lawyers. Therefore, their sole purpose is to obfuscate whatever actions they take including laws. If the laws could be understood by most of us, there would be no need for lawyers, so they must protect the confusing language, making everything subject to interpretation. So, since the Ten Commandments are clearly understandable, lawyers must enact other laws that are not. Regarding youth, many deny that there is any sin.

  10. The democrats have worn me out! I am going to take a break from Fox News, and from Talk radio. I feel defeated. They just do not quit. The only thing i am going to read or listen to is going to be until I work through this.

  11. I REALLY ENJOYED the other “bloggers'” remarks. & GO PRES. TRUMP, GO! AMEN !! AMEN!!!

  12. At the risk of being taken from your list, Howard, those in California who have elected Jerry Brown more than once, should not “throw stones” at Florida. There are many other politicians from the Golden state that could be included here. None of our 50 states are perfect, for sure.
    Will be sending a check for support, even if I am deleted. Thanks for your wisdom and intelligence, Howard.

  13. Great article. As I have commented many times, it is simply “good vs. evil”.
    I have had many first hand experiences with lawyers. A couple of them were very good, some mediocre, and the others evil liars!
    Up here in Western Canada it is starting to get quite cold. Rumour has it that “ it’s so cold, most lawyers have their hands in their own pockets”!
    Have a great day!

  14. I don’t know how you do it, Howard … But almost ALL of your Editorials are simply in sync with my own thoughts & reactions as to what is going on around us!!! I remember the 1960 election when JFK won the Electoral College and Nixon won the popular vote. Nixon easily could have fought in the courts, but he didn’t. He knew the US Constitution & honored it. Yes, Nixon destroyed himself by being a narcissistic individual, but when has a GOP politician ever fought an election outcome???

  15. Folks….you conservatives living in Florida for half the year…become Florida residents and take back Florida!

  16. Howard great article. Anyone who has worked in a union job can relate to #4 on the stupid list. The U.S.P.S. Is a great example. Operating in the red is inexcusable and down right dishonest. Their are good people carrying the mail, and then those that slack off and in the interim are promoted to supervisors and up, for themselves not the business. Also the unions themselves are just as corrupt, serving themselves at the expense of the workers. Enjoy Texas, good weather is back.

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